Bartlett provides expert tree service in Charleston, SC and this is what our Charleston customers are saying about us. We are proud to offer a wide range of tree services to our customers!

As a Charleston tree service company, Bartlett provides the full spectrum of tree and property services offered, including Cabling and Bracing, Fertilization and Soil Care, Insect and Disease Management, Lightning Protection, Plant Analysis and Diagnostics, and Pruning.

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What Our Charleston, SC Customers Are Saying

A great job keeping on top of insects and other issues with trees and shrubs. So glad that you keep in touch with our landscaping team, Daniel Boorse and the Four Seasons Landscape team. Put us on the subject to occasional coastal flooding list so that application of gypsum can be done in a timely manner to keep garden healthy. It worked wonders after the storms last fall. Would like to get occasionally insight into tree trimming as needed, especially to get ahead of the tree butchers of Dominion for our young Live Oak at the street. Thank you.
Whitney P.

Excellent. A plus. Thank you Brandon and Cameron. Wonderful and personable.
Kathleen E.

A few months ago we had damage to a beloved tree from a storm. One of the branches fell on our neighbors antique brick wall and needed to be lifted off. The Bartlett crew understood the importance of care and speed. All was accomplished right away I appreciate how promptly my inquiries are responded to.
Kim L.

Everyone was very professional and showed real pride in what they do. Very impressed. Great service. Everyone arrived as expected, did a wonderful job, and left the site clean.
John Guancione

All good.
Deb O.

The Bartlett arborist and crew members took care to see that the job was completed efficiently, taking the time to ask questions and confirm preferences as they worked. They explained each step, shared helpful recommendations and took care to leave the site in excellent condition. Excellent work, pleasant staff, and expert cleanup. Thanks for a great job.
Patricia A.

The entire experience was A+. Josh and the crew were awesome. John was great.
Joel H

Courteous and informative. Did a good job. Thanks Looks good. Did a very good job. If there was a question they would stop and ask me how I wanted something done.
Carol Ann B.

Doing business with Cameron Rickett and Bartlett Tree Experts was such a pleasure. It was perfection every step of the way, professionalism, punctuality, courteousness, and skilled excellence. Thank you so much.
Raeann B.

Friendly and did a great job.
Peggy R.

Crew was clean, efficient, and personable. It was perfection.
Frank M.

Everyone from Bartlett is helpful, knowledgeable, and great to work with. Brandon is terrific.
Erika W.

I was not home at the time of tree work. Crew seemed to have left the space and work site clean and free of debris. I appreciate their professionalism and always Cameron’s communication and help with these projects. He is easy to work with and always responsive and helpful.
Deen W.

I emailed Cameron at 6:30 am to tell him I had a tree fall on my garage. He emailed me back by 6:45am. He came out to my house that day. By the following day the crew was taking the tree off my roof. This prevented further property damage from rain as we were able to place tarps over the holes in the roof. I am really grateful for the fast courteous response.
Jennifer H.

Have used Bartlett Tree Service for years. Professional, efficient, customer oriented, and do a good job.
Sharilyn S.

This tree care was needed after a storm that damaged an old tree of ours that the whole neighborhood loves. Also just as important was that one of its branches had fallen on our neighbor's 150 year old brick wall that is delicate and very valuable. Bartlett responded immediately, understanding the precariousness of the situation and left everyone involved satisfied that great care was given and promptly.
Kimberly Laster

All my interaction with your staff was very positive. Thank you.
Jonathan R.

Bartlett did a great job all around.
David N.

Everyone was great. Super polite and nice.
Louisa P.

Josh and the crew were great but I did ask both Josh and the crew to please remove the Spanish moss from my Crepe Myrtle but it did not happen. I did not know the crew had left or I would have reminded them. Other than that everything went off without a hitch.
Nancy S.

Worked all day and did a through job on both trees.
Doris G.

Everyone we interacted with was top notch. Your customer service is A++ and we will continue to do business with you. There is nothing you could have done. You exceeded all our expectations. We are very happy.
Robin B.

Very polite and answered our questions.
Arthur G.

Appreciate both Joshua and Kevin and am looking forward to a soil sample and additional service. Grateful also for the great office customer service.
Roxy R.

The crew had to come back a second time as they did not do the job satisfactorily the first time. Some additional minor trimming to remove the fungus damage to the Italian Cypresses.
Peggy R.

Always very professional.
Tom J.

I appreciated Josh’s guidance and suggestions.
Tom W.

No words, always great service, both admin and crews on the ground. Love working with Cameron and crews on many of the properties I manage.
Pam M.

Very informative. I appreciated the care they took during working at my home, my trees and yard looked great when they left.
Christina H.

Cameron is awesome, and the crews who come to do the work are always friendly and efficient.
Susan K.

Benji is great. I appreciate his advice and follow through.
Elizabeth S.

Cameron Rickett is a real asset to your business. He is down to earth, he has good ideas, and he is friendly. He also does what he says he’ will do for Bartlett Tree Experts. I am happy with everything you all did, and so is my wife. Our Italian Cypress looks great, and our Camellias are putting out green, new growth, where brown, leafless twigs used to be.
Van T.

The crew was fabulous and did an amazing job with a very large limb. We were so impressed with their ability and professionalism. Very pleased.
Lisa Smith-Butler

Nothing, other than guarantee that my Pine tree would not have the bark beetles, but I know that a guarantee is not possible. Everyone from Bartlett with whom I interacted, from beginning to end, was polite, professional, and knowledgeable. Thank you.
Sandra Peskin

Always friendly and knowledgeable. Eager to answer all questions.
Lavonne Fore

Cameron always goes above and beyond to make sure everything is taken care of in a timely professional manner.
David Miller

Cameron is always accommodating, on time, and very knowledgeable. Love working with him and crew. My "go to" when it comes to tree services.
Poston and Co

Roberto does an especially excellent job with the pruning. Thanks to your whole team as well.
David Bossman

Friendly and Courteous. Great job by everyone.
Mary Altman

Cameron and Brandon are a pleasure to work with. Great service from great people.
Juliana Falk

: Cameron is very knowledgeable, helpful, and most encouraging with my specific needs.
Woody White

My trees are family. Bartlett's personnel are my true and trusted family physicians. I consider my relationship with Bartlett to be a partnership that transcends my lifetime by way of the magnificent Live Oaks in my yard.
Marty Levisen

Cameron is the best. Always enjoy talking with him and learning more about my trees.
Bonnie Collier

Knowledgeable, professional, and very customer focused. The crew was great. It was impressive to watch their process. It was a very good experience and I will gladly recommend them.
Kim Duckworth

Cameron is always responsive, helpful, and gets the work done in a timely manner.
Jan Litton

Camren is the best. This is my first time needing an arborist and he is always patient and thorough in answering my many questions.
Avery K.

The best staff and representatives.
Nancy B.

Timely, pleasant, helpful. It was a great experience. My arborist was quite helpful per the current tree issue as well as general information and discussion pertaining to two grand trees in my yard and how to protect them.
Mary Ellen M.

It is always a pleasure to work with a crew from Bartlett. Cameron has been very responsive to my inquiries.
Bob B.

Cameron and the crew are The Best. Always responsive in a timely manner. Very communicative and trustworthy leaving me always feeling our trees are in the best hands.
Walker B.

Cameron and the crew are The Best. Always responsive in a timely manner. Very communicative and trustworthy leaving me always feeling our trees are in the best hands.
Walker B.

Very responsive and professional. Great service.
Al T.

Great job. Easy to work with.
Paul S.

This was my first experience with Bartlett Tree Experts. Personable, knowledgeable, and completely professional, from Cameron's insightful wisdom in tree care, to Brandon's thorough and diligent services. I felt confident in their work and grateful to have their partnership and expertise in giving my tree family the best care available.
Martin L.

Nothing to improve upon. Service is excellent. Service people are super friendly, professional, and on time. I couldn’t ask for better service.
Janice B.

Cameron Rickett is friendly, professional, and always available to answer my questions and give experienced sound advice.
Franklin M.

Thanks for improving our yard.
Rich S.

Cannot say enough great things about Cameron and his crew! They were accommodating and so helpful! Really value their work and advice!
Adele M.

Knowledgeable, friendly, and efficient. Superior service. Terrific serviceman. Thank you.
Janice B.

Bartlett is the best. Our representative is very knowledgeable and very well mannered.
Eve B.

Great crew, very pleasant and willing. High quality service.
Susan P.

The work looks fantastic. Thank you all for making this so easy.
Blaine W.

Bob Longe is the absolute tree expert in this town. We are fortunate that he looks after our trees. He has covered our account for almost ten years.
Diane H.

We were so impressed with Cameron and his knowledge. He was very thorough in discussing what needed to be done. We will contact Cameron next year and plan to get our annual tree trimming from Bartlett. Great job.
Judy F.

This is our first experience with Bartlett and we are very pleased. The process was easy and the results are great.
William A.

Cameron is an amazingly knowledgeable guy and so personable. We could talk plants with him for hours.
Karen S.

Your company seems to treat your staff well because year after year I see the same folks which is nice because as I drive through the city during the year and see your trucks, I wave to your drivers because I recognize them. That is a nice familiar feeling, something that is not experienced much these days in business. Our Arborist feels like an old friend. Wonderful team of people.
Stephanie S.

Everyone is always very professional. Cameron Rickett is always dependable and very knowledgeable about all questions that are asked. Field workers were very courteous and safety conscious.
Tom J.

Bob Longe and team did a great job as usual.
Tom M.

Cameron Rickett is very responsive and does a great job overseeing the needs of all of our trees and shrubs. He makes it easy and keeps it beautiful.
Margaret C.

Always knowledgeable. Always capable. If you want the job done correctly. Cameron and Bartlett are the ones to call.
Ed L.

Bob Longe has been exceptionally caring and helpful with several projects that I have had done in the past couple years. He combines concern and expertise that gives me full confidence in BTS workers. The various teams that have worked here have shown exceptional readiness to perform the tasks and have left the property fully cleared of debris. Excellent work. I have found each team member to be exemplary and personable as well as efficient and effective.
David B.

Very professional, responsive to questions, and careful about Covid precautions. They seemed genuinely concerned about the health of the trees they were working on.
Hugh S.

Robert Longe always remembers to ask if we need help. So Appreciated.
Cynthia C.

Very professional service, from evaluating our tree to scheduling, trimming and cleanup. Staff was great at communicating and very courteous on site.
Kathleen F.

Your technician was very courteous and helpful in explaining the treatment. Julianne Dunning did a nice job helping us determine the condition of our plants and developing the action plan to address.
Thomas R.

Very professional company. They are genuinely interested in doing their best for you. It is nice to also see the same faces year after year which suggests that their associates are happy working for this company. This translates to good service.
Stephanie S.

Bob Longe is fantastic,knowledgeable, thorough, and friendly. I am completely satisfied.
Franklin M

Trees are a big part of my yard's landscape, and I wanted then to receive the best care and attention available. The team at Bartlett has proven to be a solid choice.
Larry C.

Very efficient and professional.
Sharon S.

Good communication and easy to work with.
Adam P.

Jake Harrison has been very responsive and helpful in supporting me as a customer.
Randy B.

Not only was the pruning of my Winged Elm and removal of my Ligustrum done respectfully and professionally, but all Bartlett employees were polite.
Normandie U.

First class personnel. Pleasure doing business with them.
Barney H.

We were very pleased with the work Kevin and Rodrigo did. They were courteous and pleasant. I think the job was somewhat bigger than they had anticipated, but they stayed with it and left the property in good shape.
Phylls D.

Jake Harrison was very helpful and explained the problems with my tree. I give him five stars. Thanks!
Max B.

Your guys did a great job. They exceeded my expectations. In particular, they were very careful to clean up all debris.
E. B.

A job well done by all. The recommendations given by Cameron were accurate and I continue to see improvement in our trees and shrubs. He is a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend your services.
Sherrie R.

Cameron Rickett is wonderful and the crew did exactly what we needed done. I will recommend Bartlett to everyone.
Nicole H.

Your guys did a really good job. They were professional, friendly, and very diligent. We appreciate the work they did.
Virginia S

Always a pleasure doing business with Bartlett. Cameron Rickett has been our go to arborist for years and every experience with him has been positive. I always recommend Bartlett to anyone who is in need of tree care. Thanks for your friendly caring service.
Helen B.

Your crew is wonderful to work with. They did a great job from Bob Longe to the guys who do the sweeping up. Thanks.
Rhetta M.

Cameron Rickett did a great job of informing me of the scope of work to be performed at my home and the HOA property next to my home. He was courteous, knowledgeable, and passionate about his work, and a great representative for your company. I have referred several neighbors and have stated to them that Cameron and crew did a great job for me. Additionally, Andrew Giordano and his crew did and excellent job.
Joe L.

All of the Bartlett crew was exceptional. Cameron Rickett did an amazing job with his assessment and recommendations. Andrew and his team did an excellent job trimming and pruning our trees. Andrew went above and beyond by explaining the process to me as he was working and Cameron did a great job on the follow up making sure I was completely satisfied with everything. I would recommend Bartlett without hesitation.
Joanne D.

The guy trimming the big yew was most patient as we kept asking him to trim branches that we thought might drop berries on our property.
Gay C.

Cameron was extremely knowledgeable. I had a very informative and pleasant visit with him. I am so glad I called, I found out my Grand Water Oaks were bug infested and needed immediate attention. Cameron had scheduled within two days to take care of the problem.
Bonnie C.

The crew did an excellent job and I was very pleased with the result. Andrew, Bryan, and Logan managed to work around all the small things I had tagged, as well as avoid damage to the many trees and shrubs that were to remain. I look forward to continuing the relationship with Bartlett for future projects.
Donna J.

Always professional. I always know the job will be done right. Thank you.
Ed L.

Always professional. I always know the job will be done right.
Ed L.

The crew was awesome. Very informed and truly seemed to enjoy their work. I look forward to working with them again next year.
Stephanie S.

Cameron Rickett is always helpful and has our trees looking great.
Bernie K.

I could not be more pleased. Everyone did exactly what they said they would do when they said they would do it. Everyone was very nice, polite, and professional. I really appreciate it.
Sue S.

Thank you to Robert Longe for his advice and excellent service. My Grand Oak and Crepe Myrtles have never looked better. I know I am in good hands for all of my tree care needs.
Jim T.

I am completely satisfied with the work performed on my Grand Oak tree. The tree looks great. Bob Longe kept me informed of what was needed. I appreciate his recommendations and his professionalism.
Jim T.

I am very happy. The workmen were very polite and respectful. I appreciate all their hard work.
Susan P.

The crew and Bob were amazing. Bob surpasses my expectations in delivering the best service for this property. He is a tremendous asset to your team. His crew was on time and polite during the entire project. Thank you for everything.
Caroline P.

Grant Fletcher is a pleasure to work with. He listens to my concerns and ideas and offers suggestions without being patronizing. Cameron, Steve, and Kevin were easy to work with. They were polite and professional, got right to work and wasted no time in completing the job. All are a credit to Bartlett. Bartlett is one of the few services that I would be comfortable with having on my property unsupervised.
Donna J.

The crew did a great job. They were very nice to work with and cleaned up so well that you would never know that they were here.
Erika H.

Bob Longe is knowledgeable about tree and shrub health, the go-to guy in this neighborhood for plant problems.
Diane H.

Bob Longe is a highly professional guy who is a very nice person. My wife and I have great confidence in him and his staff.
Stuart D.

Cameron is awesome! He has always been professional and helped with decisions about our trees.
Bernie K.

Cameron Rickett is always very responsive and helpful, great customer service!
Randy B.

They did a wonderful job! We so appreciate it.
Janelle O.

Cameron and his crew are great to work with. They are always friendly and get the job done as requested. Thanks for saving our tree!
Bernie K.

I was very pleased with the completed tree work. The entire process from Cameron's evaluation and help with obtaining HOA approval and his onsite review of work to be completed with Grant, to the actual work completed by Grant and his crew was a very good experience. I was pleased with the work and the cleanup that day and the overall professionalism exhibited by your staff throughout this process.
Mary W.

Highly professional, good equipment, worth the money.
Bill B.

Bob, your crew was absolutely fantastic today! They did a beautiful job with the trees and cleaned up perfectly after themselves. They even moved my ceramic "yard art" and my pink flamingo out from under their work area and replaced it. I just don't think anybody in town could've possibly done a better job. You all certainly have earned a restful, cooling weekend! Many thanks!
Chris C.

Mr. Longe has been great, our landscaping is already looking better just a month or two after starting with treatments. We appreciate all he and his team have done.
Eric J.

I like the professionalism of the company, of course. But what I really appreciate is being able to get in touch. E-mails are answered, and phone calls are returned, both promptly. That's great!
Ed L.

We are always very impressed with the service, responsiveness, and professionalism of Bob Longe and his crew. He is a pleasure to do business with!
Sue S.

Great job. My trees look great and the fertilization was sorely needed.
E. Golden

Always so polite on phone or email. Crew was wonderful! You always take care of your customers. Love the advice for the garden and it is flourishing now with needed sun light! Thanks.
S. Bridwell

Crew was friendly, knowledgeable, and very efficient. Great customer service. Thank you!
C. Lee

This is my second experience with Bartlett and have found their service very satisfactory.
B.K. Shoe

Everyone was very professional. All my neighbors having their Bartlett Pear trees removed at the same time were envious of the job done by your crew. I've recommended your company already.
Sue Ann R.

Mr. Rhoads was very informative and able to answer all questions I had. I appreciate the quick response to my work request. I will use Bartlett again in the future. Thanks for the work.
Drew M.

Outstanding service and very courteous to my wife. Cleaned up yard better than before they got there. Will definitely use you for any other jobs I need done. Showed up a few minutes early. My biggest pet peeve is to expect somebody to show up and they are late. Very respectful. They were done in a couple of hours and from my driveway, it looks great. Thanks again.
Dan B.

As a new resident to the Charleston, SC area it was a pleasure to have Bartlett Tree Experts do the work. The two gentlemen who arrived at my home were true professionals in every sense and enjoyable to be around. I would recommend your service to anyone.
Vincent M.

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