Bartlett provides expert tree service in Zeeland, MI and this is what our Zeeland customers are saying about us. We are proud to offer a wide range of tree services to our customers!

As a Zeeland tree service company, Bartlett provides the full spectrum of tree and property services offered, including Cabling and Bracing, Fertilization and Soil Care, Insect and Disease Management, Plant Analysis and Diagnostics, Pruning, and Tree Removal.

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What Our Zeeland, MI Customers Are Saying

Very friendly and knowledgeable field staff members. I enjoy talking to them when I see them. I am impressed with the expertise and dedication I receive from Bartlett. Very happy.
William A.

I have been very happy with both the quality of service as well as the quality of staff. Excellent tree care.
William A.

Your team does a great job.
Drew W.

We were just remarking how our trees and bushes look so healthy. Staff is always friendly and helpful. Awesome experience with your company so far.
Rob and Kate L.

Great people. Very knowledgeable and helpful. I would highly recommend them.
William A.

Friendly, respectful of our space, professional, and cleaned up completely.
Anne-Marie N.

Everyone I have worked with at Bartlett have been professional and courteous. Excellent company.
Doris D.

The experience is top notch. The crew member who fertilized our trees and bushes explained things in full and suggests consideration of added treatment for mites in our Boxwoods to even out the foliage color. I appreciate the expertise shared and her friendly and informative approach. We had a competitor going door to door this spring suggesting we go with them as they do other homes in the neighborhood. I explained that we already have Bartlett doing an excellent job.
Rob and Kate L.

Very professional and knowledgeable.
Mike D.

My experience with Bartlett was good from first contact to finished work.
Jim P.

You do a great job. Our tree is beautiful, so many flowers on it in the spring. We are very happy with your work.
Lyle V.

We always enjoy when we get the chance to talk to your staff members. They are always explaining things well, and offering suggestions for having the healthiest landscape. I have had other companies solicit to change to their services. When I say, no thanks, I have Bartlett, they just frown and walk away. Your reputation must be very strong.
Rob and Kate L.

Your team does a great job. I can not think of improvements.
Drew E.

Everything went very well. Helpful, cooperative, and knowledgeable. They were great.
William A.

The staff that performs the work is always courteous and professional. They provide excellent service.
Drew E.

Great experience. Hard workers, knowledgeable about their work. Thank you.

Happy customer.
Richard K.

Very friendly and professional staff. We are very pleased with our tree outcome. The whole experience was so positive. Thank you.

Staff was a joy to work with. Thank you for your service.

Everything was well done. We are happy with your work.

The only negative was the amount of time it took from first contact to completion of the job. But I understand in times we live a lot has changed. But 100% happy with your work.

Guys were very good and very nice. Explained what they were doing as they trimmed my Japanese Maple tree. Great people. Kevin Nietering explained what the crew was going to do when they got there and the two men that did the trimming were very nice and my tree looks very nice. I will definitely use Bartlett again when the need arises.

Very educated and provided an informed consultation. Followed through in timely manner with work order needed.
Scott and Lori

All employees are friendly, informative, and professional.
Rob L

Will and Travis, who took down my trees, were very professional, communicated well, and did a very good job.
Bob M.

Everyone was very courteous and nice to us. The job was well done. No problems at all.
Lyle V.

Thank you so much for your outstanding service.
Sheri G.

From what I can tell so far, this company exhibits professionalism, well mannered, and informed staff, precise and well-informed quoting with the ability to kind of pick the services you would want to perform at a particular time while other projects could wait depending upon your circumstances even though my project was small they still appreciated my business and understood my concerns. I did not really compare cost to other tree services but was more interested in finding a company knowledgeable in the science of tree surgery and correct types of maintenance in order to save the existing plants. Hopefully time will tell that you pay for what you get.
Kathy W.

The men who were here were very informative and helpful. I have appreciated all my interactions with the work crews this season.
Kelly D.

The men who were here were very informative and helpful. I have appreciated all my interactions with the work crews this season.
Kelly D.

They where polite, and concerned about the plants in the pots that they did not get damaged.
Gary B.

Everyone from Bartlett has been friendly and knowledgeable. The tree removal crew did an expert job and the result looks great. Emma did research on the pesticides used for the Arborvitae trees to inform my wife that the small stinging ants will be gone. This made our pool season better than ever. We were impressed by the professional service received by Bartlett and plan to refer friends and neighbors as they need your services.
Rob L.

Very pleased with the service we received. Would highly recommend Bartlett to anyone.
Nathan W.

Bartlett did a fantastic job on tree removal and stump grinding. We had a small tree and bush next to our house removed. We were on vacation while the service was performed. When we returned, you never would have known the tree and bush had ever been there. Very nicely done. No mess was left. The work had been done in a mulch area. Even the mulch had been raked back into place. We had a dead sapling in our back yard removed also. The crew took the time placing the sod back in place. I had a difficult time finding where it was. I would definitely recommend Bartlett for your tree removal needs.
Jay P.

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