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Bartlett provides expert tree service in Lancaster, PA and this is what our Lancaster customers are saying about us. We are proud to offer a wide range of tree services to our customers!

As a Lancaster tree service company, Bartlett provides the full spectrum of tree and property services offered, including Fertilization and Soil Care, Insect and Disease Management, Plant Analysis and Diagnostics, Pruning, and Tree Structure Evaluation.

If you are looking for a Lancaster tree service company, schedule an appointment for a Bartlett Arborist Representative to visit your property and you will not be disappointed.

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What Our Lancaster, PA Customers Are Saying

Shawn is terrific, great communication, very knowledgeable. We have had great experiences with Bartlett’s tree treatments and prunings. We are very satisfied customers.
Andrea H.

What could Bartlett have done to make the experience better?Nothing could have been done better. Everything was perfect as always. Always listen and always friendly.
Johanna K.

Bartlett gives us great service and informs us about caring for our Ash Tree and Crab Apple Trees. Bartlett loves our trees with wonderful care and service. We trust Shawn taking care of our Ash and Crab Apple Trees. Bartlett has been our arborist for ten years providing trimming, fertilization and pest treatment to keep our trees healthy and beautiful.
Patricia F.

What could Bartlett have done to make the experience better?Nothing. Our Bartlett team provides wonderful tree care in every way. We have a great Bartlett team, starting with our Arborist, Shaun Shuffelbottom, who is knowledgeable, professional, friendly, and very nice to consult with. The team that recently came out were wonderful. Providing expert tree care in a very professional manner and getting very high up in one of our massive trees. I especially appreciated that the crew cleaned up the pathways around the house before leaving with a leaf blower, which left the property looking wonderful for Christmas time.
Wendy D. T.

Shawn was so helpful in looking over my trees and solving the problem. Tree trimming and tree removal went like a breeze, no mess, efficient, and did a great job. Reasonably priced too.
Lynne S.

Thank you to the young woman who answered my call and contacted Carl so quickly. And thank you, Carl, for responding to our Magnolia scale issue and scheduling the first treatment for the very next day. We appreciate the immediate response and expertise of the whole crew.
Wendy C.

We are repeat customers and will continue to use Bartlett. They keep our trees and yard looking beautiful and healthy. They were unobtrusive, my dogs were not even bothered by them.
Gary and Stephanie S.

We feel as though our property is receiving excellent care. We are very comfortable with the team.
Roy S.

Everyone was great. Shawn was able to answer all our questions and communication was quick and helpful. The crew did fabulous work, the trees look great. They made sure their activities had minimal impact on the rest of the yard, not everyone is so careful in our experience. We will definitely call Bartlett again when we need tree work.
Ben M.

I have found that Shawn understands our wants and needs, and is not trying to upsell us. He is very responsive to our service requests and answers questions promptly.
Jill G.

Shawn Shufflebottom is very knowledgeable, professional, and courteous, as well as prompt in his responses to our questions and concerns. We appreciate his trustworthiness and reliability, as well as his expertise.
Wendy D.T.

Shawn has been such a huge part of maintaining the trees and shrubs in our home. He is incredibly knowledgeable and we trust his recommendations completely. We feel very lucky to have found Bartlett and Shawn and will continue to use your services.
Megan H.

Shawn was very responsive and communicated with me promptly on several occasions.
Frederick H.

We were impressed by their professionalism and friendliness. I have used other pruners in past years, but I felt pretty confident that Bartlett would have experience with fruit trees. I look forward to seeing how the pruning affects my small harvest. I may get Bartlett when I need the work done again in two years.
Cecile Z.

Shawn does a great job. The crew members impressed me as genuinely caring about the quality of their work.
Ken S.

1) They responded promptly to my request for a site visit, sending me a proposal, helping with the city permit, and scheduling the work. 2) The arborist representative is knowledgeable and easy to work with. 3) The other crew members are knowledgeable, easy to work with, and efficient and neat in their work. With the arborist, they reviewed their plans for the work with me, did the work, and went over it with me when they were done. They also gave me their assessment of the tree's health. 4) The work was done during the promised time window. The employees in Bartlett's Business Office were very helpful.
Richard F.

Shawn Shuffelbottom was very professional and knowledgeable. Very impressed with his knowledge.
Art T.

The crew is very professional and knowledgeable.
Daniel W.

Representative was great to work with.
Audrey K.

What could Bartlett have done to make the experience better?Nothing. Awesome experience.The crew did a great job. Shawn is a true professional and really cares about his project. We truly appreciate having him be on site to make sure the job was done to his liking. His knowledge about what needed to get done showed through. It was clear that the crew got along well and enjoyed working with each other. We will continue to use your service and highly recommend them to others.
Carole B.

Better than expected service.
Rhiannon G.

Bartlett has done a great job keeping our lantern flies under control. Glad we contracted with them.
Anne L.

Very pleased with the service and with the results of treatments.
Robert S.

It is all good. Shawn is great.
Marcus J.

Everyone was considerate, respectful, and professional. Proficient and skilled.
Janet E.

Shawn was wonderful to work with for this job. He was quick to set up an appointment for the estimate, and showed up on time for our meeting, gave clear instructions on what had to be done to turn off the electric. We could not be here for the actual job, but the tree is trimmed to our satisfaction, more sunlight able to reach the grass, and the yard was cleaned up nicely. I would work with Shawn and Bartlett again. The process went very smoothly. The directions were clear about the need to have the electric turned off so the crew could work safely in the trees. The yard was immaculate after completion of the trimming. I sincerely appreciated being able to send our payment after completion of the job. We come from Philadelphia, and that trust is unusual at least half payment upfront to schedule the job. Due to PSEG choosing the day to turn off the electric, we ended up not being able to be here because of remote work commitments. Thank you for working with us.
Susan W.

The crew and the rep were very courteous and did the work like they said they would do.
Fred H.

All were great. Great service from start to finish.
Samantha K.

Everyone was very professional, including the crew that completed the job. The crew did an excellent job with all of the trees and cleaning up the site. Thank you.
Jackie M.

The technician who serviced our property was very respectful of our grounds. This was a follow up treatment and I was very pleased that he remembered the particulars of our plants and their locations from his initial visit. He was very thorough with my questions and with his work.
Doug M.

Thank you for coming out and treating my trees. I had more problems then I knew so was good to get treatment. Everything was explained to me and a call before coming. Great, professional, and knowledgeable. Would give you guys a very high rating.
Sandra K.

Shawn and Justin got the job done. We can not thank you enough. You guys did and excellent job.
Shawn R.

Highly courteous.
Dorothy V.

I just wanted to send you a quick email to let you know the two man team worked very well together. They are like a well oiled machine, and left our site extremely clean. As I walked over to the door to say goodbye, they were each picking up a couple of small pieces of chipped wood they found laying in the grass. It would have been fine to leave it. Their attention to detail, professional demeanor and safe working habits were noticed and appreciated. They represent Bartlett well. I wish more neighbors in our development would understand that the higher estimates from your company bring more benefits they do not consider. I will be sharing our experiences with our neighborhood in hopes they consider Bartlett for their next tree project.
Kelly D.

Everyone that I dealt with was very professional. Shawn always answered our emails promptly, provided quotes that we requested and gave proper guidance to suit our jobs needs. He was a pleasure to work with The crew was very polite and did a great job.
Jennifer L.

Shawn has been great to work with.
Jack P.

Shawn is knowledgeable and friendly, giving us his much needed expert advice on every aspect of tree and shrub care on our property. We highly recommend him to anyone needing tree work done. Bartlett is the best for tree care. Thank you for a professional job every time.
Jeanne A.

Bartlett was fast and did a good job on a tricky property.
Ben K.

Shawn was great. He helped us to assess the health of our trees and facilitated the work in a timely, professional manner.
Wendy S.

Shawn Shuffelbottom does a great job.
John S.

The service exceeded my expectations. We had three quotes and Bartlett's clearly distinguished themselves. I am grateful for the complete evaluation by Shawn. I was expecting to just have pruning but Shawn noticed that a few trees showed signs of stress. Soil samples were taken so that a specific treatment plan could be developed. Shawn quickly responded to all of our inquiries before as well as after our acceptance of the bid. Regarding the crew, they exhibited pride in their craft. When they were finished, the trees had a real natural look and balance. The clearances from our home were expertly performed thus minimizing our stress during storms or wind gust. Great clean up and attention to detail. Unlike most business today, Shawn and Bartlett has not forgotten the definition of Customer Service. Thank you.
Jerry K.

We have been pleased with our arborist and the service provided so far. Thanks.
Jill G.

I have worked with Shawn who answers all my many questions and does an excellent job when doing a project.
Susan U.

Shawn was very knowledgeable, courteous, and provided me with enough information to make the right choices for the Dogwoods on my property.
Patrick B.

We were very happy with our tree service. Thank you.
Kelly M.

We have really appreciated the professional way your crew members treat our property, our trees, and the job they do at our home. We are confident in the work that is being done now and in the future.
Jennifer M.

Shawn was a pleasure to work with and answered all my questions. He is accessible and returns messages and calls.
Susan L.

Shawn Shuffelbottom was extremely helpful and easy to work with. He scheduled my stump removal and had his crew on site to complete the necessary work with great results and with no burden for me. Your crew did an excellent job. The stumps are completely gone and the mulch/chips were neatly cleaned up. I had new grass planted in the area and your crew did not even disturb it, I was impressed with that. Thank you very much for your service.
Kyle O.

Bryce and Adam did a great job.
Kate P.

Shawn Shuffelbottom is responsive and takes the time to walk through the property together. I appreciate that he explains what's going on and why he is making his recommendations.
Ann K.

Shawn was prompt in coming to our property to evaluate our needs. His crew was exceptional. They were helpful, respectful and friendly. They cleaned up the site well once done. I would have them back for any other projects we have with our trees. Thank you.
Beverly B.

Shawn Shuffelbottom was very professional and clearly has a passion for this work. Both crews that worked on my trees, were very professional, safe, and courteous. I appreciate the work that the team has done.
Signe H.

I appreciated receiving a quote, being able to ask questions, and then to identify the work we would be able to do know compared to work that we would need to put off for the future. I like that I can work with the folks at Bartlett to create a plan that will work for me.
Jennifer M.

My experience with Bartlett over the years has always been favorable and the people I have came in contact with have been courteous, professional, and honest in their work.
Herb Y.

Thank you to all who took part in the planning and pruning of my tree. The work was done in good time and well executed.
Kathleen G.

Awesome job.
Brian S.

Shawn was great to work with. He was very knowledgeable, helpful, and answered all my questions.
Wayne K.

Great job, thanks.
Erik F.

Everyone was friendly and helpful.
Laurie K.

Great job on my Japanese Maple.
Jim S.

Shawn and the rest of the staff from Bartlett were wonderful. The project turned out great. These guys are true professionals and know what they are doing. Highly recommended.
Josh B.

With each visit, Nathan always does a thorough and knowledgeable evaluation of all plants and soil, treats accordingly, and keeps our landscape healthy and looking great.
Wendy C.

Very happy with the service so far.
Andrew C.

Shawn Shuffelbottom is my representative. He is knowledgeable and offered multiple solutions to various problems that are occurring at both my property and a property owned by my mother. He visited both properties multiple times.
Yvonne Y.

Great job, greatly appreciated.
Ben R.

We are very pleased with the spring results we are seeing after our initial service starting last fall. We treasure our trees and landscape and now know they need attention to flourish. You certainly have made that happen. Thank you, we look forward to working with Bartlett in the future.
Karen R.

Shawn has been great to work with and takes great care of our trees.
Patricia F.

Very pleased with all involved.
James D.

I count on Shawn to keep an eye on our property and let us know when he sees any issues that need to be addressed. Bartlett's experienced and knowledgeable workers have treated Wooly Adelgids on the Hemlocks, Boxwood Blight on the Boxwoods, and Root Rot that threatened other shrubs. They have pruned our Oak tree, Hemlocks and Bradford Pears, and they will be pruning the Japanese Maples later this fall. They removed an ailing evergreen and planted another small tree in its place, and they recognized and corrected a problem with roots that were encircling another tree. And best of all, Nathan and Paul mounted a bat box high in the Oak tree. Shawn Shuffelbottom, Nathan Bird, and Paul Sepich are an indispensable team that we rely on with total confidence.
Nancy J.

Shawn was very responsive when my husband called with questions.
Joni H.

Appreciated that you could come promptly because we had a big limb fall. The crew talked to me before they finished with each tree, to see if I wanted anything else removed. They also really took care to avoid wires, a new fence, and a skylight with a big tree in back.
Dennis D.

Thank you for taking great care of our Ash tree.
Patricia F.

Shawn is attentive and keeps us in the loop at all times as a work is completed. Job is always priced well and work order carried out quickly and efficiently. Thanks for the service.
Eugene F.

We appreciate the professionalism of your crew. They were very careful with the tree in the back, to avoid skylights, wires, and shrubs. They always ask if we had anything else we wanted them to cut back before they moved on to another tree. I have used non-arborist companies before, to save money, but I will not do this in the future.
Dennis D.

The Representative and crew were courteous, competent, and the price was fair.
Ken S.

Thank you Shawn for a job well done. Your understanding and appreciation to detail makes you stand out above the rest.
Charlene L.

Everything was done to spec. Appreciate the flexibility.
Nathan S.

The crew was very nice, once the hole was dug and the tree in place they allowed our grandson to throw some dirt to fill the hole, it was a thrill for him. Shawn was very helpful explaining about the care of the tree once it was planted. Will surely use Bartlett in the future.
John and Mary D.

Everyone was courteous and helpful and a pleasure to work with.
Bruce G.

I choose to use your company because of the knowledge that they share with me in taking care of my trees.
Robert P.

We are thankful for the work your crew did today. They did a wonderful job, especially given the fact they were dealing with snow. The crew were very respectful, professional, and took their time deciding on the safest and most practical way to remove the tree. They did a great job cleaning up the site and it was obvious they took pride in what they do. From the way they handled company equipment, to the handling of our property. It was a pleasure to work with your company on this matter. While we hope we will not experience this problem again, if we do we will definitely be in touch.
Kelly H.

Very responsive and knowledgeable.
Robert P.

Shawn and his crew were great. I will definitely keep them in mind for other jobs.
Lisa A.

Very professional and knowledgeable. A pleasure to have as our tree experts on our property. And after the job was done, you couldn’t tell that major tree work was done. We appreciate the follow-up phone call to make sure we were satisfied with the job done. Many thanks.
Kris K.

Very professional and knowledgeable. A pleasure to have as our tree experts on our property. After the job was done, you could not tell that major tree work was done. We appreciate the follow-up phone call to make sure we were satisfied.
Kris K.

Your service was prompt and the results were excellent.
Glenn W.

I have been very pleased with the professionalism and courtesy of all members of the team who have worked on my yard. Shawn answered all my questions as I debated about what I wanted to have done, and he dropped in to see that the work was completed properly. The men working in the trees were amazing, they were well-organized, worked well together, and had everything done and cleaned up by the end of the day.
Debbie O.

Shawn McPhee was very professional and our neighbor who allowed access to her property said the crew did a great job and were very friendly.
Matt B.

Shawn McPhee discussed what our trees needed. He was knowledgeable, polite and returned calls promptly. The two staff members who came to perform the work discussed were also polite and explained what they were about to do.
Joan K.

We have full confidence in Shawn Shuffelbottom and his work crew.
Sally O.

Crew leader calls me a day in advance to let me know he is coming at a specific time the next day, which gives me time to block the dogs in the house. None of this annoying four hour block of time that Comcast and some other vendors do.
Bruce C.

Trees look great this year.
Ralp M.

Professional, Knowledgeable, Courteous, Available when needed, and all our trees are well cared for.
Sally O.

Shawn is excellent and the best representative I have encountered from Bartlett.
Paul B.

Quick responsiveness to quote request. Flexibility with final work request.
Ashley U.

I wanted to thank you and the crew for the work that was done for me. I am very satisfied with the crew. They went above and beyond as to not disturb or destroy any plants on the ground.
Ron S.

I think I found a trusted friend in Shawn. The extra personal attention and touches he has applied make me know my garden and trees are taken care of. You see the tree lover hidden in me that needs that same care.
Carmel S.

Overall excellent service and professionalism. Shawn was great. The crew was awesome. Very impressed with the care they took to avoid creating problems with existing landscaping in the yard. I have had several disasters in that regard in the past with tree service companies. High scores for satisfaction all around.
Stacey M.

Arborist had good advice and information. The crew was very good and helpful.
Martha L.

Shawn was great to work with.
Jim S.

Shawn was extremely friendly, responsive, and accommodating to our needs. Bartlett was very quick to respond when I called to have a tree removed from our power lines after a strong storm. They were very patient while waiting for PP&L to turn off the power so they could begin work on the tree.
Mark W.

The guys did an awesome job taking down the hemlock and cleaning up. Thank you and please thank them for me as well.
Jennifer H.

When I called the receptionist was friendly and helpful scheduling my first appointment to have the tree pruned. Shawn Shefflebottom was professional and knowledgeable examining my tree and giving me a price on the site. Job well done after completing the work on my maple tree. ! I would not hesitate to use Bartlett for other services needed on my property.
Michael B.

All were very courteous.
Ken K.

Excellent work, outstanding crew. Very pleased with your service.
Henri R.

I am grateful to Bartlett for Shawn, who has proven to be a knowledgeable in the care of my landscape.
Wendy C.

Your guys did a great job, we are very happy with the new look.
Robbin S.

Shawn and the crew were all great to work with. We had some questions about the tree trimming and Shawn immediately addressed the issues to our complete satisfaction. The crew left our property exactly as it was before they started. We will definitely use Bartlett for our next tree service.
Paula W.

Shawn McPhee is a great Representative. He is knowledgeable, polite, and professional. Really a positive person representing a wonderful company. I will work with him again and if anyone I know needs your services I will recommend him.
Carol D.

Jeremy and his crew did a great job trimming several trees and removing one tree this past Tuesday. They worked quickly, carefully, and neatly, and the resulting work looks great. They cleaned up well and left a neat pile of chipped wood and greens for me to use on my yard this spring for paths and mulching.
Jane S.

Shawn is knowledgeable and personable, we are confident in having the needs of our landscape under his capable management. Great services provided by professional staff, our property is in good hands.
Wendy C.

We continue to be impressed with the technical knowledge, expertise, and customer service of our Bartlett Arborist Representative and his crewmembers.
Dan G.

Very pleased with the work completed on my property.
Kelsey J.

Richard Dexter has been wonderful. He clearly really knows his field of expertise and is very willing to share his knowledge. His crew who came out to take down a beloved tree were so kind. They even hugged me when they left, knowing I was feeling bad about losing that tree. Nathan has been very helpful and willing to share his knowledge of chemicals and micro-nutrients. The staff realize I want to keep the chemicals to a minimum, but needed to have something done to reinvigorate a portion of the yard. They explained everything they were doing and left the place looking as good as possible.
Ginny C.

Elm tree treatment technician was very polite and did a good job.
Linn M.

My husband is the person with whom you deal, however, I just had to contact you to commend you on the young men who worked on our property this morning. I had the pleasure of speaking with them as they were leaving the job. They informed me about the work that was done in a very professional and friendly manner. As a company, you are so knowledgeable about your industry, always show up when scheduled, and employ the nicest people. Thank you!
Frank M.

I couldn't ask for more! I asked Rich to alert the workers to be mindful of my pachysandra (it has taken me years to get it where it is). They did a great job and I appreciate it.
Jean H.

Good recommendations. Fair prices offered. Rich has been professional and good company to work with. Staff are all great employees. Glad we chose them - recommended by a neighbor. We will use them again.
Donald A.

Very professional. Answered several questions for me.
R. Miller

Mr. Dexter is excellent, very knowledgeable! We feel good about the work he has suggested we have done. Bartlett Tree is rated excellent work with excellent customer service from start to finish! Thank you.
B. Wissler

Excellent job. Rich was A+.
D. Aument

Pleased with all representatives of the company. Would call again as needed.
P. Werner

[Our arborist] is always most professional and knowledgeable regarding our concerns. The tree crew handles their work with skill and diligence. We appreciate their work ethic. Your tree/shrub technician, is also industrious and is very attentive to his customers needs and requests. Thanks to all!
Kay G.

[Our arborist] and I have worked on several projects together at my home and at our church. He is professional and knowledgeable. He stands by his work and that of the Bartlett crews. The crews were courteous and all debris was removed.
Patti Q.

Very professional from my first contact with Jennifer. [Our arborist] is knowledgeable and a true professional. The guys doing the trimming were courteous and took the time to speak with me about our bag worm problem. I will be a long time customer. Very grateful for your superior service!
Tammy L.

[Our arborist] is great. Bartlett is the best.
Robert M Jr.

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