Bartlett provides expert tree service in Chicago, IL and this is what our Chicago customers are saying about us. We are proud to offer a wide range of tree services to our customers!

As a Chicago tree service company, Bartlett provides the full spectrum of tree and property services offered, including Fertilization and Soil Care, Insect and Disease Management, Organic and Naturally Based Tree Care, Plant Analysis and Diagnostics, and Pruning.

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What Our Chicago, IL Customers Are Saying

Everyone is very knowledgeable and friendly.
Heath F.

Our trees and bushes have never looked so good.
Lisa S.

Always professional, always courteous, excellent service.
Judie G.

The Bartlett staff has been friendly, professional, and very responsive. We have been very happy with Bartlett. Our diseased tree is now looking healthy and beautiful.
Holly D.

An ancient and much loved tall, thick Lilac Hedge which serves as a backyard fence between two city lots was infested. It took a few years of cutbacks and treatments for the bushes to recover but this spring they are tall, full, and blooming, with that wonderful scent. Well worth the yearly cost in a warming climate. Thank you, Bartlett.

They were very knowledgeable, and courteous. Definitely knew what they were talking about.
Mary C.

The entire experience went wonderfully well from the first contact, to the work, to the follow up. Excellent.
Francesca P.

I am happy with the service and glad I have found Bartlett.
Andrej B.

Everyone was knowledgeable, efficient, courteous, and personable. Great job.
Robert R.

We always have a good experience with Bryan and his team.
Kieran B.

The tree trimmer guys, Juvy and Ruben, were awesome. The client representative, Joshua, was very prompt and courteous.
Monica S.

Everything was great. The team took extra time to explain things to me and answer my questions.
Claudia W.

Everything turned out just as I envisioned. Bryan Peach is responsive and thorough.
Susan F.

I found Bartlett by random chance while one of your crews were doing a trimming job at UIC. I could see from the condition of the equipment that Bartlett was a company that takes pride in a professional presentation of their crews. I had a trimming job in mind so I initiated a conversation with one of the crew, asking if Bartlett would take such a job. Everything from the response, to my initial email to Bartlett, to the final clean-up was totally professional.
Terry M.

It was a very complicated free climb to the trees. I was amazed that they got things down without hitting power lines. Amazing. They were very careful to be sure they could park on busy streets, and were able to use the alley and backyards. They obtained advance permission from the neighbors.
Leslie T.

The entire staff gave top notch service. I highly recommend Bartlett for any type of tree service you may need.
Irene L.

They communicated well both before and during the service. The job was done well and with care.
Laura W.

Josh did a great tremendous job by coming out and assessing the work that was needed to be done. He communicated with me very well. The crew was fantastic. It was a lot of work, and they did everything beautifully and left the area absolutely clean.
Pete G.

Always good working with Bryan Peach, who responds to our questions and issues promptly, and with good advice. The two technicians who trimmed our trees recently did a careful and thorough job.
Gary R.

Everyone was incredibly professional, kind, and pleasant. We have had a great experience.
Lindsay E.

Josh is a great face of the company always helpful, organized ,and cheerful. The crew went above and beyond. And they made a real, appreciated, effort to leave things neat for the neighbors, too.
Cynthia M.

I want to compliment Bryan, Bartlett, and thank you for sending us a great crew. Hard working, clearly knowledgeable about their craft, and very customer focused. A big shout-out to Juvy as crew chief. He was excellent to work with, always ready to explain things, and I think he is a great ambassador for Bartlett.
Ann J.

My arborist, Bryan, was very informative. The guys who did the procedures to our Magnolia tree explained what they were doing. The Magnolia tree scales seem to be better. Thanks Bartlett.
Mary C.

Bryan is excellent. He was very helpful in explaining my options and steering me to the best solution. The crew was very professional as well.
Bill R.

I appreciate the degree of care and responsiveness you give even your smallest customers.
Brad D.

Shane, Bryan, and Beauregard are the best. High praise for all of them. They are super professional.
John R.

Everyone has been great. They are responsive, helpful, and they do a great job.
Joni S.

Our trees and bushes are looking so much healthier since we hired you. I love that you stick a note on my door when I am not home, so I know you have been here to perform the work. Thank you.
Lisa S.

Everyone involved was really helpful and open to further direction throughout the job. We are very satisfied.
David R.

Great job. Excellent personnel.
Ed H.

Your team rules and my trees like you, too.
Craig S.

It’s been a great experience overall. I have never had a yard, so many of my silly questions were answered with just as much concern and attention.
Maija M.

Shane and Adrian did a fantastic job trimming my trees. I am very pleased with the end result.
Lauri S.

The staff in every part of our service was wonderful. The arborists were very efficient and very neat. I would recommend them in a heart beat.
Mary Beth N.

Bryan was great. Quick to assess and then follow through with city processes that can often be time consuming. Start to finish our project was complete in two weeks including a holiday in there.
Georgia B.

The Bartlett folk are very professional and personable. They were able to save three trees with an accurate diagnosis and treatment. Now the trees that I thought I would have to cut down need trimming.
Keith L.

Bryan has been incredibly helpful and very gracious with providing information. Thank you.
Joyce F.

Thank you for the great work and for showing me how not to kill my trees when I trim them myself.
Kate A.

Your team did a great job on our Birch tree. The tree itself looks really nice, and the backyard gets so much more light now. I will be back in touch a year or two from now to have Bartlett handle the maintenance on the tree. You have gained a loyal customer.
John T.

Bartlett is the best. I have fifteen year old trees in my yard at my home in Chicago, and it had been a daunting task to keep them healthy and alive until I met Bartlett Trees. They took soil samples and analyzed the disease in some of the trees. They had the knowledge and skill to put together an affordable plan of care and executed it well. This is the second year, and I am already seeing signs of new growth and vigor in my trees. I am so happy now. Joshua is great. He is quick to respond and patient with explanations. I find him knowledgeable and very customer oriented. Thank you for the help.
Susan L.

Beauregard had to call me a couple of times about an unpaid invoice and he was great to work with. Never made me feel bad . He truly puts forth a good image of Bartlett and takes pride in customer service. Thank you.
Susan L.

Bryan confirmed what I suspected was a problem with my large evergreen. The folks who come to apply remediation are efficient and do the job.
Arlene N.

Everyone was great to deal with and communicated extremely well.
Ronald H.

We are very happy with the work that the Bartlett team does. They are very professional and knowledgeable.
Andrej B.

Joshua was a great arborist and consultant to work with. The crew were knowledgeable, timely, professional, fun, experienced and did a great job cleaning everything up. Thanks.
Ashley V.

Bryan is polite and knowledgeable about trees. Treatment was perfect, we were notified before it started and there was no mess.
Robert D.

Everyone was incredibly professional and nice. We have used Bartlett twice in the past two years and both experiences have been great. Our arborist, Josh, was great in coming out and assessing what needed to be done. He quickly sent me a proposal and we were able to arrange a work date. The four person crew that did the job were all great. The foreman was the same young man who did our work two years ago and he is great. The three men on his staff were all great. They did a good job in digging out the bushes and cleaned everything up once they finished.
Pete G.

Very good communication and excellent service.
Isabel W.

They were all courteous. I had flowers coming up and they paid particular attention to keep from damaging them. They left the area clean and neat. The trees look great.
Gregory R.

The Bartlett rep, Bryan, spent time going over exactly what my yard needed. His team arrived promptly, they were obviously experts and worked quickly, and cleaned up carefully. Would definitely hire again and recommend to others.
Elizabeth G.

Bryan Peach and his crew are the best. I love my trees and I know that Bryan will recommend and do what is best for the trees. After the work is completed, the team leaves the site in excellent condition.
Ann B.

Bryan is always courteous, on time, and efficient. Very happy with Bartlett.
Ann Z.

Your service top to bottom was excellent. Our representative, Bryan Peach, was very knowledgeable and very courteous. You have a great staff of people at your Chicago location. Thank you all.
Daniel K.

Very happy with the crew. They did a great job trimming the trees and cleaning up after.
Mary U.

The arborist was very knowledgeable and walked me through everything with thorough explanations. The crew that came out was exceptional with their work.
Laura B.

I just wanted to let you know what a great job they did. They were professional, courteous, respectful of our yard as well as the neighbor’s, and cleaned everything before they left. The trees look great. I would highly recommend them and your company to anyone who has need of your services.
Rose U.

Always a very good experience dealing with Bryan Peach and his crew. Excellent, knowledgeable, and professional, always. I am very happy with Bartlett. Can trust the staff to be knowledgeable and hard working.
Stacy K.

Thanks for your time and help. Just have to say, you are a very effective email writer, clear, concise, and friendly.
Rick R.

I was very happy with the tree care service provided by Bartlett Tree Experts. Joshua Rumbley, the Bartlett Arborist Representative, was very informative and provided excellent advice. He was also very patient and took the time to explain the reasons behind his suggestions. I appreciated Joshua's expertise and enjoyed working with him. The other crew members did a great job pruning and trimming the trees and cleaning up all the debris. They worked hard and were very courteous. The head of the crew walked me through the work they had done before they left and answered my questions. The walk through confirmed the work Joshua and I had discussed and was greatly appreciated. I am very pleased with the way Bartlett Tree Experts pruned and trimmed the trees in my yard and with the professionalism of the staff, both the arborist and the crew members. Thank you.
Donna M.

Bryan and Ben do a great job staying in touch and expertly caring for our landscaping. Much appreciated.
Karen G.

Bryan Peach, our arborist, has been very knowledgeable and professional with his recommendations. I have met some members of the crew and they have been very cooperative. My clients and myself are satisfied with the recommendations and the services.
Allen and Gita B.

All involved in services were efficient and courteous. Work done when promised and area cleaned up. Totally pleased.
Karen F.

The crew did a terrific job despite facing wasp nests in trees at both locations. They verified with me what they were going to cut and offered suggestions as the cutting progressed. Plus they obviously worked well together and the entire crew had a terrific sense of humor which really topped off their work. Would love to have the same crew back for tree trimmings in the future. Also, Bryan Peach was meticulous in how he specified on his proposal exactly what the tree crew should trim.
Susan F.

I was so disgusted and disappointed with the flies that had taken over my yard and gardens and my ability to enjoy them. Bryan came to the site understanding right away how sad and frustrated I was about it. Bryan is knowledgeable, friendly, communicative, and creative. He listened to me and wanted to learn about my priorities and we came up with a solution together that I was able to understand and feel good about in terms of likelihood of effectiveness in solving the problem, minimal impact to beneficial pollinators, and speed to execution of the plan. And it worked . I have sung Bryan's and Bartlett's praises on the Ukrainian Village Community Facebook page. Well done, you are my #1 choice for landscape care moving forward.
Shirlee B.

Bryan was wonderful to work with. He was kind, knowledgeable, and communicative. I appreciate your help!
Anna F.

I wanted to let you know the crew did a fantastic job. Their attention to detail was awesome and their ability to listen and communicate with me was outstanding. I will be recommending your services to others. And I will request the same crew for our next service. Thank you.
Cynthia G.

Everyone From Bartlett was knowledgeable and courteous from the initial consultation to the completion of the work. They listened to what I wanted, gave tips, and and acted accordingly to what I wanted. The clean up was great, never knew they were there.
Karen F.

The service provided was great and accurately done. Bryan Peach is just an amazing representative for the company. The crew members that I have met on occasions were also informative, courteous, and professional. I really like the Chicago team.
Shalanda G.

I was so impressed with everyone's professionalism and expertise. I have used other services who sent out knowledgeable sales people, but the folks who came later to do the work were inexperienced. This was not the case with Bartlett. Thank you.
Kathy Y.

All the way through from Bryan, Shane, and crew, the service and execution was top notch. Very impressed by everyone and everything.
Mike P.

Your representatives were helpful, reliable, and knowledgeable. I have worked with other tree services where the reps were good, but the crew that came out was inexperienced. Not so with Bartlett. Everyone who has come out to trim my trees and to treat my trees was professional and efficient. Thank you.
Kathy Y.

I have already referred you to a friend. Your crew was amazing. Tree trimming was done so deftly that it hardly showed. The pruned lilac flowers were all given to me as I had asked. None of my many plants were stepped on or otherwise damaged.
Sandy L.

Brian and his crew were all very professional. Highly recommend their service.
Stacey W.

Bryan is wonderful. He arrived on time and assessed what needed to be done while communicating that to us. The four-person crew also arrived on time and they were terrific in removing three trees and cleaning up other trees that needed pruning. Every person I dealt with at Bartlett Tree Experts were all highly professional and excellent at their jobs.
Pete G.

Bryan Peach knows good customer service. I know that I can reach him by phone easily. He is very courteous and we can resolve the issue be it scheduling or treatment plans quickly and efficiently.
Cecilia F.

The crew was efficient, friendly, and professional. I was very pleased with the experience.
Kathie W.

Phil Fitch was absolutely professional and easy to work with. He is a great guy and knows his trees. The tech that showed up to perform the service was both professional and very courteous.
Jason B.

Erik Grossnickle, Juvy and the remainder of the crew were consummate professionals. My yard looks amazing.
Carly R.

Everyone was polite and very professional. The job was done safely and effectively. The crew went above and beyond to make sure that I was satisfied. Thanks for your hard work.
Annette R.

From start to finish, every point of contact from Beauregard to Bryan was so positive. It felt like working with a friend that was fun, courteous, knowledgeable, and reliable. The crew took such great care of our property and the surrounding area. They also went above and beyond in helping us save a chunk of tree for my artist neighbor and sister-in-law.
Beth R.

I have only good things to say as my experience interacting on three occasions with Bartlett Tree service team has been excellent. Especially my designated Arborist, Bryan Peach, he is courteous and available to answer my questions and response promptly to my requests. I am incredibly pleased with the quality of customer service provided to me.
Ivette G.

We enjoy working with you.
Richard D.

Everyone is very nice and professional. The two gentlemen who pruned our trees were very polite and careful. The arborist who did our evaluation was very informative and listened very well as he proposed the best solution for my backyard. Very good people to work with.
Anthony R.

It was a pleasure to work with Bryan Peach, our arborist. He kept me informed and quickly responded to all my questions. Special thanks to all the guys they sent out. Hard workers and cleaned up nicely. Very happy with Bartlett.
Chris T.

From the first phone call to the cleanup, the Bartlett staff has been polite and efficient. Bryan the arborist handled all matters well.
Carol B.

Phil was awesome, especially with explaining about our trees and he is professional and friendly.
Cookie W.

Very efficient and pleasant and I was happy to see a young lady on your staff. A lumber Jill.
Susan E.

Phil Fitch and Bryan Peach do a great job. I enjoy learning from them about what my tree needs.
Mark H.

Phil provided expert advice and the crew trimmed the tree perfectly. I wish every project around here went as smoothly.
Adam P.

The whole job was safe, professional, and perfectly executed. Great job by the whole crew. I love this tree I practically live in it since it is right outside my window.
Mike B.

Thanks to a skilled Bartlett crew, our large backyard silver maple is finally clear of power lines and the neighbor's home, and all dead branches have been cleared out for Spring! We are very impressed by the thoroughness of Bartlett's work, and grateful to Erik Grossnickle for his help in coordinating the trimming appointment.
Dena D.

Erik Grossnickle has always provided me with great service and a quick response. His knowledge has been extremely helpful on my sites and I enjoy working with him. His crews have been nothing but courteous and professional to work with over the years.
Don & Tonie Y.

Bartlett Tree Experts were wonderful to work with, from start to finish. We scheduled a quote appointment with a courteous staff member, Kathy, and were greeted onsite by a very professional Arborist Representative, Erik, who paid attention to detail as we walked through the yard and followed up with a quote within a matter of an hour or two. They worked to accommodate our request for an ASAP trim, pulled all required permits free of charge, arrived on time, did a walk through with a knowledgeable crew, and consulted with me throughout the trimming when necessary. During our post-job walk through, the trimmers (arborist climbers) explained their work and made sure I was satisfied before they left (our yard in perfectly clean condition). The team takes the shape of the canopy, view from the house, and impact on the growth of the trees into consideration verses simply hacking away like other tree trimmers do. Bartlett Tree Experts take their work very seriously and we will continue to call upon them for future work!
Natalie S.

Professional. Seamless. Positive. Bartlett Tree Experts were wonderful to work with, from start to finish. We scheduled a quote appointment with a courteous staff member (Kathy) and were greeted onsite by a very professional arborist representative (Erik) who paid attention to detail as we walked through our property and followed up with a quote within a matter of an hour or two. They worked to accommodate our request for an ASAP trim, pulled all required permits free of charge, arrived on time, did a walk through with a knowledgeable crew, and consulted with me throughout the trimming when necessary. During our post-job walk through, the trimmers (arborist climbers) explained their work and made sure I was satisfied before they left (with our yard in perfectly clean condition). The team takes into consideration the shape of the canopy, the view from the house, and the impact on the growth of the trees versus simply hacking away like other tree trimmers do. Bartlett Tree Experts take their work very seriously and we will continue to call upon them for future work!
Will and Natalie S.

I'm writing this review as the neighbor of someone who had a large, massive tree removed by Bartlett Tree Experts. The tree was 105 years old and had been infected with ash borer. But when I say this tree was huge, I mean it was really huge. The three men working, Juvencio, Jose, and Zack, worked their butts off in terrible heat and humidity to break this tree down and haul it away. They never stopped working except for a lunch break. As a neighbor, knowing this massive tree was being cut down and the close proximity to my own house, I was very, very nervous. These guys did a phenomenal job. By the end of the day, each day, you didn't even know a tree that size was being removed. There was no sawdust anywhere; no damage to my home or the owner of the tree's home; no mess left behind; no inconvenience. Just fantastic. If I ever could suggest a tree removal service, this would be it and I would ask specifically for these three guys. They did an outstanding job and so much so, that I asked for their names just so I could write this review. I highly, highly recommend them. Awesome work and great service from this crew.
Jayne C.

Erik continues to be one of Carl Sandburg Village's most trusted connections. His customer service skills are impeccable as is his response time. To say that he has been loyal to our 16-acre site would be an understatement. In the chaotic field of Property Management, Erik is one of the few contacts who makes my job an easier one. I am able to extend to him trust and in turn am rewarded by exemplary performance and follow up. Two thumbs up for Erik!
Steve H., Property Manager at Draper and Kramer

Erik Grossnickle did an amazing job. He is very knowledgeable and followed through with everything he said he was going to do. The two men who worked on our yard were methodical and did a great on the pruning. Thank you, Bartlett.
Karen and Robert F.

I have worked with Erik on numerous projects over the past three years, and each time he has exceeded expectations. He is professional, reliable, intelligent, and most importantly, a good man. He may not be the cheapest to work with, but neither is my company. When you consider the overall value and service he provides, working with Erik is a no-brainer.
Matt D.

Erik is very committed and dedicated to giving the best professional service to his clients. He truly loves his job and instills that enthusiasm in his crews and also his clients. He is truly a pleasure to work with.
Jim P., VP Maintenance, Chicago at Moore Landscapes, Inc.

We had a small job, but Bartlett was great. They were flexible about rescheduling when we had a family emergency, their work was high quality, and they even pruned a few extra shrubs that weren't even in the scope (which just tells me that they take pride in their work and hate to see a poorly maintained garden)! We'd definitely hire Bartlett again for future work.
E. Ruhlin

Our patch of the urban forest, in the Wicker Park/Bucktown neighborhood of Chicago, has benefited greatly from our collaboration with Bartlett Tree Experts. It's hard for street trees to thrive; they're planted in too-small spaces, and need to survive damages inflicted by everything from dogs to car doors. The Wicker Park Bucktown Special Services Area hired Bartlett to complete an assessment of our street trees. The resulting inventory includes a detailed record for each tree. It provides a multi-year plan that addresses both necessary maintenance and accounts for special treatments as required. It also calculated the value for this resource. We also knew trees were important, both aesthetically and environmentally, but this inventory put a dollar value on it, which helps us in our advocacy work.

We are also extremely excited to be part of a research study that is evaluating a new fertilizing treatment, bio-char. This technique was used in pre-Columbian agriculture and is now part of a field evaluation in our tree pits. We owe this opportunity to arborist Erik Grossnickle, who has helped educate us on arboriculture, Bartlett Tree Experts are valuable partners.
The Wicker Park Bucktown Chamber of Commerce and Special Service Area (SSA) #33

The staff and the arborist representative are all very professional.
Cathryn K.

Knew what they were doing and very courteously and understanding of my problem with the tree. I appreciated the fast service and the price.
Cherlyn P.

I appreciate having the professionalism, skill, and courtesy of Bartlett's arborists and crews at my homes in Chicago and San Francisco. Lucky me…and my trees!
Barbara T.

Eric Grossnickle did an amazing job. He is very knowledgeable and followed through with everything he said he was going to do. The two men who worked on our yard were methodical and did a great on the pruning. Thank you, Bartlett.
Karen and Robert F.

I appreciate having the professionalism, skill, and courtesy of Bartlett arborists and crews at my homes in Chicago and San Francisco. Lucky me…and my trees!
Barbara T.

Bartlett Tree Experts have helped the Lurie Garden achieve its sustainability goals through a comprehensive and effective Integrated Pest Management Program. Due to Bartlett's expert scouting, we have been able to treat all pest problems through beneficial insect releases and to keep the Lurie Garden pesticide free. Bartlett staff provides excellent and reliable service, which is crucial to keeping this public garden looking its best in all seasons.

We've enjoyed working with Erik Grossnickle, our Arborist Representative, on all services Bartlett offers including pruning, natural fertilization, and are amazed with the results from the root invigoration program. Bartlett's technical knowledge and research laboratory provide us with the best available resources for our trees and we would recommend them to any homeowner, landscape partner, or institutional property without reservation.
Jennifer Davit, Director, The Lurie Garden

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