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As a Frederick tree service company, Bartlett provides the full spectrum of tree and property services offered, including Cabling and Bracing, Fertilization and Soil Care, Insect and Disease Management, Organic and Naturally Based Tree Care, Pruning, and Tick Management.

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What Our Frederick, MD Customers Are Saying

Professional, timely, and very informative. Repeat customer.
Brian A.

Tim keeps me well informed on tree issues and gives excellent advice. Doug does a great job spraying and fertilizing. Together, they give me outstanding arborist support.
Steven M.

Zeke was very knowledgeable and helpful to us in making the right choice of trees for our yard. The crew was efficient. They came and took out the shrubs we wanted to replace and planted, mulched, and watered our new trees in record time. They, along with Zeke, answered all of our questions regarding the care of our new trees.
Vernell F.

From my initial contact via telephone, all staff members were friendly, efficient, and polite. Phil and the tech who came to do the work were very knowledgeable and a pleasure to speak with. Our Nyssa Sylvatica looks and I am sure feels much better. A very positive experience. I would not hesitate for a second to recommend Bartlett to anyone needing tree service.
Cynthia M.

Zeke is knowledgeable, polite, respectful, responsive, and flexible. Same goes for Colton. They are both very patient and will to explain in layman's terms the path ahead and the "why" we are taking a course of action.
Maria B.

Tim went above and beyond. Thank you.
Virginia B.

All was terrific. Very knowledgeable team. Phil is great to work with.
Ray S.

Arborist is very competent and helpful explaining everything.
Mary C.

The team was very careful and aware of the surroundings and to not damage the fence. All precautionary steps were taken into consideration of my neighbors as well. Very calculated in terms of how the branches were to fall with plenty of safety area delineations. Great crew and Phil was very knowledgeable. Definitely use Bartlett again.
Mike G.

Zeke was courteous, answered questions and well-informed.
Pauline M.

Excellent work and friendly and professional team. Tim is excellent.
Kevin C.

The Arborist was very knowledgeable and communicated very well. He was a pleasure to deal with.
Jay F.

We really appreciated Tim's perspective and knowledge as he evaluated what needed to be done in our yard, especially his sensitivity to our desire to use as few chemical treatments as possible. The crew was friendly, polite, and efficient, and did an excellent job.
Nancy M.

I can not think of anything they could have done to make the experience better. Phil Kline was extremely thorough and patient with all of my questions. The crew members did an amazing job and there was no hint they were there, it was a large job with a lot of debris. They left my yard absolutely clean. Phil and his team were excellent, did what they were supposed to do and my tree looks wonderful. Very pleased with the performance of your team.
Fran M.

Very courteous and prompt. Did exactly what we needed as outlined in the agreement and were done in under an hour. Great experience. Would use them again for sure.
Patrick H.

Tim Zastrow is extremely professional and knowledgeable. Will not hesitate to call upon Bartlett again in the future.
Elizabeth T.

Zeke has been so helpful answering all of my questions and organizing care for our trees and shrubs. Each team member has provided great service.
Elizabeth P.

Great technical advice, followed up by excellent service at our home.
Fred S.

Excellent service for sure.
Suzanne B.

Zeke was very friendly and informative.
Karian F.

I moved from Florida to Maryland a year ago. House sits on a one acre lot, 1/2 acre front and 1/2 acre fenced back yard with in ground pool. There are many trees which had not been tended to for several years. I knew I needed help but quite frankly was overwhelmed. I contacted Bartlett Tree Experts and within an hour Phil, the arborist for my area, was calling to set up an appointment. We walked the yard together. He answered every question I had. He identified every tree and advised me of the health of each tree. Fortunately, none need to be removed at this time. However, the trimming work that was needed was extensive to say the least. So, Phil proposed a multi-year work plan which was put into phases. Each phase identified the tree to be worked on, what was to be done, and the cost. Phil and his team showed up on time and worked together to get the job done in one day. They were amazing to watch. This was no easy job, they were professional, well-skilled, and respectful. Phase 1 has been completed and I could not be happier. Phil is a real asset to your company. I look forward to working again with him. I highly recommend the company and team.
Mary F.

Made to feel like family. Very confident I chose the right tree service. Not only saving my trees but cutting down a huge tree that could have endangered my roof and the right side of my house. Fast service. Beautiful clean up. What mattered most to me was honest conversations about what had to be done to solve my concerns and problems. Thank you.
Bonnie P.

Everyone was polite and helpful, including asking questions when appropriate. It is great to have the increased light in the yard.
Nancy M.

Tim Zastrow and Doug Hartz have been great every time I have interacted with them, knowledgable, courteous, and professional.
Carla H.

Tim Zastrow never fails to provide a first class experience whenever we have needed tree service, from diseased trees, to preventative care, to pruning. We are always happy to recommend Tim and Bartlett Tree Service.
Joe and Francina B.

Zeke was very friendly and informative.
Karian F.

Bartlett was fast, courteous, efficient, and was able to fit us into their schedule quickly.
Aaron B.

Technician was very good and job well done treating our Boxwoods. Tim also did a good job in identifying our Boxwood issues that needed a treatment, a job well done by all.
J.B. P.

Tim Zastrow never fails to provide a first-class experience whenever we have needed tree service from diseased trees, to preventative care, to pruning. We are always happy to recommend Tim and Bartlett Tree Service.
Joe and Francina B.

I have been working with Tim Zastrow and Doug Hartz. I can not say enough about either of them. They are both friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. Once Tim and I assess all our trees and shrubs to determine what treatment is needed, Doug has been the crew member who services our property. I often walk the property with him to get a better understanding of what issues are present. He has been more than willing to answer my questions and allow me to tag along before he starts the actual treatment. Both Tim and Doug are excellent representatives of Bartlett.
Carla H.

We are very happy with the work that the Bartlett Tree Experts performed on two of our large and older trees. Their initial assessment made us aware of several issues that needed to be addressed and their team of professionals came soon after and conducted very impressive work. We highly recommend Bartlett Tree Experts.
Jim S.

The team was very careful and aware of the surroundings and to not damage the fence. All precautionary steps were taken in consideration of my neighbors as well. Very calculated in terms of how the branches were to fall with plenty of safety area delineations. Great crew and Phil was very knowledgeable. Definitely use Bartlett again.
Mike G.

I could not think of anything. Very pleased with everything. Tim was very nice and answered all my questions. very professional. Thank you.
Kay and Ellis K.

Everyone was incredibly courteous and knowledgeable about the entire process for both tree removal and trimming. The on site crew was communicative and checked in during and after the job was done to make sure everything was progressing to my liking. Mr. Zastrow was incredibly knowledgeable about the trees and shrubs on my property, and I really appreciated the more conservationist approach to care and maintenance of the trees on my property. I also appreciated the provided recommendations on how frequently I should check some potential future care issues with some of my trees.
Yvonne E.

Lora Wihite

Tim is great.
Michelle M.

As busy as Doug's schedule is, he offers us the opportunity to ask questions to which he gives detailed answers. His knowledge is impressive. Doug always texts the night before, always lets us know when he arrives and allows us to walk the yard with him during his inspections, sharing his findings and possible remedies with us. Could not ask for better service.
Jim and Carol C.

Everyone at Bartlett was top notch. Very courteous, polite, and left job site neat and cleaned up.
Aaron B.

The crews that have worked on our trees are excellent, courteous, and happy to share information and answer questions. They are also considerate of how and where the trucks are parked.
Betsy E.

Knowledgeable and takes the guesswork out of landscape maintenance.
Karen F.

Bartlett was fast, courteous, efficient, and was able to fit us into their schedule quickly.
Aaron B.

Your guys were terrific on all fronts. I have been using Bartlett for some time now and will continue to do so.
Jim M.

The work went well and the crew did a nice job. I am happy to have met Phil Kline and hope that his expertise will help extend the life of everything I have planted. Thank you.
Pat V.

Very happy with your company and personnel.
Beth S.

Great job.
Mickey P.

Happy beyond words. Great job, efficient, and respectful of property. Perfection. Could not have been nicer. Friendly, and willing to please. I made the right choice. And special thanks to Zeke who set it all up and then checked to see how it was going. Very pleased and knowing I made the right choice. Thanks everyone.
Bonnie P.

Totally happy with the service. All crew members were very nice.
Patricia S.

Your crew were great. They explained everything they did in detail. Thank you. We are very happy with your whole staff.
Ann M.

Everyone I spoke with from Tim, to the lady answering the phones, and the young men who came to prune the trees were very courteous and helpful. Any questions I had were answered. All were very professional. It was nice to have the pruning done in such a timely manner.
Kathy K.

What could Bartlett have done to make the experience better? All good. They were responsive and skilled. I appreciated Tim's explanations and information about the condition of our Dogwood and shrubs.
Susan K.

Tim was very knowledgeable in helping us to make our decision on treatment vs not. Thank you Tim.
John M.

Completely satisfied.
Barbara A.

All staff members were helpful, courteous, and knowledgeable.
Barbara K.

I have to give much praise to the two man crew that worked most of the day on their own. The tree was in a very difficult location between my yard and my neighbors along with the neighbors electric power line. Nothing was damaged and the cleanup was just fine. I could not recommend them more.
Frank P.

Their work was exemplary, from the most experienced to the least. They first asked what I wanted done to each tree or shrub and then gave their suggestions as to how the cut and future growth would impact the tree, shrub, and my house which I really appreciated. One small Maple had grown in a strange shape due to a copper band being inadvertently left on when it was initially planted and the arborist who admitted he did not have as much experience as the others on the team took his time to even it out. Now it looks so much better. I think this team is probably the best team from Bartlett that has ever trimmed my trees. I had my front yard fully landscaped the day after they were here and the project manager who was here, who was an arborist before he went into landscaping said the trees were very well trimmed. He said that some teams come in and and "scalp" trees, but he said mine were done just right. So thank you so much.
Katherine O.

The crew was awesome. It was easy to communicate with them, they listened to what I wanted done with the tree and they worked quickly and efficiently. They made sure that they checked in with me before proceeding to trim any further and before they were done I was able to review their work again. They cleaned up after themselves. They were very professional.
Emily L.

Thank you for reaching out. I am very pleased with all the services provided. I was especially and pleasantly surprised when the technician came out to grind the stump leftover from a tree removal despite the rain. All staff were very professional, personable, and efficient. I would definitely recommend Bartlett Tree Experts.
Sherrye M.

The tree removers did an excellent job. They carefully removed branches and then the main tree trunk. They alerted me and neighbors of the need to remove cars from specific areas. They cleaned all remnants from the tree and placed a squirrel's nest in a safe location.
Beth G.

We had a special trimming job which was to create growth space for Crepe Myrtle that was hampered by the low spreading growth of a Sycamore tree which started to clash with each other. The Arborist worked closely with us to define exactly what we wanted. The cutting team arrived and confirmed what we needed and again worked very closely with us to open up the Sycamore and to selectively shape the Crepe Myrtle while removing dead and cross-over branches. A nearby garden on the rear of the house have also benefited from the additional light. These guys are professionals, well trained, well equipped, and well led. Good job Ryan, Colton, and Seth. Crepe Myrtle is happy and shooting for the sky. Image below shows the freedom created for the Crepe by the Bartlett crew.
Robert B.

Super pleased. Bartlett was to do several jobs at my property. One was to save a tree that was sick as well as badly pruned by someone who knew nothing about what they were doing. The second was to prune another tree in the front yard. In the initial consultation, the representative was given an idea of what I wanted. I had actually planned to be present at the day of the pruning because I am very particular. Sadly, I was not home when they arrived. but in spite of my absence, they pruned both trees exactly as I wanted. They take great care to make sure the client's wishes come first, and they provide excellent counseling when the owner knows nothing about trees. Very impressed and grateful.
Judy S.

This crew was fantastic to work with. They did a great job, were efficient, and extremely pleasant to chat with.
Elizabeth S.

The process and service was great. From the initial site visit where we discussed what should be done to the arrival and work of the onsite crew. The expertise provided by Tim Zastrow to enhance and maintain the health of our trees was very helpful.
Victor F.

Sales rep was extremely knowledgeable and you could see that he was truly interested in seeing that the trees and shrubs were taken care of properly. Spray technician was also well trained and did a good job protecting our fish pond. Nice job on follow up with the customer.
Bruce P..

Second time having Bartlett Tree Experts take care of our arboreal needs. Ryan came out, assessed our needs and explained my options. The contract offer was timely, well-defined and very competitive. The three man crew professionally brought down and sliced up 2 tall dead trees in equatorial heat, and protected, cleaned, and removed everything else. They were very respectful of the property and community. They also braced my front yard Ornamental Pear tree. I recommend them supremely.
John R.

The Bartlett crew was fantastic. They arrived on time, cut, and trimmed two trees and cleaned up everything. They even raked along the gravel road. It was a very hot day. We would give them an A+++. Thank you..
Edgar H.

We have found everyone that we have dealt with to be very friendly and knowledgeable. Questions have been answered, phone calls have been made to always let us know that someone will be stopping by to do some type of work at the house. Most often this is Doug, and he has always been helpful. After having our trees serviced, we were finally able to enjoy flowering Dogwoods this year, after watching them struggle ever since being planted. The same with our Hawthorne trees. Things are looking nice. We still have a few issues to deal with and look forward to continuing our association with Bartlett.
Lori J.

James and Brian did an excellent job pruning four fruit trees and a very large Crepe Myrtle. I would strongly recommend Bartlett Tree Experts. I know our trees appreciate them and are looking forward to seeing them again in the Spring.
Karen S.

The crew worked very well with me, entertaining my questions and cutting and stacking wood.
Brian G.

Bartlett Tree Experts came to my house today and trimmed four trees and dropped a fifth one. I can not say enough nice things about this company and the employees that I met. Ryan Karroll came by the house to look over the job and do the estimate. It was fair and I liked him. I told him to do the job. The two guys showed up this morning and took care of everything. They were polite, respectful, and efficient. If you need tree work done, just call Bartlett Tree Experts.
Thomas M.

I have contracted with Bartlett tree services for significant pruning and care of large trees. Their first job was to remove dead branches from a Serviceberry and a Red Bud. Work was performed efficiently, the crew thoroughly cleaned up and removed all debris and were wonderful professionals to interact with. As a side note they got a good sense of humor. Look forward to their major work that will be done in November. Professionals in the true sense of the word.
Robert B.

Ryan was courteous, professional, and friendly. He answered all questions with clarity. We appreciated the time he spent with us.
Nancy W.

The team of Matt, Chris and James from Bartlett did a fantastic job trimming our large evergreens on the front corners of our house so the trees would not scrape the house. They also removed a large Holly Bush in the back that was spindly and unattractive. Everything was cleaned up such that we would not have known they were there. About three years ago, they came to trim a large White Pine that is near our house. They did a great job then as well. They are arborists and know their trees, bushes, and plants. The best thing about them is that they do not gouge on pricing at all. Highly recommended.
Mary Jane M.

We have used Bartlett for years. The crew asks as they go whether the pruning is being done as we want. Friendly and competent. Dan is a gem.
Virginia B.

Arborist and the crew were so knowledgeable, efficient, and great to work with. Thanks for a job well done.
Judy D.

Everyone I come in contact with has been very knowledgeable and courteous.
Joleen H.

My interactions with the Bartlett staff was very satisfying. Dan was helpful and professional and easy to deal with. Also, office staff was very helpful.
Anne B.

Dan Yates was exceptional in his knowledge of trees. He was courteous, professional, and very customer oriented. I am very pleased with his service and how he represented his company. Refreshing to find a young man withe these qualities.
Glenn D.

All contacts with Bartlett have been positive, professional, informative, and helpful. I have recommended Bartlett to good friends in my community and they have also been pleased with price and work.
Betsey C.

From Dan's first visit on my property, I have been impressed with his knowledge and expertise. I have great confidence in his judgement, assessment, and advice about managing, sustaining, and improving my tree population. Dan is personable and professional in his customer dealings, in a manner that brings great credit to himself and Bartlett. I am exceptionally pleased with the services I have received from Bartlett Tree Experts. My experience with Bartlett's staff shows that its members are professional and knowledgeable individuals who provide excellent customer service. I believe they have accurately assessed the condition of my trees and their prescribed treatments are enhancing the trees beauty and extending their life.
Steven M.

Dan was awesome. He came to address a splitting issue with our Red Maple tree and quickly assessed that it probably could be saved, it is a memorial tree, with proper stabilization methods to help the tree heal. He also assessed two other trees which required attention to bring them back to a healthy condition. The crew and Dan did an outstanding job and we are very pleased.
Roy S.

It is always a pleasure to have Dan Yates out to look at our trees and shrubs. He is very knowledgeable and interested in his work. His suggestions are spot on. The crew is consistently professional and pleasant. The last job included fine pruning before our property was on the Garden Tour in Frederick, MD. They did a great job with detail work on a large Boxwood caterpillar topiary. I look forward to having them help us with other projects.
Diane F.

When our large Elm split in a severe windstorm, Dan Yates got his men to the site that evening to stabilize the tree, then a crew the next day to take it down. Saved our electric line and sunroom roof.
Virginia B.

Excellent job. Would not hesitate to refer or use your service again.
Oliver and Jill C.

A great experience started with Dan Yates. As we walked our property and discussed what we were experiencing, his professional expertise provided us with remedies, reactive, and preventative. The recommendations would ensure our trees and gardens were treated properly for growth and disease. The timely response for a winter cut back occurred within a week of Dans on site visit. The crew was wonderful to work with. The follow-up by Jill reflected Bartlett's desire for personal customer service.
Ed and Margaret C.

Staff and technicians were very skilled, polite, professional, and helpful to me regarding questions about my landscaping needs. I found my entire experience with the Bartlett team to be very positive. From top management to those performing the tasks, the team was very professional, highly competent, and very concerned about meeting my landscaping needs.
Ron V.

Well satisfied with the professionalism of the representative and other crewmembers.
Diana S.

I absolutely love the guys who come around for service, they are the epiomy of professionalism and I love them like family.
Kathy S.

Dan was great, professional, and interested in preserving my interests and investment.
Pat V.

Dan Yates has always been very responsive, incredibly helpful in developing a strategy, and plan for treatment of my property. He is knowledgable and a great person to deal with. High level of confidence in Dan.
Harry G.

Knowledgeable, friendly, and fast.
Kevin S.

Very impressed by their knowledge.
Debra N.

Dan and his crew are a treasure. I met him after getting less than wonderful tree work done by another company. We are now confirmed Bartlett customers. We like things done right. Crew consults with me as the job progresses about how severe to prune.
Ginny B.

The men who came out were so nice. They each talked to me and let me ask all my silly senior questions. The trees looked so proud and happy after their sprucing up. Dan, you are a wonderful person to work with from the customers side as well as the employee side.
Kathy S.

Dan Yates is one of the most personable men I have ever encountered. I always enjoy his visits here.
David S.

Totally qualified professionals with real degree backgrounds to back up their knowledgeable work.
Leslie H.

I am pleased with your prompt service, follow-up, and clean up. I plan to use your service again.
Boe R.

Dan Yates was very courteous and professional. The information provided and services rendered were above my expectations. I will continue to use your services in the future.
Aaron S.

I was very satisfied with the work in spite of the rain, the crew did a great job and cleaned up the site afterwards.
Sheree S.

Dan was great to deal with, very informative, and laid out options for dealing with our tree issues over time. I will definitely recommend Bartlett and Dan.
Marcy N.

Really enjoyed talking to and working with Dan Yates.
Cliff W.

Bartlett employees are knowledgeable, courteous, and hard working. These characteristics make dealing with Bartlett a pain free experience.
Marc H.

Dan Yates is extremely knowledgeable and friendly. I had a lot of questions and he took the time to explain everything in detail. He even came back to inspect the work when it was done. The crew that did the work was courteous and efficient. They did a great job!
Jennifer C.

Dan Yates and the work crews have been terrific. They are the role models that your industry should try to emulate.
David S.

Bartlett employees, Dan Yates and others, have always been very professional with regard to my tree issues. I have worked with Dan for several years now and truly appreciate his concern and care.
Betsey C.

Every Bartlett person we have encountered has been friendly, courteous, and obviously very competent.
David S.

Dan Yates is always both highly professional and personable, and I appreciate the respect and care he shows for clients, our growing spaces, and the environment. Thanks to him and the other staff who have helped in our garden. I have recommended Bartlett to a number of neighbors and friends and will continue to do so.
Mary C.

All members of your staff were professional, knowledgeable and courteous, and all work was completed in a very favorable manner. Your Arborist Representative, Dan Yates, proved to be also knowledgeable and helpful and had an objective to complete the contract to our satisfaction.
Mike H.

Shane and others are always very professional, pleasant, and knowledgeable about their services and existing conditions. I am so glad that Bartlett is my tree company. Thank you.
Betsey C.

Bartlett staff was knowledgeable and friendly. During the estimate, Dan gave me tips about other shrubs in our yard. I took his advice to apply Bayer Advanced Tree & Shrub treatment to our azaleas and they have begun to perk up just as he said they would. The Bartlett staff who did the work were courteous and efficient. They took the time to explain exactly what they would do to each tree on the property. They did a lot of work all over the yard. When I arrived home, the trees looked great and there was no sign of debris in the yard.
Maura L.

Entirely satisfactory performance and services rendered by Bartlett Tree Experts.
Elizabeth S.

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