Bartlett provides expert tree service in Nantucket, MA and this is what our Nantucket customers are saying about us. We are proud to offer a wide range of tree services to our customers!

As a Nantucket tree service company, Bartlett provides the full spectrum of tree and property services offered, including Cabling and Bracing, Fertilization and Soil Care, Insect and Disease Management, Mosquito Sprays, Pruning, and Tick Management.

If you are looking for a Nantucket tree service company, schedule an appointment for a Bartlett Arborist Representative to visit your property and you will not be disappointed.

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What Our Nantucket, MA Customers Are Saying

Jim Cook is responsive and helpful. The best.
Nancy R.

James Cook is incredibly responsive, professional, and knowledgeable. No complaints at all.
Michael J.

We appreciate Bartlett holding the line on prices in a challenging business environment.
Kenneth G.

We have high praise for Jim Cook not only his knowledge but he was an excellent person as well who does a lot for the community. Give him a raise.
Shane and Paddy N.

Alex Goetz has been very attentive to issues we have had at our property. He spent time with me, last fall, reviewing our rose and boxwood program and pruning needs.
Maria T.

Alex was very helpful, courteous, and knowledgeable.
Laura K.

Peter Goetz is knowledgeable and responsive.
John L.

Alex Goetz provides personal attention. He researches my issues and gives me good advice. Thank you Alex.
Leslie F.

Easy, professional, and courteous. Highly recommend them.
Greg M.

Every employee was professional, fun, and knowledgeable. Wish I had more trees so they could have stayed longer.
Nancy N.

You are thorough, professional, and easy to deal with.
Bob E.

The Bartlett organization is always attentive and professional.
Kathryn G.

Peter Goetz leads the way. Job was completed almost immediately upon request. Work was completed to the high, exacting standards that I have come to expect from the Team. Peter and Jim are always responsive and diligent no matter how large or small of the task at hand.
Patrick N.

Jim Cook is a pleasure to work with. Smart, polite, knowledgeable, and honest.
Hilary C.

Jim Cook always responds in a timely fashion. Highly professional.
Joan L.

The guys that came to work on our property were communicative and lovely. We talked before they started, they did the work, and we talked again. They were very respectful of our bamboo, crushed by the fallen tree, and once they left the bamboo was again vertical and it was a wonderful sight to behold. Thank you.
Alison M.

All very professional. We have had a great long-term relationship.
Stephen A.

Jim Cook is always responsive and does an accurate assessment. The three men who came to do the job took their time to assess and plan the best method of attack. The lead man was very experienced, and it was amazing to watch him climb and interact with his team. They were very careful to move anything that could be damaged and then replaced them back exactly where they had been and totally cleaned up any debris. Not only was the team professional but when I asked them what they did for fun, they all smiled and enthusiastically said this. They love their job. The leader was about twenty three and I would trust him leading any job. He was self assured and as careful as possible in a job that had risks. I watched most of the time just in awe. Well done. Thank you.
Binth R.

Everyone on the team was respectful, fast, and efficient. The estimate was clear. I was happy Jim made a follow up visit to give more advice after the job was complete. I am very happy with the overall work done on my property. The large limbs were cut to wood stove length and neatly stacked, which was a nice bonus. Thank you for providing a beautiful service.
Sherri L.

The response was appropriate to the scale of the work. Close attention was paid even for small and fragmented jobs. This was very much appreciated.
Peter W.

Jim Cook is incredibly responsive and cooperative.
Sam P.

Jim Cook has been great to work with. He was quick to respond to my initial inquiry, scheduled a meeting with me in a timely manner and scheduled the work.
Susan F.

Alex always responds promptly, is clear in what needs to be done and the crews are responsible and friendly. Thank you.
Virginia C.

James Cook was great. He communicates with the customer and keeps you informed. I can not say enough about the three young men that came. They were on time. They worked the whole time. I do not think they ever took a break. They did a wonderful job. Everything was perfect when they left. You would have never known someone had been working in the yard all day, except the tree was gone. A big thank you to the crew members.
Margaret E.

We were so pleased with the promptness, professionalism, and knowledge of the crew. The job site was left clean, and the job was completed quickly, and efficiently.
Christa L.

Peter Goetz and staff have always been responsive and efficient. I rely on them for the care of our numerous trees. Friendly and courteous service.
John R.

Knowledgeable, polite, and respectful of my property. My roses look much better after a couple of bad years. Thank you.
Tim and Cindy D.

Thank you for keeping my tree alive. I can not say it enough, Jim is the best. I wish I could send you a picture of my tree smiling.
Wendy B.

Great people. We appreciate all they have done for us.
Brian D.

Jim is the best. He really understands trees and has produced great results for us.
Charles F.

Jim is always knowledgeable and polite.
Donald E.

Thank you for your great service this year. Much appreciated.
Marcella Z.

Jim Cook is the best.
Dennis B.

James Cook is great. Knowledgeable, responsive, and easy to deal with. He always responds quickly when I reach out to him and accommodates our schedule. He answers all my questions and has provided great advice about our planting decisions. He is a terrific asset to us and to Bartlett customers.
Lois L.

Crew was exceptional.
Jennifer P.

James Cook is a total professional.
Rob F.

Great group of team professionals and a pleasure to work with.
Deborah W.

Peter Goetz is amazing. In addition to being very knowledgeable, He is extremely helpful and thorough.
Adee H.

We have been using Bartlett Tree service for twelve years and have dealt directly with Jim Cook every time. He has always been professional, courteous, thorough, and very knowledgeable about the services offered. It is because of him that we keep returning to Bartlett to tend to our landscaping needs.
Ralph and Nancy K.

Peter is extremely responsive. He treated my property within a day of my calling.
Helene M.

Jim Cook has been amazing. Always takes the time to discuss my plantings and their needs, as well as answer any questions I may have. He is so knowledgeable and goes beyond in every way with making suggestions to my yard. I would and have recommended him to many people. Thank you, Jim.
Lindsley M.

Jim Cook is fantastic. He is very knowledgeable and provides us with the information we need to make what are sometimes difficult decisions. He is always courteous and professional. He is a pleasure to work with.
Lois L.

James Cook is the best. I have been using his services for many years now and cannot say enough about his attention to detail and professionalism. He always follows up on the work done by his team, bringing them back to address anything he believes they have missed. Nantucket and Bartlett is very blessed to have him.
Sarah W.

Jim Cook has taken excellent care of both me and my mother's properties. Great person to work with.
Tre W.

Peter is great. He is always super responsive and seems to go out of his way to meet our requests.
Valerie M.

Nothing but good things to say.
LaVerne C.

Jim Cook is great. He is very helpful and responsive. Everyone did a great job.
David B.

We could not believe how quickly and neatly the work was done. I never imagined so many trees could disappear in less than a day. We were also very impressed that Jim Cook was there working with the team. Great management and support.
Laura W.

Such capable, safe and thorough work. The three men who worked on our property were highly professional.
Joan H.

The guys were really great. The tree looks fabulous. Thank you so much.
Leslie M.

Jim Cook is a true professional. He is always courteous, prompt, and diligent. His crew are a direct reflection of his leadership and portray the same professional manners and characteristics. What a great crew you have on Nantucket.
Chuck D.

We had a great experience, from initial consultation to final execution.
Robert and Karen P.

Flexible in scheduling the actual job. Very friendly and professional. Great service overall.
Jim B.

Jim Cook and his crew are very pleasant and competent.
Judy C.

Jim Cook has always been responsive and prompt when I have requested quotes or advice.
Anne D.

Jim is awesome.
Travis E.

James is very knowledgeable, dependable, and diligent.
Rob F.

Everyone I was able to talk to was very polite and genuinely nice.
Carl and Donn C.

On time and courteous.
Ann M.

Jim Cook was fabulous. Took the time to explain the shrubs and invasive vines to me. Extremely helpful, patient, and kind.
Betty K.

James is very responsive and carefully answers any of our questions.
Ted G.

Jim Cook has always been extremely knowledgeable, polite, and responsive. I like working with him.
Terry S.

Bartlett is professional and does a great job. Jim Cook is knowledgeable and a terrific asset to your company. You are lucky to have him.
Peter H.

James is great!
Jean A.

Peter and his team are reliable and very responsive. He is an ultimate professional and such a nice guy. The team, including the office and crew, are always nice.
Richard M.

You are so reliable and your work is so good. You take great care of our trees and they have prospered with your attention.
Charles F.

Very professional and knowledgeable. Jim got back to me quickly when I had questions. Loved working with him.
Lois L.

Peter has always been responsive. The guys that do the actual work in the field are equally helpful. Peter always does a great job.
Richard M.

Peter Goetz is outstanding. He is the reason we use your company.
Monomoy M.S.

Jim Cook is very good, crew always pleasant, and efficient.
Judy C.

James Cook has taken care of our beloved tree for many years. Thank you James and Bartlett.
Harriet K.

Jim Cook is amazing. Our family would not want to work with anyone else. He is responsible, intelligent, and always responds to emails. He is the most pleasant individual to work with. He genuinely cares about our property and our trees. My father thought he was great and so do I. Thank you for having a top notch employee.
Delphine S.

James Cook and his crew have always been very cooperative and helpful.
Judy C.

Staff always responds in a timely manner and is responsive when on site.
Robert D.

From the initial email to Jim Cook, to phone calls to him, and to the office, my request was addressed with concern and respect. The workers were courteous, instilled confidence, and cleaned up thoroughly. My husband and I were appreciative of the entire process.
Martha C.

Very courteous and professional.
Roy G.

Jim Cook is awesome. Always so responsive and so very knowledgeable.
Misha P.

Excellent and timely service by James Cook.
David A.

Peter was fantastic. My whole experience with your company has to rate number one among vendors I have used here on Nantucket for various projects.I have recommended Peter and your services to everyone I have talked to. I hope it generates some more jobs for you.
Robert B.

The crew was very courteous and respectful. Jim was a clear communicator and knowledgeable.
Ann and Tom W.

Jim stopped by following my phone call in July and my diseased New Dawn Roses have responded to his program of spray and fertilizer. I am most grateful.
Kyle P.

Thank you for the terrific service. Great job giving my building needed tree space with a completely natural appearance. Looking forward to having the rest of the trees on my property attended to.
Cathy A.

Jim Cook and his crew have always given excellent service. I would highly recommend them.
Judy C.

You guys are always very responsive when I call, which is usually last minute.
Luke T.

James Cook is an excellent communicator and easy to work with. I am very pleased with his attention to our property.
Stephanie W.

James Cook and his crew have always given me excellent service.
Judy C.

Always great service provided by Jim Cook.
Kate O.

Jim Cook is very responsive, does quality work, is very professional, and is willing to accommodate customers. I would highly recommend.
Kevin and K. D.

Jim Cook does an excellent job of scoping work and overseeing the projects.
Terry Anne V.

Jim Cook is a thorough professional who was responsive to our needs and attentive to the unique characteristics of our property. I highly recommend Bartlett Tree Experts.
Bob and Mary M.

Everyone is awesome.
Katie M.

Love working with Jim regarding our properties where I care for the landscape. You are always quick to respond and very informative.
Sherry L.

Jim Cook and his crew have always been very cooperative and pleasant.
Judy C.

Positive advice provided prior to quote. Work was well done.
Phil R.

Peter and his staff have worked on this property for several years. In that time they have helped maintain the beauty of the trees and shrubs and in some cases prevented devastating wind damage. This year we were home while the work was being done and were able to witness the care for their personal safety, their creativity in determining what branches to trim, and the thorough job they did cleaning up the property.
Barbara M.

Your staff has always been professional, knowledgeable, ane very pleasant to work with. Very grateful to have Jim Cook always there if I have any tree questions or concerns. His kindness, knowledge, and ability has always made any tree issues and decisions very easy to make. Nantucket is a very expensive place to live, please take great care of your staff here! They are doing you proud!
Ellen R.

Jim Cook is excellent, very reliable, pleasant, and efficient.
Judy C.

Jim Cook is a very responsible person who returns phone calls promptly and all work is done in a timely fashion.
Shaun R.

Jim is helping us to maintain two feature oaks which are ornamental and provide privacy. They are thriving under his care. Also, Jim has been very responsive in working with me to work with neighbors to open views. We could not be happier with Bartlett.
Alison B.

Jim is very professional and inspires confidence. Yes, I would pass on his name to others on island.
Shaun R.

Mike and James did a terrific job.
Gerard K.

Always a good experience!
Antonetta N.

James Cook is always responsive and helpful.
Claire G.

Jim Cook and his staff were extraordinarily professional and efficient he completed the job quickly. Topping our cedars, gave us back our beautiful view.
Prenny C.

Excellent service!
Bob K.

Jim Cook, who is extremely knowledgeable and wonderfully patient, and his assistant Mitchell went above and beyond to accommodate my every wish! I look forward to working with them again.
Barbara J.

Jim Cook is always very professional and helpful.
Kate R.

Nantucket Arborists are courteous and did an excellent job!
Linda H.

We really feel confident in the services provided and appreciate the knowledge and expertise in regard to these services.
Elizabeth M.

Thank you, Bartlett Tree Service! The crew that groomed my century trees today was absolutely wonderful - efficiently skillful with their saws and incredibly gifted in their concept of a well-shaped tree. Clean up? One would not have known they were here.
Barbara K.

The Bartlett team on Nantucket servicing our property is hands down the most professional crew I have performing work out here. Always in safety gear, blocks under truck wheels, makes contact, lets you know which services they are performing, and checks out when complete. The crew provides very professional front line performance.
Margaret G.

Jim Cook, the Bartlett representative on Nantucket, does an excellent job of recommending and providing effective treatments.
James P.

All of the Bartlett personal with whom I've had contact, especially Jim Cook, have been professional and capable. Several of my neighbors now use Bartlett Tree Experts because of the work done for me.
James P.

Peter Goetz is a great problem solver for our residence and drainage issues. Also great follow up after plan implementation. Thank you!
Michael G.

Jim Cook is a true professional and we enjoy working with him very much.
Chris G.

Peter is top notch. Immediate response, very pleasant demeanor, and very professional.
Stephen C.

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