Bartlett provides expert tree service in Charlottesville, VA and this is what our Charlottesville customers are saying about us. We are proud to offer a wide range of tree services to our customers!

As a Charlottesville tree service company, Bartlett provides the full spectrum of tree and property services offered, including Fertilization and Soil Care, Insect and Disease Management, Plant Analysis and Diagnostics, Pruning, and Tree Structure Evaluation.

If you are looking for a Charlottesville tree service company, schedule an appointment for a Bartlett Arborist Representative to visit your property and you will not be disappointed.

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What Our Charlottesville, VA Customers Are Saying

Steven and Mario did a beautiful job of pruning. They went around with me at the start to make sure we understood one another in regard to what needed to be done. They removed all the cut materials and left the property very neat.
Ann W.

The man who came to treat our Ash tree was an expert, courteous, and friendly. Could not be better.
Sandra C.

Service guys are great at phoning before they come over and are very friendly and courteous.
Joanna M.

I am very pleased with the work that was done on my property. I would like for Kevin to continue as my guy. This was a perfect start to our working relationship.
Tony K.

Crew is always polite and thorough.
Matthew B.

I just want to compliment Alex Burton for the excellent work he always does around my property. Alex is most responsible and responsive to customers wishes. He is very careful in the garden, works methodically, and always with the utmost care. His interaction is extremely courteous and he always takes into consideration the wishes of the property owner. Bartlett is very lucky to have such an efficient, responsible, and pleasant person. And I am lucky to have him services my property.
Mohammed S.

My trees that you feed are significantly healthier. Thank you.

We were very impressed with Heath and Andrew. Andrew worked all day by himself on our root invigoration project. It was warm and humid but he kept at it. Andrew also answered numerous questions that my wife and I had regarding tree care. They both are a credit to you.
John Sheehan

Michael, things are looking so much better.
Donna L.

Michael, things are looking so much better. Would love to hear your recommendations on additional treatment in another section.
Donna L.

Appreciate James Walker's thoughtfulness in offering options. He is very knowledgeable and responsive.
Louisa H.

I think Briggs is great and I would like to bring it to the attention of his boss. He is courteous, arrives on time, and always lets me know ahead of time when he is coming. He is knowledgeable about trees, spraying, and always answers my questions.
Valerie M.

I really like working with James. He is knowledgeable when it comes to trees and tree care and he cares about his customers. He has listened to my concerns and my dreams and has been helpful regarding care of not only my trees, but my whole yard. I feel I am in good hands working with Bartlett. They are knowledgeable, professional, and easy to talk to and work with.
Ann C.

Through all stages of the tree care process, consultation, planning for tree care, and executing that plan, everyone at Bartlett Tree Experts was extremely professional, efficient, and thorough in every way. Thank you for doing such an excellent job.
Jennifer D.

Professional, thoughtful, courteous, and excellent. Thank you very much. I have been a client of Michael Abbott's for many years and have always trusted him. I am grateful for his care of my property.
Allyn S.

Attentive, professional, and friendly. Could not ask for more.
Ann Marie D.

Everyone was extremely skilled and friendly, I am a very happy customer.
Alex H.

We have interacted with James for the last six years and could not be happier with his expertise, professionalism, and demeanor. Additionally, we are very pleased with the work Alex has done to fertilize the old growth trees in our back garden. He always makes the added effort to protect the many other plants, shrubs, and growths in our garden while he works. In fact, just last week he visited our home to inject the fall fertilization for our trees because he knew the ground would be soft enough for him to press the injector deep enough into the soil. Great outfit and recommend you to all of our neighbors.
Jenny P.

Crew was exceptional, Interactions were great, Product was outstanding.
Ray M.

I was struck by James's, your Arborist's, passion for his work and it played a big part in our decision to go with Bartlett. He responded to follow-up queries within a day and took the time to talk to my neighbor about her concerns regarding the planned work. Tristan and other members of the crew talked to us to gauge our opinion several times during the course of the job and they left a spotless yard and driveway at the end of the day. I know nothing about trees and time will judge your work and tell us if our effort to save the Leyland Cypresses was worth the considerable investment. However, we were very pleased with the professionalism of your arborist, crew, and staff and with our overall experience with Bartlett.
Pradeep P.

Everyone is professional and very pleasant to work with. Communication is excellent. Our trees have benefited tremendously from Bartlett’s expertise.
James K.

It was perfect. Everyone was cheerful, did their work efficiently, had a good plan, and left it all clean. James Walker was especially helpful to us with his experience and skills.
Ryland S.

Gabe was a very good communicator and team leader.
Rob R.

All Good. Appreciate the pre visit calls.
George C.

James Walker is our initial contact person. He is prompt when scheduling a mutually agreeable site visit. His knowledge regarding tree concerns is extensive. His goal is always to save a tree if possible. We respect his recommendations. It is always a pleasure to have a Bartlett crew on our property. The men are conscientious, polite, and efficient. They are sensitive to the areas that surround their “ target project” while monitoring their own safety. Questions are answered politely and prior to beginning the job at hand. We are proud to be customers of the Bartlett “tree teams” and are grateful they are available in our area.
Susan H.

Everyone did a great job.
Mae M.

Top notch people. I trust Bartlett.
John R.

I love Briggs, my service technician. Michael Abbot has always been easy to reach and attentive to my concerns.
Cathy K.

James and the technicians who represent Bartlett are friendly, professional, and knowledgeable. Our trees and shrubs are in good hands.
Joanne M.

Thank you for the great job you did for us.
Leonard H.

Professional and pleasant fellas. I am very impressed with the Bartlett crew and would be happy to have them do more work here.
John R.

They were great. I can not think of anything for this question. It was a very dangerous situation, with two trees located just where they could do the most damage to my home, myself, my pets, my beautiful garden. Ryan was very understanding and considerate about my fears and concerns in getting this done quickly and efficiently.
Deborah M.

As always, knowledgeable, professional, and friendly. They take time to answer questions and make suggestions regarding additional work we might consider to ensure the health of shrubs and trees.
Joanne M.

All of the Bartlett crews have been fantastic to work with. They are polite, conscientious, and clean up afterwards. I am amazed at their ability to take a large tree and sculpt it into something that is shaped evenly on all sides and beautiful. They are tree artists.
Shannon W.

All of the Bartlett crews have been fantastic to work with. They are polite, conscientious, and clean up afterwards. I am amazed at their ability to take a large tree and sculpt it into something that is shaped evenly on all sides and beautiful. They are tree artists.
Shannon W.

Simple Ash tree treatment, but tech took the time to call ahead, answer questions, lock the gate when done, and take a look at another concern. Always a good experience with every crew that comes.
Betsy N.

It was a pleasure working with Chase, our Arborist Representative. He was able to share information on our tree situation and give solutions with excellent follow up getting the projects started. The crew completing the work at our home was great. They started on time, finished more quickly than expected and they did an excellent job doing the work and cleaning up. Thanks to all.
Allan H.

Stephen and Kenny were super nice and communicative on the job. They genuinely wanted constructive feedback and to make sure I was happy with their work, which I definitely was. James Walker is a fantastic representative he has always been really responsive and great to work with.
Elizabeth D.

Really happy with Bartlett so far. We are new customers due to Chase Geibner, who we feel is outstanding. We have complete confidence in him. His crew with Hunter as crew leader was first class.
Jan S.

What could Bartlett have done to make the experience better? Nothing. Michael and his crew responded almost instantly when two huge trees blew down and blocked our road on a freezing cold Friday two days before Christmas. The office was closed, but they helped us and made it possible for our entire neighborhood to safely get in and out. I could not be more grateful and thankful for their help. Thank you.
Dave O.

Michael and his crew responded almost instantly when two huge trees blew down and blocked our road on a freezing cold Friday two days before Christmas. The office was closed, but they helped us and made it possible for our entire neighborhood to safely get in and out. I could not be more grateful and thankful for their help. Thank you.
Dave O.

Michael Abbot is great to work with. I trust his judgement and he follows through with everything as discussed. The crew Louis and two other crew members were courteous and professional. It was incredible watching them work in my big Oaks. They left everything neat.
Annette O.

Very professional and polite. Addressed my concerns in a timely manner. I am pleased with the service Bartlett Tree Service provides.
Pat J.

James Walker has been great, very knowledgeable, and responsive to my needs.
Leslie Q.

Briggs is great. Thanks.
Ed R.

Very satisfied with the experience. The tree appearances are noticeably improved. Looking forward to the Fall pruning.
Tim O.

James was wonderfully helpful, as always. The crew led by Luis Fisher was courteous and efficient.
Diane L.

I especially appreciate the call or message prior to whatever treatment is applied.
Elaine O.

Michael Abbott is the best. Knowledgeable, kind, and truly caring about our property. We trust him and we recommend people call him when they have issues with their properties. Cole is our technician and is very helpful as well. He goes out of his way to check everything without our prompting him. Fabulous.
Fran B.

Consistently professional and courteous. Well informed on best steps for ensuring health of trees. Also, attentive to concerns and responsive to questions. We are loyal customers.
Joanne M.

It was great customer service and the work, explanation, and cleanup was excellent. Very knowledgeable. They listen and are able to intelligently answer all questions.
Ann Marie D.

Louis was an excellent leader and excellent communicator.
Adam S.

Love working with Chase. We depend on him.
Beth W.

Informed me on what was happening. All good. Courteous and professional.
James C.

I could not believe the crew member who climbed up in the tree and began pruning and cutting. He was obviously an expert. The tree, a False Cypress, ended up looking beautiful.
Barbara B.

Michael Abbott is an amazing manager juggling many talented crews, and addressing many customers' needs.I highly respect Michael's professional judgement. I appreciate that Michael came out to my property to reassess his earlier work order of 12/21/2021 since my forest was significantly altered during the January 2022 severe ice storm. It was a big help in getting the job well done. My thanks to Michael and his talented crews.
John E.

Everyone is always very friendly when they arrive and do their jobs very professionally. I am always impressed with the speed and quality of the work they do.
Raman P.

All staff is always awesome.
Kay G.

Briggs is fantastic. He always listens and addresses my concerns. Michael is great as well. I have worked with him for years.
Cathy K.

The experience was a pleasure. Watching Hunter reminds me that caring for trees is both science, art, and caring.
Wanda B.

Keep up the good work.
Bruce C.

James is a great arborist and I have enjoyed working with him through the years. He has helped me enact and, most importantly, keep to a scheduled care plan for my property. Work is scheduled for the entire year and I do not need to constantly follow up to make sure Bartlett delivers. Without James' direction and Bartlett's care, my mature trees and shrubs would be in a sorry shape.
Neil P.

Jared did a lovely job, making a few spraying changes since some of the original plant material had been removed. I recently worked with Ian and another gentleman who delivered chips to us. There was a bit of difficulty with one dumping site but Ian remained good humored and professional until the problem was resolved. Regarding chip delivery, Ian and I identified three other locations for dumping chips that will present no difficulty for future loads.
Diane L.

The person doing the spray was exceptionally professional and attentive. Thank you.
Charles H.

James was knowledgeable, personable, and communicated well. Very pleased, did not meet the crew on workday, but they left the property clean and tidy. Thanks.
Lauren O.

The crew from Bartlett came out quickly after a massive snow storm and removed branches broken during the storm and to trim the trees close to the house. The crew was very knowledgeable and explained what they were doing, and why, and tackled some difficult issues with large sections of a tree that had broken off. They were efficient, courteous, cleaned up very well from their work, and kept us informed of what they were going to do. At the end they made sure we were satisfied with the work they had done and did a walk around the property. The job they did was excellent and we are extremely pleased with the work Bartlett performed. They have our highest rating.
David T.

This Jan. 3 storm damage was awful in my County. Wonderful Michael Abbot got four crew men from over the Mountains, Shenandoah Valley crew, with two big trucks to work on my property all day on Jan 6. The crew spotted tree damage I had not discovered. I was very lucky to have such a skilled hard working crew who also would talk to me in a very good way.
Georgia M.

Chase is great. There was an issue with a stake coming out of the ground due to it being wet. He came over promptly and got it fixed. Very professional and courteous. Will absolutely recommend him.
Matt G.

The young men who spray always call before they come. They are always courteous.
Tory B.

My Bartlett Arborist came to my property originally very soon after I requested service, and took the time to look closely at everything I was interested in having done. He also responded quickly to my emails when the proposal was under consideration. Bartlett crew members were excellent, so courteous and caring with my concerns about the various items they were taking care of, and quickly adapted to a new need, calling my Arborist on the spot, getting the price for me in a short time and then doing the additional job. They were obviously very experienced, worked as a team using their excellent equipment, care of my property, and most of all seemed several steps more interested in what they were doing and anxious to do all correctly than the case with most workers nowadays. They were a pleasure to have working on my property as opposed to the usual people I have had doing jobs at my home, inside or outside, in recent years. I am usually very relieved to say goodbye to most of them when they leave with one or two exceptions. Just the opposite with the Bartlett staff. I was actually sorry to see them leave.
Joan B.

I just love the communication and the professional way they do business. It is hard to find a business which still believe in these two things.
Theresa H.

Always very happy with the service, advice, and recommendations I get from James Walker. I feel that I can trust what he recommends as being what my trees need, rather than just trying to sell me something.
Elizabeth M.

Always very happy with the service and advice I get from James Walker. I feel that I can trust what he recommends as being what my trees need, rather than just trying to sell me something.
Elizabeth M.

Chase Giebner was a fantastic representative of Bartlett's professionalism, and He was very helpful and knowledgeable in assessing the damage to my Cherry tree and what needed to be done to save it. would highly recommend his services to others.
A. Manning

James is always professional and very knowledgeable. We really value his service to our property. Wayne is also very professional in application process. We highly recommend Bartlett to friends and family.
Lenora T.

James is always professional and very knowledgeable. We really value his service to our property. Wayne is also very professional in application process. We highly recommend Bartlett to friends and family.
Lenora T.

James is always very responsive and talking with him is enjoyable and educational.
Michele B.

James Walker is the best. He is very knowledgeable and willing to share that knowledge with us.
Deborah J.

Very pleasant and knowledgeable staff. They do the work they promised to do and clean up so well it is hard to tell where they worked. They are most responsive with answers to questions. I will use them for all future issues involving my trees. They are a best in class.
John C.

The staff is extremely courteous and responsive. James is very friendly, offers sound advice, very responsive and a pleasure to work with.
Mohammed S.

The arborist I work with, Michael Abbott, is knowledgeable and professional. I have enjoyed our interactions and have learned a great deal from our discussions. He is easy to work with. I look forward to our continued collaboration to improve my property’s trees and shrubs.
Gordon M.

The arborist I work with, Michael Abbott, is knowledgeable and professional. I have enjoyed our interactions and have learned a great deal from our discussions. He is easy to work with. I look forward to our continued collaboration to improve my property’s trees and shrubs.
Gordon M.

Chase is wonderful to work with and we followed him to Bartlett and will continue to deal exclusively with him since we trust him.
Richard M.

All crew members, crew leaders, and arborist are professional, well trained, industrious and cordial.
Lisa A.

I always look forward to working with James Walker. His experience and problem-solving abilities are second to none. This is the second project that James has supervised for me at my Saint George Avenue rental and the quality of the work by his team has exceeded my expectations each time. I also have Bartlett Tree Service manage my home in Charlottesville as well, and the quality and efficient work performed has been outstanding.
Mark C.

I truly appreciated James Walker's advice on how best to care for and treat my Ash trees. He did not try to upsell me on services. His advice was geared toward developing a multi-year relationship with Bartlett to monitor and protect the trees from Emerald Ash Borer beetle infestation.
Jennifer F.

Everyone was knowledgeable, courteous, and friendly. Which helps a customer feel they are trustworthy and honest. Then their expertise in choosing the limbs to cut and their concern for the plants below was gratifying. I have already bragged about your work and shown it to several family and friends.
Julia K.

The treatment this week went very well. Your technician was very helpful. He helped me cover and uncover the vegetable garden to block any drifting spray. Much appreciated.
Jeffrey S.

The treatment this week went very well. Your technician was very helpful. He helped me cover and uncover the vegetable garden to block any drifting spray. Much appreciated.
Jeffrey S.

The whole crew is wonderful. They have been friendly, hard working, and very knowledgeable.
Helgi T.

Mr. Walker is absolutely top drawer and really knows what he Is doing. Excellent in all regards.
William E.

James and team are always helpful, professional, and go above and beyond to make sure our grounds are in good shape.
Neil P.

The gentleman who came to do the fertilizing and the others who came to do the tree trimming were all outstanding. They did a great job, cleaned things perfectly when done, and were courteous, professional, and informative while they were here. They should all be commended for the great job they did. If all your employees are like them, I am confident you will never receive a complaint about your company. Keep up the great work.
Judy W.

Briggs kept in touch with me about his arrival time so I could be sure our dogs would be out of his way. Once here, he was personable, and easy to talk with. He pointed out a pest problem I had not seen so I have scheduled that for attention. We have been Bartlett clients for years and never disappointed.
Harris R.

I appreciate being called that a staff member plans to come do the treatment and that a leaflet is left on the door indicating the treatment was done. I appreciate James Walkers, knowledge of my trees and soil.
Sandra J.

I believe Mr. Abbott conducted a thorough review of the trees on our property and gave a very useful assessment of the work and projected cost. He also discussed the work that I was asking to be done and explained what and how it would be conducted as well as gave me a fair price for the work involved. I believe he put my interest and needs foremost in his proposal.
Ted H.

The crew was just terrific. They let us know what was happening throughout the day giving us updates when needed. They were friendly too! At one point, one of the crew members took us around our property showing us what had been done and what was still going to be done. We are looking forward to seeing our enormous beech leaf out in the spring!
Dave and Lisa S.

Chase and the crew were great. They did a great job. I look forward to continuing to work with them.
Wendy H.

Communication is always timely and work done when and promised.
Maggie S.

Michael was so knowledgeable regarding our tree issues. He was also professional and considerate. He gave us a great plan for helping two trees on our property.
Becky B.

Everyone involved has always been friendly and courteous. Ryan has been helpful in keeping us apprised of when the work will be done. Ryan also has presented us with reasonable estimates and opinions on what we’re trying to accomplish in our yard. The crew has always introduced themselves before starting and they listen to what I have to say. I would not hesitate to use your services again.
Jeff A.

A wonderful staff. I especially admire the work of Hunter who has not only a vision for what he is doing, but handles it like an artist. And of course, Michael Abbot , who is always there when you need him. Thanks for the excellent work.
Donna E.

Chase is the best arborist.
Jim C.

Courteous and prompt. Very happy with Michael and his crew. Have referred Bartlett to others.
Kay G.

The staff is efficient, courteous, and responsive. The guys who came to cut a broken branch were very efficient, did the work to my satisfaction and left the place clean after cutting the branch. I still have work to be done in December orJanuary and cannot comment on that job. Wayne who sprays the Boxwood in my garden is most efficient, most cooperative, and courteous. I urge you to keep him.
M. Sawaie

I am deeply grateful to Michael Abbott for his many years of service. He is knowledgeable, thoughtful, proactive, responsive, and concerned about the health of my trees. He takes the time to explain his vision and the reasons for the services he provides, and I always trust his recommendations. Michael has always provided a qualified and capable crew, most recently Briggs, who is capable and courteous. I look forward to many more years of working with Michael Abbott and am grateful to be a Bartlett Tree Experts client.
A. Gutauskas

We love James Walker professional, knowledgeable, and explains and teaches us about our property.
Lenora T

Michael was very knowledgeable and put our minds at ease about our many trees. The other crew members have been polite and I appreciate their communicating with me.
Kay G.

The office staff was nice and friendly and made a timely appointment with the Arobrist. The Arborist was prompt and knowledgeable and got back with me with a price quickly. The crew that took down the trees was excellent. They worked from the time they arrived until they left without stopping. It was amazing to see how the treeman in the bucket was able to cut down the tree with such ease.
Helen Jean Burnette

Great experience with Ryan, the Arborist, as well as the person who came back to do the pruning. Very impressed with their knowledge and expertise. The job was executed with care and the Bartlett team obviously takes pride in their work. We are hopeful our large Maple will recover from a girdling root that was removed. The mulch was all replaced and the site left neat and tidy. Thanks.
Laura W.

The pruning of trees greatly improved the look of our property. Pruning was very well executed and yielded a beautiful, natural look. We plan to call again in the Fall for some more pruning and tree care.
Laura W.

Always been very pleased with their services. Thank you.
John and Anne S.

Always checking on me and making sure I am kept appraised of work that needs to be done on my property. I really appreciate it.
Scott B.

James is knowledgeable and competent. I trust his recommendations.
Jonathan H.

We are very happy with the service Bartlett provides. Their pricing is excellent.
Jonathan H.

James Walker is a pleasure to work with, he is knowledgable, courteous, and I appreciate that he does not push work or treatments that are not needed for the care of my two Dogwood trees. I feel that I can trust the information he provides, and he is happy to explain anything that I may not understand. I do not have as much contact with your office staff, but whenever I have had to call, they have always been very courteous, friendly, and helpful.
Elizabeth M.

With social distancing, I have not had the opportunity to interact with the crew members. But, I am always very satisfied with their work.
Kathy M.

Great service! Saved several of our very old English Boxwood.
Martha C.

Ryan has been wonderful to work with. In fact, we are having more work planned. The workers were equally competent and commutative.
Bob M.

Bartlett representatives were very reliable and responsive with good communications. I found it very refreshing to have your personnel actually perform their tasks as originally promised. Your friendly and competent staff are a definite asset to your company. I would not hesitate to give your company my heartfelt recommendations. Many Thanks.
Don L.

It is nothing less than amazing at how efficient and professional your crew is. I have never seen such a well orchestrated operation in all my life. They knew what to do, when to do it, and did not waste time getting it done. The techniques and tricks of the trade used to get this tree down were accomplished flawlessly. I had more enjoyment watching this fine oiled machine of a crew work tirelessly to get the job done quickly and efficiently as you could only imagine. It was totally unbelievable. I hope these guys are appreciated as they should be for the hard work they do. Hunter was like a world class NASCAR driver with his professional pit crew. I was impressed with how responsible, diligent, and hard working Trey was and how much he loved doing this type of work. Brian seemed to be the engine that kept things running on a smooth course so as not to waste Hunter’s time in the tree. He knew everything that needed to be done and exactly when to do it.
Tony D.

I have a great relationship with my arborist representative, Michael Abbott, and always look forward to working with him and your qualified and friendly staff. The trust I have in them is so very valuable as we care for our "pet" trees.
Edith M.

It is a pleasure to work with Michael and the crew. Hunter with the tree take down and Briggs who did the tree fertilization are a real credit to Bartlett Tree Service.
Jim M.

5 star rating in all categories.
Joanne C.

Ryan Wilkins was very friendly, accommodating, and professional. After a full examination of our tree, Ryan gave us a complete explanation of the problems that were evident. Ryan explained complex Arborist issues in terms we could understand. This gave us tremendous confidence in his evaluation and the professionalism of Bartlett. Per Bartlett standards Ryan was very assuring in the fact that our tree would be removed safely, completely, with the sections being stacked neatly where I requested and there would be no trace of the rest of the tree left. There was no indications on our property of anyone even being there and this was all true.
Tony D.

Young man who did the job at my house was very nice and hard working. tell him the eggs made it and we now have three birds in the nest.
Freddie W.

Our fruit trees an all our other trees were pruned perfectly. We are thrilled with Bartlett's attention to detail.
Nick D.

Pleasant and accommodating staff, knowledgeable Arborist, tree trimmers courteous and experienced. Very satisfied with their service.
Joann M.

Ryan was friendly and knowledgeable. He provided clear and good advice. His team carried out the job exactly as agreed and cleared up completely after themselves.
Guy B.

James Walker was knowledgeable, courteous, and answered all my questions. He has even been available to answer subsequent questions via email. He is an excellent arborist.
Willa P.

It was a pleasure doing business with you. Great job, done quickly, at a fair price, with no hassles.
S. P.

Michael is great. He knows exactly what needs to be done and does not try to take advantage of his customers. The crew was very friendly.
Eileen T.

We are always happy to see a Bartlett service man.
Charles V.

James is always friendly and professional. He is quick to answer emails and manages to make a stressful situation not seem so bad. Very impressed how his crew worked through the rain.
B. N.

Everyone is always patient in answering my many questions.
Virginia M.

Thank you for Bartlett’s immediate response to our downed Elm limb on Monday. We appreciated your inspection visit, especially when I went out to clip some Hellebores seed pods, I was amazed at how careful your folks were to minimize further damage even to many small or recently planted items. We are very grateful for all of the work.
Bobbi and Lewis B.

James was very helpful and took plenty of time to decide with us what should be done. The crew was courteous, knowledgeable, and left the site very clean.
Ginny Z.

We had a huge Dawn Redwood that we loved but the roots were destroying our yard and starting to buckle our sidewalk. We contacted several companies regarding removal of the tree and grounding out the stump. Bartlett responded quickly and had the best price. They showed up on the date and time that they were supposed to and did a fabulous job. The young men that ground out the surface roots went beyond what we had expected. They were courteous and did an awesome job. We definitely recommend Bartlett and should the need arise will most assuredly use their services.
Anne G.

The guys finished yesterday and as always they did an excellent job with a tough project. Thank you for responding so quickly, I will try to give you more than a 24 hour notice. Look forward to working together again in 2019.
Lester W.

I appreciated the man who sprayed and knocked on my door to let me know he was here. I had a couple of questions, all of which he answered.
Elaine O.

It is always a pleasure to work with Michael Abbott. I was concerned about how many plants might be harmed given the location of the work, I was amazed at how very well all of them came through the day. I have always been impressed by how thorough the cleanup is.
Edith M.

Top level of satisfaction. Perfection in professionalism. Guys were friendly and did a great job cleaning up.
Philip K.

Ray has done an exceptional pruning job for us. He is competent, knowledgeable, personable, and a great ambassador for Bartlett. Thanks for good service.
Carol H.

Crew was great, informative, courteous, and neat.
Paul M.

Michael is terrific, knowledgeable, and friendly. The crew who handled the service was also great, well trained, and personable.
Mike S.

Bartlett could not be more professional, knowledgeable, and friendly.
Libby W.

Very knowledgeable and professional. Trees look great.
Rae S.

I showed the crew man a broken limb on a young maple, just to ask his advice. He immediately turned his attention to the limb, went to his truck for a pole saw, and removed the broken limb as well as trimming some leafy overgrowth that was weighing down other branches. He cleaned it all up, wow, all that and polite too.
Kelly K.

If you want a job done right, these are the men to ask for.
Joan R.

James Walker is a delight to work with. Always responsive, thoughtful about his recommendations, and respectful of my budget.
Robert A.

Michael always goes above and beyond and his knowledge is without equal. Ray is such a nice man. He made sure he knew where every boxwood was and was unflustered by the difficult job at hand on such a hot day. Hats off to them both.
Fran B.

Excellent, courteous, friendly, professional, extremely knowledgeable, thoughtful, and they point out places of concern. We enjoy having Bartlett to call on and depend on for spot on work.
Christine R.

Your crew did a terrific job of taking care of our trees. They were friendly and supportive of our needs.

I was concerned, in advance, about the work and actually hoped my beau would be the one home. However, I was home and I couldn't be happier that it worked out that way. The crew spoke with me about the plans for the day, our concerns, and requests. Throughout the day, they treated our property and questions with the utmost professionalism. They exhibited great care in accessing the trees. It was evident that the crew was knowledgeable, and cared about their work. I am sure we care about our landscape as some people care about their pets. It couldn't have been easy for your crew to meet our expectations but they exceeded them.
N. P.

We are extremely pleased with the work and cleanup your crew did in our yard and would recommend your company to anyone.
G. C.

I always recommend Ryan and Bartlett Tree Experts to my friends and neighbors.
C. M.

I always enjoy talking to Michael Abbott about the tree work we need done. He is very knowledgeable and very helpful in setting priorities and planning for future work.

I was pleased by how they were able to get to the back of our house in their truck with essentially no damage, for how they cleaned up afterwards, and for their keeping to the appointment time.
S. S.

Great staff. I had been with an individual tree man, thinking that Bartlett would be more expensive. Boy, was I ever wrong. Thanks for great work at a reasonable price, done quickly and efficiently.
F. W.

Great staff. I had been with an individual tree man, thinking that Bartlett would be more expensive. Boy, was I ever wrong, wrong, wrong. Thanks for great work at a reasonable price, done quickly and efficiently.

Just want to drop you a note to say that your crew did a fantastic job on Monday. I was left with the hunch that they must have been boy scouts in their younger days as they left our property cleaner than they found it. I specifically want to acknowledge Dylan's involvement. In addition to providing this professional service, it seemed his ultimate goal was to see that I was satisfied with their work. He answered any questions willingly and offered to show me any work they had finished. He trimmed some small branches that I had neglected to mention to you. He found a creative solution to burying the rod by the poplar tree so that one would not even know the ground had been touched. Employees like Dylan are few and far between.

We absolutely continue to be completely satisfied with the services provided by Bartlett. Not only the expert quality of the workmanship and care taken, but the virtually immediate response to our needs. We have unfortunately experienced fallen trees - numerous times - due to storms. Bartlett has been so accommodating in sending our work crews at off hours to clean debris off our home and property. We have nothing but praise and satisfaction for the work, service, and relationship with Bartlett. Michael Abbott is a gem to work with as have been previous reps. The workers are so "good" at what they do -- thank you and "bravo!!!"
Mr & Mrs. T.

Your team was exceptionally polite, efficient, and professional. We are very pleased with the work they did. Thank you so much.
Michelle F.

They were all terrific! The work crew was highly skilled, courteous and did a great job. Having Ryan come out to "check up" on things was an added bonus. We continue to be VERY impressed with the work Bartlett does. Thanks.
Ron B.

As always, we were VERY impressed with the work done on Dec. 14th. The crew that did the work was friendly, polite, and very professional. Appreciated Ryan coming out to "check up" on things as well. On a scale of 1 - 10, the work done was a 18!! Many thanks!

I am a maintenance gardener and use Bartlett on all my properties. I LOOOOOVE the Bartlett crew. They have responded to emergencies promptly, even on a Sunday (that was Ryan Wilkins); the work done has been very professional and they always do a nice job leaving everything neat and tidy; they are polite and courteous and very responsive to the clients' needs; they always remember to be careful when spraying so as to not endanger my clients' children and pets; and they take very good care of the plants. I feel very comfortable recommending them to my clients. At first I always made sure I was onsite when they worked but have come to realize that I don't need to be there because they are so professional, careful, and considerate.

Thank you for creating such a good company and for having reasonable rates. It is such a comfort to me to have Bartlett do the IPM and tree work at my properties. Also, I just love your NC staff and always enjoy seeing them at the fall workshop you provide for us for FREE. Thank you for being so generous.

The trees and shrubs that were tended to in our yard look fabulous! Many thanks to you and your team for doing such an excellent job.
Michelle M

I just want to say how pleased I am with the team that took down the five dead trees in my yard. Not only were they professional they were also fun. As they probably told you, the tree on the right front was cracked up high so they had to bring it down whole instead of cutting by chunks. They told me they may accidentally take out one of my Butterfly bushes, but they were able to bring that big tree down between two Butterfly bushes that were probably about 2-3 feet apart. Very impressive. They also did a wonderful job of keeping the grass in good shape. You can hardly tell they were here. Again, thanks to a wonderful team for a job well done.
Lisa F.

I want to let you know that the guys that came to our house last Friday for the tree/shrub work were superb!! Nice guys, conscientious, and considerate! I was amazed to see that tree disappear without mess or fuss. And they did it all in the pouring rain. We are very pleased with the results – exactly what we wanted. Thank you for a job well done. I will call on Bartlett in the future I’m sure.

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