Bartlett provides expert tree service in Columbus, OH and this is what our Columbus customers are saying about us. We are proud to offer a wide range of tree services to our customers!

As a Columbus tree service company, Bartlett provides the full spectrum of tree and property services offered, including Cabling and Bracing, Fertilization and Soil Care, Insect and Disease Management, Plant Analysis and Diagnostics, Pruning, and Tree Inspections.

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What Our Columbus, OH Customers Are Saying

Our Ash trees look amazing. They have had many years of treatment from Bartlett. Dave Case is doing a great job for us.
Linda F.

Friendly, courteous, and professional. Also, respectful of time.
Collin and Eli

They reviewed the pruning beforehand where, how much, were very courteous, and professional.
Joan M.

Knowledgeable and skilled at their service and trade.
Dave W.

We were extremely pleased with the work done. We sincerely appreciated that Ben came as the men were doing the work. We have found Ben to be very professional in outlining our needs.
Pauline S.

Nick always provides great tree pruning, fertilizing, and special treatment services. He also gives me lots of good information about keeping all of our trees healthy.
Eileen B.

The staff was friendly, knowledgeable, and easy to communicate with. I would highly recommend your services.
Julie J.

The man that came to perform service was incredible. I did not get his name as I was in a hurry, but he went over everything that he was going to perform and asked concise and clear questions. The service is already showing signs of slowing the scales that were all over my Cherry tree. Thank you.

Nick's expertise was really helpful. Our tree is looking great.
Dave J.

Very nice people, knowledgeable, and respectful of my property. Will not hesitate to recommend Bartlett to others. Thank you for a pleasant and affordable experience.

My husband was very pleased with the service and he is quite particular. We have given Bartlett's information out to friends and family that need tree services.
Dawn M.

Everyone is always knowledgeable, friendly, and courteous. We will stick with you guys.
Tony B.

Staff and Arborist are always professional, knowledgeable, and helpful. Grateful for the care given to our trees over the years.
Jean H.

Kudos to your entire crew from the efficiency of the scheduling by Nick to the trimming of my tree to perfection by Morgan, along with my interaction with your crew. I am on the schedule next year. Thanks.
Annette R.

Kudos to your entire crew from the efficiency of the scheduling by Nick to the trimming of my tree to perfection by Morgan, along with my interaction with your crew. I am on the schedule next year.
Annette R.

Brian, our arborist, offered an analysis and proposed a plan to address our needs, He provided important information and explained each stage of the plan. Very courteous and professional. The work team was equally professional and very friendly when I approached with questions. Stayed on task throughout the project. Worked well as a team.
Russ B.

One of your crew members told me she understood about my passion for the Maple out back. That meant a lot. Been a customer for years and plan to stay with your company. Have always been happy with the work.

Professional, experienced, and thoughtfully friendly service from everyone at Bartlett that I have had contact with, from the person that answers the phone to the people in the field. Thank you so much for your caring service.
Stephanie S.

Brian has done an outstanding job for us. Our trees and shrubs look wonderful. He has given us great advice and we sincerely appreciate it. Katy does a terrific job and they make a great team. They are the best.
Pauline S.

All of the Bartlett people are knowledgeable and proficient in their job. I enjoy working with Brian very much as he has spot on advice, is always on time, and follows up to make sure all work is completed. He is a true professional.
Mark O.

Brian is so easy to work with. He got back to me right away and came out to check the damage the next morning. I appreciate and trust his advice and know that the job will be done efficiently. After they were done, there were no traces that a huge branch had covered a large part of my perennial garden. I always feel confident that my yard is in good hands when they come out. I would not hesitate to recommend Brian and his crew to anyone.
Jennie R.

I always like getting the heads up call indicating you are on your way to do the work. The crews are always friendly. The work and clean up is always first rate.
Dave W.

We especially appreciated the attention to cleanliness. There was not anything left at all.
Greg T.

David Case is very courteous and knowledgeable. The crew was efficient and did a great job.
Susan F.

Bartlett was quick to respond to my request for an appointment and followed up with pleasant interaction with making the appointment. Daniel was so friendly and upbeat. He answered all of my questions along with informative information about some things. Appreciated all that he did. The crew person came out within a week to do his job and was quick and quiet with a note on door handle what he had done.
Kathy M.

Our arborist was very attentive to our needs and explained the reason to have tree experts trim and remove trees. We will continue to use Bartlett and recommend them to our neighbors.
Barb D.

We really appreciate the personalized attention we receive from Brian Moody and the other Bartlett employees.
Linda F.

Brian Moody has been excellent. We recommend him and Bartlett to everyone we know who is seeking tree services.
Marty W.

The men who removed the trees and those who removed the stumps were personable and easy to work with. Good job.
Tom K.

The administrative staff, crew, and Brian was very friendly and knowledgeable. I will definitely use Bartlett again for trees and shrubs.
Steve E.

Brian Moody is a very good representative for your company. I so appreciate the knowledge he has given us about our trees. Thumbs up on his service and communication. Your company is great.
Cindy R.

Everyone at Bartlett has been professional and friendly. I appreciated the time spent to answer questions and to make me feel comfortable with the treatment recommended. The job was well done.
Sue N.

Brian and Nick are both extremely professional, courteous, and knowledgeable. The conversations with any staff on the phone have also been very pleasant and thorough.
Mary M.

Nick is really great. He is nice and friendly, explains what he is doing, and the help it should provide for my trees.
Pat B.

Mac and Todd were beyond courteous, disciplined in their safety, and care of our residence. They both took time not only to take meticulous care in taking down an old Mulberry but also time to explain age of tree using the rings. This brought meaning and value to the work for our family. Brian is always professional, attentive to details, and promptly answers my emails.
Ann P.

Brian was very helpful and I look forward to working with Bartlett in the future. Crew was very considerate about what debris to remove from the property. We will happily take your excess wood chips and mulch. We can use the wood chips to maintain our trails on the property.
Chris C.

I was very pleased with everyone. Efficient, friendly, and did exactly what they said they'd do for the removals and pruning. Brain was very knowledgeable about trees.
Denise M.

I like knowing that Bartlett representatives are looking out for the best interest of the tree, while providing ample explanation when needed, are responsive to my emails, always professional and courteous.
Melanie R.

Everyone was so professional and courteous. The pruning work was excellent. I keep staring at my yard, can hardly believe it is the same place.
Teresa H.

Brian Moody had everything we discussed regarding pruning and cabling of our Oaks handled by the crew members. I am so satisfied with the whole process. Business was superb from start to finish. Customer Service was top notch.
Bruce R.

I appreciate that Brian Moody went above and beyond in giving great service. I contacted your company to let them know during the ice storm that I lost several limbs on my Magnolia tree. Knowing how busy your company can be during ice storms, Brian still called me the same day and said he would look at the situation. The next day he not only looked at it, he went and climbed the tree and he personally removed not only the limb, he saw a landscaping company near by who your company deals with and asked them if they could haul the limbs away in their truck. I was totally impress with his caring and going way above and beyond my expectations. I just want to say thanks and let you know you have super employee working for you.
Roger R.

Bartlett was very helpful in helping me make a plan to fix my landscaping problems, I am very grateful for their advise.
Jean S.

We just wanted to let you know that the repairs you made on our front lawn worked like a charm. Thank you again for going above and beyond after service. Any chance you could let us know the type of grass seed you used to fill in some of the patches? It is beautiful.
Dawn D.

Crew did a great job pruning the Norway Spruce. Everything turned out perfect.
Eric H.

Katy, was extremely pleasant. I appreciated all of her follow up to make sure everything was taken care of to my satisfaction. Eric was very friendly, professional, and knowledgeable. I appreciated his willingness to share his knowledge and tips with me, whether I signed a contract or not. It definitely spoke volumes and I felt like I was working with a group I could trust. The crew worked extremely hard in rainy conditions and I was grateful they were able to complete the job without compromising their work. Even in the rain, they cleaned everything up and left everything looking great.
Caroline W.

Brian Moody was great when we met last year. He was very knowledgeable and honest. He said what was on my Apple Tree was scab. He said it was too late in the season to treat it effectively and to wait till the Spring of the next year. I was impressed by his honesty and how he did not try to upsell me on things I did not need. Because of that I asked him to feed my Walnut Trees too when they come back. I received email information throughout the year so felt confident I was not forgotten.
Carmina H.

Did a beautiful job pruning my Pear Tree.
Bev W.

The crew that pruned our trees did a real nice job and cleaned everything up. Everything looks real nice.
James M.

Bartlett did a great job pruning my Oak tree and cleaned up great. I am confident they got all the dead wood identified.
Joy G.

Pruned out dead wood on several pine trees and did a good job.
Larry H.

Great job pruning my Pin Oak and a very nice job with the clean up.
Allen H.

I am very happy with the service and the pruning. After watching the operation, I understand why your costs are higher than the guys that knock on the door asking to trim my trees. I knew I wanted professionals to remove those large branches especially those that went over my neighbor’s new fence and over my roof. And those oak trees are quite large.
Peggy M.

The crew did a great job pruning a large Pin Oak and I personally thanked them all.
Lou M.

Bartlett was very helpful in giving me some advice about mulch around the trees and cutting problem limbs. They will be back to spray the Hemlocks in the back. I was very pleased.
Pam P.

The crew was way above my expectations. They were excellent and my trees look great. They put down mats to protect my lawn, as it had rained the day before. Clean up was terrific. Very pleased with all the safety precautions they took. They were very polite and answered all our questions. At first I thought you were a little high on price, but now I feel I have gotten my money worth and more.
Sharon S.

Todd did a great job with pruning the Cherry. Nick did great with the stump removal.
Linda W.

Maple tree looks great. The pruning work was exactly what we had hoped for.
Tim B.

I want to commend Dan McCarthy, who gave us an estimate last Friday for some tree work. We have dealt with Dan several times, he is always courteous, professional, and extremely knowledgeable. But on Friday he exceeded our expectations. He arrived just as it began to rain heavily, and he walked through our back yard looking at the work we wanted to have done, getting soaked despite his umbrella, and remaining cheerful throughout.
Pat R.

Pruning completed, I did not even know anyone was there the clean up was so good.
John H.

The crew always does a good job pruning and definitely clean up after themselves. Dan is very knowledgeable and is always very responsive to our needs.
John M.

Pruning work was beautiful and the crew very professional. Clean up was beyond expectation.
Janet M.

The crew did a great job pruning and were very professional.
Joy G.

So impressed with the pruning results. Todd is just the best, took the time to answer my questions and seemed genuinely interested in helping me understand. Will request Todd for all future tree needs.
Monya M.

Great job with pruning and tree removal. Very professional and respectful. Everything was all that we hoped for and more. Will definitely recommend Bartlett.
Dan F.

Nick was very patient, courteous, and available to us before the pruning that was performed. Wishing Nick all the best in your company, you have a good employee there. We also think Katy is an invaluable member of your team. She is kind, sharp, interested, and professional. It was Eric's amazing initial presentation about our condo community's white pines, his obvious love for trees, and excellent follow-up that secured you our business. He too is a fine representative of Bartlett.
Judy S.

The Ash Tree that was pruned looks so much better. The crew did a great job and I will continue to use Bartlett.
Don R.

The pruning results look really good and remarkably very little disturbance with all the rain and it being so muddy.
Jane B.

The crew did a fabulous job pruning and cabling our tree. I saw them raking the twigs from the river birch, this will surly make the start of mowing season easier on our mower. I was also glad that it took me a while to spot the cable.
Melanie R.

Everything looks great, pruning expertly executed.
Sandy B.

Thank you for saving my Ash from the Emerald Ash borer.
Rita H.

The pruning looks really great and I am very happy.
Wayne L.

Everything looks great. The crew did a very professional pruning job.
Bill F.

The crew was wonderful and very professional. Thank you for all the pictures you took.
Cindy W.

There were two guys that came out, Todd and Mac.They were both diligent and hard workers, very friendly, nice to get along with. They pruned several of my trees and removed one. They explained everything they were doing and answered all our questions. Never hardly took a break expect for a short lunch and cleaned up wonderfully.
Larry L.

The guys were very professional and did an amazingly quick tree removal and cleanup. The stump grindings were removed and the area cleaned up. Very happy with the entire process.
Barry S.

Had pruning done and a cable put in, can't even see the cable which is a plus!
Dennis T.

Our head maintenance tech drove by today while your crew was pruning the trees. He said the trees are really starting to look a lot better.
Leyla H.

Very satisfied with the pruning. I wants to say thank you as I was worried about serious harm/damage if a storm hit hard.
Charlie L.

Willow trees look terrific and clean up was wonderful.
Julie J.

Love to watch the guys work in the trees! They did a wonderful job. Did want a bit more trimmed off the pine by the gutter. Taken care of the next day!
Mia P.

Trees look fantastic. The crew did a wonderful job pruning and the cleanup was spectacular.
Tim M.

Trees look great after pruning. Was impressed by how well they cleaned up.
Chuck M.

The men were very courteous and they did a great job. The trees were pruned to my satisfaction.
Nell B.

Very pleased with the pruning. Trees look exceptional.
Mary K.

Very pleased with the pruning. Trees look exceptional.
Mary K.

Crew did a wonderful job, was so impressed. Special call out to Malcolm who was extremely nice and personable.
Tony B.

Very impressed with the outcome.
Christie W.

As the Grounds Supervisor for a Community College within an Urban setting, it is important to have a resource such as Bartlett Tree Experts available to us. With numerous trees within all stages of growth on our campus, safety, plant health, and curb appeal are all a continuous priority for our students, staff, and guests. Our Arborist Representative team of Eric Brownlee and Dan McCarthy, have a great understanding of our demographics, budgets, and funding processes. They are prompt in executing our requests for proposals and scheduling the work once a PO is issued, and they take the necessary amount of time needed to ensure expectations are being delivered once the crew is onsite.
Mark D., Grounds Supervisor for Columbus State Community College

I went with Bartlett tree service because of their highly rated reviews on Angie's list. I called Bartlett and wanted first to get an estimate and I wanted to be at home the day of the estimate. Dan did respond to my voice mail in a timely fashion and quickly worked out a schedule to make sure I would be home the day of the estimate. Dan's estimate was very detailed and itemized, which I appreciated from a tree service in knowing exactly what they were going to do and how much each item would cost. The estimate was not the cheapest, but with the large trees on my property, I decided to go with Bartlett because they had the manpower, large equipment, experience, and knowledge to do the job that I wanted. Their employees were very kind and considerate of my property and did a nice job in cleaning up afterwards. To my surprise, they also brought in their machine to grind up my stump the same day.
Roger R.

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