Bartlett provides expert tree service in Charlotte, NC and this is what our Charlotte customers are saying about us. We are proud to offer a wide range of tree services to our customers!

As a Charlotte tree service company, Bartlett provides the full spectrum of tree and property services offered, including Fertilization and Soil Care, Insect and Disease Management, Pruning, Storm Damage, Tree Inspections, and Tree Risk Assessments.

If you are looking for a Charlotte tree service company, schedule an appointment for a Bartlett Arborist Representative to visit your property and you will not be disappointed.

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What Our Charlotte, NC Customers Are Saying

Arborist was very friendly and worked around our landscaping crew that happened to be there at the same time with no issues.
Johnathan S.

Tom Lillo is awesome. Great guy. Extremely knowledgeable, and offers sound advice. I know he always has our best interest at heart.
Jay S.

Working with Ben is a pleasure.
Scott M.

Very pleased with performance. Excellent people and service.
David B.

Once again, your team did another spectacularly amazing and first-class job here today. The guys were so fun, personable, and professional and made all the hours they worked here just a joy. Terrific teamwork. They took your great direction and knew exactly what to do. I say it again, you really should see all they did since you saw what it looked like when you were here. Thank you, Tom, and thanks to all.
Kathy K.

Very professional and responsive.
Ken W.

Always a pleasure to work with Bartlett’s staff.
Madeleine C.

My recent service was terrific. I noticed a dead limb that had broken a part and was in danger of falling on my roof. The arborist, Ben Fletcher, squeezed in a consult the day after I called the office, and a crew was in my neighborhood the day Ben came by. They were able to do the necessary work that same afternoon. Amazing service, particularly since we have had several severe storms the past couple of weeks.
Kelly T.

Everything was perfect. Staff competent and eager to share their expertise and knowledge.
Jim L.

Nothing I can think of could make it better. Bartlett always leaves me satisfied with their service. The advice is always good and so is the service. I demand professionalism and have always received it from Bartlett. There are dozens of mature White Ash on my street that are likely going untreated. Perhaps send an advertisement to the street illuminating the dangers of the Ash Borers. You can say their neighbor is very satisfied and refer them to me if desired.
Tim S.

Austin is great. And the man who does our plant and tree service is professional and courteous. Great company whose employees care about my trees and plants and work to ensure my property looks its best.
Kendra M.

I felt like I was getting a great education on the plant life in my yard and the challenges that we face in North Carolina and the Charlotte area with increasing disease. It gave me hope to turn things around in my yard and care for our common home together with the Bartlett team.

I appreciate how courteous and professional everyone at Bartlett is, especially our arborist, Tom Lillo.
Katherine L.

Tom was great, informative, and prompt. Got the work done quickly. Crew was excellent. Amazing how they do the work and one guy answered my questions very patiently. Very pleased with Bartlett.
Lee B.

Always the best care for our trees. Nick and team are so knowledgeable and kind.
Sarah S.

Everything has been perfectly. Everyone has been a ten. It is very nice to know that I had someone to turn to.
Glenn L.

They were excellent. The two brothers were professional in every sense of the word, answering my questions, and performing the tree services so very well.
Kenna P.

Thank you.
Laurie D.

I can not think of anything that needs improvement. All staff were excellent, friendly, and helpful. My experience with Bartlett was all positive. You can tell that your employees are proud of their work and the great tradition of the company.
Charles M.

Vince was great. He took his time and explained things in terms I could understand.
Joan V.

Tom and the crew are always great. Thank you.
Mary B.

Looking forward to working with the team again in the next phase of our project. Absolutely wonderful, every single one of them. Tom is phenomenal and the work crew were awesome, efficient, and cheerful.
Court S.

My Cherry Tree looks so much better. It is beginning to look healthy and happy. Thank you.
Sharon S.

Austin came to the house the day after I wrote to him about aphids, and the problem was explained and remedied immediately. Such great service.
Jan S.

Great experience. Very professional crew. Very knowledgeable arborist. Answered all my questions.
Peg D.

Ben always communicates well with me.
Kate B.

Vince and Luke were awesome. Friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful in so many ways. Seem like they really know their stuff and care to get the trees back to health.
Jennifer W.

Nick is exceptional.
Suzanne C.

My arborist has been great, explained everything thoroughly. I appreciate his help and my neighbors have commented that my ailing tree looks better this year.
Lou S.

Tom Lillo was very professional, and the crew was great, they did everything they were contracted to do and left no mess behind at all. Have used them over several years. Great company.
Lisa F.

Crew guy was professional and courteous. You guys are great.
Kendra M.

Everybody is friendly and cordial. All of the staff demonstrate a desire to please and do good work.
Hunter C.

I have been a Bartlett customer for over twenty years, in five different homes, in four different cities. Always have knowledgeable, friendly, and competent assistance. Keep it up.
Diane K.

Very knowledgeable, and practical. Your representative's thoroughness and care of my property is duly noted.
Jim M.

They were nice and introduced themselves to us. Thanks.
Tom P.

Always on time and courteous. It is so good to have knowledgeable people making sure our trees and shrubs are healthy.
Connie R.

It is expensive but it is world class. I definitely get what I pay for. Everyone is always polite and knowledgeable. The field crews go out of their way to make me feel safe and valued while being productive and efficiently utilizing time. I appreciate you all helping me keep my home and family safe by recommending and effectively mitigation risk associated with trees near my house. Thanks.
Luke A.

Tom was great and very knowledgeable.
David M.

I appreciate Austin's honesty about what to do now, and what to watch, rather than let us take it down being the default response.
Patrick L.

Very responsive.
Will G.

Professional. Good communication. Nice work.
Bryan C.

Tom is the best. He is so genuine and does care about the property. I look forward to his visits because I learn so much about care of my trees and bushes.
Marleen M.

Knowledgeable and helpful advice. Always a pleasure to talk with.
Chris T.

I appreciate Austin Proctor's knowledge and wise counsel regarding the older trees on my lot.
Allen A.

Professional, honest, knowledgeable, prompt, reliable, and reasonably priced.
Jesse M.

Knowledgeable and efficient onsite crew. My trees are showing signs of healthy growth.
Andrew and Christie

Could not have been a better experience. Ultra professionalism throughout the experience. Extremely knowledgeable staff from office to onsite crews. Excellent experience.
Aaron E.

Everything went smoothly and efficiently. Tom Lillo does a great job coordinating things. Josh did an outstanding job running the crew and taking down our two trees.
Steven R.

Vince has been very responsive to our concerns. Our property vegetation is in good shape.
Lawrence Z.

Everyone has been wonderful, and our trees are beautiful. We are very happy with the service.
Kate S.

I very much appreciate the professional help from Nick Turco and rely on his insight and advice.
Carla V.

I very much appreciate the professional help from Nick Turco and rely on his insight and advice.
Carla V.

Austin Proctor is an outstanding representative, he is Bartlett as far as I am concerned.
Cam F.

Very informative. He answered all my questions. Pleased with your service.
Marie L.

We had a great experience with Bartlett on tree maintenance. The arborist walked over our property and identified all of the trees and made recommendations for pruning. The pruning crew was great, very professional, and safety conscious. We use wood chips for landscaping and the crew arranged to arrive with a full load of chips which they left with us.
Thomas G.

The crew was courteous and professional. Tom Lillo has been very responsive to my requests and continues to assess my property for any future needs. Great company.
Charmaine B.

Ken Nolan is a very pleasant person to be coming annually to take care of my Boxwood trimming and my small Crepes. You are fortunate to have him.
Alston W.

Ben was helpful and courteous. Joe came to do the fertilization and came to the door and introduced himself before he did the work. Very professional staff.
Dale W.

We use a lot of wood chips for landscaping. Ben, our service representative, knew this and arranged to have the crew drop a full truck load of chips that they had hauled away from a previous job. We love it. Saves me about eight trips to the recycling center hauling back with my small pickup truck. Crew leader, Derek, was super friendly and helpful by dumping the chips right where we wanted them. Pruning job looks great. Crew had high safety awareness. Good job. Probably half of the trees in our landscaping were unknown to us until Ben walked the property with us and identified everything. Great resource.
Tom G.

The crew was fantastic as is the office staff. Very professional, super knowledgeable, do not upsell, but explains properly and goes out of their way to point out concerns. Great service all around.
Dennis C.

The crew was fantastic as is the office staff. Very professional, super knowledgeable, do not upsell but explain properly, and go out of their way to point out concerns. Great service all around.
Dennis C.

They were perfect. Nathan and his crew were polite and efficient. They communicated with us, so we understood what they were doing. They cleaned up the yard afterwards. Excellent work.
Rebekah W.

Perfect experience. So helpful and knowledgeable.
Bob B.

Everyone went out of their way to accommodate my wishes. Thank you.
Vera W.

Ben, our Arborist, has done a great job on both accounts we used Bartlett. He is insightful, considerate of what we need, and what is best for us as the client. Ben is the reason we came back for the second time to Bartlett.
Jeff H.

Bartlett is very professional, friendly, and prompt.
Des K.

The entire team did a great job. Thanks.

I have had other Tree services previously. But Bartlett was by far the most professional in their approach and recommendations and more importantly the work they provided.

Bartlett Tree Experts have always been extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Bartlett is my go-to for all my arbor needs.

Everyone is super professional, which gives you a high level of confidence in their work.

They did a great job.

Nick and Austin are the best.

The service provider was courteous and professional. He completed his assignment in a timely manner and was respectful of our property. Bartlett continues to provide excellent tree and plant care which supports our landscaping investment.

Every interaction that I have had with Bartlett tree care and administrative staff this year has been courteous, professional, helpful, and marked by the staff going the extra mile in performing the job. I can not think of anything that would be an improvement on perfect.

Nick is always available when we have concerns and addresses them immediately. Thank you, Nick, and all at Bartlett.

Very professional and courteous. Keep doing what you are doing. Happy Holidays. Looking forward to 2024.
Bill and Cathy

Vince came to my house to look at the tree that seems to have some issues, he provided expert opinion, and it was very helpful. Bartlett tree service was very professional and knowledgeable, and I highly recommend them for tree services.

Vince was very helpful answering my questions. He was very knowledgeable and professional.

The service was without flaw. Communications are timely and poised.

Everything was fine. Completely satisfied. Everyone was great. Timely responses and Kevin who did the work was excellent. Did a good job and cleaned up everything.

They did a very thorough job of trimming and when I looked out for the last time before they left, I realized that they even blew my leaves, an unexpected and very grateful bonus. I did go outside and thank them profusely. Above and beyond. Many thanks.

Representative was extremely detailed and courteous. Walked me through the process and options. Provided what we were hoping for.

Professional and friendly. Responded favorably to suggestions.

They were awesome. Austin was a pleasure to work with, from beginning to end. His crew did a great job. I would definitely recommend and hope to work with you again at my home in Wilmington.

Perfect job. I did not talk to them, but my husband did. He was so impressed by their professionalism.

Austin has been extremely helpful over several years in evaluating the health of my trees. The crew impressed me in their work as a team to ensure safety and cleanup. There was no rushing. There seemed to be no bickering over tasks to do.

My expectations were exceeded. I only wish original quotes were faster, took almost three weeks but I suppose that means you have lots of customers, so good. Fast, respectful, efficient, great company. Will definitely use in the future.

Nice, friendly, and knowledgeable.

They were perfect. Wonderful. Could not be more professional and courteous.

Ken is helping to get our Japanese Maple looking like a Japanese Maple.

Great communicator and very responsive.

Nick Turco is always responsive and arranges the necessary treatments. We value his service as well as his friendship.

Very nice crew. Responsive, helpful, and knowledgeable. Good job.

The crew was very courteous to me and even took some wood and brush that I had in a pile that was unrelated to the scope of work. I was surprised to see a contractor that actually went out of their way to clean the site up better than it was before the work was done. Very pleased.

Everyone we have dealt with has been great. Articulate, patient, and nice people.

As far as I can see, everything was done just right. The gentleman who came out was very courteous and friendly. You have A+ crew members working for you. Thank you so much for helping us save our trees. I wish I had contacted you last year and maybe we could have saved one of our trees. I appreciate your honesty that our one tree could not really be saved from the Ambrosia beetle. It was too far gone.

Everyone that I have worked with has provided excellent customer service and Bartlett does a great job.

Tom Lillo is excellent at his job.

Perfect experience. So helpful and knowledgeable.

Nick Turco is the best in the biz.

Tom was great from start to finish. Definitely will use again.

I appreciate the work done. Friendly and courteous staff that does good work.

The treatment has had very good results. Thank you. Good job.

Austin is the best. I only recommend Bartlett to my clients.

Nick, Mary-Ashley, and her crew all were great to work with. Very professional.

Professional workers.

Your crew just left, and they did a superb job. All the trimming turned out just as I had envisioned, you guys are mind readers. The clean-up was impeccable. Mason and his crew were ultra skilled doing the work, including maneuvering in the very tight staging area. We just could not have had a better team doing the work. Courteous, efficient, and totally professional. Mason also checked in with our neighbor to make sure that they were also pleased from their side, the answer is "yes". Big applause to Mason and his Crew. This is why you always get our call when we need work done. Exceptional. Thank you for all you did to make sure this went off without a hitch of any kind. Thank you.

Always available, prompt, and knowledgeable.

Tom Lillo is great. Responds to requests quickly and takes care of the job.

I was very pleased with the service I received and look forward to your continued assistance with caring for my trees. Please give my special thanks to Benjamin Fletcher.

Nick did great checking all of my trees and setting up a long-term plan Mason and his crew were great, the trees look great, and they were great. Would highly recommend.

Very happy with all of the tree care performed by Bartlett. Crews were very nice and respectful of our property. Austin Proctor also worked with the city to allow us to cleanup some dead branch concerns on a large Oak tree. They made it very easy and seamless in helping get all of this done.

Wonderful arborist, tree crew, and office staff. A pleasure to do business with.

Can not think of a single suggestion. Bartlett is always my first call when I need tree care or trim work. Great job. Always knowledgeable and courteous. Excellent job.

Everything was great. Friendly and professional.

Very professional. Nice people. They do an excellent job. They care about your property and health of your trees.

Ben is always helpful answering questions over the phone and has also made several trips to my house to look at areas of concern and to answer questions in great detail. The service crew is always thorough and they answer any questions I have on treatment days. They have also returned several times to retreat problem areas, no questions asked.

Wonderful experience from beginning to end. Each person in the process from making the appointment, to Tom the arborist, to the crew doing the work was friendly, professional, and excellent.

I am very pleased with Bartlett.

Austin Proctor is an outstanding professional. Bartlett is fortunate to have Austin. Crew was thorough and professional.

Luke was excellent. Thank you.
Bob and Mary Lynn

Always good service. Friendly, courteous, and professional.

Bartlett and the professionals first diagnosed my dead Cherry tree which was more of an emotional exercise. Next a crew of three were dispatched and over a mere 45 minutes removed trunk, limbs and cleaned up better than on arrival. Not my first interaction with Bartlett I have an arborist and team that I can be assured will handle any and all future needs. Reliable, reasonable, professional, and caring.

I feel confident that I receive good advice about the care of my trees and shrubs.

A-Team. Thanks as always.
Shawn and Regina

I appreciate the sound and balanced advice from Nick Turco . He has a goal to promote healthy trees, but is realistic about when it is time to remove a dangerous or diseased tree. Recently, I had a large tree branch fall and land on my neighbor's property. Nick responded quickly to my request for assistance. He planned a removal strategy that greatly minimized the damage to my neighbor's yard. I like how he emphasized the crew's safety. He worked with my plan to keep most of the larger branch pieces on site and had the crew cut them to moveable size.

They all did an excellent job.

The two Bartlett guys started at 10am and went to like 5pm removing downed tree limbs in 95-degree heat. We kept an eye on these guys to make sure they were ok. They did a fantastic job and I hope you guys will pass this along that we are very happy.

Everything was great. I will definitely use them again.

Keep up the great work you are doing! Austin was great! His knowledge and expertise were invaluable to planning for our tree and shrubbery health maintenance. Considerate and professional crew.

Everything was to our liking. Vince was great as well as the crew.

Professional staff. My twelve trees have never looked healthier.

Very helpful and knowledgeable.

I was very happy with the team who worked on my project. Their skill in taking down this massive tree without damaging any other trees or shrubs in the yard was extremely impressive. My small fig tree was just several feet away from the tree they fell and was not even slightly damaged. Thank you for the excellent service.

Tom is great. Very responsive and knowledgeable.
Greg and Jessica

We were very impressed with Bartlett’s customer service, knowledge of our property’s tree scape, and overall project experience. We will definitely refer Bartlett to our friends and family. Thank you Tom Lillo and your team for helping remove one of our beloved trees. It was sad to see it come down.

Working with Ben is such a pleasure. He is always there for us, with the best advice and knowledge. Very rarely do I see the staff, but they always leave the yard clean and thriving.

Nathan and his team were superb. Nick provided expert advice and his job estimate was fair price. He was accessible throughout. Awesome experience.

Both Tom and the technician took time to explain issue with tree and how the treatment is given. Highly recommend Bartlett.

Tom is a pro, he knows what is needed and how to get it done. The Bartlett crew was fast, safe, and efficient, as always.

Crew members very helpful and knowledgeable about what is best. Tom gives me great advice whenever he comes out. I feel my trees and shrubs are looked after.

They were awesome, thank you.

Have had consistently great experiences with Ben and his team members.

Knowledgeable and courteous representative, and crew.

Vince was easy to work with, I enjoyed the experience. The crew was great, hard working and professional.

Nate and crew, Jabe and Josh, did a wonderful job. I am thrilled.

Austin is terrific. Thank you.

Austin is the best.

Helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly. Very professional.

Always prompt, professional, and so knowledgeable.

Ben Fletcher is very helpful as an arborist. I had to lose a tree, but he and the crew are helping keep the others healthy.

My Bartlett Arborist Representative was both polite and friendly. My vision for the tree trimming was listened to and carried out by the crew with no supervision from me. I felt like a valued customer.

Always a good experience.

Thank you. Hollies look great.
Andrew and Christie

Tom is responsive and knowledgeable.

Tom Lillo was a pleasure to work with, and very informative. His expertise was instrumental in our choices. The crew was fantastic, responsive to questions, and obviously wanted to make the job perfect to our needs.

Outstanding wonderful work by crew. Thank you. I have and will recommend Bartlett to neighbors and friends.

Tom, Pete, Rene, and Mary Ashley were all great. Professional job. Thanks.

Tom was very helpful and considerate at first meeting. Luke, who came for soil treatment, was very polite and efficient. Arrived mid morning which was appreciated, explained process, modified procedure slightly for tree next to storm drain, and confirmed gate was secure when leaving because he noticed that we had a dog. Excellent. Thank you.

Ben Fletcher is great, and the rest of the staff are courteous and competent.

I am generally very critical of any kind of service work I have done. I literally cannot think of one thing to criticize about my experience with Bartlett Tree. Your tree staff is knowledgeable, polite, keep their customers abreast of what they are doing, follow safety protocols, and on and on. It was a positive experience. Contact with the office staff has also been a positive experience. Finally, the initial contact, the arborist, was a pleasure to speak with as he is understanding and perceptive in addressing the customer's needs.

It is an all-around service and I truly appreciate all you did. Staff are super wonderful, courteous, professional, and knowledgeable. I would recommend them to any of my friends. Staff members are normally harder to retain if the company does not treat them well. They are treasures for the company, please treat them well and make them home.

Benjamin is always clear on his suggestions and results from things done to trees in yard. Also, he keeps me informed of where my trees stand. Benjamin is very nice to work with, good communicator also. Recently Hannah was there fertilizing my Japanese Maples and Blackjack Oak and she does a nice job.

They are just the best. I had a limb fall on a Friday afternoon before a busy weekend and Nick Turco had a crew at our house and the limb cleared within an hour. The crew was friendly and quick.

Luke left a door tag communicating about the service provided. That was appreciated.

The proof is in the pudding. Hoping to see my trees thrive. Excellent on all counts. Informative and willing to answer all questions. Glad we hired you for the job.

Very professional and transparent about communication. No complaints.

Tom, as always, your crew did a great job. Cory was especially helpful and explaining what the crew was going to do for the day.

Nick was the best.

Everyone from Bartlett who we have encountered has been friendly and knowledgeable. Our trees and shrubs look great. We are very satisfied with the services you provide.

It was very helpful to walk the property and evaluate the trees with Tom. He gave me the info I need to prioritize the tree work we need to do. The crew who treated the Ash trees did such a tidy job that I would not have known they were there if I had not been home. Bartlett does it right. I trust them completely to keep our trees healthy.

Perfection. Vince was wonderful. Rene, Sammy, and Zane are top notch. Highly recommend Bartlett for any tree services.

Everything was great, returned calls promptly, showed up on time.

Our arborist was really great. Hannah explained everything that she was doing and was personable. She was a great representative of your company. Thanks for sending her. Thanks for all you do to keep my trees healthy and happy.

The whole crew was amazing. Our arborist representative was perfect for us. He was knowledgeable about plants and trees, and he respected our values and ideas about the tree we needed work on. We could not have found a better person to work with. He and the whole crew were top notch. Very professional and really good at their jobs. I think they all love trees as much as we do.

Ben was excellent and easy to work with.

Tom's friendliness and promptness for appointments is extremely satisfying. And the crew member taking care of Laurels in front yard is exceptional. Checked to be sure I had any questions, answered and arrives ready to go to work. A big smile and offering a handshake as the crew member arrived made a big impression on me.

Prompt and courteous.

They were excellent.

Bartlett's staff gave me fruit tree care advise and also let me know the other trees in my yard look great and healthy and worth a pretty penny. Pro service and pro advice, I loved it.

Great service.


Not sure they could have been more professional. I really enjoyed them and appreciated their excellent work. I thank Austin and his thoroughness from the beginning. I had heard that tree businesses were overloaded but I was so pleased with Bartlett and would definitely use them again. Thank you so much for your attention to every detail, including the care of the baby birds.

Very professional as always.

Everyone was great, showed up on time for both estimate and to perform the work. Guys on site were nice and left the site clean. Even cut up some limbs for firewood for us. I thought they were just going to leave me long limbs to cut up myself.

Did a nice job spraying my trees.

All were great. Friendly. Explained everything. Took care of my property.

Ben was who I discussed my needs and he was knowledgeable and helpful with the work I needed. Great job Ben. Based on my experience I would recommend Bartlett as a great choice for tree work.

Tom did a great job explaining the tree disease and the process to eliminate the disease. Personable and patient.

Very knowledgeable. All were very professional.

The Bartlett team did an amazing job, thank you so much. All of them were very polite and attention to safety. Thank you for a great job.

Trees look great. Thank you for saving my Crepe Myrtles.

I appreciate their expertise.

We love Austin. So knowledgeable and candid. Feels like a trusted advisor.

Nick is amazing. He is always very helpful and answers all of our questions patiently. Every crew we have had come out is very professional, polite, and they always leave our yard clean and neat. We have a Ligustrum Hedge that gets fertilized and root rot treatments, it has never looked better. Very happy with everyone at Bartlett.
Christina F.

Haley was friendly, explained the process, and work was thorough. Thanks.
Michele S.

Tom was informative, knowledgeable, and great to work with. The crew was friendly and efficient while performing the work.
Ryan S.

The crew was amazing. I have huge old trees from which they managed to clean out dead branches. They were here for seven hours working diligently and tidying up as they went. The crew had great concern for protecting my statuary taking the time to drop branches carefully to open areas. Their accuracy and cleanliness was amazing to watch. The crew was friendly and willingly answered any questions.
Patricia P.

We love working with Bartlett. Austin Proctor is absolutely wonderful.
Tricia B.

Professional, friendly, and accommodating.
Paula R.

Very pleased with the crew and how they performed their job. Made sure that my property was protected from any damage and the way they made sure everything was cleaned up before leaving. They made sure I was satisfied with what they did and answered all my questions.
Mike C.

Excellent experience. Hard working crew, and precision work. True professionals. I appreciate the quick response and fast work to remove a difficult tree.
Luke A.

The service providers were personable and answered all of our questions knowledgeably. Very pleased with all aspects of service.
Terri M.

I was very happy with the whole process.
Emily C.

We always use Bartlett and their crews are so professional and careful. My husband is a very picky gardener and we can count on a great job when Bartlett does the work.
David and Debra M.

Austin Proctor and the Charlotte team are all absolutely exceptional. I can and do strongly recommend Bartlett when people ask me who cares for our trees and shrubs.
Bryan D.

My trees have flourished since having Bartlett Tree Experts do regular fertilization treatments. Their pricing is reasonable and every arborist I have talked to is extremely knowledgeable.
Brooke H.

Everything went great. The crew that did the work was awesome. Great communication and did a great job. Austin is very easy to deal with as well. Will use again in the future.
John M.

Had a question about my tree and the arborist came out to look and consult with me regarding next steps. Friendly and knowledgeable service.
Adam K.

Our rep was helpful and prompt in his responses. The crew were friendlier and more communicative than any other tree crew I have worked with.
Hilary W.

Arborist was knowledgeable and friendly. Answered all my questions. Tree crew was effective, friendly, and professional.
Doug P.

Everyone was very professional, and knowledgeable. Austin is great, very knowledgeable, personable, answers all questions quickly and thoroughly, pleasure to work with him. It was perfect, excellent experience.
Judy D.

Bartlett did a beautiful job with the tree trimming. The result looks natural and has removed the limbs over a building. Both my neighbor and I were very happy with the result. In addition, the crew did a wonderful job getting up several large branches that had come down from other trees. What a huge help for me.
Diane H.

How do you improve on perfection? All staff are/were awesome! I am extremely happy with Bartlett. Prices are fair and the work was done in a timely manner.
Laura H.

You guys are a model for good service.
Van V.

Bartlett Tree Experts is a very professional company from my initial call to have a tree removed, to the staff that took down the tree, to the follow up after the removal. The arborist, Vince, noticed another tree on my property and advised me of a solution. I plan to use them again. Thank you, Bartlett.
Laura H.

Justine, Austin, Jose, and every crew member were great in fact, they were fabulous from beginning to end. I am so glad I chose Bartlett. I have, and will continue to, been singing your praises at every opportunity. Austin, your attention to detail was very comforting. I depended on you and Jose and his crew to do what we agreed to, and I never even felt the need to go outside my home to be sure everyone was following through.Thank you so much.
Barbara M.

Austin Proctor continues to be one of the best, most professional account managers I have ever worked with.
Cam F.

Victor and crew did a great job on bringing a big tree down safely and with no damage to the nearby fences. They cleaned up the site very well.
Andy K.

I really enjoy working with Tom Lillo. He always has our landscape’s best interest at heart. Everyone we have worked with is great.
Susan K.

Perfect experience. Very professional experience from start to finish.
Jack S.

Friendly and efficient. Happy we were placed on the schedule so quickly after signing up for your services.
Jack O.

Those guys were great. Loved their services. They were friendly and patient. I was walking my dog and they were kind enough to be there waiting for me while I walked up the street. Such a blessing. Staff was cooperative, helpful, and willing to go that extra mile for us. I am very appreciative. They were courteous, careful, (so important), and they did an awesome job. My back yard looks so much better, more open, cleaner and they even cleaned my patio (blew off the fallen leaves). They were timely in their work, did not waste time, no cell phones.
Nancy A.

You guys are the best. Austin Proctor is absolutely wonderful to work with. He always responds promptly and gets our problems fixed quickly.
Tricia B.

Austin Proctor and his team are professional, courteous, and thorough.
John G.

The staff was great. They went above and beyond to make sure I was satisfied.
Ralph S.

Tom Lillo is excellent and makes himself available when we need help. We are very pleased with his service. Very nice and knowledgeable crew.
Paul C.

The staff were all polite, professional, and a pleasure to do business with. I would definitely recommend Bartlett to others.
Pat P.

Keep up the great service. Always responsive and great to work with. Thanks.
Greg R.

Everything has been so top notch. Super friendly, helpful, and professional. Keep up the great work, glad to have you rather than Davey whom we had previously.
Mike H.

Everything went according to plan. Crew was very flexible and went out of their way to leave the area as they found it. Austin always goes above and beyond. So glad I made the switch from Arborscapes.
Linda B.

Everything was great. Everyone was so friendly and helpful.
Margaret B.

Very knowledgeable and professional.
Rita C.

Knowledgeable and attentive to what I needed. The nicest most pleasant crew I ever worked with. A pleasure to have at my home.
Margaret M.

Very professional. Austin is a wealth of information.
Georgette S.

Vince was the consultant who came out to inspect my tree. I appreciate the fact that he is not a pushy sales person and a nice person. My sister and my mom have both used Bartlett services. I am so glad they referred this business to me. Team Edgar did a fantastic job pruning the tree in my front yard.
Valerie W.

Nick is a pleasure to work with. He showed up as scheduled and so did everyone else that performed work on my trees. I will not hesitate to call Bartlett again when my trees need care.
Amber S.

Ben and Kevin are a pleasure to work with, and provide the best possible service. The knowledge these guys have makes my life easier.
Andy C.

All the team members we have worked with have been great. They were helpful, timely, and very professional .
Rich C.

Nick is amazing. Knowledgeable and helpful with all of our tree needs.
Samantha F.

The crew was great. They did exactly what I wanted and were very professional.
Ralph S.

Great experience, great team. All professional and as courteous as can be, also knowledgeable. Keep up the good work. We most definitely plan to utilize your service again in the future.
Caleb G.

Great service. Tom Lillo was very knowledgeable and accommodating. Left everything in great shape.
Jane F.

Tom Lillo is great to work with.
Paul C.

It was a great experience.
Mary S..

Friendly, experienced, and very efficient.
Bill P.

Austin is perfection. Thank you so much.
Becky M.

Nick Turco is responsive, knowledgeable, and a trusted resource for me. The crew chief Zane so obviously loves his work and his crew members were excellent. One reminded me he has worked on my big trees a year ago.
Dianne E.

So glad you came. Our Crape Myrtles are doing so much better.
Rebecca Y.

Courteous and professional from start to finish. Great experience with Nick and the team. Thank you.
Jonathan C.

Vince did a great job explaining my tree problems and getting a crew out to accomplish what needed to be done. Both crews did a nice clean job.
Mike M.

Very happy with their professionalism and efficiency. Happy customer.
Alvaro G.

Consistently prompt, courteous, and professional.
James M.

Guys that came to do the work were great. They arrived on time and got the job completed quickly grinding up the limbs and yard debris.
Elizabeth J.

Courteous, friendly, and professional. Very pleased with service provided.
Jerry B.

Excellent experience again.
William M.

We enjoy working with Tom Lillo and the Bartlett team. We have been working with Tom Lillo for a number of years. He is very knowledgeable, professional, friendly and has terrific follow up. He is a credit to the Bartlett brand.
Gavin H.

They always give helpful suggestions and are always patient with my questions. They never seemed to rushed to answer them.
Susan P.

Everyone was wonderful. Really cool people.
Beau W.

Bartlett and only Bartlett for years. Will be Bartlett and only Bartlett for the years to come. Outstanding staff and crews always. Precision care of our property. Exceptional response time, especially in times of crisis. They know who we are as customers and friends.
Shawn and Regina L.

Everyone was great, working safely, and professionally to remove our trees from a tight location. Thanks everyone for an excellent job.
Ted F.

Our experiences with Bartlett are consistently professional, informative, on time, and courteous. Our relationship with Nick Turro is based on trust and pride in not only the work and clean up performed, but that we understood why and what they did and for us to call if anything changes or the job is unsatisfactory when we look closer. Truly honorable and conscientious employees who believe in their profession.
Benne H.

Nick Turco and the three gentlemen on the job were all a pleasure to deal with. The on site workers were extremely professional, kind, and knowledgeable individuals. Thank you. This was a great first experience with Bartlett, and we will definitely continue working with Bartlett. The three guys working on-site were awesome.
Christy C.

Excellent meeting with Tom explaining the nature of our problem and appropriate solutions. Very pleased.
Mary H.

Austin and crew are great.
Paul W.

They are all fantastic.
Matthey H.

Everyone from Bartlett tree service has been wonderful to work with. Tom did an excellent job explaining things and crew did excellent job pruning and removing.
Karen S.

The arborist was extremely helpful concerning recommendations for the preservation of our four large White Oaks. Lots of guidelines and suggestions to help us do our part to keep them healthy.
Kathi M.

Vince has always been very informative and helpful even before I became a Bartlett customer, when he was over at my neighbor's yard. Luke, the technician, give valuable advice when he visits.
Joe G.

The Bartlett crew from Nick, Blake, Juan Carlos, and Pablo were fantastic. We will continue to use only Bartlett.
Christie H.

Your team was superb and efficient working in tandem like a well programed machine. Was impressed very much. The team was very professional and definitely knew what to do and when and worked smoothly.
Tom A.

The service is excellent. I am very pleased. The Bartlett staff has been keeping all my bushes and trees enhancing the beauty of my home for years. Thanks Bartlett. Returning customer.
Richard O.

The crew members were absolutely incredible. Very respectful of my property.
Linda I.

Great company.
Debra D.

The crew did a great job. They were friendly, efficient, careful to protect the surrounding vegetation, wanted to be sure I was satisfied with the work, and cleaned the area up of all debris. Could not have asked for a better crew.
Dave H.

My trees have never been happier.
Craig C.

I have had the Pleasure to work with Arborists: Blake, Mason, John, and Hannah. I could not be more pleased with the Quality of Care and Service they have Provided. The leadership Blake provided to his crew was clear and precise. I consider the Work Ethic and Knowledge of All the Bartlett Tree Experts to be a True Asset to the Company. Please offer My Deepest Thanks to these Individuals , as I deem them Instrumental in keeping my Landscaping Beautiful.
Dawn and Buzz C.

Great staff, courteous, and knowledgeable.
David K.

Vince, Justine, and the crew that came out to complete the service was very nice and professional. The crew left the yard better than they found it. Normally you find a mess and trash after you have work done to your house, but these guys cared like it was their own. I had a very referable experience and will be calling the next time I need my trees spruced up.
Christin D.

Vince Girdauskas has been easy to work with and very responsive to questions.
Steve G.

Excellent, professional, and courteous staff. Work crew arrived on time and completed job in an efficient and timely manner. Outstanding customer service.
F. Mercado

We love our trees and for many years tried to use an alternative tree service without success. We felt like everyone got the same advice regardless of their trees. They were not helpful in keeping them healthy. Just in seeing how many services they could sell. Then we met Bartlett and everything changed. These are simply the "experts" as witnessed by their huge research station off Zoar Road and Youngblood. Our trees have never been healthier and their pruning has made our Japanese Maples simply gleam. We would not use any other company.
Anne M.

The guys were very professional and friendly. The way they took the trees down was done in a safe and professional way. I will use this company again. Left no mess.
Carol B.

The team who came out was kind, worked professionally, and listened to how we wanted our Bradford Pears cleaned up. Bartlett was affordable, and it was really nice working with tree experts who understood tree health and prioritized it. Bartlett and staff went above and beyond our expectations. Thanks.
Julian D.

Ben is a complete professional with a wonderful personality. The crew did a superior job of working the plan, Were extremely safety oriented in each step, and did a complete job of cleaning up the wood to be disposed of. We feel much safer with healthier trees now.
Mark F.

Austin and his team go above and beyond to care for my yard. I am very fortunate to have found Bartlett. Thanks.
Linda B.

Everyone is always very professional and extremely nice.
Curt K.

I never thought that I would need an arborist. Ben was amazing. He took the time to educate me as to what my problem was and gave me a timeline and a resolution. He was informative and patient with all my problems.
Tina L.

Ben Fletcher has provided honest and expert advice on the care of our trees and shrubs.
Matthew G.

We work with Tom Lillo. Tom has been a tremendous help to us. We moved from a large property to a new home with a small back yard. Tom helps us with struggling plants, trees, and shrubs. He has been very helpful as we work through the challenges of landscaping a new, small yard.
Paul C.

Nick Turco and his team treat our property with such great care. Whether it is the routine services like spraying the bushes or the larger items like cutting limbs from our large Oak trees, I never worry about their commitment to safety, getting the job done right and to protecting our property. Thank you for taking care of our home.
Sarah S.

The crew led by James were amazing. We pulled up our lawn chairs and watched these amazingly talented team members. They were very efficient and skilled in their respective assignments. We could not have been more pleased with their service. Ben Fletcher was very informative, professional, and accurate in his estimate and description of services we needed. He was very responsive to changes we enquired about after discovering our property line restrictions. I will certainly ask him to assist us in future tree service needs we will require.
Marshall A.

Benjamin was extremely knowledgeable and helped us chose the right approach for our mature trees.
Nicholas H.

Everyone was very pleasant and explained what they would be doing thoroughly, they are the hardest working group of people I have ever seen. The guy that climbs up into the tree to do the cutting is absolutely fearless.
Susan S.

Totally excellent experience.
Annette R.

Everyone was great. I am a very satisfied customer.
Leslie B.

Austin Proctor and the Bartlett team was clear in communication and follow-through during the entire process. We asked for a health assessment on a 100-year old White Oak tree in our front yard. The team conducted a health assessment, provided recommendations for treatment going forward, and performed the recommended work in a timely manner. We were kept apprised of what to expect at every step along the way. We are satisfied customers.
Todd D.

We were highly satisfied. They were professional , knowledgeable, patiently listening to our questions, and advising us what will be the best treatment for particular trees. They cleaned up and left our grounds in top shape.
Dieter H.

You sent me your very best crew, and I appreciate it. They were great.

I have been working with Nick Turco and Bartlett for years, and I have never once been disappointed, from minor fertilizer treatments, to having a crew come over and give our huge Oak trees a serious trimming and install a large cable. Top notch service.
Lisa P.

Vince does a great job. He is responsive and helpful.
Quinton F.

Ben has been very thorough explaining the needs in caring for our tree. The last two years it has never looked better. Hoping we can keep it the rest of our lifetime. Thanks.
Debbie C.

What a great experience. From beginning to end five star service. Will recommend whenever I can. Thanks.
Larry B.

Tom and the team were great to work with.
Wayne B.

Kind, efficient, knowledgeable, and accommodating. From the assessment to the pruning of the trees, everyone showed up when they said they would, I got the contract quickly and Ben redid it two times when we changed our minds. The trees look great. And we are not done yet. More work to come. Thank you.
Karen H.

Every Bartlett team member has always been professional and knowledgeable.
Ann A.

I am grateful for Bartlett.
Christina B.

The crew was fantastic. Ashley in particular is such a sweet person and did a great job pruning our ornamental trees. We loved her pink helmet. Our only regret was not having the work done sooner.
Chris B.

Ashley and her crew did a great job, very professional. We are very pleased with Bartlett, beginning from the first consultation with Austin to the final clean-up.
Michael D.

Austin was most helpful in helping us identify the scope of what we needed done and the timing. The crew was exceptional, courteous, expert, complete ,and careful. Thanks.
Michael H.

Vince is fabulous. Always takes the time to discuss my concerns or issues, whether it is with trees, shrubs, or azaleas. He is also patient with my constant rantings about the destruction of deer that eat anything and everything. So glad to have him as our Arborist. The crews that came out to apply the solutions or trim the trees, or whatever it may be are always courteous and informative. Thank you for being so dedicated to our environment and offering me solutions.
Bonnie A.

Austin Proctor continues to give us excellent customer service combined with his knowledge as an arborist.
Cam F.

Great job. Benjamin was very knowledgeable and professional and helped us make the right pruning decisions. The crew was efficient, courteous, and respectful of our property. We are very satisfied with the results. Thank you.
Stan S.

I was so impressed by the responsiveness, professionalism, and respect of all the Bartlett employees I interacted with both on the phone and in person. Although I only have one tree remaining on my patio, I plan to use Bartlett whenever it needs a little love and attention.
Jill B.

Everyone that I dealt with representing Bartlett was very professional and efficient. Each question that I asked in terms of expectations, service timing, and billing was answered promptly and to my complete satisfaction. The crew providing the tree removal services was on time and worked for several hours on tree removal across my property, displaying full dedication to the job at hand. They also provided a very through clean up job once the removals were completed. There was not one aspect of the services that Bartlett Tree Experts provided me that I was not happy with. Completely satisfied with the tree removal services. I highly recommended and would definitely use Bartlett again.
Dannette W.

Great to work with. Every time the team arrives they introduce themselves by name.
Andy Z.

Could not be happier with my rep and have never had a crew member on my property I was not pleased with.
Camille C.

The crew did an excellent job in trimming two Pecan trees and the cleanup was perfect. Ben was very helpful in contacting Duke power for me to get the power turned back on.
Peggy M.

Austin and the work crews have been easy to work with and honored every commitment made. Thank you.
Darla B.

This is the second time I used Bartlett tree service and I am very pleased with the service provided. Vince is very friendly, professional, and knowledgeable. The crew did a great job removing four large trees and you could barely tell they were ever here after the cleanup. Great service. I always recommend Bartlett to my friends and neighbors.
Richard M.

The Bartlett Team was amazing, from the minute they showed up, they were highly communicative, very knowledgeable, and super pleasant to work with. It was clear they put safety first and we trusted them to remove a one hundred foot dead Pine tree very close to our home. Great job.
Linda F.

Bartlett Tree Experts are just that. Very professional, courteous, and knowledgeable. They identified and got right to work on several problems I was having with my trees and shrubs. I could not be more pleased.
Mady S.

We had three-sides of our corner lot property with a large number of trees as a natural border instead of a fence removed. We called Bartlett Tree Experts. They arrived when promised for a free estimate, and promptly scheduled the job. A wonderful and professional crew of three men came promptly, as promised, and completed all but one tree, due to equipment failure. Three days later, the same crew returned and completed the removal of the last tree. Since our property is at the intersection of a busy main road through our neighborhood, the crew placed orange cones and a warning sign for drivers to be aware that a tree crew was at work. The crew even provided excellent traffic control whenever traffic was affected by their work. On both occasions the crew completely cleaned up all left over limbs that were not placed in the chipper to mulch and swept up all dust on the driveway and adjacent street. The crew worked so professionally and effortlessly together that they made the work look so easy, whereas, we know that the work is extremely difficult and possibly dangerous on each job they go to. If you are looking for a professional tree service for any type of yard work, look no further than Bartlett Tree Experts. Bartlett lives up to their name, experts.
Cheryl G.

Thank you for sending to our job the best crew ever. They arrived promptly, immediately started their work, the crew worked effortlessly together, the Arborist Representative was very knowledgeable, and the crew cleaned up the yard and street around the property completely. We were amazed when the crew surprised us a few days later to remove the remaining tree they could not do the initial day due to a few equipment malfunctions. We are extremely grateful that Bartlett Tree Experts listened to our wish to have the project completed before June 1st, the beginning of 2021 Hurricane Season. Thank you again and we have recommended your service company to several other people. It is great to find a company that will listen to the customer and provide excellent service accordingly. Thank you for being that company.
Richard G.

We are very pleased with Bartlett's care of our trees. Each crew member has been courteous and friendly and does a great job. We have been impressed each time Bartlett has performed a job for us.
Carol S..

Great team . Tom and the crew knew what to do and got it done. I see us doing more business together.
David D.

Overall great service.
Ashley V.

Always prompt and courteous.
Kimberly R.

Loved working with Bartlett. They know their business. It is nice to work with a tree company that cares about trees. Tom came out to give me an estimate. He was on time. He told me about the tree that needed to be trimmed, I did not even know the name of it. The guys who came out to trim the tree were, on time, did a great job trimming the tree. They were courteous. They left the job site very clean. I have received several positive comments from my neighbors, like, it looks great, it looks like a tree again. I highly recommend Bartlett Tree Experts.
Karen S.

Quick and effective response to our tree needs.
Curtis C.

I was definitely very pleased with the service provided and would gladly refer friends. Thank you.
Fran F.

Bartlett Tree’s provided excellent professional advice and a plan for ongoing tree management. I am grateful for their guidance and expertise.
Elizabeth S.

Austin and his team are extremely knowledgeable, professional, and provide a top quality service.
Georgina L.

Professional advice was excellent. I am very relieved to have a program in place. Crew was very nice and friendly. They seem happy in their work. They did an excellent job. The excellence of Bartlett is always appreciated.
Elizabeth S.

Everyone was awesome. And the best part is my husband has said at least four times since the American Holly was trimmed, I love it, this looks great. Thank you all very much. Super staff. Great work and I appreciate your professional knowledge and love for trees.
Karen S.

Very professional , excellent work.
Nancy R.

I have used Bartlett on several occasions, team,led by Ben,is very responsive to all of my needs. I have complete confidence in the crew, the results have been great and make a huge difference in the look of my yard and the health of my trees.
Greg A.

Great Representative and crew. Great job done like always.
Fred L.

Austin Proctor and everyone at Bartlett Tree Experts have always been friendly and courteous every time I have talked to them. The crew that does the tree work have been friendly and always leave a clean area after the work is complete.
Jane A.

Ben and Josh were both very knowledgable about our trees so it was a delight to get their counsel. Quick, easy, and professional service. Thanks.
Adam D.

Wonderful communication, Ben walked the property with me when I could not be there in person and we used photos to share my requests and ask questions. I loved all the expertise and willingness of the crew to care for each individual tree and bush as much as I do.
Corine B.

Vince and Pete both were helpful, knowledgeable, and prompt. Pete did a good job with his site work and explained and executed to a high standard. Thanks.
Andy F.

The Bartlett team was amazing. They left the job so clean, it was as if they were never here. They also took amazing care of our yard as they removed a huge Oak from our backyard. Top quality work.
David K.

We recently used Bartlett to remove a tree in our yard that was split and dangerously hung up on other trees. We had contacted several other tree services, but no one else was willing to tackle this challenging job. Everyone that we met with Bartlett was very professional. After contacting them, they quickly came to our house and gave us a fair quote. The workers who removed the tree arrived on time and promptly had the tree down and cut into pieces. They returned the next day to chip and remove it, and cleaned up completely before they left. We are very pleased with Bartlett and will be using them again.
Anne J.

The whole experience with Bartlett was easy, pleasant, and reassuring from the estimate to the execution to the follow-up. Everything was handled with such professionalism and courtesy. I could not be more happy with their service.
Kari B.

Loved your crew. Austin, I appreciated your time in going thru our yard, making suggestions on the care of my trees.
Dave S.

Austin and the team of three men that came to do the work were great. Austin is always very helpful, knowledgeable, and will answer all my questions. The work team was great. Worked great together, very efficient, professional, and got the work done in a timely and safe manner.
Ginger W.

We were very pleased with every aspect of our relationship with Bartlett. Ben was very helpful with our decision about which limbs of the tree needed removal. He was very professional and knowledgeable about the service we needed. The two crew members who did the work were very impressive. They were very professional, skilled, and efficient. It is very interesting to watch them work, and they did an incredible cleanup job. Our backyard looks so much more open following the pruning of the Oak tree. Thank you for your outstanding service.
Phoebe L.

The crew was timely, professional, and efficient. Met my expectations 100 percent.
Larry L.

Arborist Ben was very knowledgeable and helpful in evaluating our trees and suggesting care routines to keep our trees healthy and our home safe. The crew of three that came to do our pruning were very courteous and respectful of our property, they took all debris and were very careful not to damage our lawn with their equipment. They made sure to double check with us on a few cuts that would limit privacy provided by trees and had a friendly chat about the trees as they were wrapping up.
Johnathan S.

Ben was very knowledgeable and helpful planning out the limb and tree removal. The crew was excellent. They explained how they planned to complete the work and were very careful of other trees and the house during the work.
Jack J.

Very professional team all around. Would highly recommend them to others.
Hans M.

Everyone I talked to was very courteous and knowledgeable. Ben was great about showing me what he was looking at that told him that the trees I had concerns about were beyond saving. The crew that came out to take them down were very prompt, efficient, and cleaned up thoroughly. They were also very helpful in recommending tree species to replace the felled ones. Tree experts is appropriate. I liked how everyone was knowledgeable about trees, from diagnosing the health of the trees to recommending tree species that will perform well as replacements. I appreciate the holistic approach to tree care, that there is more to the company than just tree removal.
Will W.

Nick has been extremely helpful and professional. I never hesitate to call or contact him with questions.
Jim H.

I appreciate the time Tom Lillo spent with me reviewing the condition of the tree I am concerned about and his recommendations for treatment. I felt his recommendations were reasonable and allows for us to follow the progress of the tree on a longer term basis vs an aggressive and expensive regimen that may not be necessary as suggested by some of your competitors.
Evan C.

Knowledgeable and well mannered. Neighbors appreciated their waiting to run the chipper when an abundance of material had accumulated rather than it be an ongoing noise situation. All employees worked safely and followed CDC guidance regarding masks and safe distances. The children love being able to swing on the newly installed swing as I no longer fear deadwood falling.
Marion G.

Everyone is always extremely professional and does a great job.
Curt K.

Always a pleasure to work with your team. Thank you.
Kay H.

We love that you care about the trees. Often trees get trimmed by companies that cut them for aesthetic reasons only, and it breaks my heart to see thirty year old limbs being chopped off to even out the look of the tree. You do great work, and I will continue to recommend you.
Dorian F.

It was really good to meet with Nick. He checked the trees thoroughly, provided various options and let me decide what would best suit me and my budget.
Radhika C.

They were very professional from start to finish. They met me in advance to discuss the work I was requesting. They provided me with a written estimate before the work was done. On the day of the scheduled work the workers showed up on time, did a very nice job, and cleaned up before leaving. As the workers were ready to leave I asked if I needed to pay them. They said not to worry, I would receive an invoice in the next thirty days. I received a phone call the next day from the office asking if I was satisfied with the work, which I was. A few days later I received a Thank You card in the mail from Bartlett thanking me for my business. This is head and shoulders above most customer service we receive these days. Needless to say I am a satisfied customer.
Kenneth P.

Nick was pleasant and thorough with his assessment of our needs. The crew was outstanding in their professionalism, clean up was exceptional. When asked if they could trim two additional tress of a few branches, the crew pleasantly agreed, made appropriate contact, and completed the job.
Sue Ellen C.

Everyone was very polite and professional, with the amount of debris on the ground I was amazed that they were able to return the front yard in better shape than before the large branch fell.
Brandon C.

Everyone involved was courteous, knowledgeable, and timely. They were very efficient with their work and our yard was left in good condition.
Tim R.

Tom was great. He was very knowledgeable, kind, and on time. He followed through as he said he would. I appreciate his help.
Elizabeth G.

Austin Proctor responded promptly, identified my problem immediately, and gave me a solution that made perfect sense.
Rick F.

The crew was great. I appreciate Tyler checking with me on every tree to make sure it was properly addressed before they moved to another tree. Since I am allergic to bees and have already been to the emergency room this summer, the guy trimming the Cherry tree, cut off all the suckers for me because that is where I got stung earlier this summer. That was wonderful , thoughtful and I really appreciated that help.
Elizabeth C.

Tom was great, he gave us an estimate in a timely manner and was very professional. The crew was very neat. We appreciate the excellent clean up job they did.
Randie K.

Crew always very nice & cleans up everything before they leave.
Joyce G

Crew always very nice & cleans up everything before they leave.
Joyce G

Great job! Thank you.
Kathy A

Everyone was very courteous and efficient.
Ron B.

Austin, Fletcher, and Tyler were all great. Most helpful, pleasant, professional, and pragmatic.
Michael and Katherine H.

We had both botany and horticulture students pruning our Red Maple. They were knowledgable and friendly.
Elaine B.

Great job with the trees. Everyone here is ecstatic over the job that you have performed. I have gotten all positive feedback. Thanks again for a great job and I will definitely reach out to you in the future for any other needs that may arise.
Chuck H.

This is highly professional organization in all facets. The staff is always on top of things and in contact. Nick Turco is awesome to work with, never looking to up sell you anything, just making suggestions and explaining the whys. The crews that have come to my property have always been efficient, friendly, and polite. I cannot recommend this company enough.
Lisa P.

Everyone from Mr. Lillo to the gentlemen who removed the trees were very pleasant to deal with. The work was done in a very timely manner. Have nothing but good things to say about your service.
George and Josie A.

Bartlett did an excellent job on our trees. We were very impressed with the way our Crape Myrtles were trimmed. The crew was very professional and very neat. We will definitely use Bartlett again.
Alison R.

Gabriel and the other gentleman were great. They took care of the Crape Myrtles and did an excellent job cleaning up. Vince and the other individual were here this week and I am sure their work was fine.
John P.

Nick is always able to help us figure out what needs to be done now and what we can put off to next year. That helps us budget. We also appreciate how easily he agreed to have limbs cut for firewood and arranged for extra chips to be delivered as mulch. Thanks.
Alicia D.

We were pleased with the work. We will call on you for future trimming of the other Sweet Gumball tree.
Ingrid S.

The crew did a fine job pruning and trimming the variety of trees in our yard. Nick carefully described the work to be done. Pete and the crew executed flawlessly.
Herb H.

I was very pleased with the service and the courtesy of your staff.
Grady J.

Quick, professional, very polite, and efficient. Took great care with the work but got the job done quickly and left the site very clean. We had an emergency where a very large limb fell and completely blocked our neighbors driveway and front steps. Even thought this happened late in the afternoon Bartlett agreed to come the very next morning. They arrived on time and had the situation resolved very quickly. This was a great relief to us and our neighbors. After Bartlett left our neighbors remarked you could hardly tell anything had ever been done it was like the massive limb disappeared by magic.
Eve B.

Very professional. Always know that you will get first class service. Work product is always professionally done.
Dan S.

The Bartlett Staff did a phenomenal job. I was very impressed by not only their talent on maneuvering up on a tree almost three stories high but also the attention to details in making sure everything was perfectly clean by the time they were done. I have recommended Bartlett to all of my neighbors. Tim Lillo was very knowledgeable and professional.
Madeline L.

The crew that Nick Turco trusted to do the work on my property were excellent in their service as well as their courtesy.
Linda M.

I had originally called Bartlett to get an estimate for pruning some trees in my yard. I kept the contact information and when a tree unexpectedly fell on my house, I called Bartlett and they immediately came out to assess the situation. Nick Turco was super helpful in explaining each step of the process. The crew came out a few days later and had the tree which was not small by any means of the imagination hauled away in a day. They were extremely efficient and professional. Bartlett made a bad situation a little more bearable. Highly recommended.
Sarah D.

Tom Lillo quickly identified my tree issue and recommended the right solutions for repairs. Tom is very knowledgeable in his area of expertise and is courteous and professional in his way of interacting with the customer. Highly recommended for all your trees and shrub care.
Paul T.

The arborist was courteous, prompt, responsive, and, knowledgeable. I was most impressed with his credentials. I was also appreciative of the options he presented which allowed us to tailor your services to meet our budget and schedule. The on-site crew was also excellent, accomplishing all tasks as promised in a courteous, efficient manner, as promised. They cleaned up all the tree prunings spotlessly.
Joe M.

Tom gave me suggestions and choices then helped me select just the work that was really beneficial. The crew arrived and after introductions and summary of the work to be done, went right to work. They were friendly, approachable, and answered my questions completely. They did a very thorough job of trimming and clearing dead wood from the Oak. Fortiphite was applied the next day and the individual was pleasant as well as thorough. The Admin staff was pleasant, patient, and adjusted to our communication challenge since my hearing is poor and talking on the telephone is difficult. Good experience all the way around.
Stokes W.

I felt like they knew exactly what they were doing and were so professional. Nick was great as well as the folks I talked to on the phone. They were very sensitive to the fact that I was in shock after the tree fell on the house and understood what I was asking even when I was not making things clear. I felt comfortable with the whole transaction and never felt taken advantage of. Bartlett came highly recommended by several people in the neighborhood.
Gaye D.

Eric Schmidhausle was very professional and helpful. He is very knowledgeable and explained the treatment about EAB. We were also lucky enough to have spoken to one of your on staff entomologists. Ben, who treated our trees was very professional too. He answered any questions I had and also was very knowledgeable. It was very reassuring to know Bartlett is a very professional company with a high level of staff dedicated to the preservation of trees.
Chuck B.

Very polite and helpful.
Mozelle G.

Everyone from Bartlett was outstanding. From requesting service to the individuals removing our tree, all people were the most professional we have seen since our twenty two years in Charlotte. I will recommend anyone who needs this service to contact Bartlett.
Don D.

All staff that I interacted with was personal, easy to talk with, professional, and courteous.
Linda S.

Nick Turco was outstanding to work with. It has been beyond difficult to find service providers who even come close to doing what they say. Nick made every appointment on time, the work was performed exactly when promised,and exactly as promised. Absolute joy to work with. Sincere thanks for making this such a great experience.
Martin B.

Ben came out and told me what needed to be done. The crew of three came out to trim the trees. They introduced themselves, were very professional, polite, and informative. They checked with me several times to make sure they were doing what we wanted. They constantly cleaned up and dragged the limbs off to the chipper in the front of the house. They were hard working and constantly in motion.
Leigh H.

Very customer oriented, knowledgeable, and helpful. We have never asked Austin a question, regarding our trees, for which he did not have an answer or a solution.
Beth B.

Nick Turco is an excellent representative for your company. He has always been very professional and helpful.
Ken J.

Nick was very pleasant and answered my questions. The crew on site was very police and cleaned up very well.
John T.

Excellent interaction from initial call, to job conclusion, and follow up.

Austin Proctor has been very quick to respond to our requests and very helpful with his explanation.
Morgan S.

Austin was very easy to talk with concerning what I needed done. The crew that came out was very nice and friendly. Pete kindly took the time to explain what they were doing and why and how doing it that way was best for the life of the tree. We were very pleased with the pruning of my large Ash tree.
Dail G.

The Bartlett staff, including Nick were extremely helpful, responsive, and customer-focused. Nick was patient with all of my questions and exceeded expectations. In addition to providing excellent customer service, my neighbor and I received a competitive quote because we both had work done by this company, which was greatly appreciated.
Regina W.

The staff is always friendly and very professional. They obviously love and enjoy their work.
Jim W.

Tom is always professional, teaches us a lot, and takes the necessary care with our property. We enjoy and appreciate our relationship with Tom and the service that he provides.
Bonnie A.

Austin always shares great advice and the crew executes the jobs efficiently and neatly. Highly recommend for jobs large and small.
Doug R.

When I returned home the tree crew had been there, trimmed the tree, and cleaned up the branches to the point that I had forgotten that they were coming. The area around the tree was completely cleared of even the smallest stick. I was very pleased at the crew's work ethic on my property. Upon looking at the tree after it was trimmed I was pleased with the result.
Diana N.

Nick was great to work with and very professional.
David T.

Austin was very thoughtful in his evaluation of the tricky pruning situation. In doing the actual work, Jared and Tyler were careful experts who did an excellent job.
Marianne G.

Bartlett Charlotte NC is the best. Austin and his entire staff are terrific.
Joy L.

The crew came in and were remarkable. It cannot be that easy to take a tree down, they are just that good.
John F.

Great experience over all, from the estimate to the crew doing the work. Appreciate that Austin met the crew to go over all of the work before starting. Our property looks so much better.
Terry R.

Every member of the Bartlett staff was professional, friendly, and honest. Thank you for the quality of work done by the crewmembers. Working with Bartlett was an outstanding experience. I will be sure to both use you and recommend your services to others in the future.
Jay S.

Mr. Proctor, Rene, Belle, and Kevin were all wonderful. The crew worked way over what could have been expected of them. They left the yard looking much better than it did before they started. The next time I have work done by Bartlett I hope I am fortunate enough to have the same crew.
Betty M.

The crews that did work for us were very professional, friendly, and knowledgeable. Nick Turco was very prompt, great Arborist, and made excellent recommendations.
Lee P.

Nick was very helpful. The tree we needed taken out had fallen over a wall into the neighbors yard and he got us on the schedule very quickly and coordinated with our neighbors to make sure they were taken care of as well.
Lex W.

The crew did a great job. Joseph was so nice and friendly. I was extremely pleased with the outcome.
Kate R.

The crew did such a wonderful job. I really appreciate how hard they worked, especially with it being so hot outside.
Paul T.

The backyard looks amazing. They did a better job than I could have imagined.
Diane E.

Bartlett Tree did fantastic work today. They removed two dead trees, trimmed overhanging limbs, and offered to take down a few extra saplings at no charge. Francisco and his crew were so fast, and did a wonderful job including clean up. Vince helped us map out a plan for the rest of our trees so we could do our tree work in stages, for which we will use Bartlett to complete.We would recommend them to anyone.
Jenn R.

Appreciated the knowledge Brian Frierson brought to my questions. He was a great help.
Linda M.

True professionals. They were all friendly and competent.
Jennifer C.

Nick Turco and his team were awesome.
Jack B.

Always excellent, from scheduling to completing the work. Bartlett is courteous, friendly, and professional.
Kevin B.

Eric was very professional and took the time to explain all of the variables and work detail they would be performing. We wanted them to cut further back some barrier trees and better clean the roof which they did without any push back. The crew was also friendly.
Eric G.

We so appreciate the wonderful care provided by each team member of the Bartlett team. From the first phone call to schedule our appointment, Nick’s visit to discuss short and long term tree plans, to the amazing guys who masterfully provided tree care, we have been thrilled. We have been telling friends and family about Bartlett.
Carol G.

Austin Proctor is extremely professional, knowledgeable, and informative and gladly spent the time necessary with me to assess our tree issues and provide solutions to them. Austin and the Bartlett crew arrived as scheduled, were very well-prepared, and did an outstanding job removing a 30-foot dead Leyland Cypress from a very tight location in our back yard. One would never know that that tree had ever been there. We will definitely call upon Austin and his team to do our tree work in the future.
Steve R.

The guys did such a fabulous job and cleaned up after themselves so nicely.
Beth B.

After the very cold winter we lost a few small plants and after being replaced my entire home landscape never looked better and the reason is all due to Bartlett. My Japanese Maple has never been as bright and deep red. A special thanks to Tom Lillo and staff for making our home a place we are proud of.
Richard O.

Nick and Jarod did an excellent Job. Both are extremely knowledgeable and courteous. All of the other crew members that have come out to do various services are thorough and go over what they plan to do prior to working. Patricia is extremely helpful and a pleasure to do business with.
Terry R.

Everyone involved was excellent. Our record of using Bartlett Tree Experts over the past twenty five years speaks of how well we respect their service.
John M.

Nick was enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and sensitive to our needs regarding our budget. His crew did an excellent job pruning a number of trees on our property, some of which had been pruned incorrectly or not at all. We are quite pleased. They will be coming back to help us on a yearly basis.
Judith T.

They did a really good job, on time, professional, and quick. We will defiantly use you again.
Tiffany S.

Tom Lillo is a very thoughtful and helpful advisor. We find him to be trustworthy and sometimes he recommends not to have certain work performed. Over the past four years Bartlette has performed each task with the highest professionalism. Top notch.
Bill L.

They were a new crew to us but they did a great job and even Austin stopped by.
Gwynne M.

They had a lot to do, stayed on task, and got everything done. Awesome work from start to finish, will use Bartlett again.
Ann S.

Enjoyed working with Nick and the crew.
Kathy F.

Great crew and great job. Thank you all very much. We will definitely recommend Bartlett to neighbors and friends.
Norm S.

I am pleased with the work and the crew. They did a professional job and removed all of the debris. The tree climber has more courage than me.
Jeff B.

The crew did a good job, lots of work finished and more work to go.
Anne S.

The crew came out and did a wonderful job, thanks.
Dana K.

I was very pleased with the work and the crew was extremely nice.
Chuck A.

They did a professional job and their detail to debris removal was awesome.
John B.

Austin Proctor is great to work with he is extremely responsive, thorough, and he knows trees and shrubs.
Cam F.

Everything looked great. Please thank Austin and the guys for me.
Bryan D.

You have been serving us for twenty five years. Obviously we like all the work you have done for us.
John M.

I am pleased with the work and the crew. They did a professional job and removed all of the debris. The climber has more courage than me.
Jeff B.

Austin is always very knowledgeable and helpful.
Maryann B.

Great crew and great job. Thank you all very much. We will definitely recommend Bartlett to neighbors and friends.
Sydney S.

The tree trimming job at our house looks great. Thanks for getting us on your schedule quickly and for returning to the property as we tried to clarify the nature of the job to be done. That personal service made all the difference in the standard of the outcome. We are very pleased with the results. Bartlett will be our first call next time we need work done on our trees.
Eve B.

Nick Turco is amazing. He is a good communicator, coordinator, and worker. He went out of his way to make things happen as planned. All of the crewmembers were highly qualified, experienced, and passionate about trees. Every move was planned and beautifully executed, I never worried as they worked over the house and shed. The job they did was totally topnotch and professional. Bartlett did not just do the work, I feel like I got an education, too. All of the crewmembers were willing to answer my questions, and I learned a lot from them. This was a good experience all around. Have already recommended them to many neighbors.
Martha K.

Tom and Vince were professional, worked efficiently, and both were on the same page when making their recommendations. Very much appreciate the help.
Lance W.

Has been about eight years since we used Bartlett's services but were delighted to see the service level was as good if not better the second time around. Appreciate some timely follow-up and thank you note for our business. The latter may seem like a small thing in these times of business but as a customer we appreciate it. Bartlett will be our first choice should we ever need more tree service. The crew was professional, quick, and left the site clean.
Kimberly K.

Austin Proctor is an excellent arborist, do not lose him.
Cam F.

Work turned out very well, the clean up was wonderful. Great workers who did a great job.
Janis C.

The tree work the crew did was great. It all looks really good. I am very happy.
Justin H.

Everything you did went very smoothly, as always. The guys always do a great job.
Bryan D.

Your crew always do a great job, when they left all was good.
James H.

The crew did a great job. They arrived on time, worked till everything was done, and did a nice job cleaning up.
Lynn K.

The crew did a great job, I am looking forward to the other work I have scheduled with Bartlett Tree.
Michael C.

I had no problems, the guys were great and cleaned up all the debris.
Betty N.

They were a great group of young men, very professional. I am very pleased with all the work, Nick made it all happen.
Martha K.

Your crew did a great job, they went above and beyond on the clean up.
Judy T.

The crew was great. They arrived on time, did the work discussed, and cleaned up after. The trimming work was really well done and they walked through the whole job after.
Mike W.

Very satisfied with the work. Crew was very professional and polite.
Mozelle G.

The crew was great and the work was professional and amazing.
Cheryl P.

The crew did a great job. Very professional and friendly as usual.
Steve B.

Everything with the service was great. The crew was very professional and we are happy with the result.
Rebecca O.

The crew did a great job and I am very pleased. All the members of the crew were polite, professional, and good workers. Special thanks goes to Austin for the direction and oversight he provided.
Bob A.

The crew did a fine job. Thanks for handling our emergency problem so promptly.
Debbie A.

Your crew was helpful, respectful, and very pleasant. When they left the yard was as clean as could be. Please express our appreciation.
Herb H.

The tree work performed on our property meet all expectations, though it took several days to complete due to scheduling. The trees and the increased sunlight in the yard is very nice and the work suggested by myself and my wife is slowly proceeding. We look forward to a continued relationship as we have additional tree work in the future.
Ken P.

Your guys arrived on time, worked solidly, were friendly, courteous, kept things orderly, safe, from start to finish. The cleanup was equally thorough. Pleas pass my gratitude on to them.
Tim B.

Everyone was very helpful, from the quote to remove the tree to the billing department.
Christine M.

The work the crew did was great.
Steve L.

We were very happy with the work on the trees and bushes.
Ed S.

Thanks for your quick response and great service.
Sherry L.

Everything looks good.
Debra S.

Your crew did a great job as always.
Eric S.

I was very pleased.
Ralph S.

Tom was the third arborist that I had in to look at some trees that were dying. He is the only one who answered all of my questions honestly, and without trying to push unwarranted services or create solutions to problems that I did not have. He was also willing to answer numerous questions after the work was done in terms of how to take care of the trees moving forward. I will absolutely use Bartlett in the future and would recommend them to anybody looking for your services. I was not there when the actual work was done, but the crew did work beyond my expectations, and left the area very clean after what I can only assume is a messy procedure.
Eric G.

The crew did an excellent job.
Sally R.

The crew was extremely nice and easy to work with and did very satisfactory work.
Joyce G.

I am very satisfied with the work. The men took care not to damage existing plants, cleaned up when finished, and were very polite.
Linda H.

Crew did a fantastic job. Tom Lillo's quick response to my downed limbs got the job done without further damage to my property. Happy and loyal Bartlett customer.
Sherry L.

We are very happy with the work and glad it was completed in one day. Also happy with the crew who did not stop even when it started to pour.
Kelly E.

They did a great job.
Curt W.

Francisco and the crew were outstanding, they proved again why I am glad to use Bartlett.
Susie Z.

We were very pleased. Thanks.
Cindy K.

Your guys were excellent.
Tom P.

Trees are looking good.
Tony H.

The crew and work were perfect.
Kerry K.

They did a good job.
Lee D.

The crew did a great job.
Lindsay M.

Everything was great. Thanks for following up.
Ann H.

As usual, the crew did a spectacular job.
Suzanne W.

Thank you so much for your work on our trees today. The crew did an amazing and efficient job removing dead trees and pruning the live ones. They took special care around a nest in a tree, which meant a lot.
Hannah J.

Eric and the crew were great, I appreciate their work. Really miss my Crepe Myrtle but the heavy winds were too much.
Shirley P.

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