Bartlett provides expert tree service in Kelowna, BC and this is what our Kelowna customers are saying about us. We are proud to offer a wide range of tree services to our customers!

As a Kelowna tree service company, Bartlett provides the full spectrum of tree and property services offered, including Fertilization and Soil Care, Insect and Disease Management, Pruning, Storm Damage, Tree Removal, and Disinfectant Application.

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What Our Kelowna, BC Customers Are Saying

Jordan and Matt were extremely friendly, courteous, and efficient at their work. Luke was knowledgeable and very helpful.
P. Kalis

Luke was quick, competitive, and professional. The job done and we look forward to seeing your company back next year as well.
J. Dreyer

Our experience with Luke was excellent. He was helpful, professional, and knowledgeable. We are very satisfied with our interactions with Bartlett's staff.
M. Bremner

The entire team has been fantastic. Luke, Joshua, everyone was polite and helpful. The hedge looks fantastic and it is a tough one to trim because it is so wide. I really appreciate the crew coming back to touch the bit that was sticking up. A great team.
N. Phillips

Bartlett Trees was excellent for the entire experience. The Arborist provided good information and a detailed quote that broke everything down so I could pick and choose services. The worker who came to fertilize and the two workers who came to do the bulk of the work were professional, friendly, and did a fantastic job. We had a huge dead tree removed, plus other shrubs removed and pruned and stumps removed. I am just so impressed by the service I had to write a review, something I rarely do. Well done and I will use them again for sure.

We could not be more pleased with Luke and the arborists who trimmed our Cypress trees. They were courteous, professional, and completely dedicated to performing their job to our satisfaction. Highly recommend Bartlett for any jobs you may have requiring arbor services.
B. McCabe

This year my wife and I decided to hire professionals to prune, trim, plant Cedars, and clean out dead branches on some Ponderosa Pines. We compared a few prices but after meeting Luke and going through the scope of work I knew we were hiring them. We had two Peach trees pruned, a fifty foot Cedar hedge at the back and a 70 foot Cedar hedge on one side of the yard trimmed and cleaned. The same crew also cut a lot of very high dead branches on some Ponderosa Pines behind out lot. A different crew came to excavate and plant 22 Cedars on our opposite property line. Both crews showed up with face masks and asked me to review the scope of work with them. They were all polite, respectful, and professional. After completing each task they called me to inspect the work and it was always very well done. Their cleanup after was sensational. I will recommend Bartlett to anyone who is looking for a great job at a reasonable price.
Richard C.

These folks do not just chop trees to prune them for size. They understand how the tree will grow back and mature into a good healthy shape for many years to come. They used a hand saw for our fruit trees which was much less disturbing to the neighbors and the birds.
M. Schmidt

Crew did a great job. Luke Veenstra was very responsive and customer oriented to our questions and scheduling.
J. Burke

Friendly and very responsive. What matters most to us is a company that shows up, Bartlett showed up and were professional. They got the job done, even on the coldest day of the season. We are looking forward to reworking our landscape and Bartlett was the first step in helping to make that happen. Great job.
T. Hiltz

I can not comment on the staff because I am at work when they come to my house but I am very impressed with the email communications. They are always prompt and answer any questions I have. I really appreciate the detail of the quotes and invoices provided. Thanks very much.
S. Wilke

Everyone we met and spoke to were friendly, courteous, and professional. I felt like we were in good hands every step of the way. The services provided were done in just a few hours and the crew left the area tidier than it was before they arrived. They did everything they could to prevent further damage to our shed and house they were removing a tree that fell and communicated with us throughout the process. We were really impressed with the service and would absolutely use Bartlett again. They were friendly and professional every step of the way from scheduling a free assessment to the crew coming in to do the job. They took pains to prevent further damage to our property from a fallen tree issue. Cleaned up the area afterward, did the job surprisingly fast, and followed all Covid precautions. We felt like we were in good hands every step of the way and would use their services again in a heartbeat.
M. Irving

Good advice from Luke Veenstra optimal pruning and height reduction of Norway Maple. Crew did a great job. Excellent customer experience.
John B.

It was a pleasure meeting and working with Kris. We booked an appointment with Bartlett Tree Experts, because we wanted advice on the health of our trees and whether any trees were at risk of falling. Kris was the perfect person to help us with this. He is very knowledgeable and professional which made us feel confident with his recommendations. The young men that arrived at our house to do the work were very professional and efficient. They did an amazing job of cleaning up and even did a little extra. We had a small pile of thick branches sitting against the fence in our yard. The branches were too thick for us to put into the green bin, so we have been trying to figure out what to do with them. On his own initiative, Luke asked me if I would like them to throw them into the shredder while they were here. It was such a thoughtful thing to do and indicative of his attention to detail. For the big tree in the backyard, they took off all the lower branches and then cut the whole thing down. It landed perfectly in our backyard. It was quite interesting to watch. Removing these trees is not something that my husband could have managed on his own, especially in such a timely manner and without resulting in an incredibly sore back for weeks afterwards. It was a pleasure and stress free having professionals take care of it for us. When we need more work done, we will definitely be contacting you again. Thank you.
T. Short.

Kris came and gave us a very accurate and fair estimate, did not feel pressured to agree right away which we liked. The three staff who performed the tree removal and pruning's were polite and considerate. They checked with me a few times to make sure what they were doing was satisfactory. They worked quickly and efficiently and cleaned up all the debris. We are very happy with Bartlett.
J. Stevenson

The process from beginning to end was quite impressive. I had no idea what was involved in taking down Pine trees which were double the height of my house. Staff was amazing also. I would highly recommend Bartlett.
D. Clark

The stump removal staff were exceptional and were very anxious to please, and satisfy my requests. Great ambassadors for your company. The final results could not look better, and that is what people see.
G. Bateman

My experience with Bartlett was very positive, start to finish. Staff were friendly and helpful. Kristopher was prompt, communicated well the process, and what I could expect from quote to removal. I appreciated how easy and efficient using Bartlett's services was. From requesting a quote online to having follow-up communication prompt and reliable.
A. Meier

I am more than happy with the service I received from your staff and the job they completed taking down my tree and removing the stump. It was cleaned up very nicely. I have spoken about your company to friends and told them about the wonderful job you did.
D. Thorne

Everyone was simply great! We love dealing with Kris and the team from Bartlett. We referred your company to our next door neighbours and would highly recommend you to anyone else seeking tree services.
J. Tompkins

Thank you for doing such a fine job of bringing my Maple tree under control. I have heard of Bartlett Tree Experts and am so pleased that I opted to get you do to the work for me. I will certainly call on you for any future work and will be pleased to recommend you to anyone who might be needing their trees dealt with. Thank you. Job very well done.
B. Hayes

Kris is always punctual, polite, knowledgeable, and most helpful. The crew who did the pruning were very courteous and knew their stuff. They did exactly what was requested including one other small favor.
C. Dixon

I contacted Kris about removing a broken tree branch and the work was completed the next day. The service was completed well and efficiently. We would highly recommend contacting Kris and Bartlett for any arborist services.
M. Chuah

We found your Receptionist to be very pleasant, informative, and efficient . Kristopher was very pleasant. knowledgeable ,and easy talk talk to. He explained everything about the issues we are dealing with . Also very efficient as your applicator was here within the week. He was also a very pleasant young man and explained all that he had done. We are happy that we chose your Company to deal with our problem and would not hesitate to recommend you to other friends and neighbors.
G. Schmidt

Kris McDonald who came to quote the job, did so in a very polite and informed manner. He arrived when he said he would, and provided the Estimate immediately. It was only a few days between my initial phone call and the date he came to see the job. The two young fellows that came to trim our trees, we are very knowledgable, polite, and efficient with their time. I am very impressed with the work done and have already passed the Company name on to my freind.
B. Rudolph

Kris was very helpful, and provided quick answers to my questions. Once we confirmed the job, the work started fairly quickly, which was important for us because there was a broken limb in one of our tall trees that we were concerned was going to fall. The crew was incredibly courteous and professional. They were very mindful of the things that mattered to us in removing our trees, and left our yard in very good shape after such a big job. I was highly impressed by them.
D. Maines

Felt like everyone was very knowledgeable and excellent at what they do. As one tree overhung our neighbard, I checked with them after the removal to see if everything was ok on their side of the fence, it was and they were very happy with how the crew handled everything too.
N. Brown

Bartlett removed a tree, ground the stump and planted a replacement for us. I do not know the names of the crew members who carried out the work, but they were polite, careful, and thorough. Kris, my representative, was responsive and prompt in meeting my requests, ensuring the availability of the crew to carry out the work within a short window.
M. Bradbury

Kris McDonald was very knowledgeable and professional and helped us a lot in determining what to do with our trees. The crews that did the work were courteous, skilled, did an excellent job on the trees and cleaned up very well after the tree trimming. I would certainly recommend Bartlett Tree Experts to anyone looking for a professional and knowledgeable tree consultancy company.
A. Taylor

I can not say enough about Kristopher McDonald and his crew. Kris arrived within twenty-four hours when I had concerns about one of my trees. He was extremely knowledgeable and identified the issue quickly and went over my options. Unfortunately, the best thing was to have the tree removed. The tree had significance to me and I was notably upset and both Kris and the removal crew were very compassionate and caring. The guys on the removal crew even helped me gather up a few nice leaves and seed pods to keep and press. I really can not say enough about how knowledgeable, efficient, and compassionate they were. Thank you for the great service you provide.
T. S.

Bartlett removed a tree, ground the stump, and planted a replacement for us. I do not know the names of the crew members who carried out the work, but they were polite, careful, and thorough. Kris, my representative, was responsive and prompt in meeting my requests and ensuring the availability of the crew to carry out the work within a short window.
M. B.

Kristopher was very helpful in describing our situation and his solution. He was very prompt and professional both on site and getting us a quote. When the crew arrived, two days later, they were prompt and professional. We are very pleased customers. We would gladly recommend and we plan to continue with ongoing deep fertilization.
C. T.

Your staff did an awesome job and I was very happy with their work. I will highly recommend your business and have already mentioned it to some of my neighbors.
S. W.

Kris was very helpful when we reviewed the work to be done. Found him to be very professional. Crew was good and took pride in the work they were doing. I found they went that extra bit to ensure we were completely satisfied.
L. G.

Kris was very courteous. He was easy to discuss what I wanted done and the most efficient way to do it. The crew was very professional. They were always striving to be sure customer was satisfied.
L. G.

Kris was very helpful when we reviewed the work to be done. Found him to be very professional. Crew was good, took pride in the work they were doing. I found they went that extra bit to ensure we were completely satisfied.
L. G.

I was pleased with the entire operation from start to finish. Professional, expedient, friendly, and helpful, along with good workmanship. Kris and Josh were great. Would not hesitate to recommend their services to others.
B. S.

Kris was knowledgeable and professional. The crew assigned to our tree removal was exceptional. We were impressed with their efficiency as well as their skill level, knowledge, and attention to safety all while getting the job done and looking after our property. We were pleased that we chose Bartlett for our tree removal job.
D. K.

Everyone was competent, polite, efficient, and punctual. They showed up on time, got the job done quickly, and knew where to park so that they were safe and not blocking traffic. I will always use Bartlett since I know they are reliable and trustworthy.
G. S.

The whole process of getting a quote, to the actual removal of two trees was very professional and efficient. The crew then came at a prearranged time and did the work. They were very careful with other items in the garden, removed the trees, and then cleaned up the grounds. I was very happy with the whole process and would highly recommend the Bartlett tree experts. They were efficient, clean working, professional, and well versed in the tree industry.
B. S.

The service I receive from the Bartlett staff is excellent, including the office and the crew members that come to my house. I value and rely on the expert advise that I receive from Kris McDonald.
V. McC.

My phone calls, emails, and text messages have always been answered quickly and courteously. I am very pleased with the work recently completed on my property. I have hired Bartlett for several jobs in the past and I am always impressed with the quality of the work and the clean up is outstanding.
B. L.

Kris is always very professional, trusting, and all around good guy. The crew on site were courteous, hard working, knew their stuff, and friendly. Another great job.
John D.

Could not be more pleased with the services received from Bartlett. So nice to have the confidence our trees will be happy growing forward.
M. E.

I had a great experience from start to finish. From the free quote, to the arborist who came and got the the job done in a friendly manor, and left the job site super clean. I was very happy with the services and would recommend Bartlett.
E. M.

Kris's expertise and suggestions are exceptional. His crew was friendly, efficient, and our yard is beautiful. Thank you Bartlett.
D. D.

Kristopher McDonald was very helpful in working out a plan with me to address my tree issues. He was always very pleasant to deal with. The crew was amazing, on schedule, very friendly, did a great job and checked in with us along the way to ensure they were doing the job the way we wanted it done. We could not be happier with the service that we got and our trees are looking great.
C. H.

Great experience from start to finish. Will definitely use your services in the future.
G. O.

Kris has been very helpful when we have had questions regarding hedge and tree planting.
T. W.

Luke and the guys had to work around netting that I had around my patio. They were very nice about it. It saved me a lot of work from not having to remove and replace the netting. I greatly appreciated them doing that for me. As always, they did a super job on all the trimming.
N. R.

Your staff was prompt, punctual, courteous, professional, and competent. We are happy with your work and will continue to use your service.
G. S.

The two young men who came to prune my Walnut tree were wonderful and extremely courteous as was Mr. McDonald. I am planning on using Bartlett Tree Experts for my yearly tree spraying. Thank you again for your great service.
P. K.

Very pleased with the appearance of the hedge and trees after this trimming program. Kris is thorough and considerate of budget and real needs.
K. O.

All staff were very professional. I learned so much about our tree environment from Kris.
J. S.

The phone staff was excellent and informative. The advisor was top top notch. My yard was very clean on completion of the job.
D. D.

Everyone that we dealt with was courteous and helpful. Work was completed on time with a schedule that worked for everyone.
J. J.

Super efficient. Very happy with communication and quality of the job.
J. W.

The fellow who trimmed the tree made sure I was happy with the results before they began the clean up. I am really happy with the results and my neighbor do too.
J. S.

So glad I met Kris at the Home Show in February. The team member that came out and applied the product to our trees was polite and very knowledgeable. Our Cedar trees are looking much healthier.
Jamie Z.

Fabulous work, took the time to explain what work needed to be done on our Cedar Hedges. Came as arranged, spent the time as was agreed, cleaned up after themselves. Nothing but great things to say about Kris and his team. I would not hesitate to recommend.
Patrice T.

I found Kris to be very knowledgable and answered all my questions and concerns. It was a pleasure dealing with him as I am a retired contractor and have dealt with the public on numerous occasions and know full well what it is like. The two crew members were very courteous and reviewed the work with me before they started. Their cleanup was excellent.
L. G.

I felt confident that the service of pruning I needed done would be handled efficiently. The time frame from contact with staff, Arborist Representative, to crew members was timely and professional. I was very pleased with the job done and the commitment of everyone involved. I will certainly continue to use the services of Bartlett into the future because they work proficiently, with skills and knowledge of horticulture, which is complimented by the understanding they purvey to the customer.
J. D.

Excellent work and communication to deliver a quality product. A great job cleaning up and removing debris.
B. W.

The aphid treatment on our tree in May and the fertilizer application in the Fall has kept it thriving. I am pleased with the results. Before these treatments were started, the tree was fading fast. I will continue to order these treatments.
L. H.

I highly recommend this company. They were exceptionally professional, courteous, and reliable. They came when they said they would, they did what they said they would do, and they were excellent with their communication with us, both at the quote stage and when they returned to do the work. Having experienced several companies who have failed in all three areas in the past, Bartlett was a very refreshing change.
M. D.

We could not be more pleased with the service we have received. Everyone is very professional and this has taken a big load off of our shoulders. Thank you so much and we look forward to a continuing relationship.
D. K.

Kristopher McDonald always responds promptly and professionally with issues that arise. Kristopher provides knowledgeable answers to my questions and concerns finding solutions to the issues. The work crew are courteous and hardworking, leaving the surrounding areas clean and clear of debris.
D. B.

Very professional and efficient. They left everything neat and tidy. The pruned trees look great. The crew was very polite and helpful. I would use them again.
D. C.

The staff was knowledgeable of the work they were doing and left the yard in a satisfactory state. I would recommend Barlett and we are looking forward using them again.
J. N.

From the person who answered the phone, to Kris showing up and explaining our options, and the crew doing a fine job. I was very satisfied with the work performed.
D. A.

Two different crews were on site at different times to perform work for the project. In both cases, staff was pleasant and diligent in execution of their jobs. I would not hesitate to use Bartlett again.
M. Mc G.

I get answers to my emails very quickly, arborist is friendly and helpful, and I am pleased with alll crew members that have completed work at my property.
A. A.

The crew was very knowledgeable and did a great job. They were very professional and neat. A great overall experience. Would recommend them to friends and colleagues.
John D.

Kris McDonald and his crew are very friendly, easy to talk to, very obliging, and very appreciative of the work. I really appreciate Kris's visit to the sight each spring to discuss what needs to be done, the reason for it, and the plan ahead. I find him to be one of the best arborist that I have experienced with Bartlett Tree Experts. He is very approachable and with his knowledge, I feel confident that the work is done right. The crew I have had the past few years have been very obliging. The crew member who does most of the tree work seems very knowledgeable. The crew in general are very dependable and enjoyable to have perform the work for me.
J. R.

Bartlett was on time for site visit and crew on time to start job. This is appreciated.
T. McD.

Kris was our Bartlett representative. He was great. The crew that came did a fantastic job. They were all very courteous and friendly and left the job site spotless. I would highly recommend both Kris and the members of his crew to anyone needing tree services.
J. T.

Kris and his crew were very professional and courteous. They worked hard and did a great job. Would surely recommend.
M. M.

I am so impressed with the service that we received from all of your staff. I had made a number of calls to other companies prior to finding Bartlett and could not even get a return call or someone to come out and give an estimate. But from my first call to Bartlett, Kassidy had an appointment booked for Kris to come out and do an estimate and the job was quoted the same day and booked the following Monday. The crewmembers were on time, efficient, did an excellent job, and left the site clean. Well done and a big thanks to all the staff. I have and will be recommending your company to others. Great staff, great service, and great company.
D. G.

The Bartlett staff have been a pleasure to deal with, and the crew who removed our tree was extremely efficient. We would certainly recommend Bartlett to our friends.
E. L.

Everyone I dealt with from office staff, tree removal crew, and stump removal crew were a pleasure to deal with and professional to boot. Job well done.
Keith M.

The team that trimmed our trees and shrubs were meticulous, thorough, and efficient. They did a great job and left the site clean and tidy. We were very pleased with their work.
Larry M.

The office staff were great when I initially called to set up an appointment. Kris was excellent as well in setting up a date and sending me the contract and estimate. My family and I were not home when the spraying was done, but they did an excellent job.
Alexander L.

Very happy with the whole experience and great price too. We did not actually meet Kristopher or the crew as most of the correspondence was by email. This worked great for us and was extremely convenient. A quick email and phone call and the scope of work was sorted out and completed.
Andrew P.

Quote for work that needed to be done arrived promptly after our consultation with arborist. The quote was presented clearly and completely. The crew arrived on time and ready to go on the appointed day. The crew was courteous and respectful. They had a system that was efficient and effective. Before leaving, the lead man went over all of the work completed with us. We were pleased and will use Bartlett again.
Greg S.

Just wanted to give a huge round of applause and gratitude to Kris and his crew. Not only did they come in and carefully and quickly take down three trees in our yard but they left no mess behind. That is what we expect, but here is the best part, the human connection, and welcoming attitudes they all had to include My son in their day. He is a young man with a few challenges but they allowed him to be a part of the manly removal process. He used his gift of a Bartlett water bottle and sat on a rock at a safe distance and watched all day. From the bottom of this mamas heart, thank you.
Tracy A.

I just wanted to send a tip of the hat to Mike, your technician. He just did a treatment on my trees last week and he is a delightful young man, courteous, friendly, and efficient. It is so nice to have a service person at your home and feel so comfortable and confident that they are doing a good job. You have a great employee there.

I wanted you to know how absolutely thrilled we are with the work you did for us. Our experience with you folks has been excellent from start to finish. As noted in my Google review and as I said to your crew in person, I would give you six out of five stars if possible.
Delia W.

Keep up the great customer service. I called a total of seven companies to get an estimate. Only one other guy showed up and gave a quote, but then after promising to do the work after a two week wait, he said he could not get to it. All of the others either promised to come and did not show, or never bothered to return my call. When I called Bartlett, the phone was answered, an appointment was made for the estimate, the estimator showed up when he said he would, we got the estimate right away, the work could be done within a reasonable window of time, the crew showed up and got to work right away, did a great job, and cleaned up. We even received a follow up phone call from the office to ensure we were happy with the work. Your customer service sets you miles ahead of your competitors.
Barbara and Kevin W.

The crew was courteous and willing to redo an area I wanted tweaked friendly, professional, no swearing, and great service. Our job site was clean and tidy and the trees are very happy with their spring hair cut. Many Thanks.
Lisa J.

Outstanding service. Very pleased with the work performed this past winter and spring.
Doug and Lori M.

We were very pleased with everyone and we would highly recommend Bartlett to friends and family.
Bert and Rick K.

We were not at home when the tree was cut down but everything was cleaned up and the stump removal went well.
Ed H.

Fantastic group of guys, very professional, and courteous, They did a great job bringing down the trees. Would recommend your company to other people.
Kerry S.

I have always had a great experience with the arborist. I am overly protective of my cedars and trees and they never make that seem weird. They have always been friendly and personable. I am glad I found Bartlett.
S. P.

Jeanette was/is very accommodating, knowledgeable, and friendly. The same goes for the fellow that does our fertilizing.
Mike and Elinor C.

So pleased to have recommendations that promoted saving my trees instead of cutting them down. Nice to buy time for a few years, and that the root invigoration program postpones a complete redo of the space. I look forward to having future input on the pruning/pest control to bring a tired space back to health.
Laura S.

Everyone I have dealt with has been very professional and efficient. The quality of work is excellent.
Doug B.

Very friendly and service driven. Very knowledgeable and proactively gave options on how best to treat the situation.
Vince G.

I just want to express how happy I am with the services provided by Jeannette Merrick. Three years ago I thought I was losing my Catalpas. One tree would lose about 1/3 of its leaves by the end of June and then Jeannette Merrick came out for a consultation and suggested some treatment schedules and suggested I provide extra water during the very hot months. Today I can say that both trees look healthier than they have for many years and there have been no significant loss of leaves on either tree. I am so very pleased with Jeannette's professional and thoughtful attitude and can't say enough about how she is willing to share her knowledge of trees. She is definitely an asset to your company and I have been pleased to refer several friends to her in particular.
Trish D.

Service and consultation is excellent!
Ann Marie B.

I appreciate the knowledge that Jeannette shares with me regarding my trees. I value her input and the staff are always friendly and willing to review what they have done.
Karol E.

Clear, concise, polite, and a good communicator.
Tim and Janet W.

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