Bartlett provides expert tree service in Zionsville, IN and this is what our Zionsville customers are saying about us. We are proud to offer a wide range of tree services to our customers!

As a Zionsville tree service company, Bartlett provides the full spectrum of tree and property services offered, including Fertilization and Soil Care, Insect and Disease Management, Lightning Protection, Plant Analysis and Diagnostics, Pruning, and Storm Damage.

If you are looking for a Zionsville tree service company, schedule an appointment for a Bartlett Arborist Representative to visit your property and you will not be disappointed.

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What Our Zionsville, IN Customers Are Saying

Very impressed with the crew and the job they did. First rate.
Mike Lunsford

Tyler is great. Friendly, knowledgeable, always ready to respond to a question or concern.
Mark O.

Tyler is super. I had a curiosity about native Witch Hazels last year and discussed with Tyler. This early spring he sent me a photo of one blooming. He remembered that almost year old chat.
Molly T.

Tyler Hirschinger is my new representative. I have enjoyed getting to know Tyler and to work with him to become familiar with my home property and its short and long-term needs. I am also very pleased with Marco and the members on his field crew. They are very professional and careful when performing work on my trees. Overall, I am very pleased with my Indianapolis Bartlett team from sales to actual work.
Dennis C.

Tyler was super knowledgeable and helpful.
Sharon V.

I choose a name brand tree service because this job required real skill to avoid damaging my house or garden. Bartlett did not disappoint.
Dan W.

Tyler is doing a great job of filling Mike Seybert's shoes. We had worked with Mike for years, and hope to be with Tyler for years to come. Everyone is always friendly and willing to take a few extra minutes to talk about what they are doing and any concerns we have.
Mark O.

Tyler was incredibly knowledgeable which gave me a ton of confidence in his recommendations. He was patient with every single one of my questions, was wonderful with email follow up, and the additional questions that I had throughout the process. We appreciate the service from Bartlett and are looking forward to continuing with service until we are able to handle everything we need done on our property. I have already recommended Tyler to one of my friends.
Lauren N.

Great experience with everyone. Tyler is very knowledgeable and offered many helpful suggestions. The crewmembers who trimmed two trees were also knowledgeable and professional. Clean up was fantastic. Even my neighbor commented on how well they cleaned up.
Jon C.

Very happy with Bartlett and working with Tyler. Will certainly recommend to friends.
Heather S.

I am grateful for Tyler's willingness to review our tree in between his scheduled appointments and to have the work done in the same day, preventing the tree from falling on a fence and causing damage. The price was excellent. Bartlett will be the first company I call next time.
Matthew P.

Everyone at Bartlett that I have had contact with has been professional, courteous, and has always kept me appraised of any problems, answered all my questions in a way I understood, has always been prompt, and gave me a heads up on arrival times or if they would be late.
Bob and Gerry K.

Marco and the crew did a great job. Whereas there is still a stump that needs to be removed, the entire trimming job around my yard was first-class. I enjoy working with Marco because he is familiar with my property and has worked on the majority of trees on all parts of the property. I appreciate the fact that Marco asks me about specific items when he is on site. Overall, a very positive experience with Marco and the crew during this recent March 16, 2020 work.
Dennis C.

Mike Seybert was so patient, knowledgeable, and helpful. The tree looks great. Thank you.
Kathy R.

Crew was professional and did a fabulous job with pruning our mature White Pine. This tree is very important to our yard and looks fabulous. Yard was left neat as a pin.
Peggy M.

Mike is always helpful and very knowledgeable about the many subjects we discuss related to my property. I deeply value Mike's partnership in the management of my property. In short, he knows his stuff and is quick to share valuable and related recommendations. I am satisfied with Mike, Marco, and all the members of the Bartlett team who routinely perform services at our home. They are true professionals and great representatives of Bartlett.
Dennis C.

Mike Seybert is great. If I see a problem, Mike immediately replies and comes out to look at the issue. The gentlemen who sprays our trees always does a great job. In the winter when we have our Crabapples pruned, the workers make the trees look so much healthier.
Jack and Anita B.

Very responsive office staff. Mike was great. He took the time to explain everything in detail, gave thoughtful advice, and was not pushy.
Jared W.

We have used Mike Seybert and his team for years and years for preventive treatments and pruning. Always a great job, professional, neat, clean, and if we have any questions or need something modified, they always do what is needed. This all applies to our recent work we had done.
Mark and Sue K.

Mike is always responsive and helpful. I count on his expertise to protect my trees and shrubs.
Andy E.

I have worked with Mike Seybert for more than seven years. He is always extremely knowledgeable, professional, and respond to my calls or emails timely. Crew members are always great too.
Janet Z.

Excellent staff, professional, and communicative. They did an outstanding job. If I knew of somebody now who needed a tree removed, I would definitely recommend Bartlett. We were so impressed with the communication, the thoroughness, the cleanup, and the full responsibility that was taken in all matters. If I hear of anyone who needs a tree removed in my neighborhood I will recommend Bartlett.
John F.

Mike has been a valuable representative of Bartlett. His knowledge has given us the opportunity to create a beautiful yard.
Carole S.

I really appreciate Mike’s promptness in responding to my questions regarding the care of our trees and shrubs.
Brenda D.

Always great work and high quality. They clearly look out for our landscaping for us as much or more than we do.
Mark and Sue K.

Always enjoy working with Mike Seybert and his crews. Thank you for your great service.
Alex & Lori V

Always professional, friendly, and knowledgeable.
Jack and Anita B.

I had a Bartlett service appointment to perform work on my home property. For many years I have worked with Mike Seybert in an effort to manage my property's tree, shrub, and plant needs. Also, I have had the opportunity to work with Marco Vargas during the course of several years. Both of these Bartlett representatives are outstanding in their respective areas of work. They are always professional as they go about providing advice and perform the actual work as set forth in Mike's proposal. Mike and Marco take the time to answer my questions and offer options. I view Mike and Marco as partners working with me to reach a successful outcome regardless of the scope of the project. Just so happens that my weekly lawn mowing service team arrived at the same time this past Thursday when Marco and the crew were working on trimming several large trees. When the mowers saw that Bartlett was working on my trees, they said to me "We know you have used Bartlett over the years and it clearly shows, Bartlett is the very best." Of course, I already knew that, but to have a totally objective third party who deeply appreciates nature, lawns, and landscaping, make such a statement is a real testament to the outstanding work of Mike, Marco, and the entire Indianapolis Bartlett team. Again, I am confident you already know how special Mike and Marco are but it never hurts to have a satisfied client confirm great work and great service.
Dennis C.

I continue to enjoy working with Mike Seybert. Mike is an excellent representative of Bartlett. He is always focused on my short and long term needs. Mike provides quality advice and options for my needs. I view him as a valued partner in the management of my plants and trees. I enjoy working with him regardless if it is a major or minor project.
Dennis C.

Mike Seybert is an excellent representative for Bartlett. He sets the bar for great customer services. I view Mike as a partner as I address issues on my property. He is always helpful.
Dennis C.

Marco is outstanding. He is a master of his trade and very good with clients. I enjoy working with him as he goes about working on my property. Marco and the crew who recently performed a large project for me were first class. Excellent work and customer services.
Dennis C.

Mike Seybert, was great to work with. He was very responsive to all inquiries and concerns and provided very helpful information. I was very impressed with the professionalism and efficiency of the work.
Courtney T.

Mike Seybert is very knowledgable and helpful. Wish I would have talked with him a few years ago. Our blue spruce would be looking better today if I did.
Tom M.

Michael Seybert is fantastic. We always feel like valued customers because of his timely responsiveness and impeccable professionalism.
Michael and Sarah W.

We have been working with Mike Seybert for a few years and could not be happier with his service. He is punctual, knowledgeable, and a genuinely friendly guy. We have complete confidence in what he recommends and trust that he is recommending only what is best for our trees.
Ryan M.

Your guys came by today and cleaned up the locust tree mess. They did a really nice job, I am very pleased. Bartlett is lucky to have such courteous, friendly, and efficient employees.
Jon H.

Mike Seybert is so knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. He is very responsive to my phone calls and is often out within a day to look at a tree problem.
Matt and Laura Y.

Marco is very talented (actually an artist) undertaking his quality work. He always takes time to do the job right. I have watched him on many jobs and he is a very hard worker. He doesn't waste time, is always moving on the ground, and in the air. I always ask for Marco to do the work on my property. I have never been disappointed in a job that was perform by Marco. He is an excellent representative of Bartlett Tree Experts.
Dennis C.

I am very pleased with the overall services of Bartlett Tree Experts. I especially want to recognize the professional services of Mike Seybert, my arborist. Mike is very attentive to my needs and is always eager to help answer my questions and provide quality advice and opinions. I have great respect for Mike's knowledge and experience. He is an outstanding representative of Bartlett Tree Experts.
Dennis C.

Everyone always does a great job, thorough, professional, friendly, and the jobs requiring tree removal or trimming is always left neat and clean after the job. We have always been pleased with the quality of work, timeliness, and professionalism of all employees. Mike Seybert has been especially outstanding in his advice and service.
Mark & Sue K.

Always courteous and knowledgeable!
John H.

Mike Seybert has been our Bartlett Arborist Representative for over six years. A knowledgeable and exemplary professional, Mike is always willing to take time to discuss and share valuable information with us. I continually walk away from our conversations having learned something new and of interest regarding the subject of trees.
Pete T.

Mike Seybert is an outstanding representative of Bartlett Tree Experts. He is very knowledgeable about all forms of horticulture. I especially appreciate his knowledge specific to my property. I have worked with Mike for several years and he helps me with my current needs and also helps me forecast services in the future. Mike is always prompt to follow up when I send him an email, he makes it a priority to provide me with the timely answers I request. I will continue to recommend Bartlett and Mike to others because of the outstanding customer service and quality of arborist/horticulture services provided. Again, Mike is a first class representative of Bartlett Tree Experts. Marco, who actually did the work on my property, is very qualified. He knows what he is doing and is, in my opinion, an artist when it comes to his craft. He and his crew member were respectful of my property and went above and beyond to return the work area to its original state. Marco is a great representative of Bartlett Tree Experts and a talented craftsman of his trade.
Dennis C.

Mike was excellent and the crew did everything in a courteous manner.
John E.

I was particularly impressed by the safety awareness and techniques utilized by both the tree removal and the stump removal crews.
Richard M.

Mike Seybert is always so kind and knowledgeable about our trees and shrubs. It is a pleasure to work with him.
Matt and Laura Y.

The crew did a very nice job and the trees that they trimmed look much better. Checked with us as they worked to make sure they were trimming how we wanted - very polite and professional.
Mike H.

The quality of the work and crew exceeded my expectations. Even the neighbor commented on the great clean up! Thanks!
Susan B.

We trust Bartlett and Mike Seybert. We can't always do every treatment and job right away and have to spread out the work, but we have been customers for 15 years at two different houses and have always been happy with the work and advice.
Michael L.

Mike Seybert and the other Bartlett staff members are excellent representatives of your company. They are always very professional and routinely project a "customer-focused" approach to my home's needs. Mike S. is very helpful and takes the necessary time to explain how Bartlett services can/will address my needs. He knows my property and has helped me over the years address numerous issues - all successfully addressed via the professional services of Bartlett.
Dennis C.

I want to comment on Mike Seybert. Mike is an excellent representative of Bartlett Tree Experts. He is very helpful and, of course, knows his stuff. Mike takes the time to help me understand the issues surrounding my needs. He is prompt in returning calls and setting appointments and related work at my school. He is very professional in all areas of customer service(s). Again, Mike is an excellent employee of Bartlett Tree Experts.
Dennis C.

Your serviceman was very knowledgeable and had great tips to share about the upkeep of other trees in addition to the ash being serviced. Thank you!
Erin M.

Mike Seybert is awesome, very knowledgeable, very helpful in recommendations, and trustworthy.
Dustin C.

Mike Seybert is always wonderful, professional, and courteous. He makes great recommendations. We always call Mike&have him in our cell phone!
Tom & Susan H.

Mr. Mike Seybert is always very congenial and knowledgeable. He is prompt in answering any requests. It is always a pleasure to deal with him. Bartlett has been providing service to our property for many years. Long ago, a tree fell against our house; I called for help and they arrived within hours. I was amazed at how quickly it was removed and cleaned up!
Andrea H.

Mike has been with us for a number of years. Mr. Seybert has kept us up on all of our needs. Great asset for you at Bartlett.
Rebecca B.

Mike S. is very responsive and professional. His level of service is the primary reason we have stayed with Bartlett.
John C.

We had an appointment with Mike Seybert to come to our home and give us an estimate for pruning and removing dead limbs from three trees and cabling the forks in two trees. Mike arrived early and was very cordial and knowledgeable, making recommendations for the work we wanted. We are very impressed and pleased with our dealings with Mike. He's a real gentleman. Soon after we talked with Mike, we received a call from the office letting us know that we were on the schedule for a crew to do the work. On that date, a crew arrived early and began work immediately. Matt and the other two arborists were fun, careful, and conscientious, and completed everything we wanted. And you should see how they cleaned up! The yard and driveway looked as if nothing had been done. Guess who we will contact the next time we need help with our trees?
Raleigh K.

Thank you very much, Mike, for your help in getting our trees pruned and cabled. You are a real gentleman, and we appreciated your professionalism. Please pass on our thanks to everyone in the office, too. Matt and the crew were also great.
Jean K.

I have worked with Mike Seybert multiple times over the last few years. He has always been very responsive and helpful. Our most recent work was due to an overnight storm. Mike was able to get a crew out same day--very much appreciated!
Jason P.

The job was well done, staff was professional, and very neat and clean. Always a joy to use Bartlett and Mike Seybert's team.
Mark & Sue K.

I have been very pleased. Mike Seybert is the arborist with whom I have worked. He listens to my request, talks me through my options, and works with me through the scheduling and work process. They provide detailed line-item estimates, are available by phone and e-mail.
Jason P.

I have worked twice now with Mike Seybert and have been very pleased with his knowledge, responsiveness, and service. We did have a question about our most recent service, and Mike addressed it right away.
Jason P.

Mike is very good at making good, practical recommendations for the homeowner who knows nothing about trees.
Daniel S.

Mike is always great to work with. He remembers who I am and where I live without having to really re-fresh his memory. He follows through and lets me know what to expect.
Melissa S.

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