Bartlett provides expert tree service in Allentown, PA and this is what our Allentown customers are saying about us. We are proud to offer a wide range of tree services to our customers!

As a Allentown tree service company, Bartlett provides the full spectrum of tree and property services offered, including Fertilization and Soil Care, Insect and Disease Management, Plant Analysis and Diagnostics, Pruning, and Tree Structure Evaluation.

If you are looking for a Allentown tree service company, schedule an appointment for a Bartlett Arborist Representative to visit your property and you will not be disappointed.

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What Our Allentown, PA Customers Are Saying

Bartlett's guys did a great job. We are extremely satisfied with their work.
Mike M.

I appreciated the phone call from the technician just ahead of the service visit.
Janice H.

Christina was communicative. She took her time to answer my questions regarding letting my pets out after treatment and regarding the job itself. Also, she was very neat. I would not have known she was there after it was all completed except that I know she was because I was there too.
Cathy F.

We appreciate the expertise of Brian Duvall.
Jane Z.

What could Bartlett have done to make the experience better?Nothing. Very pleased with the quality of the work and my experience was excellent. I really appreciated being able to talk with a person when I first called. Very easy to get information and schedule both the estimate and work. Will recommend to others.
Paul K.

Always willing to answer questions and make suggestions. Very professional and friendly.
Martha R.

I was impressed to see a young lady as the technician.
Estel D.

Very pleased with the service Brian Duvall’s encyclopedic knowledge and recommendations are valuable. Thank you.
Samuel U.

All good. Everyone very nice and did work well.
Judy A.

Brian is terrific. A very nice man.
Audrey K.

A big thank you to all. It was like a well ordered performance how everyone worked together spotting the tree climbing crew, putting down safety cones, cleaning up, and raking debris. Today as I watch the heavy snow fall, I am grateful there will be no dead tree branches falling on our power lines or buildings.
Linda L.

The team at Bartlett is awesome. From Brian, to the crew who pruned our Magnolia, we are grateful to have found a knowledgeable and cohesive group of workers we can trust. Great job. Thank you.
Rita G.

They did a perfect job. They were very friendly and told me exactly what should be done and if I was agreeable to what they suggested.
Ann K.

Prompt, friendly, informative, and efficient crew members. Brian was accommodating to our issues. I appreciate the emails and the descriptions of work to be done. Phone messages to and from Emily were very professional. I would not hesitate to recommend Bartlett Tree Service.
Sara T.

I was very impressed by the follow-up to my questions. This has left an impression on me to making recommendations and becoming a long-time customer. Thank you. Shelly is responsive, very courteous, and quick to respond.
Dorthy O.

Staff on site were great.
Scott D.

All were very professional and polite.
Karl B.

Our trees look great. The crew was very professional.
Charles R.

Great team very satisfied with the work. The arborist was very thorough and answered all my questions and concerns. I am grateful for their professional work and look forward to future opportunities.
Lou F.

I trust Bartlett with my beloved trees.
Cynthia K.

Everything was good from start to finish. Crew was courteous and respectful. The job was completed quickly and the cleanup was through. Thank you, Brian.
Joe B.

Experience was excellent. Nothing to add. Professional and Courteous. No complaints. Brian created an excellent first impression of decency and professionalism. A good man. The crew that followed were equally professional. Would recommend the services offered by Bartlett to friends and acquaintances.
Miriam V.

Service was good. All the staff were professional and did what they said they were going to do. Excellent service, guys, keep up the good work. I will recommend your service to anyone.
Ayon C.

I have been a repeat customer due to 1) Brian Duvall being a fantastic manager to work with. 2) Chris being a great crew leader and the office staff's pleasantness, Shelly for one. The crew on site are courteous.
John P.

: Brian was professional and knowledgeable. Crew did an excellent job.
Cynthia G.

Brian Duvall is professional, knowledgeable, and personable. All the technicians from Bartlett that visit our home are polite, call before visiting, and follow up.
Robert S.

Very happy with the service.
Susan M.

Best experience. I get a visit from Brian for consultation and advice. I get acknowledgement for receipt of signed contract. I get a call from the office and the tree technician day of visit, prior to visit. Unless, I have asked to be there, then I get a call from the office prior to the visit. I get a door tag from the tree technician that he or she was there. I can ask for nothing else. All staff are friendly, knowledgeable of their jobs, and very professional.
Suki K.

I have been using Bartlett for years and I am always happy with their work. The staff is always courteous and happy to answer questions. Brian Duvall clearly is an expert arborist and he always explains to me what needs to be done and why.
Ruth H.

Will always have my business. Best in the business.
Kelly F.

Always have a very pleasant experience.
Penny H.

Crew member was very good to deal with.
Charles R.

We appreciate greatly the expertise of Brian Duvall.
Jane Z.

Everything was fine. Happy with service. Just wish I did not have those pieces of Yew stuck in my fence but it was not your fault. I have a nice view for the Solar panels now and the Maple looks better with more light coming through, I am happy that big unruly yew is gone. Now I can use that space for gardening when I can cut the pieces stuck in the fence. Brian was A plus, I have never met a more accurate and responsible leader definitely not in this field. The workers were polite and capable. They did their best with a good attitude. This is hard work in the sun so overall everything went fine. Thank you Bartlett for the great service.
Alina G.

Very courteous Taylor, Ed, and Brian are nice to work with five stars.Very satisfied, very good cleanup after Hornbeam trimming.
Bob G.

Total professionals from estimate to job completion.
Dennis D.

Staff is friendly, informative, and completes work in a timely fashion. Thank you.
Barbara W.

Staff is friendly, informative, and completes work in a timely fashion. Thank you.
Barbara W.

Staff is friendly, informative, and completes work in a timely fashion. Thank you.
Barbara W.

Excellent from start to finish. Brian Duval was professional, insightful, and very pleasant. The crew was outstanding. Chris Shiffer, crew foreman, reviewed the particulars of our contract with me and Brian before beginning the day's work. We anticipate some additional tree work in the near future. As our experience with Bartlett has been very positive in every respect, you can expect that we shall be continuing our relationship. Thank you for a job well done.
Carl W.

Knowledgeable, professional, and personable.
Robert S..

What could Bartlett have done to make the experience better? Nothing to improve. Amazing service. Always professional and very informative.
Kelly F.

First class work, excellent clean up after tree trimming. Very easy to deal with, polite, and good listeners. Overall very good quality work, staff is friendly, courteous, and very professional and helpful, always exceeds my expectations.
Bob G.

The staff was very courteous and professional. They gave helpful suggestions and did a wonderful job of trimming the trees. I will definitely use your services again.
Elaine B.

What could Bartlett have done to make the experience better? Can not think of anything. Bartlett does a great job in taking care of our Fat Alberts and other trees on our property. It has only been four years that they have been coming to do three treatments through spring, there has been a great improvement of the health of the trees. Thank you Bartlett.
Victor V.

Excellent service from start to finish.
Dianne M.

Always friendly.
Melissa P.

Courteous and respectful. A pleasure to interact with.
Tom K.

Courteous, respectful. A pleasure to interact with.
Tom K.

My Bartlett Arborist Representative, Brian Duvall, is always courteous and knowledgeable. He explains everything to me about what needs to be done to keep my trees and shrubs healthy. The crew members who treat my trees and shrubs are polite and always let me know when they will be coming to do work.
Ruth H.

Excellent experience. We plan to remain Bartlett customers permanently.
Karina K.

The Bartlett staff are my partners in maintaining my trees. I tell them what I think might be wrong, they assess and tell me it is normal or suggest solutions for more healthy trees. They also point out which trees may be unhealthy and provide a degrees of solutions, degrees in cost, results, and timeline. I appreciate having such knowledgeable staff taking care of my trees. They listen to my wants and we discuss whether my wants and the trees needs are aligned and suggest a compromise if needed. They are also good at simple tree work.
Suki K.

Happy that we switched too Bartlett. Brian is very professional and helpful. Local office staff is friendly and also helpful. So far we are very happy with Bartlett of our area.
Robert F.

What could Bartlett have done to make the experience better? Absolutely nothing. It is always a good experience. Everyone I have interfaced with are professional, knowledgeable, informative, and courteous.
Tom P.

Brian Duvall is extremely knowledgeable, courteous, and does an all around great job. He periodically checks on my trees and bushes to see how the treatments have worked. The crew members are extremely nice and respectful. They call me ahead of the treatment and then knock on the door to let me know they have arrived and tell me what they are going to do.
Sharon L.

Everything goes smoothly. Staff is dedicated and knowledgeable. Trees are doing noticeably better since treatment started.
Gene F.

Taylor is great. Always calls ahead, is professional, efficient, and friendly.
Robert S.

Two nice young ladies did the required service on my Maple tree.
Michael E.

I meant to call and mention a few observations about your crew that did the tree haircuts and one removal as well as the stump grinding. Background. We have a dog that I walk about 1-1/2 miles daily around the west end of Allentown. During that time, I see many other tree companies doing work from tree removal, and chipping, to stump grinding. I also see the after the next day. First, your equipment seems quieter and not always running. Other companies have had their chipper going even when not being loaded. Wow, is that a noisy machine. Seems like your guys get ready to chip and then run the equipment. It also seems guitar. Only running when necessary. Big plus. Second, I do see bits and pieces sometimes leftover when walking from the other companies. I cannot say that about your work. Nothing, nada, no way was anything left by your guys. They do a spotless job. Another A plus. Safety. I noticed when one guy in bucket cutting, there were two other collecting the falls. Always looking up and staying clear. Also, when moving the equipment, you had a separate spotter making sure backing up and buckets did not snag a wire or run over other vegetation. Really liked seeing a safety spotter. I worked in heavy industry for years and you cannot have enough eyes to avoid an accident. Out of curiosity, what is your EMR rate? Lastly, the courtesy. I cannot comment about other companies, but your crews are courteous and seem very competent about their work. I truly like it when the crew seems to be in control. Cannot give enough accolades. I thought it was a super good job.
Rich F.

Goes above my expectations every time. Truly experts and has earned my business for all times. Taylor and Brian are amazing.
Kelly F.

Everyone is friendly, polite, and willing to answer questions.
Melissa P.

Everything was fine. Great bunch. Fine work, very efficient, I am very satisfied with the work done.
Kathy H.

Your service is amazing. There is nothing to be done to make the experience better. Thank you for the continued care you give my property.
Tom P.

Professional and very knowledgeable in helping maintain healthy shrubs and trees in our landscape.
Jill W.

What could Bartlett have done to make the experience better? No suggestion. Was a great experience.Competent, highly professional, and polite.Great professional crew with sound knowledge in their field of Tree and shrub maintenance and removal. I would recommend Bartlett to anyone.
Manfred H.

What could Bartlett have done to make the experience better? Nothing. Everything is always top notch. Everyone is wonderful. Great communication. Brian is so knowledgeable and can explain it to me so I can understand. Office staff is always friendly they keep me informed of when they are coming.
Jim and Lynn S.

Always A+ work.
Brian M.

Always A+ work.
Brian M.

What could Bartlett have done to make the experience better? Nothing. Everything is always top notch. Everyone is wonderful. Great communication. Brian is so knowledgeable and can explain it to me so I can understand. Office staff is always friendly they keep me informed of when they are coming.
Jim and Lynn S.

Always friendly, courteous, and very knowledgeable. Bartlett is a true, professional tree expert company. They have managed to improve the health of our trees. In the past we have used chain brand companies and they did little but spray general mixtures around our property. Bartlett came in and Brian made a plan for each individual tree. The result? Healthy trees.
Al K.

We continue to be impressed with Taylor's knowledge and helpfulness with all our questions.
Peter J.

What could Bartlett have done to make the experience better? It was a pleasure to meet the crew. Courteous, extremely professional, safety oriented, highly efficient, and knowledgeable experts. Well done by the manager Brian Duval. We are really happy to have chosen the Bartlett team to remove and trim our tree and shrubs. We will recommend the Bartlett service to anyone who needs such services. Thanks Bartlett team.
Manfred H.

What could Bartlett have done to make the experience better? The work crew was wonderful, friendly, and cared about our property. As for what to do different is nothing. All people were great. So nice in this day and age to deal with a company that cares about the work they do.
Tom C.

What could Bartlett have done to make the experience better? Nothing that I can think of. Everybody was very friendly and professional.
Cary V.

Hard working and efficient. They brought the right equipment to accomplish the job quickly and cleanly.
Robert D.

I appreciate the honest responses from Brian.
Amy S.

I liked that the workers knocked on my door before they left to show me the work they did. To me it is a sign that people take pride in their work and also gives a chance for customers to ask questions and make sure they are happy. Very pleased both with the removal of dead wood and trimming of Holly tree. Both were a huge improvement. Thanks Brian and your great team.
Kurt D.

We love Taylor, very courteous and professional, not to mention friendly.
Ann M.

The young man who was here did a good job and was very respectful and hard working. He explained everything to me at the end of the job, which I requested. I appreciated his taking the time and explaining it well.
Elizabeth N.

Brian is great, knowledgeable, and personable. Taylor is terrific, always checks in before arriving. Always does a great job. The folks at Bartlett are all very friendly. They go out of their way to ensure satisfaction. Very knowledgeable, professional, and thorough.
Robert S.

They did a great job. I greatly appreciate your rep and crew willingly answer any questions. I have. Every person on this crew was easy to work with and responsive to any concerns I have ever had. It is nice having people around your home who are trustworthy.
Fran E.

What could Bartlett have done to make the experience better?Nothing. Staff is always professional, personable, knowledgeable, and has been helpful and patient in answering my questions.
Nancy A.

Friendly and informative.
Gerry B.

Great job, great staff. Perfect.
Tom P.

It is always a treat to see and talk with Taylor. She is knowledgeable, competent, and always answers our many questions.
Peter J.

I appreciate having your representative knock on my door before they begin service, both to let me know they are here and to inform my of the service they will apply that day.
Hollie E.

Great trained and highly competent crew. It was a great experience to meet the manager, Brian, who is very professional and competent in his field. So is the crew who removed trees and prunes tree and shrubs. Very knowledgeable, courteous, and highly professional. We can and will recommend Bartlettt to any home owner who asks for tree services.
Manfred H.

I really appreciate your expertise, responsiveness, and service.
Cathy L.

Worker lets us know when she was coming and whether she needed us to be home or not. Then we relaxed and left the rest to her. Thanks.
Timothy B.

What could Bartlett have done to make the experience better? I have no complaints. They did all that was required. Thanks. The arborist, Brian was very pleasant. He was knowledgeable and answered all my questions which helped me to make the right decision about the trees and plants on my property. The crew members were great. No damages, they left the place spotless and there were no complaints from the neighbors. I will use Bartlett Tree Experts again, as I have another tree to be removed. and I would recommend Bartlett Tree Experts to anyone.
Cindy H.

Awesome job and awesome staff.
Jay N.

Professional. Follows through on questions and details.
Bernadette B.

Zackery was helpful, informative, and conservative in his recommendations. I have already recommended him to two other families.
Lynda R.

Brian Duvall is great. Professional, knowledgeable, and personable. Taylor calls before arriving for work, an appreciated courtesy.
Robert S.

Everyone I have contact with at Bartlett is courteous and helpful.
Ruth H.

What could Bartlett have done to make the experience better?Nothing. They were extremely efficient and considerate of our property.. Brian is so knowledgeable about shrubs and trees. He made great suggestion about what needed to be done on our property.
Jean M.

Everyone we deal with is very courteous. Brian was very knowledgeable and responsive.
Gary A.

They are all very courteous whether on the phone or in person. They explain things to us. Our trees and bushes look very good. The group is probably the best company I have dealt with that worked on my house. Brian Duvall is fantastic.
Sharon L.

Loved my experience. It was professional and exactly what we wanted and needed. We will be using your services again in the future.
Laura C.

Loved my experience. It was professional and exactly what we wanted and needed. We will be using your services again in the future.
Laura C.

Our initial contact was with Brian Duvall and we were impressed with his knowledge and the care he took in explaining the solutions for the problems we had with two trees specifically. He was generous with tips for us to care for other trees and shrubs in our yard. He has a quiet confidence which leads his customers to trust him. Our next contact was with Taylor and trainee Jonathan. Both were friendly and competent and answered our many questions. Taylor was very knowledgeable and also gave us much needed information on the techniques she was using and what we could expect in the future. Jonathan was quite industrious and we are sure he will be a good addition to any Bartlett crew.
Peter J.

Very knowledgeable. Doing a great job.
Gerry B.

What could Bartlett have done to make the experience better?: Nothing more We are just very pleased as always, Thank you. All very pleasant and informative.
Yvonne R.

Thank you for the follow up call and advice.
Patricia M.

Taylor and Brian are great.
Marianne B.

All made everything go smoothly, and I enjoyed talking with them. I was impressed by the workers' care and precision in taking down our dead Pin Oak.
David V.

Brian was extremely knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with.
Alex G.

Professional and timely.
Andy K.

Very courteous, competent, efficient. I thought I would never find a tree service as good as Gary’s Tree Service but Bartlett is excellent with tree care.
Gary A.

Professional and courteous.
Robert S.

Nothing to improve on. Best decision I ever made to have them take care of my trees. Brian and Taylor are amazing. They truly care about the customers.
Kelly F.

Love Bartlett Tree Experts. Always happy and smiling faces. I do recommend Bartlett to everyone.
Victor V.

Brian is an exceptional arborist and explained in detail the needs of our trees and how they can continue to be healthy with the proper care and treatments. We will continue to use Bartlett to maintain our trees and shrubs.
Jennifer T.

Brian is an exceptional arborist and explained in detail the needs of our trees and how they can continue to be healthy with the proper care and treatments. We will continue to use Bartlett to maintain our trees and shrubs.
Jennifer T.

Your staff and crews are always excellent. Thank you very much.
Janet F.

Very knowledgeable and polite. Very pleased overall.
Robert A.

We are very happy with everyone at Bartlett. The service is great and our property is looking so much better than it was when we left our previous tree service company. Excellent. Keep up the great work.
Robert F.

Brian is great!!! Crews are awesome, totally focused on the task.
Wayne H.

Zach was extremely helpful and proactive with my wind damage problem. The team that came out and worked in the rain on June 23rd was fantastic, highly capable, courteous, and did an immaculate clean up. Thanks to everyone.
Kathryn B.

Brian, Shelley, Chris, the rest of the crew and everyone in the office have been professional and helpful. A large Norway Maple tree on our property had become a safety hazard and Brian and the people at Bartlett were able to arrange to have it removed much earlier than anticipated, at a fair price. Chris and the crew did a great job removing the tree which was growing around and against several communications lines.Thank you.
Robert C.

My neighbor had an extremely large tree that had to be removed. Brian was meeting with her and I asked if it was possible to trim several branches that were hanging over my wires. He was extremely receptive and I felt that even though my job was a smaller job he listened and gave me a fair price. The team who completed the work was consciousness, hardworking, and left the site without any mess. Great team all around. Highly recommend.
Kathy N.

I have found every member of Bartlett's staff to be knowledgeable, professional, and personable. I have recommended Bartlett Tree Experts several times, and will continue to do so.
Wilson B.

Very courteous and communicative. On time and efficient in work performed. Showed great care of property and surrounding landscaping. Great service and communications with all staff and team members.
David Z.

Wonderful interactions. I am so glad I called you.
Ralph M.

Brian was extremely knowledgeable and friendly when he came out to survey our trees. After scheduling, the first crew that came out to our house were amazing. Just watching them work was awesome. Each person worked as a team and you could see the camaraderie playing out under Scott’s leadership. The second time out was a smaller crew but equally as awesome again under Scott’s leadership. We had a third crew to grind stumps. All were wonderful. This company was wonderful to work with. I have recommended you to a few neighbors who I think have scheduled work.
Mark S.

Great service all the way around. We were very pleased. Thank you.
John P.

Brian, Shelley, Chris,and the rest of the crew and everyone in the office have been professional and helpful. A large Norway Maple tree on our property had become a safety hazard. Brian and the people at Bartlett were able to arrange to have it removed much earlier than anticipated, at a fair price. Chris and the crew did a great job removing the tree which was growing around and against several communications lines. Thank you.
Robert C.

Your entire staff has always been very courteous and helpful. Brian has been a great help in making my Dogwood trees and other shrubbery look much healthier. Very satisfied with everything that was done.
Ila D.

Staff was very professional.
Nina M.

Very Efficient job done. Excellent project done by your team.
Victor R.

The crew were efficient and friendly. Did an amazing clean up after tree removal. The crew did inform me they did not have the stump grinder and will be here at a later date to remove the stump.
Madeline C.

I do not remember crew names but I do know the crew that has done work for us are amazing and they have been to my residents four to five times. Everyone that works for Bartlett Tree are truly professional. The last job I had was a Crab Apple tree that was in between wires and connected to the neighbors tree. Let me tell you the crew member that cut that difficult tree down was absolutely amazing. The clean up of all those apples were priceless. I will never use any other service but Bartlett. They are outstanding. I want to Thank Everyone at Bartlett Tree for their professional expertise on every job they have done on my tree line property. Thank You Brian and Shelley.
Dale F.

Very nice and knowledgeable young lady that did our treatment recently. Her suggestion on the way I should landscape under our Maple tree may well be very beneficial to the future health of the tree. Thanks.
Michael E.

Always professional and courteous. Thank you.
Wilson B.

Everyone has been very friendly. Brian has been great with all the explanations on the services I received. It is good to receive the notification of treatments and also the contact with your crew members when they perform the services.
Ila D.

I rate their service an A++. Shelley is a delight to talk to, Brian is a caring professional, and the workers are amazing. Always on time, expertise is outstanding. Always do above what is expected. Will never use anyone else. I live on a tree line street and seen my share of tree experts but nothing like Bartlett Tree. When they are done, you won't even know they were there.
Dale F.

We have been impressed with the skill and professionalism of Bartlett's workers. The jobs have been done quickly and well, with thorough cleanup.
Terry S.

Thank you.
Lisa M.

Brian Duvall sent an email letting me know that Taylor would be coming the next day to do some treatments. I appreciate knowing when crew members will be coming.
Ruth H.

The guys were great and willing to explain to me what they did and why. Overall I am very happy with the service. The tree looks fantastic and I have the comfort of knowing it is being managed in a way that will ensure the best future growth and development.
Christian B.

Very pleased with Brian's knowledge and help as well as the crew that removed the shrubs and the tree. Well done and thanks.
Teresa R.

The service is excellent.
Barbara F.

Excellent service and very polite. Answered all my questions.
Vince W.

We appreciated the communication from the office about arrival times. The foreman was great at explaining how the work would be done. He also knowledgeably answered a few questions we had about additional issues. The entire work crew was polite and professional. The work involved trimming large trees within our Asian garden. We appreciate how the staff was especially careful in working around the Asian plantings and hardscape. We were impressed with the clean up of the job site. The area looked as good or even better than when they began.
Glenn K.

One gentleman on the crew I spoke with was very polite and accommodating. He did exactly what I asked of him.
Maureen W.

Very happy with your work. Clean-up was thorough. Thank you.
Diane P.

Very professional and courteous. Appreciate Brian Duvall’s quick response and attention to our Maple tree that is important to us and our backyard.
Robert S.

As always everyone from Bartlett is so professional and courteous. Very pleased with the job.
Yvonne R.

Receptionist was friendly and informative during phone calls. Brian was prompt and friendly, answered all questions and did not rush thru assessment visit to property. The treatment crew member gave us a call and answered all questions regarding the treatments.
Bob H.

I was pleased by the knowledge and expertise of the arborist. The crew was efficient, polite, and took great care to protect the lawn and other plantings. Every last twig and leaf was cleaned up when they were finished. The trees look great.
Harold B.

All very friendly I have already recommended Bartlett to neighbors and will do so in the future.
Carol F.

Crew has an excellent work ethic. Brian is a very good representative of your company and someone who instills confidence. Job was completed to my satisfaction.
David B.

Brian is always profession, timely with appraisals, has good communication skills, and open for communication regarding what needs to be done. I did not interact with crew but I am sure that the work was done professionally.
Joe T.

I was very satisfied with the service I received from Bartlett Tree Experts. I will definitely use their services again.
Nina M.

Thank you for the job well done. Looking forward to hearing from you especially about trimming the hedge. We had used Gary's Tree Service and am glad I was able to connect with Bartlett. Hopefully, will have additional work for your firm in the future.
Lila K.

Everyone I have been in contact with has been very courteous. Brian Duvall explained the problems with my trees and shrubs and I felt very confident that my shrubs and trees will be better after treatment.
Ila D.

Experience from start to finish could not have been any better. Wish more companies performed to this level of excellence.
Peter S.

Brian Duvall came to our house to evaluate some issues that our two Blue Spruces where experiencing. He concluded that the tree was having some problems that would require several treatments including spraying and pruning. The first treatment was completed recently by Taylor who I just knew from the get go. She was very knowledgeable and experienced in what she does and I was confident that things were going well. The next big test will be in early September when Brian will have a crew here to try to rescue my wife’s beloved Norway Maple shade tree in early September. Every person I spoke or dealt with from Bartlett were extremely professional, honest, and seemed dedicated to their job and employer including Shelly, Taylor, and, of course Brian Duvall. He is truly the best image I would want to represent Bartlett tree service if it was my company.
Douglas K.

Throughly satisfactorily look forward to fall & winter phases when those seasons arrive.
David L.

Timely service. Very good experience. Turns out my neighbor in the next block has used your services and has been very pleased. Looks like Bartlett will help keep the street trees on our part looking great. Thank you.
Kathryn B.

Very professional, polite, and efficient.
Robert S.

Everyone in the organization was a professional. Have passed your name along to two neighbors. Thank you.
Tom R.

Everyone was very nice and professional. Great job, overall.
Michelle S.

Everyone was courteous and efficient. They made sure they raked and cleaned up after the tree work. A job well done. Thank you very much.
Cindy C.

First Class. Very satisfied. Brian Duvall is terrific to work with.
Bob G.

Knowledgeable, professional, and trustworthy.
Sarah K.

The crew was polite, friendly, and professional. When I came out to say hi they still kept a safe social distance.
H. Stewart S.

Very professional and courteous.
Robert S.

Very professional and great customer service.
Patricia W.

We received fine contact and good service from the Bartlett staff and crewmembers that we have come to expect.
David B.

All the work was done professionally, timely, and as discussed.
Henry E.

Bartlett staff with whom I have had contact has been courteous, friendly, and helpful. Brian Duvall was very helpful in explaining to me what needed to be done when I had a large tree with some damaged branches.
Ruth H.

With this being the first time getting a tree trimmed I did not know what the process was. Brian was professional and very thorough in explaining what needed to be done. In addition, Shelley from the office kept me informed throughout the scheduling process. I am so grateful that I found the recommendation for your service on my neighborhood website. Brian came highly recommended and I would recommend him and your service.
Susan B.

Excellent service all the way around.
Lucille L.

Your entire crew was exceptional. We were extremelly impressed with their meticulous workmanship in analyzing which branches to remove first and so on. It was like watching art unfold, only it was removal of a large Linden tree and Maple tree. The crew was courteous, neat, clean, and paid tremendous attention to safety for our property and also for each other. Bartlett Tree Service gets an A+ from us and we will highly recommend you to others. Thank you for your service. Bartlett Tree Service cares about the customer, the property, and the safety of its employees.
Sandra K.

Friendly, professional. snazzy outfits, and impressive equipment. I trust Bartlett to do what is needed for my trees, since I do not know a thing about them. Thanks for taking care of the lantern flies, trimming, pruning, and fertilizing.
Timothy B.

All positive with outstanding workers and technicians.
David B.

Honest responses to my inquiries about the job. Efficient crew and good job cleaning up my yard when finished. We we would recommend them for any tree work you might have at your home.
Chris F.

Outstanding customer service across the board.
Linda M.

Both Brian and Chris were professional and extremely helpful. The removal was fast only four or five hours. Again a fast and thorough job, great equipment, and skilled workers.
John Z.

This is my second job with Bartlett. Workers are friendly and courteous. Brian is very knowledgeable.
Carol F.

Always a pleasant experience working with management and staff at Bartlett. Our landscaping looks great.
Bruce L.

Always a pleasant experience working with management and staff at Bartlett. Our landscaping looks great.
Bruce L.

Brian is a true professional. Not only is he extremely knowledgeable, but he is friendly and always answers my questions. It has been great to partner with him over the last year and a half.
Adrian Z.

Gary Rohrbach has always been knowledgeable, courteous, and effective in his assessment and advice about managing our trees and bushes. While we have a small property, I am glad we chose professional help with our trees.
Gerard K.

Brian is extremely personable and knowledgeable. He is a real asset to the company.
Barry M.

Extremely personable, knowledgeable, and professional. Very responsive to questions or concerns.
Alice W.

After inspecting our property, Brian gave us great information on these Spotted Lantern Flies and the treatment he uses. Getting the treatment gave me great peace of mind, especially since these insects were getting inside my home. I felt so much better after Vivian came out to do the treatment. We did not see anymore around the house. Thank you professionals, Bartlett Tree Experts.
Rae Ann D.

Everyone was courteous to deal with and took care of the lanternfly problem quickly.
Jame M.

Very professional, informative, and helpful.
Lynn Y.

Everyone I have dealt with thus far has been very kind, knowledgeable, and courteous. My designated arborist, Brian, has been very professional with me and I look forward to dealing with him again in the future.
Mark R.

Brian Duvall was very courteous when he came out to assess my Pear Tree. He explained in detail what needed to be done and how the crew would handle the job. When the crew came out to work on the tree, they were courteous, and worked hard on a very hot, humid day. After the job was complete a crew member showed me what they had done. They did an awesome job and my property was immaculate when they left.
Ruth H.

The crew that worked at our home for almost the entire day were courteous, knowledgable, and made sure we understood the work they were doing, and also shared observations on the condition of the trees. I was very impressed by John and his knowledge and the way he went about the work to be done.
Ann M.

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