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What Our Takoma Park, MD Customers Are Saying

Can not say enough good things about Bartlett.
Marcia D.

Thanks much to Chris for his excellent advice and spending the time to help me better understand how we can keep our trees healthy.
Doug D.

The staff member who came observed perfectly the current social distancing protocols, ringing my bell, and then standing well back from the door before I opened. When he left, he also closed a gate he had to open to gain access to the trees. I greatly appreciated that because I have an escape artist dog.
Nick O.

Chris Larkin is always very responsive.
Kathleen D.

Chris Larkin understood my problem and provided the flexibility that enabled me to get what I needed done.
Natalie K.

Chris Larkin is wonderful. He helped us prepare our trees for re-landscaping the entire yard last year. This year he diagnosed our diseased White Oak and arranged for its removal. Last night he spent over two hours in the evening at a community meeting on the White Oak die-off in Takoma Park, giving me and my neighbors a much better idea of the crisis and what we need to do to try to help our trees survive. The tree removal crew is both skilled and friendly. The man in the tree was incredibly skilled. After spending a second, very long, day removing my neighbor's tree, branches of which hung over our deck, flagstone, and planting beds, he came over and spent at least half an hour cleaning up the debris that had fallen on our side of the fence. I have recommended Bartlett often, both on the neighborhood list and to individual neighbors.
Kathleen D.

I was very pleased with the hard work, professionalism, and thoroughness of the crew that cleared out my neighbor's yard and took down my giant Elm.
Diana V.

Chris was very helpful advising us about our trees. The work was completed promptly.
Ally Z.

Chris Larkin was instrumental in helping us obtain our tree removal permit in Takoma Park by personally speaking with the city arborist. We could not be more pleased with him and the work of the crew that removed our tree.
Kenneth Q.

Chris went above and beyond on our project and provided excellent and friendly customer service.
Eli. K.

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