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What Our Tempe, AZ Customers Are Saying

The arborist arrived on time, gave us a detailed estimate, and the crew arrived on time on pruning day. All staff were most polite and took care to do what we asked them to do. Between the time we had spoken to the arborist and pruning day, we decided to add a couple more pruning tasks to the list, which was accommodated. We were thrilled with the work that was done. Our trees had never been pruned professionally and looked like it before your crew arrived. They look great now, attractively pruned, and ready to ride out summer thunderstorms without looking too bare. The main reason for the pruning was to remove branches that had overgrown to overhead power lines and an internet cable line. This was done without damaging any of the lines. We particularly appreciated your crew not disturbing two active bird nests, as we requested. All trimmings were chipped and taken away.
Stephanie C.

The arborist was on time last Friday and answered my questions regarding tree care. My neighbors say Bartlett is expensive, but I feel they are knowledgeable in pruning and caring for my trees. I have found your tree workers courteous to me in the past.
Christine R.

The crew was very friendly and easy to talk to. Everything was explained beforehand and they consulted me before making any deviation off the initial plan. I really appreciate that they considered the aesthetics of the resulting tree.
Alyssa K.

We have worked with Bartlett staff for years, and we appreciate your honesty and the quality of your work.
Sheldon S.

I appreciate Bryant's courtesy and professionalism. You can always trust an Eagle Scout.
Steve C.

Bryant did a beautiful job on our two trees. We have a Ponderosa Lemon tree that is jammed between our house and our neighbor's house. It was there when we moved here in 1992. The tree is two stories high with a central branch that was dying. Bryant with great care and concern for the welfare of the tree cleaned out the dead branch that was splitting the tree and trimmed the tree off of my neighbor's roof. He took out the smaller dead branches. The Lemon tree looks beautiful now. It is filled with lemons. Bartlett also thinned our equally old Olive tree, huge and prolific in olive making. These tree looks beautiful now. Job well done.
Leona A.

Bryant came out and took a look at the situation with my tree, set expectations, gave me a quick assessment. He was very helpful. The team came by and took care of my tree removal efficiently. I was still at work, and I came home to see my problematic tree gone, and virtually no sign of anyone being here. My patio was super clean. Thanks very much.
Steve C.

We were very happy with the care of our trees.
Ernest N.

Everyone from Alec to the trimmers were just as good as they have been for the last twenty years that we have used Bartlett.
Brenda B.

I have sought Bartlett's help with many significant tree and garden issues for many years. I have always gotten very professional help in a timely fashion. Arborists are especially helpful and always dealt with fine crews. In fact Bartlett does the work for all but one of my cul-de-sac neighbors, the one that has no yard.
Ron P.

Representative was pleasant, knowledgeable, and professional. The trimming crew was careful to make sure they understood what I wanted. Trees look great.
Ron D.

The crew did an excellent job and were very pleasant to deal with. They completed everything the way we requested it. Thank you.
Diane W.

Everyone was very nice and did a great job. We're just waiting to see how the trees look when they're in full bloom. Thanks!
James S.

Under your care, our 17-year-old palm trees are beautiful.
Heidi C.

Crew has done a nice job with the tree pruning. They have survived the recent monsoons very well.
Craig L.

Very professional and competent with a sense of humor.
Peggy G.

Bartlett's Arborist Representative, Dennis Lynch, and all crew members far exceeded my expectations. Simply put, everyone was highly knowledgeable, skilled, and courteous. I extend my sincere appreciation to each person. The truly ugly African Sumac in front of my house is now a beauty, with lovely architecture.
Penny J.

Thank you so much for taking care of my trees - and coming on such short notice! They look great and it's such a relief to know you've secured the failing branch on my beautiful Palo Verde tree. I've referred you to my son and I'll be calling you back next year!
K. Nelson

We were kept well informed of our options regarding the tree and its health and helped to make the decision to take it down. It was helpful that we didn't have to be on site when the work is done. Bartlett staff and crew are always friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful.
M. Hannaman

They did a great job this year. Beautifully trimmed palm trees and the property was cleaned up. The trees have never looked so good. Very symmetrical.
W. Lucid

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