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What Our Potomac, MD Customers Are Saying

It was certainly a pleasure to meet Arborist, Mike DeGregorio. He is affable, courteous, and highly knowledgeable. I trust him with my trees. The only direct contact I have had with other crew members was when one knocked on my door to tell me he would just treated my Dogwood, and that I should call to have someone come back and redo it if it should rain hard within the next few hours. I did not need to call. Shortly after he left, it began to come down, and I saw the Bartlett truck reappear out in front of my house. Otherwise, the Bartlett crew have come and gone silently. Based on my experience so far, I am confident they have done the job right (and will continue to do so).
Howard F.

Michael DeGregorio and Chris are great. They both do a wonderful job, work hard are courteous and very knowledgeable. A real pleasure to work with.
Rick J.

Have used your company in the past and will continue. Why? Honesty and Excellent customer service. Will refer to friends who might not know about the company.
Betty Ll

Arborist was knowledgeable. Crew was great. In and out in less than an hour and very thorough.
Amy M.

Excellent knowledgeable assistance. Very professional, friendly, and helpful. Love the Bartlett staff and service.
Charise P.

Mike is always responsive.
Priscilla L.

Mike DeGregorio was very helpful in looking over several tree issues on our properety and suggesting appropriate remedial measures.
George B.

Mike DeGregorio struck me as very knowledgeable in his field. He is very thoughtful and courteous in his interactions with me.
Deborah F.

Mike is always very helpful. It is a pleasure to do business with him. The Dogwoods are looking much better since the treatment.
Janet M.

Everyone was great. Mike Gregario was extremely knowledgeable, professional, and friendly. He scheduled the work to be done quickly and communicated throughout the process. The crew was extremely polite, listened to our requests, and acted upon them. They left all of the work sites completely clean and looking as if no work had even been done in the area. Many thanks.
Margaret P.

I have communicated with Mike DeGregorio on several occasions, regarding our trees, and options for treatments, and removal. Mike is a great guy, and it has been a pleasure becoming acquainted with him and Bartlett. Thank you Bartlett, for your excellence in service.
Reed G.

Everyone was great and they did a wonderful job. Thank you.
Susan O.

Really helped our trees and bushes fend off various bugs and diseases. The trees look great.
Sharon C.

Mike DeGregorio was very professional and easy to work with.
Randy M.

Could not be better.
Tony W.

Michael is always responsive and knowledgeable. It is a real pleasure to work with him.
Rick J.

Mike DeGregorio is great. He was very quick getting back to me after I called with a problem I saw on one of our trees. He has very thorough knowledge of trees. He made reasonable recommendations for treatment and care. We entrust the care and health of our trees to Bartlett.
Carol F.

Everything from first meeting to job completion was way above expectations and miles beyond what other companies I have worked with have done. Informative, friendly, conscientious, highly skilled crew, superb use of equipment, full use of safety equipment, left work site cleaner than before the job started which is unbelievable, the trucks and equipment were spotlessly clean and impressive. I can not say enough. Happy to speak on your behalf to anyone considering working with you and seeking testimonials.
Ken S.

Mike is great, knowledgeable, responsive, and very capable. I have referred Bartlett to others who I believed would benefit from Mike’s expertise.
Bert B.

Mike DeGregorio was excellent, very professional, clear in his communications, and provided practical advice. The gentleman who performed the service also did an excellent job.
Gayle S.

Good job and good clean up.
Norman S.

I liked Michael, he was good guy, and had a good understanding of his product line. I also especially liked that he was on time.
Lynn B.

Mike DeGregorio is a model of professionalism. He is extremely knowledgeable and very easy to work with.
Priscilla L.

Very professional, courteous, knowledgeable, and friendly. Respectful of my potential need to use my car, as they had to block the driveway. Kept work area clean.
John V.

Prompt, knowledgeable, professional, and easy to communicate with. Would definitely recommend.
Margaret S.

Just can not say enough good things about MIchael and the skilled technicians at Bartlett. They go out of their way to discuss and explain everything, are always on time, very responsive, and do a very professional job each and every time they are here to take care of our trees.
Rick J.

Mike DeGregorio was a pleasure to work with. The property is a large one with a lot of tree issues. We asked him to stick to just the urgent issues, and he did just that. We so appreciate the great work.
Ana H.

Mike DeGregorio is the best. Always available by phone and will quickly come by to look at whatever I am calling about. He is knowledgeable and attentive and I would recommend him and Bartlett to all my friends.
Nancy A.

Michael DeGregorio is very knowledgeable, helpful, and honest. Job was well done and on time. Very professionally done.
Doris M.

Very responsive, often will come by right after calling to look at a problem with one of our trees. Treatment crews always leave a door hanger saying they have been here for one of our treatments. Not the cheapest but they saved several trees and help maintain things. We invested a lot on trees and landscaping so want to protect that investment as best we can with feeding the trees properly as well as treating them for pests and diseases. Also gave advice on drainage issues. With so much rain last two years, some trees actually are drowning and doing what we can to fix drainage issues as advised has helped.
Sharon C.

I have used a lot of tree services and Bartlett is the best.
Nelson F.

Michael DeGregorio is a real professional and a nice guy. He has teamed with us to try to save our Crabapple tree. It is an all out effort and due to his expertise the tree is getting better, but it is going to take a while. He has gone the extra mile for us and it is greatly appreciated.
Rick J.

Mike, our arborist, is very responsive, knowledgeable, and we like working with him.
Rick W.

Bartlett is extremely professional and caring. I never have to worry about the maintenance of my trees. It is done on time and with careful notes about the procedures that was used. Great company.
Katherine R.

Very knowledgeable and friendly. Work was done timely and professionally. Was a pleasure working with Mike and his team.
Tony H.

Everyone I talked to was helpful and professional. I really appreciated Mike's assistance.
Joe S.

The staff was very responsive and provided meaningful information and assistance.
David H.

Very prompt reply to initial inquiry and immediate service to remove tree that was leaning dangerously. I would definitely use Bartlett again and will recommend to others.
Carol F.

Mike and the team did a beautiful job pruning and balancing the shape of our Japanese Maple.
June M.

Great staff who hopefully provided the solution to serious plant infestation and needed nutrients. Mr. DeGregorio was knowledgeable and helpful.
Judy K.

Mike DeGregorio is very responsive, knowledgeable, and a pleasure to deal with. The crews do excellent work, in particular Elvan, who is very patient. Our new pest control person, Jessica, is also very pleasant and responsive to our needs. Do not change a thing.
Nancy H.

Mike was very prompt in stopping by our house to take a look at our Maple Tree, and followed up very quickly with the removal. He also provided guidance on buying a replacement tree. Very nice and helpful.
Nicole Z.

We have had the pleasure of working with Bartlett since the late 90's at our current address and have always found them to be thoroughly professional and most solicitous of our needs. Michael is the fourth representative we have known over these past twenty years and he has upheld the high level of competence we have come to know and expect from Bartlett.
Greta H.

Mike DeGregorio is always courteous and responsive and is very professional. Our experience with Bartlett has been excellent. I do have confidence that the work will be done correctly. Very reliable company.
Paula S.

Everyone was polite, courteous, and did an excellent job.
Leonard B.

Mike DeGregorio responded so fast to my phone call and helped us when our driveway was blocked by a tree.
Amelie T.

Mike is amazing. Usually comes to inspect damage the same day and tree removal is within a few days. He is a pleasure.
Carol Y.

Elvin is great, a very talented and patient tree trimmer. We think the world of Mike, knowledgeable, responsive, reliable, and an all-around nice guy.
Nancy H.

Michael DeGregorio was terrific. Not only knowledgeable but very patient with the many questions from this novice. I feel I have a friend at Bartlett.
Mary Lou D.

I always enjoy working with Mike DeGregorio. Very knowledgeable and helpful.
Frank L.

Great team to work with. I fired my previous tree people for poor work, Mike and Gilberto do excellent work at fair prices.
Irv E.

Mike seemed very knowledgeable. Look forward to working with him.
Carol J.

We have used Mr. Kaplan for many years now and have always been impressed with how he manages our property. We are very happy with him, and the crews that come to work on our trees. Always a good job.
Fred G.

Scott Kaplan provides great service and is always willing to go that extra "mile" to help us or give us great advice. He was a real life saver after the extensive tree damage we had from the horrible storms that came through our area on 6/29/12, quickly clearing our driveway so we could get out and Pepco and other repair services could get in. And he's been very responsive to periodic storm damage or just general tree care as needed. Please keep Scott as our area rep! We don't have much contact with your crews - but when we have, they've all been very professional and polite.
Nancy M.

Scott Kaplan is a total professional, knowledgeable, and responds promptly to any perceived problem or question we present to him. We are completely satisfied with his service and Bartlett generally.
Marjorie M.

Scott has always been very attentive, prompt, knowledgeable, and exceptionally careful with all his jobs here. Some of the work (from another job) needed to be taken care of from the neighbor's yard. They have a *sports court* that had to be protected. Scott made sure to take excellent care of their property and keep them directly updated on all aspects as well. Scott knows I have 8 dogs and makes sure that he and any workers give me advance notice and close and lock all gates behind them. On this recent job Mike was head of the crew. Before he brought his trucks in the driveway he knocked on the door to let me know they were here. Scott had held the work until the ground was frozen to prevent damage to a septic field. Mike and his two men worked all day. They removed a 35 year old pin oak. It was closely situated among mature pines, a privacy fence, a two story pool house and the patio and pool. They also removed a very large dead willow tree at the back of the property and a large branch from a cherry tree that was too close to the front of the house. I asked if they could pick up and take some light branches that had blown down from the pine trees. Although it was not on their work order they were happy to do so. It was a very cold day and at the end of it Mike was still relaxed, smiling and clearly loved the work he does and takes pride in it. Although I didn't have a chance to chat with the other workers I'm sure they were as excellent as their supervisor. I've lived in this home for 32 years. In all that time Bartlett Tree has proved to be the most professional company with the nicest people I have ever worked with. Thank you so much!
Dianne S.

The most recent spraying was completed within the last week or so. The staff member was so knowledgeable about all the issues I had questions about. I was most impressed. Scott is always extremely helpful, supportive, and appropriate in his recommendations. He is like a walking encyclopedia!
Margie L.

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