Bartlett provides expert tree service in Fredericksburg, VA and this is what our Fredericksburg customers are saying about us. We are proud to offer a wide range of tree services to our customers!

As a Fredericksburg tree service company, Bartlett provides the full spectrum of tree and property services offered, including Cabling and Bracing, Fertilization and Soil Care, Insect and Disease Management, Plant Analysis and Diagnostics, Pruning, and Tree Removal.

If you are looking for a Fredericksburg tree service company, schedule an appointment for a Bartlett Arborist Representative to visit your property and you will not be disappointed.

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What Our Fredericksburg, VA Customers Are Saying

Excellent service.
Carolyn A.

Clayton does a wonderful job of explaining what needs to be done to keep the trees healthy and safe.
Margaret M.

Clayton Shaw provided us with the pros and cons of the alternative ways of dealing with the problem of our over-grown tree and helped us to decide to have a Bartlett crew trim the circumference of the tree but not cut off the top of the tree. The Bartlett crew did an excellent job of trimming the circumference of the tree to make it look much more aesthetic.
Steven D.

I have always been really happy with services and all of your people are wonderful. Chris Limox is very responsive to concerns and acts quickly to address whatever the problems are.
Catherine H.

Very professional and friendly which is much appreciated. Awesome company and crew.
Carmen W.

Clayton is very knowledgeable, communicates very well, and is a very nice person. The two gentlemen who trimmed back my Crape Myrtle tree were also very adept, communicated well, were polite, and nice. I like that the staff, Cullen, always lets you know ahead of time they are coming.
Linda Q.

Friendly, personable, and professional. Bartlett provides quality services.
David D.

The experience was very positive. No issues at all. The staff is friendly and easy to work with. Also very knowledgeable.
Carol H.

I was very pleased. All were very courteous, and answered my questions, and happy to explain what they were doing and why. The personal significance of our Apple trees and their importance to us was understood and appreciated. I am thankful and feel reassured the trees will be well tended to.
Claire S.

I dealt with Clayton Shaw when he came out to look over our trees. He was wonderful, so knowledgeable about tree care, and obviously loves what he does. As a tree lover myself, it was great to meet such a soul.
Mary L.

Very well done. We were very pleased with the company and our big tree removal. Amazing to watch them do it and so professionally handled. Jason was a pleasure to deal with.
Jim B.

They were kind, considerate, and explained everything to me. They were even kind to my dogs.
Carrie D.

Thanks, nice job.
Bill N.

Always friendly and professional.
Cathy P.

Great company. Love working with Jason. He is very professional and knowledgeable. You are lucky to have him in the Fredericksburg area.
Mary Jane O.

I am so glad to have the opportunity to say that Chris Limox, our Arborist Representative, is a person who goes above and beyond to do a good job. When I asked him not too long ago about a new tree disease that had affected one of my mother's trees, he researched it and got the information back to me, going beyond what he had to do. He is a great listener to my thoughts about my own trees and is not judgmental, which I really appreciate. He is very engaged in his work and clearly loves what he does. He is very clear about being proactive regarding tree health and knowledgeable about what your company can provide. Speaking of going above and beyond, he was out in Port Royal treating one of the Sycamore trees on our church property on the day that we had to unload a truckload of food for our food distribution the next day. As he waited for the treatment to finish, Chris jumped in and helped us unload. He has a very generous spirit. He is a huge asset to your company.
Catherine H.

Technician was excellent, pleasant, and very helpful.
David W.

Jason is great. Whole crew does a nice job.
Bill C.

Everyone is always so helpful and courteous. In addition, everyone explains what will be done or what was done in terms easy to understand. They do this without talking down to me. Clayton Shaw is a delight to work with. He even volunteered to take me to the doctor in his spare time for a cortisone shot for my bum knee! Now that was above and beyond his normal customer relationship and was much appreciated. You certainly have a super staff.
Anne A.

We rely on Bartlett to keep the yard working.
Ralph J.

Very courteous, friendly, and professional. We greatly appreciate your service.
Ellen S.

Chris was super friendly and extremely knowledgeable. Awesome guy.
Claire M.

Jason Coiner is knowledgeable and friendly. I feel I can trust him.
Nancy T.

Clayton was very informative, friendly, and professional.
Paul C.

Clayton and his team did an outstanding job.
Margaret W.

Excellent experience. Will refer you, and call when we need help again.
Sarah P.

Jason always gives good advice. The staff is friendly and efficient.
Roxanne C.

Thank you for your quick response after Memorial Day.
Bill S.

Always friendly, prompt, courteous, and willing to answer my questions. The free assessment of tree and shrub health in February is a nice addition. It caught a scale problem that I was not aware of and the treatment has the plants thriving again.
Cathy P.

Jason and fellow workers are knowledgeable, courteous, and great to work with.
Lucy H.

Clayton, the arborist, did a great job. He provided excellent advice and produced a very good tree and shrub pruning plan. The crew of Caleb, Kevin, Pat, Matt, and Tucker did an outstanding job. They were well organized, professional, did very fine work and appeared to work very safely. Kevin spent a lot of time and effort pruning the large Beech tree in the back yard. He was very careful, and it looks very good. And I believe Pat did a great job for my ornamental Cherry tree. All in all a very good crew.
Noel S.

Bartlett staff has always been professional and courteous. Thanks for taking care of my Live Oak.
Roger L.

Excellent work and pleasant people. Thank you.
Janet K.

It was a very good experience. No suggestions for improvement. Arborist did a thorough review of my trees and shrubs. Found a pest issue with Japanese Holly which will be treated. I did not know problem was present. The pruning was done by hand and with great care. Shrubs look so much better and will be healthier.
Carol H.

So knowledgeable. My trees are healthy. Thanks so much.
Linda B.

Always willing to answer email questions promptly and provide advice. Nice that they call ahead to let you know they are on their way. Friendly and personable staff. Very reliable.
Cathy P.

Excellent service.
Nidia G.

Jason is super knowledgeable and nice to talk with, and the crew is quick, efficient, and respectful of the yard, and neighbors.
Amy D.

Amazing group of professionals with great communication, knowledge, and talent. I am extremely happy with Bartlett Tree Experts, truly the best in the business.
Jim C.

It is always a pleasure dealing with Bartlett personnel. Everyone is pleasant and eager to please. Bartlett did an excellent job in helping me after I purchased a very neglected property. Neighbors were complimenting on how wonderful my trees were looking. So very happy with this service. Would highly recommend.
Diane K.

Very friendly, advised me to move my car so it would not get sprayed.
Danielle M.

Excellent crew came out as always.
Margaret W.

Our contacts with all of there Bartlett staff have always been very good. Always very professional. We have had the folks with Bartlett provided services for us numerous times over the past twenty five years. We have always been very satisfied with the work that has been done for us.
Malcolm H.

Courteous and respectful. Their explanations of what will be done are clear and understandable. I was impressed with how they took care of the tree problems. As I noted above, the clean-up was awesome.
Anne A.

Friendly and will go above what is required. A known vendor that does great work and is worth every penny.
Patrick L.

Very knowledgeable and friendly. Makes appropriate suggestions.
Rosemarie M.

Mr. Shaw is a true professional in his field. He is very knowledgeable, courteous, and answers all of our questions. He takes all our questions very seriously which is extremely satisfying to us. We have been very satisfied with our services from Bartlett.
Linda S.

Always prompt to answer my questions and offer advise.
Cathy P.

Great group of guys. Clayton was a big help getting the appointment set up. Everyone is both professional and engaging to be around.
Sydney C.

Polite, courteous, kept me informed
Charles H.

I appreciate the care and concern for details Clayton shows during each visit to my home. His professionalism is above and beyond.
Denise L.

Friendly and very helpful.
Linda P.

Amazing professional staff that takes pride in their work, thank you.
Jim C.

Good people that really know their business. Clayton is very helpful.
Sharon J.

They did a great job pruning our two Crepe Myrtles. They took off a lot of branches, and they look so much better.
Jennifer P.

Once again, I was very pleased with the excellent work that the crew did. I like to be here when they come so that I can ask any questions that I may have. I always learn something new as a result. Even though Clayton thoroughly explains what work will be done when we do the annual contract, it is good to be sure that the crew is on the same page, they always are. The two trees look excellent. I am so looking forward to seeing everything bloom in the spring. I so appreciate a local company that does excellent, expert work and their staff who always takes the time to answer questions and explain. Everyone is clearly passionate about what they do.
Ruth B.

Jason and his staff were great, a step above their peers. Passed my comments to our HOA folks and they agree about Bartlett's service.
Patrick L.

As a former 1st Class Lineman for many years, these were my takeaways of Bartlett Tree Experts. The Arborist Crew were extremely professional and workman like. Their knowledge of trees was very impressive. This came out naturally in their conversation. They had very good equipment and tools. I took note of how they staged their gear and took great care with it. They consistently had great communication on the ground and while working aloft. They were very safe and safety conscious throughout the job. The crew had great chemistry together. That is another word for team work. This kind of work is really an art form and they carried out each task in a symphony very much like that of an operating room. The crew was in total command of lightening up the canopy and cabling our priceless triple stemmed beach tree, from start too finish.
Joe B.

Informative, courteous, friendly, industrious, are a few words I would use to describe all of the Bartlett employees I have had the pleasure of meeting.
Anne A.

They were absolutely wonderful. You can not improve that. Always a pleasure to deal with everyone at Bartlett. Answers any questions and always polite. I am very happy I chose Bartlett. Excellent in all areas.
Diane K.

Very professional.
Erik N.

Cullen is a very knowledgeable and friendly crew member who represents your company well.
Margaret W.

Extremely courteous and professional. Great service, and service can make or break a company. Your service and expertise has solidified me as a repeat customer.
Lawrence W.

The Bartlett crew was so meticulous about cutting our overgrown tree. I am so happy it finally has a shape and the area around the tree was left completely spotless. Thank you.
Sandra B.

They were great.
Dick B.

Your staff and your Arborist did an excellent job and should be commended for their thorough explanation of the work they did and what still needs to be done. We felt very confident in their ability to complete the job to our satisfaction, especially since we did not want to have to take down our beautiful Ash tree. After a thorough inspection and a thorough explanation of our options by your Arborist, it helped us make a better decision what to do. Very professional and courteous team did an outstanding job. We highly recommend this company. Looking forward to continuing doing business with them.
Sheila P.

Friendly staff and workers answered my questions. Come again folks.
Patrick L.

Always great. I appreciate all the feedback I get. Shrubs and trees look really good. You guys are the best. Always happy to answer my questions and informative. I have learned a lot. Great job. Thanks.
Michael R.

Excellent service.
Kathleen R.

I enjoy my communications with Clayton. He is very professional, and he is very responsive to my questions and comments.
Denise L.

Nothing needs improvement. Everything has been great. Thanks. My trees are happy.
Janet K.

Always friendly and courteous.
Molly G.

They are great the way they are. Jason is a consummate professional.
Charles H.

The arborist was very knowledgeable and very courteous and was not in a hurry to get on to his next site. A very likable guy.
Gary V.

It was a 10+. And when they finished, the area was cleaner than before they pruned. So I am not sure how it could improve. Very pleased with all components of the job, receptionist at your office, Clayton’s visit and assessment, and the actual pruning. So glad my neighbor two doors up raved about the service she had from Bartlett. Recommended your company to me for a problem I was having with the Zelkova tree. You are working on it, but the tree is not cooperating very well. At his last cupidity, Clayton said we will wait till next spring and see how it is doing.
Anne A.

Very courteous. Called to let me know they were coming.
Jennie E.

Bartlett is way better than any of these so-called tree service guys who drive around door-to-door with a pick-up truck and chain saw calling themselves a tree service. My last negative experience with one of those honey rocks is why I called Bartlett for the first time several years ago. You guys are the best.
Sheridan H.

Great team, Clayton is very nice and knowledgeable.
Linda Q.

Everyone was great.
Margaret W.

Jason Coiner and all his staff have been superb to work with. They have saved a couple of important trees for me, and kept them all healthy. Thanks to all.
Brian A.

Great folks and easy to work with.
Patrick L.

Very professional.
Mike P.

Everything was professional and thorough. Matt and Pat welcomed my input and responded respectfully. It felt like a collaboration. The trees look very good. Another crew came over and helped with the cleanup. We had a major storm yesterday and only a few small branches fell on the ground. Looks like they got all the dead limbs when they were here.
Doug M.

My experience with the Bartlett staff has all been first rate. They do the work I have asked them to do on time and with excellent results.
Jeff P.

Very professional and courteous.
Melanie F.

Professional and caring.
Ken G.

Very knowledgeable, professional,and courteous.
Linda Q.

A very good experience that needs no improvement. I could not be any happier with the service. My questions and work was done very quickly. I will be using Bartlett in the coming years.
Carolyn K.

We did not realize we had another dead tree until the arborist brought it to our attention. We were doing some landscaping using wood chips and the crew offered to give us all the wood chips for our landscaping project. Much appreciated.
Brian H.

Bartlett has been awesome. I have a busy road behind my house and a small strip of wood line as a buffer that was left when they cleared the land for the neighborhood. There is a lot of wildlife in this little bit of wood line that I did not want to compromise. There is a lot of English ivy climbing into the tree tops that will eventually kill my trees. Bartlett clipped the ivy from around most of the trees and treated it to prevent or slow the growth back. The ivy is dying or already dead and I am so happy to keep these trees without endangering the wildlife. This natural wood line buffer is so much nicer than an ugly fence. They did great work and everyone I have dealt with has been so nice, from the person I spoke with on the phone, to Clayton who came and advised how to handle the situation and gave the estimate to the men who came and did the work. I just could not be happier. Thanks Bartlett.
Mark M.

Jason Coiner has always been extremely professional and helpful. He returns calls promptly and tries his hardest to help me in a timely fashion. His crew is professional and competent and always explains the reason for certain things. I trust Bartlett with my trees.
Trina P.

Our crape myrtle was pruned in early December and I think the pruning saved it from damage in the early January snow storm. Thank you Brian and crew. Even with that, one branch broke and so I called to see if Clayton could prune the damaged branch when he was at my neighbors home to do an inspection for one of her trees that came down in the storm. He came, introduced himself and pruned the branch. Thank you to Clayton and the staff who are always responsive and helpful whenever I call.
Ruth B.

Would not dream of having any tree service other than Bartlett. From Keri to Clayton to the awesome crew, they all get the job done.
Sydney C.

Clayton and the entire crew are extremely knowledgeable and friendly. After their work over the last few years we would not let anyone touch our trees or shrubs.
Margaret W.

Prompt, professional, courteous, and a wealth of knowledge.
Bonnie W.

All of the team did a super job. Everyone was helpful and it was obvious that they had the experience and skills necessary to do a dangerous job with little disruption to surroundings. I have confidence in Bartlett and would definitely recommend them to anyone.
Beth C.

Very knowledgeable.
Stephanie W.

Brian is awesome. Chris completed the work for us and was both knowledgeable and courteous. You have a great crew.
Margaret W.

Brian is an excellent person to look at your trees and give you an accurate assessment of what is good and what needs work. The work crew from Bartlett was excellent. They provided clean and friendly service and on a very hot day, left our yard looking great.
Richard B.

I appreciate Jason's professionalism, knowledge, and willingness to respond quickly.
Jack P.

Service was very prompt by Brian to assess the downed tree and the crew who removed it. We were very pleased with the removal of the huge tree and the debris that had resulted from the fall. Dealing with Bartlett Tree Experts is a pleasure.
Linda S.

I thoroughly enjoyed the knowledge gained from my visit with Mr. Barbre.
Yvette T.

As a long time customer, I am happy to say that all interactions with Bartlett representatives (arborists, crew, office personnel have been and continue to be very positive.
Karl K.

Brian is of course fantastic and the crew is always efficient, courteous, and mindful of my parents yard in general. So happy to know our yard is in such capable hands and to finally have found a company that really knows what they are doing and willing to give comments and suggestions for future care. My 87 year old parents have a lifetime of work and experience loving and caring for their beautiful yard and are grateful to have Bartlett t by their side. Especially now that they are slowing down and really need the help.
Rose S.

Bartlett was recommended to us by a long time customer. Jason was quick to respond and explained what needed to be done and when.
Doug C.

I was impressed by the knowledge and guidance of Jason Coiner. I was also impressed with the promptness and speed with which Stephen treated my Hollies and Boxwoods. I would certainly recommend Bartlett to friends needing assistance.
Jauncey S.

Very nice and helpful.
Linda Q.

The three gentlemen you sent to do the work at our house are top notch. Their professionalism was on full display in everything from their initial greeting to their good-bye wave down my driveway when all was completely finished. The safety protocols the guys utilized were obvious and carefully coordinated. I have never seen such a beautifully choreographed work flow. Thank you all so much.
Trish G.

The three gentlemen you sent to do the work at our house are Top Notch. Their professionalism was on full display in everything from their initial greeting to their good bye wave down my driveway when all was completely finished. The safety protocols the guys utilized were obvious and carefully coordinated. I have never seen such a beautifully choreographed work flow. Thank you all so much.
Tricia G.

The crew was friendly and professional. They did just what I wanted, and everything looks great. The office staff was very pleasant and helpful whenever I called. I am looking forward to spring and my now cared for trees.
Sydney C.

The fellas who came by, starting with Brian Barbre sell you services and Bartlett's continuing relationship with me for you. Way to go.
Jeff C.

Arborist was knowledgeable, and the pruning staff kept me informed of what they were doing.
Chris P.

Great company to work with as always, everything was done beautifully and quickly.
Donna N.

Everyone I have worked with at Bartlett's has been knowledgeable, friendly, helpful, efficient, and on time. I can not think of anything that I was not completely pleased with.
Diana P.

The crew that worked here on our property were very professional and courteous. They did a fine job.
Allen R.

I appreciate the honesty.
Angela S.

I am totally satisfied with Bartlett's staff, including Jason, my Arborist Representative. Not only that but the products and applications that have been done to my trees and bushes. My trees were trimmed, thinned, and all brush was cleaned up to my satisfaction.
Nancy B.

They were both very professional and courteous and took the time to answer my many questions. I was in awe as they climbed up our tall tree in the back yard he did it with such ease giving no more thought to it than a Sunday stroll. They did everything I asked. They were punctual and did an excellent job. They cleaned up everything, not leaving so much as a small branch on our lawn. In the future, I will not even consider using another tree service besides Bartlett. They are in a league all by themselves.
Robert T.

Mr. Coiner and his crew could not have been more professional. I could not believe the care the crew took during the cleanup portion of their visit. I will certainly pass a good word concerning my experience with Bartlett.
Chuck A.

Jason made an extra stop by the house to take a second look at a potentially troublesome tree to confirm what was needed before the crew arrived. Everyone on the crew were pleasant and courteous listened to us and answered our questions.
Jim B.

Chris did an excellent job and was both courteous and friendly.
Margaret W.

Kay K.

Our local Bartlett Botanist, Brian Barbre, has been very responsive to our concerns about the trees on our property. We have been extremely satisfied with the care given to both our elder Sycamore that is just too majestic to let succumb to a species targeted fungus and our much younger Maple that was threatened by a neighbor's Ambrosia Beetle infestation this fall. He explained the course of action, the results we should expect and tempered it all with there are many other factors that could alter the results wet, cold weather, other sick trees. HIs colleague who delivers the treatment should also be commended for being prompt, courteous, and quiet while on our property. Both gentleman are professional and unobtrusive while working the equipment which makes not just us but our neighbors quite happy. We never expected a miracle but we know that Bartlett, with many years of experience, gave us the best options to choose from and the results proved to be spectacular. The Sycamore had large beautiful leaves this summer and looks happy sprouting new growth along his limbs. The Maple had his first treatment and we hope to see him flourish through pruning and feeding next spring. We may not be here another fifty years but both of these trees most likely will--and future generations will benefit from their beauty and contribution to the health of our planet. Thanks for doing what you are doing.
Maria P.

Brian Barbre was very helpful from our first meeting, and afterwards with suggestions and advice. The crew was courteous, efficient, and cleaned up the area beautifully. I have previously been a Bartlett customer, having lived in Connecticut, especially when the gypsy moths heavily infested the area. Their service and knowledge was always a cut above competitors.
Jo H.

Extremely nice young man who came, they always call first to let me know they are coming. Bartlett has always done excellent work for me over the years. Highly recommend.
Donna N.

The Bartlett crew members that came to our house are always polite and efficient. They quickly take care of the job and are gone before I know it. The problems our various bushes are improving, and we have another year-long contract to continue to treat these stubborn pests. Brian Barbre is our arborist. He is always knowledgeable and generous with his time to discuss my concerns and questions and I have many.I appreciate his advice on how to manage the wooded portion of our property and have learned a lot about. I pass my recommendations on to friends personally, and do not share their contact information. I have already recommended Bartlett to several neighbors and friends.
Sandy E.

Brian Barbre was very helpful from our first meeting, and afterwards with suggestions and advice. The crew was courteous, efficient, and cleaned up the area beautifully. I have previously been a Bartlett customer, having lived in Connecticut, especially when the gypsy moths heavily infested the area. Their service and knowledge was always a cut above competitors.
Jo H.

Knowledgeable, efficient, dependable, and Bartlett Arborist and other crew members always go the extra mile. They are careful with surrounding plantings, work quietly and take all concerns into consideration. Bartlett is helping us preserve and nurture our trees, which we need to do now more than ever as climate change continues to stress our woods.
Catherine H.

The team that removed the tree from my roof was excellent.They worked quickly and professionally, leaving the area clean and tidy. I would never use any other company after this, my third interaction with tree removal by Bartlett. The arborist was great in contacting me right away late on a Tuesday evening; he came by on Wednesday to look at the downed tree on my roof and sent a proposal that evening. On Friday morning the crew was here at 8:00 a.m. and the tree was taken care of with no problem--Brian's assessment of the work needed was exactly right.
Rosemary B.

Brian has addressed and taken care of all my concerns regarding the treatment of the trees on my property. I have had a couple companies come out to do trimming and they did more damage than good. I am in good hands now.
Jim T.

Bartlett Staff members were prompt, courteous, and knowledgeable.
Ken S.

Great Customer Service from everyone we have interacted. Appreciate the wonderful service.
Lora P.

Comments about Arborist Representative: I have recommended Brian Barbre to neighbors for help with their trees. Brian talked with me extensively about my many questions walking the property in our initial consultation and is very responsive to subsequent questions and concerns I have. I am very satisfied and will continue to work with Bartlett.
Sandy E.

Comments about Arborist Representative: The crew was very friendly, efficient and competent. We were impressed with the comradery among the crew. And as always Jason is a delight to work in managing our trees.
Ellen S.

I have recommended Brian Barbre to neighbors for help with their trees. Brian talked with me extensively about my many questions walking the property in our initial consultation and is very responsive to subsequent questions and concerns I have. I am very satisfied and will continue to work with Bartlett.
Sandy Eissler

As always, it's a pleasure to work with everyone at Bartlett!
Ruth B.

Jason was so helpful and professional!
Jodie V.

Brian has always been informative and helpful regarding any questions or concerns that we have had. We are glad to have his services.
Linda S.

Bartlett has been exceptional over the many years that I have used them to take care of my trees. I trust Jason Coiner's judgement. This company is a professional team in all respects.
Janet G.

Very polite people and very knowledgeable about trees.
Linda W.

I worked with your company and Brian over a number of years. Always courteous and got the job done in a reasonable timeframe. Left the area clean. More importantly removed the trees safely without damaging the surrounding areas. We have had some challenging issues. I have had them trim a few trees and they were careful to improve the shape and maintain the structure of the tree. The crew you sent over were courteous, worked hard, cleaned the area, and were very skilled. Really pleased with the effort.
Mark M.

Everyone has been professional and courteous. I am very impressed by the team that came over and did the work, particularly since they have only been together for three weeks. Thank you.
Margaret W.

I found Bartlett to be knowledgeable and professional. My interaction with everyone was informative and pleasant. I would recommend them without hesitation.
Eva P.

We love Bartlett. Just met Steven for the first time and he is a great guy. It is a good feeling to know that personable and professionals are there for us. Thank you.
Carol L.

Very courteous and friendly. Brian has been exceptional responding to our questions.
Margaret W.

I appreciated Brian stopping by to check my Service Berry and even doing a bit of pruning to prevent a branch from scraping across the screen of our bedroom window. As always, excellent service.
Ruth B.

Brian was great to work with.
Bill L.

Bartlett always does a great job.
Donna N.

The arborist was prompt in his arrival and very knowledgable about the downed tree and the possible causes for its fall. Everything about his demeanor was professional and positive. He was very willing to have the tree cleared away as soon as possible. The removal crew came at the time scheduled and went to work right away. They were courteous and professional in completing their work. They worked steadily and cleared the downed tree and all the debris. They left the sight free of every broken twig and leaf and even neatly stacked the deck boards which had been broken by the tree's fall. I could not have been more pleased with the work. I will definitely call Bartlett soon to schedule the removal of other potentially hazardous trees in our yard.
Rosemary B.

Brian Barbre has been great to work with. He is knowledgeable, friendly, and engaging. He answers all of our questions and never makes us feel rushed through the appointment or the process for the work involved. The crews who have been sent out to our home always make quick work of the jobs we have hired them for. They leave the yard clean that you almost wonder if they were ever here. It has been a pleasure working with professionals who really know what they are talking about and get the job done thoroughly.
Sharri B.

Everyone was very friendly and helpful. They answered all my questions.
Sue H.

Everyone we dealt with was very professional, friendly, and very competent.
Lucy H.

Always very professional.
Mike P.

I was very happy with the work that was completed and appreciate all the recommendations from Brian. I would recommend Bartlett.
Sandy C.

Always great work. Very courteous people. Would not use anybody else to take care of my trees and shrubs.
Donna N.

I was very happy with the work that was completed and appreciate all the recommendations from Brian. I would recommend and have recommended Bartlett to friends.
Sandy C.

Comments about Arborist Representative: Always great work.. Very courteous people.. General Comments: Wouldn't use anybody else to take care of my trees and shrubs..
Donna N.

Always very professional.
Mike P.

Everyone we dealt with was very professional, friendly, and very competent.
Lucy H.

Bartlett staff in the Fredericksburg area are very nice, knowledgeable, and easy to work with. They contact me to schedule visits with the Arborist when he does his annual inspection of my yard. I appreciate the action plan he provides for potential work in my yard and my ability to agree or disagree to that work following his visit. I am notified in advance when the crew will be coming to do work at my house and I am confident enough in their services to not have to be home when the work is done.
Laura K.

I have been very happy with these projects for beginning to end. All my questions were answered and the work was completed quickly. I would highly recommend this service to all that have tree work needs.
Carolyn K.

I enjoyed working with Brian and the office staff, Tanya. Both were very responsive.
Carol S.

Everyone was professional and so helpful! It was a great experience.
Christine H.

Great representative that spent a lot of time with estimate and listening to what tree trimming needs we had.

Jason is courteous, understanding, and efficient.
Bill S.

Brian is very nice and informative. I enjoy his attention to detail and willingness to inform and educate.
Patricia S.

Everyone at Bartlett was super friendly and helpful. The tree removal team was great. Clean up was spotless. I would recommend your services to everyone.
Lance M.

Mr. Barbre was right on time. He was very friendly and knowledgeable. The suggested service was carried out in a timely fashion.
Angela M.

The Bartlett Crew that came out to our property were fantastic. They arrived on time, were very pleasant, very knowledgeable about what the job entitled, and about the trees and trimming that had to be completed. Was a very hot day and the three member crew worked all day, did and completed the job to exactly what was described in the contract. We are happy with the results of your company and we definitely will recommend you to friends and also will use your company in the future for any project.
Robin D.

Extremely professional, knowledgeable, and a helpful arborist and team. There was never any reluctance to answer any of my many questions. Arborist and team were beyond courteous, thorough, and organized. It was a pleasure working with them. Work was accomplished efficiently and carefully including cleanup. Very happy with the results.
Janet W.

Brian was a fantastic first impression. We had other companies survey our property and make recommendations for which trees and for what reasons to prune, many of which seemed unnecessary. Brian, on the other hand, was thoughtful and explained the necessity of all particular pruning decisions. The crew who did the work were personable and professional and left the property looking fantastic.
Heidi D.

Jason and Tanya are our primary contacts and they are great representatives for Bartlett. They both, along with the crew, are always friendly, courteous, professional, and informative. The Bartlett team keeps our trees healthy and our yard looking great.
Dianne L.

Jason was on time for our appointment and diagnosed the problem and remedy quickly.
John G.

I was not home when the crew was there. They always clean up and are courteous. Jason is always available, with helpful ideas.
Roxane C.

Since I was not home when the work was done I called The office to have a few questions answered. Tanya was most helpful and very thorough with all her answers. I appreciate the time she took to do so. I have been very impressed with everyone I have interacted with at Bartlett. I do not think this is possible but the tree looks healthier already.
Ruth B.

Brian is a pleasure to work with. Tanya in your office is always friendly, efficient, and positive.
Bill S.

This was our second job completed by Bartlett and we have been happy with everything they have done for us. We will continue to use this company for all our tree trimming, and or removal.
Richard K.

Crew was on time, worked very efficiently, courteous, trimmed our trees and shrubs to meet our desires, and overall a very good experience.
Jim L.

Brian is very knowledgeable, as well as the crew. He takes the time to explain procedures for maintenance and treatment, so I can gain some knowledge, too.
Carolyn H.

We are very pleased with the courteous and professional attitude of your representative and crew. We have been a customer of Bartlett Tree Service since 1990 when we lived in Pennsylvania. We are happy to continue our relationship here in Virginia.
James H.

Professional and courteous.
Ken G.

It has been a pleasure dealing with everyone. They have all been pleasant, communicative, and very professional. We have been very comfortable having them, and happy with the work they have done for us. They left the site in very good order.
Ginny C.

Exceptional service.
Patricia E.

Brian was very thorough and very professional. We had confidence in his recommendations.
Judy M.

All personnel was highly professional, estimate fair, work crew arrived on time, left no mess at cleanup, and job completed on time.
Alan B.

Bartlett always thanks its customers and so I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and all your crew for all you do to keep my yard looking so nice. I hope you know how much I appreciate your excellent work.
Jackie B.

Jason provided good advice, and answered our questions.
Kirk N.

Jason provided good advice, and answered our questions.
Kirk N.

Mr. Barbre is the best. He was very friendly, extremely knowledgeable, and provided the information needed to correct my fallen Thunder Plum Tree and insect infestation problems.
Julian F.

Great service, quick response, and performance of service. Brian Barbre is awesome.
Frank H.

Excellent, professional, and friendly service. Greatly appreciate your outstanding service.
Ellen S.

Always helpful and professional.
Lisa S.

I like and trust the entire team, particularly Jason.
Kathleen A.

Bartlett was very professional, knowledgeable, and helpful answering my questions and giving me factual information. I appreciate the time and concern given to me about the possibility of helping me save my tree.
Mary M.

Great service and staff. Everyone that we dealt with in person or by phone was extremely courteous and knowledgeable.
Don C.

Brian Barbre was fantastic and extremely knowledgeable. The crew was very professional and fun to watch.
Maryann K.

Everyone we were in contact with was helpful, courteous, and professional. The work was done in accordance with our requests. They were quick, efficient, and did an excellent job with removal of debris.
Deborah H.

I have been a very satisfied customer for the last ten years. So happy with the excellent service that Jason and Tanya have extended us.
Gary H.

Our grand old willow oaks are definitely getting taller and more challenging to trim but they have never looked better. Cannot see the cabling at all. Thanks for a great job.
Kay K.

Jason is always ready to advise me with any of our tree concerns. Would not have any other team take care of my trees.
Beth S.

The Fredericksburg Bartlett staff are professional and courteous. I had Bartlett trim my trees twice and the crew was on time, professional, and answered my questions. They cleaned up the job site as they found it when they arrived. Jason is very knowledgeable, he knew how to save my Bradford Pear tree, and for the past two years has succeeded in keeping it blooming every spring, it is the most beautiful pear tree in my development. I will always use Bartlett tree service in the future.
Elena G.

Jason was great, very knowledgeable, and explained things well.
Larry B.

I really appreciate the time your representative took to explain to me what had happened with the roots on my cherry tree and to tell me how to keep this problem from happening again. I had no idea that I shouldn't have put landscape fabric under the mulch that I had been spreading around this tree for years.
Linda B.

The crew was very knowledgeable about everything growing on my property. They walked me through diseases and care of my trees. Friendly and very concerned about my approval.
Dustin G.

Staff and crew are informative, polite, and could not be nicer to work with. Thank you for a job well done.
Cindy H.

I have had an excellent experience with Bartlett.
Frank T.

I wanted to drop you a note to let you know just how pleased my wife and I were with you and the crew who showed up this afternoon. The crew did an excellent job removing the tree from our vehicles. They also did a great job cleaning up at the site. If you didn't see the damage to the vehicles, one would never know that an oak tree was laying on both vehicles earlier that day. You folks do excellent work!
Pete W.

Everyone with whom I've had contact with has been very professional and pleasant. I have no complaints, the work has always been well done, and questions answered to my satisfaction. I've recommended Bartlett to friends and neighbors, and they also have been pleased with the work!
Linda M.

I've been very pleased over the last few years with both the arborist and the work crews of Bartlett. They have provided excellent service with great attention to detail. They have always left the work area spotless.
David B.

I only met with Jason Coiner. I also spoke with Tanya on the phone. Jason was prompt, friendly, and professional. He diagnosed the problem immediately and presented a solution with pricing right then. Both times a crew came out to do the work, I wasn't home, but I had already pre-approved the work to be done. Both times the work was done, the only reason I knew they had come was because the area was so neat and clean. Now, we hope the treatment works. Both times I spoke with Tanya, she was very knowledgeable, friendly, and professional. Bartlett gets an A+++.
K. Wood

Very professional crew. A difficult job extremely well done. I would recommend Bartlett to anyone needing tree service.
K. F.

The workmen were extremely courteous and friendly. They made sure I was pleased with the work and took care of any requests I made. They were punctual and tidy. Everyone I've dealt with--at the office or here at my home--was a pleasure to deal with. You are definitely on my "keeper" list, as well as on my list of recommendations!
S. West

Really appreciate the gentleman who treated my trees talking with me about how he accomplished the task. He was very professional and very knowledgeable. Thank you for taking care of my trees. I made the right decision when I went with Bartlett!
Becky H.

Couldn't have asked for better service!
Norman R.

Bartlett has an excellent reputation in our community. The work done for me has been done efficiently and professionally. Thanks.
Joan S.

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