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What Our Johnson City, TN Customers Are Saying

Great job and we are very satisfied. Ryan Clark came to our house and reviewed the trees we wanted removed and gave us a quote for the work. He was polite and professional. The workers came at time they said they would and completed the job perfectly. They were hard working, skillful and safe.
George B.

Every time someone from Bartlett is at the house, they are always so polite, helpful, friendly, and everything you would want a representative of your company to be.
Greg S.

George is the technician that sprays our property and is very qualified and personable.
Joanie S.

Very satisfied with tree removal, crew worked quickly and cleaned up nice.
Charlene G.

Very satisfied with tree removal, crew worked quickly and cleaned up nice.
Charlene G.

Ryan Clark and his crew have been a pleasure to work with. They knew best how to approach the removal of a large Oak tree and most importantly how to do it safely. I have always felt comfortable with Bartlett and appreciate their expertise.
Jim W.

Everyone I talked to was courteous and friendly. I have a lovely, very old tree and I am glad to know it is in expert hands.
Rae G.

I have nothing but praise for the entire Bartlett crew that has worked on our property. Ryan Clark has been incredibly helpful, both in guiding the direction towards our long term goals and in answering our endless questions about immediate maintenance concerns. Kristie Pippin has also been a big help whenever a billing or scheduling question has come up. The crew members who have worked on the property have accomplished an amazing improvement in the health and beauty of our trees.
Linda M.

Your crew worked hard all day, and I could not be more pleased. As much as I loved the Silver Maple, it was time for it to go. The trimming of the two Crepe Myrtles and the Red Bud look great. I feel ready for next spring. The thing I appreciate most is how nice the crew treated me. The cold made my mobility very bad. They gave me their arm and made sure I was safe when I went out to view the work.
Carolyn W.

I have nothing but praise for the entire Bartlett crew that has worked on our property. Our representative, Ryan Clark, has been incredibly helpful, both in guiding the direction towards our long term goals and in answering our endless questions about immediate maintenance concerns. Kristie Pippin has also been a big help whenever a billing or scheduling question has come up. The crew members who have worked on the property have accomplished an amazing improvement in the health and beauty of our trees.
Linda M.

Bartlett was courteous and competent.
James S.

Very knowledgeable, highly professional arborist.
Sally E.

Wonderful people who work very hard to make sure that the customer is happy. The shrubs looks great.
Cathy M.

Great company for all your arborist needs. They also do community services and educational services as well. Ryan was very good, knowledgeable, and personable. The crew did a fantastic job of getting the top of an Ash Tree that had collapsed and lodged itself against a Black Jack Oak in quite a precarious situation in our yard. The top of the tree was located right overtop two small specimen Witch Hazel Trees. The crew was able to get the treetop out without disturbing them.
Kathryn G.

Absolutely satisfied with the Leyland Cypress pruning. The crew was professional and did a great job.
Phillip C.

Very professional and friendly staff.
Lanette A.

Ryan Clark and his staff are always polite, courteous, and professional workers.
Jerry R.

These guys provided a competent service in solving my tree problem and in a professional manner. They came when they promised and were prepared to perform my job with all the necessary tools and safety equipment. A service performed with a great price, quality, and quantity combination.
Murray A.

The Arborist did a great job at advising the best solutions to the issues we had with several trees. He was personal and professional in his approach to our needs. We were extremely impressed with the crew that did the cutting and trimming. It was obvious from the start that they were well experienced in their craft, presented great team work, operational skills, and awareness of safety issues.
Lou N.

Super pleased with the work that was done at our house. They did everything that I asked them to do and they were very pleasant to work with. They cleaned up nicely and went about their job very professionally. I would definitely use Bartlett in the future.
Elva W.

All were courteous and efficient. I am fully satisfied with the job done.
James S.

The staff was courteous, efficient, and very helpful to both of us. Great job and we will refer Bartlett to anyone who may benefit from your professional team.
Tonya T.

Everyone I dealt with was professional and helpful. The crew that did the trimming were very courteous. They answered all my questions and cleaned up before they left.
Karl K.

Good job pruning dogwood, tree looks great!
Julia K.

Very happy with the services provided.
Pamela K.

Excellent experience. Everyone was nice and very professional.
Allyson D.

Another well performed service by Bartlett on our trees. From Chase coming to our property to assess their needs, to the tree pruning crew earlier in the fall, to the feeding just completed this week. and coordinated by Ryan and performed by Paul. We can see that by feeding and pruning our trees yearly, that our trees are healthier and look better than those surrounding our property that do not receive additional feedings or pruning.
Joseph G.

Satisfied with the tree work. Will definitely refer Bartlett to everyone.
Doug G.

Very satisfied with tree removals. Crew was organized and did a fantastic job.
James M.

Awesome job pruning my tree.
Kim B.

Bartlett's work is very satisfactory and the crew was most courteous. They took great pains to see that the clean up was done properly. I will need service again for pruning.
Beverly M.

Everyone I have talked with at Bartlett has been helpful, informative, and courteous.
Earlene K.

Chase Giebner, his crew, and his administrative staff are all top notch in my experience. They have my highest recommendation.
Gary R.

The Bartlett pruning team arrived on time and did an excellent job thinning the branches on our Red Maple tree.
Hugh C.

Everything looks nice, good job.
Carl G.

Chase Giebner was very knowledgeable and helpful by advising us about our three very large Oak Trees and Beech Tree that were trimmed, as well as, the treatment of our three Dogwood Trees. The crew members that did the trimming are all excellent. They did not hack the branches off, they sculpted. My trees look beautiful and natural. We really appreciate the work they did. And, the woman that set up the appointment with Bartlett was courteous and efficient. Now that the work is done, the results prove that I made the right choice by hiring Bartlett.
Joseph K.

Very pleased with pruning.
Sharon B.

Chase is great to work with. Had some questions after work was done, he came back to the house and left with a plan to take care of things. Very knowledgeable and professional. The lady at the office is also very helpful and courteous. Crew left the property super clean after completing the work. Very pleased with Bartlett and the service they provided. Highly recommend them as experts in their field.
Keith B.

All was great. The crew was friendly and got the job done professionally. Good to see Joe again.
David R.

I contacted three other companies about what was ailing my Dogwood Trees. Chase Giebner was the only one who gave what I considered a credible diagnosis and recommended a treatment plan that proved effective.The fact that he has a degree in urban forestry and is a certified arborist makes a big difference to me. I care about my trees and expertise matters. Chase is also pleasant to deal with, responsive, and reliable. The crew that did the work has the same characteristics. I am very pleased with Bartlett and would highly recommend them to anyone who cares about their trees. There are many companies that call themselves tree services because they have chain saws and chippers. No thank you.
Celia S.

Wonderful job. Everything looks great and the crew was very nice.
Penny M.

We have had positive interaction with members of the staff. The Bartlett Arborist is knowledgable and we feel he is making wise decisions for us.
Rose T.

Our Pecan tree looks great. We did not want the tree to be topped, as so many tree services tend to do. To us, the improvement is significant, but the beauty of it all is that it does not look pruned. It just looks healthy. Very pleased with the outcome, and a huge sigh of relief knowing huge limbs at risk of breaking have been removed, without damaging the rest of the tree.
Erica M.

Joe and Garrison worked very hard. I was concerned about the safety of climbing the tree to do the cable work but they did a good job.
John K.

We have been very pleased with Chase Giebner, our arborist, and crewmembers. Everyone has provided excellent customer service and high-quality advice and work.
Kelly H.

The personalized attention I received from Chase Giebner won me back to Bartlett. The crew also checked in with me on my satisfaction with the job and I very much appreciated this. Thanks to this crew for their good service.
Miriam P.

I am very pleased with the tree service, and Joe was professional and friendly.
Jeff P.

Impressed with Bartlett. Very satisfied with pruning work.
Anna L.

The entire experience was great, love that I have confidence in Bartlett whenever they trim my trees.
Theresa B.

The crew was professional and cleaned up well.
Eric C.

Excellent work.
Foster L.

The crew did a fine job with the cabling.
David H.

The oak tree pruning looks fabulous! I appreciate the professionalism from Bartlett, everyone did a great job.
Marsha G.

Very pleased with the pruning.
Judy M.

Workers were well equipped and safety conscience. My property was protected from the large truck tires, which I greatly appreciate. They were efficient, thorough, and professional.
Larry D.

Fabulous job, pruning looks great!
Connie W.

Great job, timely, and efficient! I appreciate the personal service.
Thomas W.

The crew did a great job!
George B.

Beautiful pruning job, the crew was polite, did a very good job.
Jim S.

Great job as usual.
Mary H.

Bartlett always does a great job.
Joan J.

Very good job. The crew was professional, helpful, and kind.
Karen M.

Chase and his crew far exceeded my expectations. Thank you for a job well done!
John O.

Great job on the tree removal.
Kevin M.

Awesome work, crew did a great job!
Michael R.

Tree work looks great, I appreciate Bartlett.
Brandon B.

Great job, the crew worked very hard.
John K.

100% Satisfied! Fantastic job!
Howard D.

Very satisfied with Bartlett. The crew worked hard they were very nice and polite. I appreciate Bartlett's quick response! Super, great job!
J. J.

Work looks great, crew was nice, and did a great job!
Abby B.

Very nice job, the crew cleaned up well.
Tommy L.

Thank you Chase, Joe, and Caleb for an excellent job! It was a smart move to transfer Chase to the TriCities area and now you have the service that was missing a year or so ago.
Betsy B.

Bartlett does great work, very pleased.
George B.

Met with Chase for an urgent tree care need and was very impressed. Chase is very confident in what he does, very professional, and impressive.
Jeff S.

Fabulous job, crew was great, much thanks.
Jim H.

Joshua was great! He was courteous, professional, and prompt. He made sure I was satisfied with the work, and he got things done in a timely manner. It was a pleasure working with him from a state away from our property. Mostly, I'm grateful that he did exactly what he said he would do and when he said he would do it. Much appreciation! Kristie (in the office) was also good to work with.
Amy E.

Two of the trees we had cut down were next to our driveway. I was at work all day when the work was performed. When I came home, the site was cleaned up so well that I couldn't even tell that anyone had been there. If fact, my wife didn't even notice that trees had been cut down. Amazing job! Thank you! Your services are well worth the price.
Brock W.

Very professional, friendly representative and crewmembers. I was very pleased with the work done.
Barbara S.

Really enjoyed working with Josh. I have used several tree services through the years and they have ranged from awful to okay. For some reason I have never called you before. A friend suggested and I'm glad I did. Very professional and price-wise I might have paid a bit more, but it is well worth it.
Ed H.

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