Bartlett provides expert tree service in Berkeley Heights, NJ and this is what our Berkeley Heights customers are saying about us. We are proud to offer a wide range of tree services to our customers!

As a Berkeley Heights tree service company, Bartlett provides the full spectrum of tree and property services offered, including Bartlett Consulting, Fertilization and Soil Care, Insect and Disease Management, Lightning Protection, Plant Analysis and Diagnostics, and Pruning.

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What Our Berkeley Heights, NJ Customers Are Saying

Matt Rodda is very knowledgeable and extremely helpful. The techs that do the regular service are great. When we have needed tree work in the past, those crews were great as well.
Joe B.

Matt Rodda was very helpful in getting this scheduled quickly. Zach who provided the service is always very considerate of our needs and knows the property well. Colleen is always there when I have questions and is very helpful as well. Thanks to all.
Joe B.

We have multiple Oak Trees on our property, with two trees with major branches overhanging the roof of our house. One of the trees, a Twin Oak has one-half of the tree precariously leaning towards the house. As a measure against possible wind damage to the house, we wanted these trees pruned to eliminate the overhanging branches and address the leaning twin oak tree. Contacting Bartlett Tree Experts resulted in a meeting at our property with their local Arborist. I was impressed with his in-depth general knowledge of trees and the reasoning behind how to properly approach the surgical branch pruning that would not adversely affect the continued growth and life of the trees. While I had a preconception of the tree work that I wanted performed, from listening and considering his recommendations based on his education and experience, we were able to agree on what the most appropriate extent of pruning to be to provide us with peace of mind, while maintaining tree health. Within one week they prepared and sent me their cost quote to perform this work which was fair and reasonable. I did find that I had to repeatedly contact them to schedule a day that I would be home to observe the work, which was done within a two-week period from the original meeting. Under Matt's supervision, the two workers, using a cherry-picker bucket truck parked in our driveway, were able to perform most of the trimming and pruning work. For limbs out of its reach one worker expertly climbed up into the upper canopy of the Black Oak Tree to surgically remove the remaining branches. Throughout this process, they took great care to lower the large cut branches to the ground avoiding any contact with our cedar shingle roof. They ground mulched and carted away all of the cut branches and used power blowers, to clean up all of the remaining debris from the terrace, walkways, and driveway. As agreed, they also installed a new stainless-steel bolt & cable connection linking the two Twin Oak trees together, thus providing additional reinforcing strength against wind driven, tree swaying, and bending. Ultimately, I believe that Bartlett Tree Experts did an excellent tree pruning job for fair price and with my persistent follow-up calls, on a calendar schedule that met my desired time frame. Therefore, I can highly recommend them for this type of work.
Alexander B.

Bartlett crew was courteous and knowledgeable. Matt Rodda was practical in his recommendations.
Joe B.

Matt Rodda is the best! He is always quick to return calls and is very knowledgeable.
Robert L.

The Matthew Rodda is knowledgeable, responsive, and thorough. The various crew members who have come have been great as well.
Joe B.

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