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As a Phoenix tree service company, Bartlett provides the full spectrum of tree and property services offered, including Cabling and Bracing, Drought Services, Emergency Tree Service, Fertilization and Soil Care, Insect and Disease Management, Plant Analysis and Diagnostics, and Disinfectant Application.

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What Our Phoenix, AZ Customers Are Saying

Friendly service and job was well done.
Ed V.

Crew members were exceptionally friendly, and seemed to love their work. It made for a fun experience. We all admired the lovebirds who live in the Palm tree they trimmed, and they took exceptional care that these birds retained a home. And the Palm tree looks beautiful.
Kate B.

Thank you so much for all you and your wonderful crew, Ted, Chris and Matt, did for me this afternoon. I loved seeing you roll up your sleeves and jump in with all hands and feet. You are not just a team leader, you are a team member and no doubt this deserves a ton of respect from your crew. That is the best kind of boss. Erik, you always know exactly what I want because you always listen. Thank you so much for another perfect project. And for always going the extra mile to make me feel like your most important customer. See you back over soon and we will do some more great work together. Please give Ted, Matt and Chris a big thank you. It meant so much to have that awful dead Pine limb removed. Give my best to Tammie who is the faithful glue that holds us all together. Kind of gushy but I am just so grateful for your always friendly, dependable, respectful, professional service.
Kaye H.

The team was two men and one woman. Having a woman on such a team is an indicator of the company philosophy of inclusion that says volumes. The team worked well together taking down the seventy year-old Pine tree in our front yard safely. The process was the entertainment of the neighborhood that day as many dog walkers stopped to watch. The crew members took time to make sure everyone was safe outside the perimeter of the project while being friendly and engaging. The man who did most of the bucket work was skilled. It was great to watch him work. When Eric stopped by the project, he took time to show them some of the changes that had occurred in the wood. Toward the end of the day, I asked the team members about their jobs and working for Bartlett. They all said they liked the physical labor, the ongoing education from experienced staff, and adherence to safety protocols. I am sorry I do not remember the team's names. But I am sure Eric will be able to provide them. Thank you for taking on our project. We are most satisfied. Working with Bartlett was a most positive experience.
Jean C.

The crew was courteous and did a beautiful job trimming my large trees. I was very impressed with them.
Barbara M.

A great group, and a woman climber who did her first Palm, did an excellent job. She was very happy and proud of herself. Good mentoring and training by the other staff.
Shelly C.

I find Tammy at the office very accommodating and helpful. The field staff is great.
Murray M.

I found Erik and the service technician to be friendly, informative, and efficient. The tech was very courteous. I would recommend Bartlett to anyone. Great customer service, including the office staff.
Jennifer C.

Just wanted to give kudos to Bryant. He was to my home last week to look at an Ill Ash tree in the backyard and after leaving returned to the front door to say he noticed that my Yellow Bell tree out front had some sort of bug that was literally eating the life out of my tree. It had been looking sickly and I had even trimmed off dead limbs thinking the heat was getting to it. We had both my Yellow bells treated along with my Elm and ended saving them. They are now producing yellow flowers again after only one week and look healthy. So thank you to a wonderful technician that went above and beyond for me.
Christie D.

Bryant came to my home and evaluated the problem with my tree. He was very friendly and discussed what I needed and told me he would send a proposal of cost in the mail. After receiving the proposal I signed and returned it to Bartlett. I was then called by the office assistant to set a day for the work to be performed. She was very helpful. Workers arrived when scheduled and performed the work that was agreed on. When finished, lead man showed me all work and steps taken to save tree in doubt.
Ron J.

Erik Belcher was extremely thorough and proactive to assure that I was completely pleased with the work done by his team. The entire team impressed me with their care and skill in removing a huge tree from a small space, with no harm or damage to surrounding structures. They were most pleasant and professional. I would use them again and recommend them to anyone.
Edlyn S.

Very good experience overall. Chris was helpful, knowledgeable, and great at explaining options.
Anne Q.

Chris, our arborist is always prompt and so nice. He explains possible solutions well and is very informative. The crews are always nice and courteous.
Murray M.

I have been satisfied with the initial fertilizer treatment and now the pruning. I hope that this, together with some additional fertilizing in the spring, will give new life to my elderly Magnolia Tree.
Lois K.

Chris was wonderful to work with, very knowledgeable, professional, and kind.
Amy V.

Chris Howell is a wonderful representative, he is my go to person for any question or concern I have about my plants. I depend on him, and he makes me feel l am important to him. I am also impressed and grateful to Bryant who trims, fertilizes, and talks me through everything he is doing. He is very knowledgeable and competent. I can not say enough about Tammie. She is the glue that holds them all together. She is pleasant, devoted, caring, and just a wonderful person. Bartlett is very lucky to have her on staff. Bartlett is the most professional, competent, and knowledgeable service for my plants, trees, and shrubs. I love that they are home-grown and family owned.It makes a huge difference in accountability and dedication.
Kaye H.

Alec, Ted, and Kyle were all great. The work performed was done in a professional manner.
John S.

Bartlett did a terrific job when they came to do some trimming. I was very specific about what I wanted done, and Chris Howell is a wonderful communicator. The crew has been here before to trim so they understand for me less is always more. They did a perfect job and when I came home, there was not a spec of debris anywhere. I was impressed with Chris's ability to manage his crew and communicate with such precision. We have been Bartlett customers for thirteen years. We have had challenges and victories in our back yard, due to the weather and watering issues. Bartlett has been superior in diagnosing and treating, but the best thing they do is staff with highly qualified, personable professionals. I am so fortunate to have Chris Howell, he stops by when he is in the area just to see how things are going. How rare is that? I told my neighbor about him when she was worried about her magnolia tree, now she is a customer. Chris is a great leader and I can tell he commands so much respect from the people he works with. Ask Tammie Temple, the glue who holds the office together. Even over the phone, I can see her smile when I mention his name.
Kaye H.

Everyone that came to our property was very knowledgeable. They communicated clearly and were professional in the way they performed their tasks.
John S.

Very professional service.
James R.

Chris Howell is our new representative. I know he also manages the office here, and I have heard how much he is respected by his peers, which is such a wonderful thing to know. Chris came to meet me right away, listened intently to my concerns and spent time looking at every shrub, checking soil, observing, and familiarizing himself with my trees and shrubs. He knows how much my backyard means to me. I could tell he wanted to do everything possible to keep it in top shape. He is responsive and knowledgeable. Tammie Temple is an amazing staff member, she is the glue that holds the office together. She cares so much about her customers. Val is terrific, he listens and understands when I make a request.
Kaye H.

I left a valley tree service that I have been with for years because of Chris Howell's professionalism. He came on time, was thorough, had great recommendations, and came within my budget. The crew did an excellent job. A little disappointed that they did not leave the mulch I had asked for but they were courteous and cleaned up the site. Will definitely recommend Chris and the crew!
Dororthy J.

Alec goes above and beyond to deliver the highest quality service, including researching issues we have had with white flies and creating special programs and treatments that cured a problem that no one else could in three years of trying. Alec is personally involved in everything that happens in our yard, he saved our privet hedge and is coming to personally replace the sage, because he knows how emotional I have been. He is responsive and always seems glad to answer any question I may have. He is so proud of the team he is building and his company, combined with talent, professionalism, and competence. We are so lucky to have him working with us. Tammie is the glue that holds the office together and the engine that keeps things moving. Bartlett is the finest company of it's kind in the city.
Kaye H.

Alec Edwards is my new representative and I was thrilled with this news. I met him through previous projects and was very impressed. He's the first person to raise the issue of our white flies to the level where treatment could be aggressive. He is observant, responsive, courteous, and very knowledgeable. I have total confidence in him. He is also a very nice man, friendly, and eager to help. I also appreciate Tammie Temple. She's the glue that holds the company together in Phoenix.
Kaye H.

Casey Branning is the best representative your company could have. He consistently responds quickly and professionally to every question or concern I have. Most recently he diagnosed and created a tailor made treatment for my beloved jasmine that has been losing leaves for months. He performed a soil analysis for me and identified major defieciencies that this treatment has been a miracle for. He is kind and courteous. I love this young man. Tammie Temple is also wonderful she makes me feel like the most important customer she has. We couldn't live here in our home without Bartlett.
Kaye H.

Dennis is the best! A true professional and one with nature.
Kristen C.

Casey Branning is very knowledgeable and gracious. I enjoy reviewing my property with him and appreciate all his suggestions. My trees all look so much healthier. It really is a pleasure dealing with such a professional, courteous company.
Carol S.

Val and his men came and listened to more details on my expectations, and like always, they did a great job. Casey is a brilliant director of work and pays great attention to detail, It makes everyone's job easier, and definitely puts my mind at rest. I think Casey is the best I've ever worked with, and I love it when Val comes to my house, and he remembers everything, especially my motto of "less is more". Thank you so much Bartlett for giving us Casey and Val.
Kaye H.

Dennis Lynch is top notch. He knows trees extremely well. He is open, honest, and a pleasure to work with.
Jim F.

The crew was exceptional. They explained how they would proceed, did the job, and cleaned so well that when they left, you could never tell there had been a tree there in the first place. I appreciate the informational calls from the Bartlett office and I was well treated by everyone I contacted. I've used Bartlett multiple times and will continue to do so because of their great performance and service. Three of my neighbors regularly use Bartlett. All of us have been very happy with your work over the years.
Ron P.

Communication and scheduling has been very good and is definitely appreciated. Looking forward to an ongoing relationship with Bartlett.
John M.

I really liked Casey. He was thorough and competent. He didn't try to sell anything. I got his e-mail response and recommendations and will definitely use his services.
Louise B.

Val and his crew were great; they did exactly what I wanted them to do and paid attention to my "less is more" paranoia. But the outcome would not have been as with the wonderful management or Casey. He communicates and that is a rarity in our world today. We so appreciate Casey and everyone at Bartlett, including the glue that holds things together - our wonderful Tammie. Dependable, professional, wouldn't call anyone else. Ever.
Kaye H.

Very knowledgeable!
Julie S.

The crew was incredibly professional and friendly. They were informative and thorough and I'm so glad that I found Bartlett to help with my trees.
Tom S.

Excellent customer service and no surprises.
William R.

Val and crew did a great job. Knew what I wanted done with tree. It was a pleasure to work with him and his crew. It was great to have worked with everyone from the start. Would hire again. Thank you.
Mary Lou G.

We are so pleased with Casey. He is always thoughtful and professional and knowledgeable, and I have the utmost confidence in him. I so appreciate Tammie as well. She is very responsive and understands the business and I can tell she is very respected among the Bartlett family.
Kaye H.

All Bartlett staff with whom I spoke were courteous, efficient, and very helpful. The Bartlett Arborist Representative responded very quickly to our request, came out immediately (time was of the essence for us), and was professional and personable. I called the office with questions and was again treated very professionally and courteously. The lady who answered the phone was very helpful. The tree trimming was performed while we were away from home. When we returned home, the tree looked fantastic! I'm so glad we decided to use your services and will do so again. Thank you all for a good job!
Margaret M.

Dennis Lynch was particularly helpful. We learned a lot from him and were impressed with his delivery of service, along with the crew of course. We will call again when we need your service.
Harvey S.

During my first meeting with Dennis I found him very knowledgeable and appreciated his recommendations. The leadsman was very good and professional and the whole crew did a great job. I was very pleased with the work and the results. I had several trees/shrubs that needed trimming and everything was completed.
Linda S.

Dennis was very professional and took a real interest in addressing our concerns, then following up by being on site to set up the work. He insured that what was on paper got reflected in the finished project. Thank you, Dennis! All the trees done have what I call the "Bartlett Look", which means very few people can even discern that trimming was done! Tree proportions are preserved and enhanced, specific problems have been addressed, and yet there is no "just pruned", raw look at all. Even our storm-damaged Acacia has a much better shape with this one trimming and stabilization.
Paul B.

Your company and operations are to be commended. When your crew removed a very large pine tree from our backyard on November 28th, we, and I think the whole neighborhood was impressed. Considering the size of the tree, which extended the width of the lot, and the need for the crane to be at the opposite end to operate clear of utility lines, the entire operation appeared to be carried out with military precision. The word "Expert" in your company title is properly placed. In four hours, from the arrival of equipment, to the departure of the stump grinding crew, your workers were able to take the tree down, part it out, grind it up, and clean up any evidence that there was a tree, or that anyone had been there…we are extremely satisfied with the professional manner demonstrated by your personnel. Everyone knew his job, hustled and showed us cooperation that would be the envy of many companies. Congratulations, and thank you for a job well done.
Marge M.

Matthew is professional, informative, and responsive. We are satisfied with the service we received in every respect.
Jim F.

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