Bartlett provides expert tree service in Pasadena, CA and this is what our Pasadena customers are saying about us. We are proud to offer a wide range of tree services to our customers!

As a Pasadena tree service company, Bartlett provides the full spectrum of tree and property services offered, including Emergency Tree Service, Fertilization and Soil Care, Insect and Disease Management, Organic and Naturally Based Tree Care, Pruning, and Tree Removal.

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What Our Pasadena, CA Customers Are Saying

They were awesome. They were very respectful of us and our neighbors. Ryan's suggestions were very helpful in keeping with our goals.
Pamela M.

We always appreciate Dan Thacker's professional advice. We also appreciate the fact that your work crews genuinely love trees.
Mary C.

We purchased our home over 27 years ago and have been working with Dan Thacker for nearly that long. Our property is relatively small but came to us with two very large, very challenging trees. We have relied on Dan's advice through the years to guide us in their care. We trust him completely and would not think of going elsewhere.
Lisa M.

Dan has been my representative for many years. He is professional, friendly, and I appreciate his knowledge and respect for the beauty and health of my Oak trees.
Maria P.

Rod showed up on time and when he said he would. He was very polite and knowledgeable about trees. Trees were scheduled and pruned just as promised. My yard was cleared and trees looked perfect. Trees have never been professionally pruned but they look beautiful now. Shaped and thinned expertly. Will use Bartlett every time they need to be maintained.
Patricia Y.

Dan Thacker and his experienced team are intimately familiar with our prize tree special needs and they maintain it lovingly and professionally year in and year out. It is a healthy, beautiful old thing. We will be happy to recommend Dan and his crew anytime. When the occasion arises, we will certainly do so.
Nicholas H.

I always appreciate Rod Mann's assessment of my lone tree in my small patio. I have worked with Rod for over twenty years, starting at my previous property that presented the challenge of a number of trees, some property-line issues, steep hillside etc. The huge corporate structure brought with Bartlett when it "took over" Finch changed details of office interaction, etc., but I am glad still to be able to talk with Rod and set up appointments with the Bartlett workers.
Brenda R.

Dan and all the crew were courteous and very professional. All of the trees they pruned look beautiful. The work was completed with attention to both structure and beauty.
Ann J.

Dan and all the crew were courteous and very professional. The trees they pruned look beautiful. The work was completed with attention to both structure and beauty.
Ann J.

Appreciated the staff's professionalism.
Boualem B.

Rod is the best.
Terry L.

Rod Mann walked us around our property and knew every tree, what needed trimming, and explained everything to us. Rod's expertise made us feel comfortable hiring Bartlett.
Patty L.

Ryan is always helpful and friendly. Rod Mann seems to stay up to date on the scheduling, trimming, and treatment of all trees and vegetation on the property. Camellia treatment seems to be helping and the roses have been excellent.
Annie S.

I have been working with Dan Thacker for many years. He has helped me transform my Evergreen Pear tree from a perennial fire blight magnet to a beautiful, healthy tree. He has also been wonderful stopping by to check out and advise on my concerns over browning on my Mayten tree and the splitting bark on my Mock Orange tree. He never fails to give great advice and to respond quickly to my communication.
Erin K.

Ryan is always helpful and friendly. Rod Mann our consultant, seems to stay up to date on the scheduling of trimming and treatment of all trees and vegetation on the property. Camellia treatment seems to be helping and the roses, this season, have been excellent.
Annie S.

Bartlett and Rod Mann are always reliable and very knowledgeable.
Bill S.

Having worked with other providers between 2009 and 2016, I can say with 100% certainty that Rod and Danny are the best in the business. These gentlemen are the real deal. They are personally invested in providing excellent client service from start to finish. Since our HOA started working with Rod and Danny in 2016, our trees have not only survived but flourished at a time when many communities have lost countless trees due to drought and disease. In fact, the City of South Pasadena, also known as "Tree City USA", recently cut down four mature California Sycamores that were affected by the Polyphagous Shot Hole Borer. We have thirty one trees that were similarly affected, but Rod Mann knew of an experimental treatment and the only treatment that might save the trees. He recommended we try it, and he was right. These trees are doing very well, as are our other trees thanks to Rod and Danny.
Donna D.

I was very satisfied with your knowledge and experience. Thank you for helping us save our beautiful Liquid Amber trees. I have referred you to my neighbor who also has the same tree.
Connie B.

Dan Thacker was great.
Nancy C.

Dan Thacker had been my tree guy for over twenty years. He always responds quickly and informative when I have questions. Your tree cutters are the best. I am always amazed at how perfectly shaped my trees are when they are done. And they clean up everything. It pains me to see trees in my neighborhood that have been hacked back by non-professionals with chainsaws.
James D.

Superb job. Artistic work. Thank you.
Sandra K.

We have used Bartlett Tree Experts in the past to care for our trees. We were unable to have some service done on a regular basis due to some personal budget cut-backs. We had our front and side trees serviced, including an unruly Mulberry Tree that exploded with leaves and berries this Spring. Dan Thacker and his crew did a great job of taming the tree and the rest of the growth on our property. We contacted them because we were concerned some should be trimmed back a bit further and they came out and took care of it all. It looks beautiful. Using arborists can be pricey but our trees and home value are important to us. Thank you Dan and crew.
Cyndie B.

Superb job. Artistic work. Thank you.
Sandra K.

Dan was gracious to rush over when a tree limb blocked my driveway, this is truly above and beyond in helping a customer in need.
John C.

Rod Mann was great as usual. Wouldn't think of working with anyone but him!
Cynthia K.

Great service, Dan is a great arborist and the team is outstanding!
Bryan C.

Dan Thacker has been my arborist representative for many years. He has always been extremely helpful and easy to work with. I am grateful for the long-standing relationship I have with him.
Marcia H.

Rod was particularly helpful in going over the possible tasks with me and explaining my options.
Kenneth G.

Same great service that I have gotten from Finch Tree (now Bartlett Tree Experts) over the past 15 or so years. They were supposed to complete the job in two days, but worked so fast (and so well!) that they were able to complete it in just one. Thanks for a job well done!
Marilyn C.

Dan Thacker has always been professional, prompt, thorough and more than accommodating to us throughout the many years that we have dealt with him through Finch Tree Service and now Bartlett Tree Experts.
Maryanne O.

These guys are great! Rod is always informative and patient with our questions. His guys are efficient and professional. They actually left the work site cleaner than when they got here! We will use them again.
Terry L.

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