Bartlett provides expert tree service in Bowie, MD and this is what our Bowie customers are saying about us. We are proud to offer a wide range of tree services to our customers!

As a Bowie tree service company, Bartlett provides the full spectrum of tree and property services offered, including Fertilization and Soil Care, Insect and Disease Management, Lightning Protection, Plant Analysis and Diagnostics, Pruning, and Tree Removal.

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What Our Bowie, MD Customers Are Saying

The Bartlett Arborist was knowledgeable and able to tell me what my trees needed to stay healthy.
Janet H.

Dylan was courteous, friendly, and very knowledgeable about the tree I wanted removed. I felt confidence in his advice and will use the company again.
Brenda M.

Dylan is always courteous and professional. He has come out to my home to inspect my Dogwoods, in particular, because they are my major concern and given me advice about what needs to be done next and then follows up with a written proposal. whenever I call him he is always courteous. The office staff answers the phone promptly, they are courteous and help in any way that is needed. Though I was not home when the crew came out to prune my Dogwoods they seem to have done a good job and left the area clean.
Carrie M.

The staff was wonderful and very supportive of cutting the hedge. Thank you for your quick response to our concern regarding the hedge.
Mary R.

You are able to provide your services even when we are away from home. That is a welcome service. Please do not change that approach.
Catherine H.

So far, so good on customer service and treatments.
Gwendolyn D.

Questions: Was the job done to your satisfaction? Yes. Was the job site left neat and clean? Yes. Was your experience with our Administrative Staff friendly, efficient, and helpful? Yes. Were you treated courteously by our crew? Yes. So far, so good on customer service and treatments.
Gwendolyn D.

So far, so good on customer service and treatments.
Gwendolyn D.

I felt assured about my three Dogwoods following my first meeting with Chris Larkin even before the pruning of the dead branches was done. I was so sure that my beautiful Pink Dogwoods would die, however Chris was very relaxed and confident and put me at ease. The team that came out to do the pruning was punctual, courteous, and very polite. They did an outstanding job and completed all of the work that they were scheduled to do and cleaned up all the debris satisfactorily before leaving. My interactions with the office staff were always pleasant and helpful. Some more work is scheduled for the Spring in order for my Dogwoods to return to their healthy state but right now they look great.
Carrie M.

Everyone at Bartlett was courteous and pleasant to work with, from the arborist, Mr. Larkin, to the office staff I spoke with several times, including the field technicians that performed the work. They pruned and fertilized my tree and left my yard neat and clean. I would recommend Bartlett for any and all tree work you need.
Jaqueline R.

Great job. We will have you guys back out to deal with the Elms soon. Thanks for the great work and extra clean job site. I was a little nervous about the recently seeded grass under the two trees, but the guys treaded softly and there was no damage to the young grass at all.
Mike B.

Christopher was great, he is extremely knowledgeable, courteous, and was very patient with our questions. The crew that was sent, was very organized, professional, safe, and adept at doing the task, friendly with clear attention to details regarding their work, and final cleanup.
Matthew R.

Chris did a great job. The staff that did the treatment is friendly and professional. My shrubs and trees are looking good due to Bartlett's expertise.
Jeanne M.

We were very pleased with Bartlett Tree Experts. The team showed up on time. Chris Larkin was here for much of the time the team worked. Our tree is much safer and looks much better.
Katheryn M.

All were professional and obviously competent, beginning with our Arborist, Chris Larkin. We appreciated his oversight visit during the day of work to ensure things were going smoothly and to see if we had any questions. At the end of the job, the crew chief walked us around the property to show what had been done, and why. They said they would be here between 8:30 a.m. and 9 a.m., and they were at our door at 8:28 a.m. Very pleased.
Julia T.

They removed a large Black Cherry tree with basal decay, removed one dead Elm tree, pruned a huge Black Cherry tree next to house (some of the crew said it might be one of the largest BC's in Maryland), and pruned a Pin Oak. They removed all wood and debris. The crew was amazing. These trees were all near gardens, fences, houses, and a narrow but critical access road. Absolutely nothing was damaged during the work. A bucket truck was used and large trunk-sized branches were tied and lowered to the ground gently. A crane removed huge pieces of tree trunks. At one time, there were at least four large work trucks parked along side the road for this work, but the crew was careful to ensure that the road was always passable for car traffic while they were parked and working. Two of the crew used ropes to climb into the large Black Cherry being trimmed. They made their way to the very tops and outreaches of this tree to do their work, and they too used ropes to gently lower larger pieces to the ground. Their work was so amazing that we brought chairs to the work site and watched in amazement nearly all day. We all took lots of pictures. One aspect that I was very pleased to see is their use of personal safety equipment. The crew used ear, eye, and head protection at all times, and body and leg protection as well. From chatting with members of the crew, we learned they were all experienced in their trade. A supervisor with many years experience was always on site. In chatting with them, we learned that Bartlett is very safety cautious and has a routine for checking and replacing all equipment including the ropes used by the climbers. Every one of the crew were pleasant and professional. After they left, there was very little evidence that they'd been here other than some sawdust around the trunk locations. There was no damage to the lawn and no dents or gulleys in the ground from falling branches due the manner in which they were removed. They raked up every twig in the yard and along the road where they had parked. The only thing that could have been improved on slightly was office communication. We had also contracted to have some tree fertilization done and we were not sure when this was happening. Another employee came by about 10 days later and did that work, so all in all everything was done and we are very pleased.
Beverly B.

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