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What Our Gaithersburg, MD Customers Are Saying

Joel's professional expertise, advice, and follow ups are much appreciated.
David C.

Forest is a knowledgeable representative of Bartlett.
Gerry I.

Please thank the technician that came out to the house he did a tremendous job on the property.
Joseph C.

I am always delighted with Joel Spano and Bartlett. My house is surrounded by trees and the twice year service from Bartlett makes me feel secure that a bad storm is not going to do damage because my arborist carefully inspects the trees in the fall and spring. He makes recommendations on what to trim. I have been very happy with the treatments for my trees to prevent disease and make them grow in a healthy way.
Madeleine J.

Joel is very pleasant and seems knowledgeable. I feel he was not trying to talk me into anything my landscaping did not really need, which I appreciated.
Cathy S.

Joel is candid, knowledgeable, professional, and a joy to work with. All of your crew members are polite, skilled, and focused on satisfying your customers. Keep up the good work. I suspect Bartlett Tree Experts is a bit more costly than other similar services, however, I have found that you get what you pay for. In my opinion Bartlett is a bargain for the honest advice and professional service that they provide.
John N.

Joel Spano is informative, helpful, courteous, and extremely responsive. The crew who did the work, like cabling and pruning, have done a terrific job. Recent cabling of a Water Birch on the property was wonderful and the Large Oak pruned by Bartlett now looks beautiful. It is a large focal spot of the treeline in our back yard and now very eye-catching and calming to look at. Thank you for your good and careful work.
Grace G.

Excellent communication on scheduling the work.
Don W.

Great people. Very knowledgeable.
Becky B.

Joel is an extremely knowledgeable and personable young man. He is a pleasure to deal with and is always willing to answer all our questions and provide practical advice about our landscape materials. I sincerely hope he will spend his entire career with Bartlett.
Carol N.

Everyone was great.
Jim F.

Joel Spano has been taking care of our home for a while now. He is extremely professional, friendly, and great to work with.
Dan B.

Kevin Clair was lovely and forthcoming, advising me on numerous occasions, and he managed the job efficiently and proactively.
Bele D.

Your crewmembers are always polite and professional. My last service was no different. Joel is a consummate professional and a joy to work with. During my last service I believe there was a misunderstanding about the work that needed to be done. I contacted Joel and I am convinced the issue will be resolved to my satisfaction.
John N.

The Bartlett team was very knowledgeable about the condition of our large trees. They provided advice on how to take care of them and worked with us on the best way to prune the trees. We had specific concerns with some branches near the house and the work crew accommodated our needs. The crew also was considerate of squirrel nests in the trees and at our request left them where they were and trimmed branches so that the nests were still supported. Brave men to climb so high. We appreciate their work.
Brenda R.

Our representative was knowledgeable and transparent with what needed to be done. He was also very efficient in addressing the concerns of our yard.
John G.

I am not sure about the names but they came to the door to let me know they would be pruning our trees. They were very courteous and efficient. They listened to my requests. The grounds were clear of branches and very neat.
Ambar K.

Joel was great. I was not home for the removal but I have pictures and the job looks neat and clean.
Joann Q.

Thanks Joel for your professionalism and that of your crew. The men removing the tree and grinding the stump were polite, friendly, helpful, and hard working. Easy to recommend your company and services to others. Very nice job.
Kathy G.

All contacts with Bartlett was courteous and professional. Joel was very knowledgeable and shared his knowledge freely. Roberto and his crew were efficient, courteous, and their cleanup was extremely neat.
John C.

Our arborist was great in initiating care for our trees this year. He came by on his own, provided his assessment via email, and gave quotes for all work recommended. A great approach for folks who care about their trees but may not remember to ask for regular checkups. Thank you for having that initiative.
Jim P.

Good prompt service.
Jim F.

This is a customer comment I am pleased to provide. Every person at Bartlett I had contact with, starting with initial phone inquiry and ending with final yard cleanup, was competent, professional, patient, and respectful of our property. There were no surprises, work estimate was spot on, crews showed up as promised, work conducted as described, and our preferences were welcomed. Other factors that will insure our returning to Bartlett for any future work are your focus on efficient, up to date equipment and vehicles, professional arborists, thorough training of specialists, and the safety first priority.
Judy K.

Joel Spano is very knowledgeable. He did a complete survey of my property and provided advice to treat the Boxwood against blight. Bridget has been providing excellent service, listens carefully, and continues to address any issues. I could not be more satisfied.
Carmen D.

The staff were extremely knowledgeable and very friendly. They were accommodating to my needs.
Judy C.

Joel did a great job giving us suggestions and feedback. He worked hard to schedule a pruning appointment to accommodate our schedule. When there was a question about the health of a tree that was being pruned, he quickly returned to our home to weigh in on the decision making. Wilbur and his crew were great. They showed up on time, worked diligently, and did a thorough job. We are aware that Bartlett is an expensive option for tree care, but the degree of expertise and professionalism made us feel like they were worth the expense.
Susan F.

Excellent service, very professional.
Jackie R.

Wished I had called your company earlier to spray for the boxwood blight. Did not know you did more than trees. Since I have a knot garden design and boxwoods are so slow growing. I could have destroyed my whole garden if a plant lady at Potomac Garden center had not recommended you.
Pamela K.

We called in Bartlett to treat our Cherry and Red Maple Trees that were doing poorly. They are both much improved and looking more robust.
Patricia L

I am very pleased with the high quality of tree service work performed by Bartlett. You provided efficient and professional administrative support to me and helped facilitate a wonderful tree service experience. I am pleased to report that I have recommended Bartlett to my Orchard Valley neighbors and to the Homeowner's Association. I hope you get lots of business from us. The tree service crew provided expert and outstanding service when trimming several large trees on my property. They worked efficiently and are highly skilled at what they do. I hope Wilbur, Usysse, and Billy receive appropriate recognition for a job well done.
Kathleen M.

Thanks for taking great care of us, our trees, and our shrubs, we are lucky to have you and Danny. As always Danny did an amazing job.
J. and G. E.

Very pleased with the great service and staff.
Barbara S.

Crew members and staff were friendly and explained everything to me before they started the work. They were on time, which is much appreciated. Patrick was timely and friendly as well.
Connie C.

All very friendly and professional. Service done as scheduled and done well.
Kathy G.

I always enjoy meeting with Joshua Nadler. He is knowledgeable and informative and never feel pressured by him to spend money we do not need to. I feel I can trust him to give very good advice. He is always very responsive whenever we have questions about our trees.
Kerry B.

The crew did a great job and it was perfect for the relocation of the satellite dish which was moved into the back yard between the pine trees. The signal is wonderful, I might get some grass to grow now that there is light over that way. You really came through for us.
Jennifer T.

Very impressed with Mike and the crew. All knowledgeable, arrived on time, efficient, friendly, and they cleaned up beautifully after their work clearing a fallen tree. I look forward to upcoming work this spring to bring my sugar maple back to good health.
Brad D.

Could not be better! Exceptional service, great communication, and yay, I finally know what that weird tree on the corner is called.
Meghan S.

The staff has always been pleasant and courteous. I am very pleased and proud with Bartlett and I always let people know that I am a customer that is why my place always looks so nice.
Marge S.

Mike explains his recommendations clearly and honestly, so I trust him.
Sigrid H.

Staff was great, very helpful in taking care of all of our concerns.
Michael B.

The receptionist who took my call was wonderful, so helpful and professional and the arborist Josh Nadler was outstanding in every way! He always replied to my e-mails, answered questions or any concerns we had about the tree removal in a timely manner, always called us back and was friendly and professional. I am thoroughly impressed with the work you and especially with your staff and customer service. We hope to do business with your company again. Thank you for a job well done!
Anna W.

Josh Nadler is always so informative and courteous. He makes recommendations about our property, but is never pushy. Our trees look great! Mike came out this time and was also very nice about explaining what he was doing (spraying and fertilizing). He was knowledgeable about the products and generous with his time to talk to me and answer questions.
Kerry B.

Scott is knowledgeable and helpful. On time for his appointment. Friendly, but not overstaying.
Sigrid H.

Scott Kaplan and his team were great.
Gregory B.

Excellent service. I highly recommend them. I appreciate their expertise and trust their recommendations.
Amy L.

I am super happy with the work on my Crepe Myrtle. The guys were careful and neat. I will definitely use Bartlett for now on.
Amy F.

Thank you so much for arranging Michael B. to come over and do the pruning and fertilization and teaching me how to do it (although I would still approach it with the awe and fear of brain surgery)! He was excellent! His expertise was clear and his love of his work totally evident. He was infinitely patient with my thousands of questions and answered each one clearly and kindly. He never once implied that I was totally out to lunch! With all the mistakes that I have made over the many years of home ownership, finding Bartlett and hiring you was one of my most notable moments of brilliance. Thank you for coming to my rescue with my lone little crepe myrtle. If there is anyway I can help you or your company, please let me know!
Kathy S.

Prices were fair. When we asked to modify the original proposal, it was also a fair change and met our needs. Asked for a confirmation that work was done properly, and Scott came back to check on the job and sent the crew out again to finish the work. Very good customer service. Will definitely use Bartlett again and recommend to others.
Becki W.

Great job and I appreciate the extra effort by the staff on caring for the property and attention to the dog!
Rob R.

I think Scott Kaplan is a definite asset to your company. I think he gives fair and reasonable estimates - nothing ridiculous or outrageous. That's why he gets my business. Very smart guy. Have a good day!
Elaine W.

I want to add a special thanks to our representative, Scott. He came over and spent a lot of time with me, discussed all of my needs, and, really, I mean just went above and beyond, in my opinion, taking care of us. Actually, he is the reason that I ended up going with this company. When I met him last week, he knew I had to leave my office and he made sure he was exactly on time and spent as much time with me as I needed. It really made all the difference in my schedule! After this work, I plan to pick the other options in the future, and frankly, probably any other need we may have and would like to stay with him as our rep, if that is okay.
Glen W.

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