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What Our Charlottesville, VA Customers Are Saying

Great experience with Ryan, the Arborist, as well as the person who came back to do the pruning. Very impressed with their knowledge and expertise. The job was executed with care and the Bartlett team obviously takes pride in their work. We are hopeful our large Maple will recover from a girdling root that was removed. The mulch was all replaced and the site left neat and tidy. Thanks.
Laura W.

The pruning of trees greatly improved the look of our property. Pruning was very well executed and yielded a beautiful, natural look. We plan to call again in the Fall for some more pruning and tree care.
Laura W.

Always been very pleased with their services. Thank you.
John and Anne S.

Always checking on me and making sure I am kept appraised of work that needs to be done on my property. I really appreciate it.
Scott B.

James is knowledgeable and competent. I trust his recommendations.
Jonathan H.

We are very happy with the service Bartlett provides. Their pricing is excellent.
Jonathan H.

James Walker is a pleasure to work with, he is knowledgable, courteous, and I appreciate that he does not push work or treatments that are not needed for the care of my two Dogwood trees. I feel that I can trust the information he provides, and he is happy to explain anything that I may not understand. I do not have as much contact with your office staff, but whenever I have had to call, they have always been very courteous, friendly, and helpful.
Elizabeth M.

With social distancing, I have not had the opportunity to interact with the crew members. But, I am always very satisfied with their work.
Kathy M.

Great service! Saved several of our very old English Boxwood.
Martha C.

Ryan has been wonderful to work with. In fact, we are having more work planned. The workers were equally competent and commutative.
Bob M.

Bartlett representatives were very reliable and responsive with good communications. I found it very refreshing to have your personnel actually perform their tasks as originally promised. Your friendly and competent staff are a definite asset to your company. I would not hesitate to give your company my heartfelt recommendations. Many Thanks.
Don L.

It is nothing less than amazing at how efficient and professional your crew is. I have never seen such a well orchestrated operation in all my life. They knew what to do, when to do it, and did not waste time getting it done. The techniques and tricks of the trade used to get this tree down were accomplished flawlessly. I had more enjoyment watching this fine oiled machine of a crew work tirelessly to get the job done quickly and efficiently as you could only imagine. It was totally unbelievable. I hope these guys are appreciated as they should be for the hard work they do. Hunter was like a world class NASCAR driver with his professional pit crew. I was impressed with how responsible, diligent, and hard working Trey was and how much he loved doing this type of work. Brian seemed to be the engine that kept things running on a smooth course so as not to waste Hunter’s time in the tree. He knew everything that needed to be done and exactly when to do it.
Tony D.

It is a pleasure to work with Michael and the crew. Hunter with the tree take down and Briggs who did the tree fertilization are a real credit to Bartlett Tree Service.
Jim M.

5 star rating in all categories.
Joanne C.

Ryan Wilkins was very friendly, accommodating, and professional. After a full examination of our tree, Ryan gave us a complete explanation of the problems that were evident. Ryan explained complex Arborist issues in terms we could understand. This gave us tremendous confidence in his evaluation and the professionalism of Bartlett. Per Bartlett standards Ryan was very assuring in the fact that our tree would be removed safely, completely, with the sections being stacked neatly where I requested and there would be no trace of the rest of the tree left. There was no indications on our property of anyone even being there and this was all true.
Tony D.

Young man who did the job at my house was very nice and hard working. tell him the eggs made it and we now have three birds in the nest.
Freddie W.

Our fruit trees an all our other trees were pruned perfectly. We are thrilled with Bartlett's attention to detail.
Nick D.

Pleasant and accommodating staff, knowledgeable Arborist, tree trimmers courteous and experienced. Very satisfied with their service.
Joann M.

Ryan was friendly and knowledgeable. He provided clear and good advice. His team carried out the job exactly as agreed and cleared up completely after themselves.
Guy B.

James Walker was knowledgeable, courteous, and answered all my questions. He has even been available to answer subsequent questions via email. He is an excellent arborist.
Willa P.

It was a pleasure doing business with you. Great job, done quickly, at a fair price, with no hassles.
S. P.

Michael is great. He knows exactly what needs to be done and does not try to take advantage of his customers. The crew was very friendly.
Eileen T.

We are always happy to see a Bartlett service man.
Charles V.

James is always friendly and professional. He is quick to answer emails and manages to make a stressful situation not seem so bad. Very impressed how his crew worked through the rain.
B. N.

Everyone is always patient in answering my many questions.
Virginia M.

Thank you for Bartlett’s immediate response to our downed Elm limb on Monday. We appreciated your inspection visit, especially when I went out to clip some Hellebores seed pods, I was amazed at how careful your folks were to minimize further damage even to many small or recently planted items. We are very grateful for all of the work.
Bobbi and Lewis B.

James was very helpful and took plenty of time to decide with us what should be done. The crew was courteous, knowledgeable, and left the site very clean.
Ginny Z.

We had a huge Dawn Redwood that we loved but the roots were destroying our yard and starting to buckle our sidewalk. We contacted several companies regarding removal of the tree and grounding out the stump. Bartlett responded quickly and had the best price. They showed up on the date and time that they were supposed to and did a fabulous job. The young men that ground out the surface roots went beyond what we had expected. They were courteous and did an awesome job. We definitely recommend Bartlett and should the need arise will most assuredly use their services.
Anne G.

The guys finished yesterday and as always they did an excellent job with a tough project. Thank you for responding so quickly, I will try to give you more than a 24 hour notice. Look forward to working together again in 2019.
Lester W.

I appreciated the man who sprayed and knocked on my door to let me know he was here. I had a couple of questions, all of which he answered.
Elaine O.

It is always a pleasure to work with Michael Abbott. I was concerned about how many plants might be harmed given the location of the work, I was amazed at how very well all of them came through the day. I have always been impressed by how thorough the cleanup is.
Edith M.

Top level of satisfaction. Perfection in professionalism. Guys were friendly and did a great job cleaning up.
Philip K.

Ray has done an exceptional pruning job for us. He is competent, knowledgeable, personable, and a great ambassador for Bartlett. Thanks for good service.
Carol H.

Crew was great, informative, courteous, and neat.
Paul M.

Michael is terrific, knowledgeable, and friendly. The crew who handled the service was also great, well trained, and personable.
Mike S.

Bartlett could not be more professional, knowledgeable, and friendly.
Libby W.

Very knowledgeable and professional. Trees look great.
Rae S.

I showed the crew man a broken limb on a young maple, just to ask his advice. He immediately turned his attention to the limb, went to his truck for a pole saw, and removed the broken limb as well as trimming some leafy overgrowth that was weighing down other branches. He cleaned it all up, wow, all that and polite too.
Kelly K.

If you want a job done right, these are the men to ask for.
Joan R.

James Walker is a delight to work with. Always responsive, thoughtful about his recommendations, and respectful of my budget.
Robert A.

Michael always goes above and beyond and his knowledge is without equal. Ray is such a nice man. He made sure he knew where every boxwood was and was unflustered by the difficult job at hand on such a hot day. Hats off to them both.
Fran B.

Excellent, courteous, friendly, professional, extremely knowledgeable, thoughtful, and they point out places of concern. We enjoy having Bartlett to call on and depend on for spot on work.
Christine R.

Your crew did a terrific job of taking care of our trees. They were friendly and supportive of our needs.

I was concerned, in advance, about the work and actually hoped my beau would be the one home. However, I was home and I couldn't be happier that it worked out that way. The crew spoke with me about the plans for the day, our concerns, and requests. Throughout the day, they treated our property and questions with the utmost professionalism. They exhibited great care in accessing the trees. It was evident that the crew was knowledgeable, and cared about their work. I am sure we care about our landscape as some people care about their pets. It couldn't have been easy for your crew to meet our expectations but they exceeded them.
N. P.

We are extremely pleased with the work and cleanup your crew did in our yard and would recommend your company to anyone.
G. C.

I always recommend Ryan and Bartlett Tree Experts to my friends and neighbors.
C. M.

I always enjoy talking to Michael Abbott about the tree work we need done. He is very knowledgeable and very helpful in setting priorities and planning for future work.

I was pleased by how they were able to get to the back of our house in their truck with essentially no damage, for how they cleaned up afterwards, and for their keeping to the appointment time.
S. S.

Great staff. I had been with an individual tree man, thinking that Bartlett would be more expensive. Boy, was I ever wrong. Thanks for great work at a reasonable price, done quickly and efficiently.
F. W.

Great staff. I had been with an individual tree man, thinking that Bartlett would be more expensive. Boy, was I ever wrong, wrong, wrong. Thanks for great work at a reasonable price, done quickly and efficiently.

Just want to drop you a note to say that your crew did a fantastic job on Monday. I was left with the hunch that they must have been boy scouts in their younger days as they left our property cleaner than they found it. I specifically want to acknowledge Dylan's involvement. In addition to providing this professional service, it seemed his ultimate goal was to see that I was satisfied with their work. He answered any questions willingly and offered to show me any work they had finished. He trimmed some small branches that I had neglected to mention to you. He found a creative solution to burying the rod by the poplar tree so that one would not even know the ground had been touched. Employees like Dylan are few and far between.

We absolutely continue to be completely satisfied with the services provided by Bartlett. Not only the expert quality of the workmanship and care taken, but the virtually immediate response to our needs. We have unfortunately experienced fallen trees - numerous times - due to storms. Bartlett has been so accommodating in sending our work crews at off hours to clean debris off our home and property. We have nothing but praise and satisfaction for the work, service, and relationship with Bartlett. Michael Abbott is a gem to work with as have been previous reps. The workers are so "good" at what they do -- thank you and "bravo!!!"
Mr & Mrs. T.

Your team was exceptionally polite, efficient, and professional. We are very pleased with the work they did. Thank you so much.
Michelle F.

They were all terrific! The work crew was highly skilled, courteous and did a great job. Having Ryan come out to "check up" on things was an added bonus. We continue to be VERY impressed with the work Bartlett does. Thanks.
Ron B.

As always, we were VERY impressed with the work done on Dec. 14th. The crew that did the work was friendly, polite, and very professional. Appreciated Ryan coming out to "check up" on things as well. On a scale of 1 - 10, the work done was a 18!! Many thanks!

I am a maintenance gardener and use Bartlett on all my properties. I LOOOOOVE the Bartlett crew. They have responded to emergencies promptly, even on a Sunday (that was Ryan Wilkins); the work done has been very professional and they always do a nice job leaving everything neat and tidy; they are polite and courteous and very responsive to the clients' needs; they always remember to be careful when spraying so as to not endanger my clients' children and pets; and they take very good care of the plants. I feel very comfortable recommending them to my clients. At first I always made sure I was onsite when they worked but have come to realize that I don't need to be there because they are so professional, careful, and considerate.

Thank you for creating such a good company and for having reasonable rates. It is such a comfort to me to have Bartlett do the IPM and tree work at my properties. Also, I just love your NC staff and always enjoy seeing them at the fall workshop you provide for us for FREE. Thank you for being so generous.

The trees and shrubs that were tended to in our yard look fabulous! Many thanks to you and your team for doing such an excellent job.
Michelle M

I just want to say how pleased I am with the team that took down the five dead trees in my yard. Not only were they professional they were also fun. As they probably told you, the tree on the right front was cracked up high so they had to bring it down whole instead of cutting by chunks. They told me they may accidentally take out one of my Butterfly bushes, but they were able to bring that big tree down between two Butterfly bushes that were probably about 2-3 feet apart. Very impressive. They also did a wonderful job of keeping the grass in good shape. You can hardly tell they were here. Again, thanks to a wonderful team for a job well done.
Lisa F.

I want to let you know that the guys that came to our house last Friday for the tree/shrub work were superb!! Nice guys, conscientious, and considerate! I was amazed to see that tree disappear without mess or fuss. And they did it all in the pouring rain. We are very pleased with the results – exactly what we wanted. Thank you for a job well done. I will call on Bartlett in the future I’m sure.

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