Bartlett provides expert tree service in Fort Worth, TX and this is what our Fort Worth customers are saying about us. We are proud to offer a wide range of tree services to our customers!

As a Fort Worth tree service company, Bartlett provides the full spectrum of tree and property services offered, including Cabling and Bracing, Fertilization and Soil Care, Insect and Disease Management, Organic and Naturally Based Tree Care, Pruning, Tree Removal, and Disinfectant Application.

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What Our Fort Worth, TX Customers Are Saying

Bartlett is always professional, knowledgeable, friendly, and experienced to take care of my trees.
Lucy B.

Gareth and the crew were wonderful as usual. I contacted Gareth about a large limb down in my front yard and he had a crew scheduled very quickly. The crews are always very quick and efficient. They do a great job and they leave the space clean. They always go the extra mile and not only address the current issue, but assess the property as a whole. I appreciate them very much.
Stacy H.

Victor and the crew are always welcome here.
Kathryn B.

Everyone I have encountered has been exceptionally helpful and knowledgeable. Gareth is an excellent arborist, based on my experience. He has gone the extra mile to evaluate my trees, work with the current issues of a couple of trees, and plan for the long term health of the trees with a recommended Boost Liquid program. Victor, head of the crew that trimmed some branches, worked hard to avoid harming any of the surrounding trees even though they encroached on the work area. The entire crew worked tirelessly through a really hot day. I was very pleased with the work I have seen so far and look forward to continuing to use Bartlett's services.
Adelaide G.

I am a loyal Bartlett customer and a huge Gareth Harrier fan. Gareth Harrier is the best. The most knowledgeable arborist I have ever dealt with.
Carol P.

Everyone we worked with was courteous, professional, and expert. They explained what they were doing and answered all questions. We would definitely use them again.
Jill C.

Everything went smoothly and on schedule.
Aileen H.

I always wonder how the crew knows which limbs to cut without Gareth being there, possibly a picture taken before hand would be of help. I did have Gareth come by a couple of weeks later to look at the job and he was happy to do so as well as explaining future thinning in the coming years that would be needed. I know it would be impossible for him to be at every pruning site but sure would be nice. Happy with your service.
Joyce G.

Gareth was courteous and respectful to us and very knowledgeable..
John and Diane C.

Gareth is amazing, responsive, and so knowledgeable. We have some of the most beautiful trees in Fort Worth and we trust them completely with Gareth. Additionally, his dispatch of Cameron was great. Love Bartlett and Gareth Harrier. For testimonials please Use only first names.
Carol P.

All staff seem very knowledgeable, always able to answer questions. The staff is also very courteous and concerned about meeting client expectations. Gareth was prompt and easy to work with.
Raymond M.

Gareth and his staff were very professional and informative with our needs. Thank you.
John and Diane C.

Very helpful and informative.
Mary Margaret F.

Very professional, personable, and knowledgeable. Took the time to answer all of our questions and educate us on the issues likely going on with our trees. Very happy with service. I hope our tree survives.
Alexandra G.

Gareth always responds to every question, even if it is late at night. Gareth, the crew members, and office staff have all been easy to work with.
Tracey K.

Friendly and informative.
Jim S.

I was very pleased with the way Bartlett handled my tree removal.
Mary Lynn G.

Extremely professional and helpful. Went above and beyond to meet my expectations. Adapted plan to incorporate specific requests.
Alan S.

Gareth was very knowledgeable and friendly. He was helpful in guiding us on the prioritization of our tree projects.
Erin W.

Staff were knowledgeable and professional. Gareth Harrier earned my trust with his knowledge and honest assessment of my problem, possible actions and potential outcomes. The trimming crew was professional and did a good job of handling some potentially hazardous situations. The clean-up of small twigs and branches could have been more complete. It took me an hour or so to finish the clean up.
Randal M.

Everyone was very courteous especially Gareth and Victor. Very professional.
David B.

Gareth Harrier has been a terrific resource on helping us decide how to keep several large valued trees at their best. He has been very helpful on helping us map out a plan to keep all our plants looking good and on a schedule that we can afford to keep up with. His crew chief, Victor, is also outstanding. He takes great care to make sure the job is done to our satisfaction. Victor's crew performs their job in a very professional manner from beginning to end. We have had an overall great experience with our Bartlett team.
Preston T.

Gareth was so knowledgeable about trees. We appreciate him very much. The treatment for our sick trees was done three days after diagnosis. They are still living and we are quite hopeful they will pull thru. I highly recommend these folks.
Carolyn W.

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