Bartlett provides expert tree service in East Haddam, CT and this is what our East Haddam customers are saying about us. We are proud to offer a wide range of tree services to our customers!

As a East Haddam tree service company, Bartlett provides the full spectrum of tree and property services offered, including Cabling and Bracing, Fertilization and Soil Care, Insect and Disease Management, Pruning, Tree Removal, and Tree Structure Evaluation.

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What Our East Haddam, CT Customers Are Saying

Can not praise Daniel Natusch enough. He has been very helpful and quick to respond to our needs.
Kim S.

As Dan stated, he was going to have the technician inject the tree fertilizer after the ground was moist after it rained for several days of showers and a storm that dumped over four inches of precipitation. I was amazed to see the number of insertion points around each tree, both near and far from the base of the trees. This should definitely increase the lush look of the trees.
Phillip L

The arborist and crew took care not to damage surrounding trees, which was critical to the homeowner.
Christine S.

The staff member that operated the stump grinder was great. Before beginning the task, he interviewed not only us but also our stone mason contractor to find out what we needed done and made a few suggestions to better meet our requirements. He then used the grinder to better contain the chips to a very confined area. Our cleanup was easy to perform. Definitely a job well done.
Phillip L.

As always, the entire Bartlett staff both the tree crew and Dan Natusch, the Arborist, were super. All the tree removal was performed according to what was agreed upon when the proposal was signed. Even the top of the snow was raked to remove any debris. Before leaving, one member of the crew went over what was done and asked if there was anything else they could do for us.
Phillip L.

We were having stone work done on our property and a number of stumps needed to be removed in order for the masons to continue. Bartlett took time out of their busy schedule under the direction of Dan Natusch to grind the stumps so the project could proceed. Without creating a huge mess, the Bartlett two man crew moved their equipment in some tight quarters to precisely remove the stumps. Within a short period of time, the grinding operation was competed. Our cleanup was easy so the stone work could continue. As in the past, we were well pleased with the quality of the service they provided.
Phillip L.

Dan was knowledgeable about tree related questions, and helpful in completing this task. He made the tree removable process easy and quick.
Ed L.

The administrative staff is very nice, but we have consistently had a problem paying by credit card with one card. They are trying to help us work it out. It would be nice if you took Paypal as well. Daniel Natusch has been really terrific to deal with. Samantha in the office is also helpful and courteous.
Jackie D.

Again, Daniel Natusch did a great job. We value his expertise as an arborist. I appreciate that he is always quick to consult and respond to our needs. Thank you.
Kim S.

Both the arborist and the gentleman that did the actual removal were great. They outlined what should be done to clean the subject area up and the reasons for that activity. The work performed was done quickly and the debris was confined to small areas around the five stumps. This made it easy for the both of us to clean them up, fill in the holes with top soil, and plant grass. In fact the stump operator took out his backpack blower to corral the debris to make our task easier even though that was not part of the stump proposal. As with our past experience with the Bartlett staff, all of the work was done professionally and when the task was done the areas were thoroughly cleaned. We were asked if there was anything they overlooked.
Phillip L.

Thank you for your prompt and efficient response to my tree problem.
Maureen P.

Professional, timely, and considerate of our needs. Pleasure doing business with you.
Curtis M.

The crew is wonderful and very skilled!
Joe C.

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