Bartlett provides expert tree service in Durham, NC and this is what our Durham customers are saying about us. We are proud to offer a wide range of tree services to our customers!

As a Durham tree service company, Bartlett provides the full spectrum of tree and property services offered, including Cabling and Bracing, Fertilization and Soil Care, Insect and Disease Management, Plant Analysis and Diagnostics, and Pruning.

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What Our Durham, NC Customers Are Saying

Staff are always kind, professional, and knowledgeable. They always make sure I understand the plans to keep my tree healthy.
Marie S.

Brad is the best.
Jim D.

Work was done at my son's house when he was not home. They did a great job with a difficult tree removal. We always appreciate dealing with Brad Davis. He is very responsive to our needs.
Suzanne W.

Thank you for your excellent service. Many thanks to Brad for his thorough evaluation of my trees, shrubs, and treatment plan developed, he knows his stuff. Many thanks to Emma for coming by last week to do the soil collection and fertilization, she is very sweet and knowledgeable. I appreciate having a service contract with Bartlett. Many thanks.
Susan G.

Representative is knowledgeable and answers questions clearly, giving options when appropriate. Your dedication to saving existing trees is wonderful. Mother Nature is very appreciative.
Carol R.

Everyone I have met and interacted with at Bartlett has been so friendly, professional, thorough, and answering my silly questions and not laughing at me for them. So very glad I chose Bartlett for my tree services.

The crew did a super job and I am very happy how beautiful the trees look. The crew was on time which is important to me. Two of the three crew members had been to my home before to remove a 90 foot tree which was a major job so I was happy to see them again. because I knew they would do a good job. Nathan has always been very responsive to my needs and contacts me quickly to set up an appointment to meet with me.
Lynn C.

My experience with Nathan and Bartlett has been outstanding. They have provided the most professional and courteous service of any company I have ever done business with. The entire experience has been a pleasure.
Jill B.

The crew has been extraordinarily patient and helpful, providing clear explanations to our questions. It is appreciated.
Bill M.

We really like Brad and his staff, he is patient and explains in detail, what he will be doing to keep everything healthy. I have recommended him and my neighbor feels the same.
Linda M.

Nathan, arborist, and his crew were fabulous. Great job. Thanks.
Barbara S.

Brad is great. Very knowledgeable. Always listens to my concerns.
Fran W.

I am very pleased that all my trees and shrubs are looking good. Thank you Brad and CO.
Gene D.

Great job, excellent follow up.
Amy N.

Brad is very responsive to my concerns and checks the shrub and tree in question quickly. We had a landscaper tell us we needed to remove a shrub and trim others. I asked Brad to check what the landscaper was saying. Brad said the shrub had a very treatable scale/fungus and the rest of the yard was fine. We have the tallest most beautiful street tree on the street thanks to Bartlett. It is the first to get leaves and the last to lose them.
Curt Y.

All staff were great, helpful, kind, informed, and professional. It is always a pleasure.
Elle K.

My arborist and the people who did the tree work were great. They did a very thorough job both removing a large leaning tree and trimming trees very close to the house. They also have helped save some of my ornamental trees by analyzing and treating the soil. Always polite, friendly and professional.
Jeff G.

Perfectly happy with all parts of the tree service by Bartlett. The trees treated last year showed so much improvement last year that I am more than happy for their service again this year. All staff seem knowledgeable and all are very customer oriented, polite, and informed. Our representative, in particular, has a broad knowledge of trees and shrubs, which he is happy to share, even for some of the plants he will not be treating. He is great and has been very helpful.
Mary D.

Perfectly happy with all parts of the tree service by Bartlett. The trees treated last year showed so much improvement that I'm more than happy for their service again this year. All staff seem knowledgeable and all are very customer oriented, polite, and informed. Our representative, in particular, has a broad knowledge of trees and shrubs, which he is happy to share, even for some of the plants he will not be treating. He is great and has been very helpful.
Mary D.

These guys are excellent. I needed to have a large dead tree taken down, as well as some fallen trees removed. They came out to give me a quote, and within a few days the work was done. They were efficient, courteous, and cleaned up all debris when they were done. Bonus points for closing my gates without having to be reminded. Good reliable tree service is not cheap, and it should not be since it is potentially dangerous work. I have used this company several times and have not been disappointed.
Nancy C.

Just keep doing what you do. Excellent staff, crew, and customer service. Excellent, would very highly recommend this company, and I will use them again, they will be my first call.
Keri V.

Crews are always friendly, helpful, knowledgeable, and courteous. Brad is great, patient with me and keeps an eye on our property for suggestions.
Linda G.

Nathan was very knowledgeable and personable and so were the people who took down our tree. They were neat and did not leave a mess for us to clean up. They also were careful to bring the tree down safely.
Steven E.

All of the Bartlett staff I have encountered are courteous and professional. I chose Bartlett Tree Experts because you have a great reputation and people I trust highly recommend you. Very glad to have your expert service.
G. J.

Brad has been good to work with. Knows his stuff. Will and his crew were great. Very friendly and did a great job.
Robert R.

They are awesome always. We love Brad.
Sarah S.

Brad goes above and beyond. I feel like he cares about our property and he is so helpful when we need to make decisions about various trees and yard projects.
Lauren L.

Great job by all.
John A.

Brad has been very responsive to my questions and needs. He checks out my trees a couple of times a year and makes recommendations to keep them healthy and properly trimmed.
Suzanne W.

Very pleasant, knowledgeable, and conscientious.
Janice G.

The crew was efficient and did a good job. They understood that I did not want excessive pruning to our existing trees so were careful to only thin what was necessary for healthy growth. I have been a Bartlett customer for many years and have enjoyed their service.
Lynn E.

Extremely professional and knowledgeable arborist, responsive to questions, and enjoyable to work with. The crew members have been terrific as well in terms of their skill and consideration of their property, All very professional.
Jeffrey H.

Brad has an excellent personality and Is very knowledgeable about all aspects of our landscaping. He is a pleasure to work with keeping our property to look terrific.
Steve T.

Extremely professional and knowledgeable arborist. Responsive to questions and enjoyable to work with. The crew members have been terrific as well in terms of their skill and consideration of my the property. All very professional.
Jeffrey H.

Over the years the Bartlett reps have always been knowledgeable and responsive to our tree needs. Thanks for providing continued quality service. Lynn E., Durham, NC
Lynn E.

Each Bartlett staff was great. Friendly, knowledgeable, respectful of property and easy to deal with.
Elle K.

Brad is great, always gives great advice and service.
Tammie W.

On our street, the trees on my property and that of my neighbor who also uses Bartlett look much larger and better than our other neighbors. In fact, his Jefferson Maple is becoming very full and tall for only being six years old. Many thanks to Brad and to you for your work.
Bill H.

You guys are the best.
Judy D.

Very friendly and courteous. Contacted me immediately after I submitted my request on their website. Nathan took time to answer all my questions and gave me a couple options in regard to one tree. He kept in touch throughout the process and let me know when crews would arrive to do the work. They have done a great job both this time and in the past. This is why I called them again. I know I can trust their work and the pricing is in line with other well known tree companies. The stump grinders were also friendly and efficient. They arrived when expected, and cleaned up well afterwards.
Deann C.

A great team that we love working with.
Charlotte W.

Brad was very knowledgeable. The day he came out he gave his recommendations and pricing. The work was done quickly.
Paula A.

Brad Davis was very helpful and informative when he came out for the free consult. He was prompt in putting together and revising a plan for our tree care. Looking forward to working with him moving forward.
Nathan B.

The entire staff was great.
Chris H.

I love everyone who comes out to my house for my various tree issues. Brad Davis is very nice and accommodating. The service people are always super friendly. I am very happy with my service. I have recommended you to many folks. Thank you.
Charlotte W.

Brad is Always very thorough and a great resource for all landscape questions. Workers on property are always very careful to close fence gates and clean up all debris from trimmings. Many of my neighbors trees suffer from disease but mine are healthy and thriving because of Bartlett’s care.
Cheryl B.

Brad was quite helpful and courteous and able to set up a plan to save our trees. Much appreciated.
Pat M.

Thank you for your courteous professionals and your excellent work. We are so grateful to have found you and will continue to call you for all our tree related needs.
Terri P.

I was impressed by Brad's knowledge and especially appreciated his making room in a busy schedule to take down a very large Oak that was a hazard to anybody underneath it . . . and our roof. He is a pleasure to work with, and the crew who took the tree down -- no easy feat -- as well as some smaller ones, did an excellent job.
Kate A.

Nathan was very knowledgeable about what I needed and he suggested things I never knew, thank you Nathan. I was impressed with the way the three guys worked together.
Jerry N.

Nathan was really great. Very thorough and professional. Nice young man. Crew was also very good. Friendly and attentive, did a great job.
Sally B.

Excellent service all around. Ted R., Durham, NC
Ted R.

Nathan Trull, my Bartlett arborist, was fantastic. He walked the property with me and ensured that the crew knew exactly what to do. The crew did a great job. I am very glad that we selected Bartlett and look forward to working with them again. I have recommended Nathan and Bartlett to my neighbors.
Jim B.

Brad is a very helpful and knowledgeable consultant. He takes his time to listen and partner with us to keep our trees and shrubs healthy. He is easy to converse with and helpful in offering solutions. His crew are also friendly, knowledgeable, and very professional in getting the jobs done efficiently and as required by the contract. Bartlett has proved to be a highly dependable tree service who values the investments in our landscape. They also seem interested in keeping the environment safe for pollinators whenever possible.
Jean H.

Brad Davis and all representatives were great to work with. Our plants were well taken care of. I highly recommend Bartlett.
Ruth M.

Knowledgeable, courteous, educational, and thorough.
Carol R.

Thank you for your wonderful service and attention to details. I will recommend your company to others that might need the service. Again most professional.
Leon H.

Bartlett shows up with a smile on their face and more then willing to answer any questions. I have recommended Bartlett to neighbors. They are as happy with your service as I am. Keep up the good work.
Michelle D.

Kevin provides a personal touch and always comes to the property whenever I have a question or concern. I recently referred a friend who lives in Morrisville.
Maria A.

Kevin provides a personal touch and always comes to the property whenever I've had a question or concern. I recently referred a friend who lives in Morrisville. Maria A., Durham, NC
Maria A.

Very friendly and courteous service. Appreciate Bartlett’s expertise.
Jeanienne B.

Brad was very knowledgeable and helpful, he even identified and explained other areas of concern in my gardens and proposed solutions. The crew arrived and was well informed about the work that needed to be done, an example of good communication, and explained in detail what would be done. The work was completed and cleaned up without incident. The crew leader walked around with me again to check things. Will definitely use this service again.
Lyn M.

Bartlett is always professional and friendly.
Carl B.

Everyone I have had contact with has been great including the first people I talked to on the phone. We are very pleased with the work they have done.
Ruth Ann, M.

All were informative, helpful, and enthusiastic. Our trees and yard look much better.
David S.

Brad Davis listened carefully to my requests and suggestions and helped us to settle on the work to be done. I was not present when the work was completed but when I returned I was so impressed that the work had been done exactly as we had agreed. This indicates to me a very close relationship between Brad and his crews. This gives me great confidence in Bartlett and the entire staff. I know that the job will be done the way it should be and the way I want it to be. Thanks for a job superbly done.
Hank W.

Brad came in the pouring rain and looked at what needed to be done, then left in his car absolutely soaked. As far as the crew who came to do work, they were very polite and did things thoroughly and quickly.
Douglas D.

We were very pleased with the service. We wanted to do business with people who have been educated about trees and Bartlett certainly provides that. We were confident that we were doing the right thing to preserve healthy trees. In addition Brad Davis, Nick, and Zach were all very courteous and articulate, so it was not stressful to communicate with them.
Louise S.

Brad Davis listened carefully to my request and suggestion and helped us both to settle on the work to be done. I was not present when the work was completed but when I returned I was so impressed that the work had been done exactly as we had agreed. This indicates to me a very close relationship between Brad and his crew. This gives me great confidence in Bartlett and its entire staff. Thanks for a job superbly done.
Hank W.

The crew does a great job. They are professional and courteous.
Charles W.

I use Bartlett because Brad is a certified Arborist and I want someone who is truly knowledgeable on trees to advise me on how to handle specific problems. Just like our own bodies, trees need care, especially in an urban environment.
Frances C.

Brad was great to work with, very knowledgeable about the condition of our trees and in helping us prioritize. It was fascinating to watch the Bartlett guys work. They thinned and pruned two huge Oak trees that years ago had been topped and were full of dead branches which were constantly dropping. Bartlett did an excellent job of getting rid of the dead wood and shaping these majestic trees. It was also a great help to know what we needed to address, or leave as is.
Jane A.

Brad Davis is fabulous. Very knowledgeable, attentive to detail, communicates with me clearly, and carries out our plans perfectly,is flexible and considerate of my time and money, a real pleasure to work with. I can not remember his name, but the expert who carries out our monitoring program is also excellent. In general I could not be happier with the work Brad and the Bartlett crew are doing.
Mia D.

Brad and the Bartlett staff always do a terrific job. They clearly understand the right way to manage each type of tree and they have helped me deal with numerous issues over the years. I appreciate having true professionals take care of our yard.
Eric M.

We were very pleased with the work that Bartlett did with our trees. They listened to what we had to say, they were very professional in the way the job was done, and left the area where they were working clean and orderly. Should we have another tree job that needs to be done I will have no hesitation to call Brad again.
Hillel K.

We have worked with Brad Davis for some time now. He is knowledgeable and consistently comes up with a game plan that is very satisfactory. The quality of the work is exceptional. The work crews are very professional in dealing with customers and always treat them with the utmost courtesy.
Jay P.

I always get a great job by friendly, informative people. Our place always looks great and that makes it easy to chase off the door to door folks who just happen to be in the neighborhood.
Rich B.

Everyone who has come to my home has been professional about the trees and shrubs in my yard. They would walk around the yard with me checking every tree explaining what was going on and answering all my questions. I have lost a number of trees since we bought our house and I now feel my trees will live a long healthy life.
Taylor M.

All work was done while we were out of town. Loved the results when we returned. Appreciated suggestion about keeping a tree I wanted to get rid of. Since the pruning the tree does not seem to overwhelm the yard.
Leslie H.

Bartlett is very friendly and helpful. We have the utmost confidence in Brad who goes above and beyond what we expect from a landscape company's representative. We always have a pleasant experience when dealing with all of the friendly Bartlett staff. We have called upon Bartlett to diagnose and treat our landscape for many years when we lived in Maryland, and are delighted to find that their services are available at our new home in North Carolina. We have referred Bartlett to our neighbors in a community-wide newsletter and have gotten positive feedback. We will always call on Bartlett for professional landscape advice and treatment.
Pat C.

Tim, Jim, Nate, and Joey pruned and shaped many of the trees in our yard yesterday. They were professional and responsive, they demonstrated exceptional expertise and a great work ethic. Our yard looks beautiful and it was a pleasure to deal with them.
Lois M.

Brad always responds to emails and calls quickly and efficiently. He really cares about his clients and their trees! Brad and his team are always punctual, courteous, and willing to answer questions. I have learned so much about trees from the Bartlett team. I recommended you to my whole neighborhood.
Mary D.

Brad did a great job inspecting my property and making recommendations about the trees. The crew came in a timely manner and really cleaned up well after the job was done. I was not here when the work was done, but it looked great afterwards.
Suzanne W.

Staff and arborist are always courteous and helpful! We are glad to be able to keep the many trees and shrubs on our small property healthy in the most environmentally friendly way possible!
Barbara G.

Very responsive and knowledgeable. We feel great confidence in the care of our trees and shrubs.
Mark S.

Thanks for doing a great job and answering all my questions.
Irene S.

Very professional service provided by Brad and his crew. Great job, many thanks.
Judy J.

Kevin Riegner has been very knowledgeable and helpful!
Mark T.

All of the people I dealt with were very professional, courteous, and knowledgeable.
Ann D.

Wonderful service at every step, from identification of problems and solutions for problems and advice on possible additional improvements. Courteous, polite, professional work on site, excellent communication - in a word, ideal describes my interaction with representative and crew.
Mary D.

Kevin was very responsive and wonderful to work with. He came out on a bitter cold, snowy morning to survey our fallen trees and worked us up a quick quote. The crew arrived as scheduled. The crew was awesome. They took our damaged trees down with great skill and professionalism. Trimmed some overhang near the house and cleaned up the yard nicely. Very happy with the folks at Bartlett. Great job, guys!
Florence P.

Kevin Riegner is always professional, punctual, and friendly. The service is great!
Mike A.

Kevin Riegner was great. He was patient, informative, and courteous: a true professional! You're lucky to have him. I've forgotten the names of our crew, but they were awesome. I'd recommend them in a heartbeat. You guys are not cheap, but the quality and professionalism of your work is worth it. I trust what you tell me. And I know the job will be done correctly. Thanks.
Judy D.

Kevin is great to work with - professional, fast, and very knowledgeable!
Dilip B.

Kevin and all the staff were just great! They were patient and helpful as I made a late decision about cutting down another tree. Many thanks!
Wendy M.

Kevin Riegner is very knowledgeable and helpful. Always does a great job and we appreciate his expert care of our trees.
Katherine Z.

Very professional; the treatments have improved the health of the trees in my yard. I am glad that I chose Bartlett Tree Experts to treat the trees in my yard.
Dorothy W.

Kevin listens and works very hard to help as I request or, if he does not feel that my request is the best solution for my trees and shrubs, he provides appropriate information and recommendations. I appreciate his recommendations. I also appreciate the work the other crew members do. I have recommended Kevin and Bartlett Trees to my friends for many years.
Jane D.

Kevin Reigner is the best arborist I have ever known. Top-notch guy. Thank you for the fine work.
David B.

Kevin is truly a professional; moreover, prompt in response to inquiries and/or concerns.
Angela T.

Always a pleasure to deal with Kevin and the crew. I don't even consider going elsewhere when I need tree service. My next door neighbor recently sold their house; they needed to get an unsightly tree taken down quickly to finish prepping their home for the open house. I called Kevin and he was able to get a crew out the next day.
Jon H.

Thank you for all your hard work. Everything looks great. The crew did a beautiful job. I would feel very good about recommending Bartlett.
Mary B.

Fantastic! Courteous, friendly, and very professional. I would highly recommend them--and already have to my neighbors. Thanks again. Watching the crew take down very large trees without damaging anything was awesome. They would make a great reality TV show :-)
Kathy P.

I can't say enough good things about Kevin! He is extremely professional, responsive, and a great communicator; bottom line, a terrific representative for Bartlett. The crew members were also amazing. While the individuals differed from day to day, each was very efficient, pleasant, and professional. I could not believe it when I looked up at somebody at the top of a tree that had to have been over 100 feet tall with nothing but a rope around him and a saw in his hand! The clean-up was "above and beyond". This was a fairly expensive job, but Bartlett was worth every penny (and more)!
Judy L.

Kevin Riegner managed the job very well with advice, scheduling, and showing up both during the work and after the job was complete to make sure everything was done to my satisfaction. The crew members were prompt, friendly, and efficient doing the tree removal work.
Thomas G.

I appreciate Kevin being right on time for our appointment. The crew did an amazing job. Other than a bit of sawdust by the stumps, there was no evidence that they had even been here - other than my suddenly missing trees.
Todd P.

Skilled professionals in every aspect of their work. Outstanding job and excellent customer service.
Gene C.

I had such a wonderful experience with Bartlett. Upon contacting Bartlett, Kevin Riegner scheduled my tree removal so it was coordinated with seeding of my yard. I also appreciate the trees being removed before my children came home from school. Didn't want them to see trees they enjoyed playing in removed in their presence. Bartlett gets the job done quickly. They remove trees without damage to surrounding vegetation and structures. Everything is cleaned up to your satisfaction.
Angela L.

It was a good experience. Everyone was great to work with.
Jon H.

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