Bartlett provides expert tree service in Surrey, BC and this is what our Surrey customers are saying about us. We are proud to offer a wide range of tree services to our customers!

As a Surrey tree service company, Bartlett provides the full spectrum of tree and property services offered, including Emergency Tree Service, Fertilization and Soil Care, Insect and Disease Management, Pruning, Storm Damage, and Tree Removal.

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What Our Surrey, BC Customers Are Saying

Everyone involved was wonderful, from Aaron coming out to prepare the quote to the crew who did the job. They were all exceptional. Will definitely have Bartlett back on a regular basis.
Linda. U.

The staff were courteous, friendly, polite, and efficient. they went above and beyond, navigating our difficult passage from the front driveway to the backyard with grace and courtesy. I was in awe of the skill involved in scaling out tree and trimming it down, with ropes and wires. The person in the tree worked six hours without seeming to take a break, and was polite and interested in talking when he came down. I am so impressed. I have already recommended Bartlett Tree removal to friends and will continue to do so. Thank you so very much for saving our backyard. We realized the next day that it was exactly a year ago that the branch broke off the tree, broke through the fence and landed a few inches from the neighbor's house. Also, we are so grateful that our tree was trimmed on the 11th as that night, there was a huge wind storm and another neighbor's tree fell onto the trunk of our tree. There would have been so much damage, both to our yard and to our neighbors, if our tree was still six stories high. Thank you.
Sharleen B.

We were totally pleased with the work. All personnel were very courteous and pleasant to deal with. We will be recommending Bartlett Tree company to neighbours and friends.
Marilyn R.

Aaron and his Crew was professional, knowledgeable, efficient, and careful. We have previously recommended Bartlett to other people who have in turn, hired Bartlett and who were just as satisfied. I appreciate the honest and professional service.
Corrine S.

We were not home when the Fertilization Service was completed. Upon arrival home, we found a note on the door to say that Jack had been here and completed the service. We appreciated the note. We found holes around the tree where the fertilizer was applied and the side gate had been properly closed by Jack when he left. Thank you for the good service. We are awaiting the invoice.
Al W.

Very easy to deal with at all levels and always professional. I rarely find companies whose employees take extreme pride in what they do but Bartlett always does a Five star job.
Stephen B.

Good experience. The young men were courteous, asked our opinion about what they planned, explained the tree care to us. They were prompt and worked safely and steadily during their time here. Appreciated them a lot.
Elizabeth C.

Crew we had came out with 8" of snow, they worked well as a team discussing what to cut back. Asked if I was happy. Cleanup was amazing despite the snow.
Carol H.

The initial visit by the arborist, Aaron Smith, was first class. Aaron was very thorough and took the time to explain the circumstances and condition of each of the major trees on our ravine lot which was very informative and detailed for me. The crew who later came to do the work were right on time, explained how and what they proposed to do and completed the work quickly and efficiently. My experience with Bartlett was excellent in every respect.
John P.

Crew we had came out with 8” snow, they worked well as a team discussing what to cut back. Asked if I was happy. Cleanup was amazing despite the snow.
Carol H.

Aaron Smith is a true professional and a pleasure to work with. We have used Bartlett tree services for many years and our contact person has always been good. This is our first time working with Aaron and he is a big step above the others we have worked with. Aaron truly elevates the customer service experience.
Karl K.

My first encounter with Bartlett Tree Experts was a positive experience. In meeting with Aaron Smith, Arborist Representative, for the first time he struck me as the kind of person that not only represents his company well but has an excellent rapport with his clients. Aaron is a knowledgeable and skilled professional who took the time to explain the scientific nature and pruning needs of our large stand of Cedar trees in a way that was easy easy for me to understand. I appreciated his punctuality and professionalism from his estimate through to the completion of the job. Many thanks again Aaron. On the scheduled day for the pruning of our stand of large Cedar trees Steve and his crew Leah, Elijah, and Dan pulled up to our property right on time 8:30. The crew was well organized and demonstrated teamwork at its best working non stop and tirelessly all day long. We were not only impressed with there unbelievable skills, but we were especially impressed by the way the team worked together. They displayed team work at its best and Bartlett Tree Experts can be very proud of them. The team was well trained and their concern for the safety of each other was commendable. As for the actual tree pruning and yard cleanup we had no idea it would make such a huge difference to our property. The improvement is unbelievable. Many thanks again to the crew.
Bob M.

Found them very safe at there job. Liked there safety, planning meeting. They answer and reacted to my requests. Great follow up by the company. Thanks, will use and recommend Bartlett any time. Great service.
Rick W.

I have used Bartlett in the past and have been very pleased with your staff and all the work they have completed for me. They are charming and friendly even to my dogs. My grandchildren had a climbing rope on a tree, Steve took the time to retie the knot to a proper climbers knot that was much safer. The pruning work and cleanup was perfect, but I appreciated the extra personal care and attention they provided. See you next year.
John and Roberta B.

I must get your best crew each year. This year's team was good at what they do and were very nice people.
Cam M.

We are happy with the stump removal and the clean up. A very professional job. As for you and you team, an excellent job by everyone.
Darrel S.

We are delighted with the pruning job on our Laurel hedge. Josh and his team were friendly courteous, and took the time to discuss the job and let me know exactly what they would do. He also pointed out that there are dead branches on our large Cedar tree and took a few out. I plan on having Bartlett do that job also. I highly recommended them.
Debbie M.

Everyone was helpful and informative.
Rhonda C.

I love the follow up visit after the work and the helpful information and look forward to working with the staff and crew in the future. Aaron has been informative, friendly, and efficient.
Donna G.

The crew did great job and left the site clean.
Terry J.

Aaron Smith was an outstanding advisor throughout the entire process. The crew that attended and did the work were excellent, polite, and knowledgeable. Excellent service from the beginning estimate to the final work. All staff were extremely positive and polite. A pleasure to work with. I am already planning more work for next year. I found the prices and procedures very reasonable.
Larry W.

Aaron provided accurate information about the work and what to expect. Steve and Josh are very skilled tree climbers and dropped three large trees without any issues, even though the trees were very near neighbors and beautiful Willow trees. I highly recommend Aaron and his team for any technical tree maintenance and removal.
Arnie V.

The technician conducting the tree treatment was well informed, took appropriate safety precautions, provided post treatment guidelines, while being polite, respectful, and patient with my questions. Bartlett has lived up to its well earned reputation for excellent service.
Ruth S.

We love the fact that the crew showed up on time and expertly removed the tree stump and root system quickly and efficiently. We are now ready to proceed to the next phase of our backyard transformation.
Rick Y.

All staff were very knowledgeable and personable.
Michelle C.

Very efficient and knowledgeable crew. Work was done quickly and I am very happy with the end result.
Jack B.

All our experiences so far with Bartlett's staff have been excellent. Thank you.
Ron A.

Aaron was very thorough and informative. It was clear what was going to be done to enable my yard to have more sun. The crew was very friendly and worked hard. Bartlett Tree Experts are the only company I would deal with. They are professional, skilled and will complete the job to meet the expected results. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for work needed to be done with tree and bushes.
Sandra B.

Excellent job and appreciate them asking me when they were done if there was anything that I felt was still needed to complete the job. The clean up was beyond my expectations, there was not so much as one branch missed. Aaron, from the start of your visit with me to the final result I could not be happier. Your communication skills are great. I have referred three friends.
Judy A.

Thank you for the great work you did for us. I already have recommended your company to my friends and also my sister who is having some work done by you in a few weeks. The crew was prompt and courteous. The work was done as expected. Before leaving they made sure we were satisfied with the work performed.
Susan W.

All went well, the crew were professional and did a great job. Thank you.
Ron A.

On site crew were outstanding. Aaron’s follow up exceeded my expectations.
Julia D.

Excellent service as always. Crew did an excellent job and clean up was perfect. Good job to all involved.
Megan B.

Crew members arrived on time to begin the project. They were friendly and professional and did a great job. Aaron was also very professional and we appreciated the contact after the project was completed to ensure we were satisfied. We are very happy with the work done by Bartlett Tree Expert and would highly recommend them.
Sharon D.

Everyone was very helpful in terms of planning what was needed and on the day the work that was done. The workers left the backyard very clean. They also answered all my questions in terms of upkeep for the next few years so I appreciate that.
Marianne L.

All of the staff are above and beyond friendly and very efficient at their job. Trevor is very trustworthy and so we have great confidence is repeat work from Bartlett. Thank you so much everyone.
Tena A.

Friendly, efficient, and very knowledgeable, would highly recommend Bartlett Tree Experts. I am sure our tress are much happier. Thank you Bartlett Tree Experts.
Desi B.

Staff was very professional , friendly , and knowledgeable. They took time to answer any questions or concerns I had. They also did a good job of cleaning up the area before they left. I would recommend to anyone needing tree service.
Brian U.

Extremely professional, knowledgeable, and friendly
Dave & Carol S

on time, efficient, and hard working crew. Jobs done with expertise and Arborist's knowledge. Emails answered promptly. All together, a professional and courteous team.
Mark M

Staff was very professional, friendly, and knowledgeable. They took time to answer any questions or concerns I had. They also did a good job of cleaning up the area before they left. I would recommend to anyone needing tree service.
Brian U

Hard working, courteous, and knowledgable team. I'm now considering the next project for them.
Mark M

They were on time, respectful, listened to me and made sure I was happy with the outcome before they left. Thank you Trevor for coming by and "tweaking" things
Donna G

Our pruned Maple trees are the best looking ones in the neighborhood. Thanks for a great job. The spray treatment Bartlett performs every year really help our trees battle shot hold and black knot disease, as well as Dogwood anthracnose.
Marie B.

Trevor has been great, personable, knowledgeable, and great customer service manner, not overly sale oriented, which we appreciate.
Gary M.

I was really happy with your crew. They were great guys.
Richard S.

Good crew. Did a good job and left the site clean. Very knowledgeable.
Randy M.

Our pruned Maple trees are the best looking ones in the neighborhood. Thanks for a great job. The spray treatments Bartlett performs every year really helped our Battle Shot Hole and Black Knot disease, as well as Dogwood Anthracnose.
Marie B.

Upon arrival, they introduced themselves, stated what work will be done, and would contact me upon completion. Very kind, friendly, and professional.
Ed C.

The spray crew who came was very friendly. They put in an extra effort to be kind to my son who wanted to say hi to them after the treatment.
Megan B.

Trevor and his team were professional, kind, and extremely dedicated to making sure our English Oak, a part of our family heritage was well taken care of. They did a fantastic job and we could not be happier with the results.
Ruth H.

Trevor is a true ambassador for Bartlett. He has a terrific response time, strategizes well, ultimately achieving success. The crew members are hard working and courteous.
Ken K.

Trevor was very prompt in his responses and kept me informed at all times. I will likely be using his services again.
Angela W.

Excellent all the way around. Really impressed with Josh, Ron, and Riley's work ethic and pleasant attitude. I will recommend Bartlett to anyone in need of your services.
Isabella H.

I can not give high enough praise for the experience I have had with your company. Starting with the friendliness of Trevor and the crew that completed the work. They worked very hard and steady. They left the job site very clean given what was involved with the job. Thank you so very very much. I would be happy to give my name as a reference.
Burt V.

Thank you very much for the great service. Your crew members were all very nice.
Sandra M.

Trevor was very professional and knowledgeable. He responded quickly to any questions or concerns I had. The crew that removed the trees were fast and took the time to save a piece of the trunk for me, which I truly appreciated. I would not hesitate to recommend Bartlett to friends.
Andrea W.

I was very impressed with everyone I came in contact with and will definitely recommend your company to anyone in need. Trevor spent extra time with me to chat about my trees. The onsite crew were great, they protected my garden beds.
Catherine K.

The work performed by the crew from Bartlett was excellent. We could not be happier with their hard work, professionalism, cheerful attitude, and excellent results.
Heather B.

Both the Bartlett arborist and the crew members were polite and professional. I appreciated that they arrived when promised. The work completed looked good and I was pleased with the cleanup.
Audrey T.

The crew was pleasant and took the time to talk and listen to me. When I went out to check when they were done, I was super impressed. They had done a tremendous job cleaning up. Job well done, much appreciated.
Lisa M.

Everyone was very helpful and professional. The crew left the yard immaculate. Will keep using Bartlett in the future.
Sylvia M.

Your staff have always been courteous and efficient, I might add, happy to work with my sometimes odd requests, when it comes to pruning my high hedge, with its intertwined rambling rose. I always refer any tree related problems to Bartlett, because I know your staff are well trained and educated in tree care and preservation.
Joan B.

Trevor has always been most helpful and informative on everything to do with the trees and garden scape and I very much appreciate his advice. I would certainly recommend Trevor's assistance to anyone I come across who needs it. This past season's pruning, tree removal, and stump grinding were done with great consideration and care.
Helen M.

The crew was very helpful, very tidy, and quick.
Mari Anne H.

The crew was courteous, professional, and efficient. The job site was cleaned up to what I expected.
Richard K.

Thanks for your professionalism and positive attitude even in the pouring rain.
Sandra S.

Was very pleased with the clean up and the friendly workers.
Sandy W.

Everyone was very nice and very professional.
Ken D.

I found the staff very knowledgeable about the proper care of trees and shrubs, and willing to take time for questions.
Margaret E.

Your staff was great to deal with and the crew did a great job.
Nick R.

From initial phone contact, to booking an appointment, to an arborist coming on site to view and discuss the work and procedures, to the work being done, Bartlett Tree Experts was very professional. Our Bartlett Arborist, Robin, arrived on site prior to work commencing for a quick review. The crew was courteous, introduced themselves by name upon arrival, kept us informed at each portion of the job, ensured the work was carried out as outlined, and the job site cleared of debris and cleaned up to our standards prior to leaving. We have used other companies in the past and based on our recent experience would highly recommend, without hesitation, Bartlett Tree Experts.
Nadia G.

Over the years I have found that Bartlett Tree Experts has been a good service and professional group to work with.
Stewart H.

Arrived on time. The crew introduced himself and his associate. The work was done exactly as I wanted and as quoted.
Cam M.

Great job everyone. Our Cherry Tree looks great now. The canopy has a nice symmetry and even distribution of branches, no overcrowding, and all the old dead stuff is removed. And as always, the work site was left cleaner than before.
Bevan K.

This group of guys did an amazing job. Very courteous, cleaned up after themselves, and the trees look amazing. Thank you Robin for the saplings they will be a great addition to the flora and fauna.
David J.

Robin is knowledgeable and a good resource for answering questions we had about the process involved in dealing with our trees. We also appreciated his assistance with the paperwork needed to get a permit to have a tree removed. This streamlined the process in dealing with the city. The crew that did the removal was very professional. They treated our property with respect. The birch tree was safely removed, and the cleanup was very well done. On the occasions when I have had to call the office, I have found Anna to be very helpful and pleasant to deal with. She was able to answer questions for me when Robin was out in the field and she was able to find out about the timeline between submission of application to a possible date when it would be processed.
Kathy L.

Robin was amazing to work with. His knowledge and understanding makes him a trusted advisor. We wouldn't think of using any other company. The work crew was also extremely knowledgable and efficient.
Bernie S.

Your staff is very friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable.
Colleen E.

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