Bartlett provides expert tree service in Naperville, IL and this is what our Naperville customers are saying about us. We are proud to offer a wide range of tree services to our customers!

As a Naperville tree service company, Bartlett provides the full spectrum of tree and property services offered, including Cabling and Bracing, Deer Management, Pruning, Tree Inventories, Tree Removal, and Tree Structure Evaluation.

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What Our Naperville, IL Customers Are Saying

Skeet is the most knowledgeable and friendly guy we could hope for. A perfect ten.
Bruce and Jan E.

Alex, is our tech, he had just finished when we arrived home. He was professional, courteous, and caring regarding our needs. We had a follow up contact from Frank Kapple, our arborist, who demonstrates in every way that he cares about the big and small picture, quality control, and any and all aspects of a client’s needs, wishes, or concerns. Thank you. Bartlett, you really stand out.
Janis J.

Frank does a great job each year evaluating my trees and giving me opinions on action going forward.
Dirk B.

The two technicians that came to apply the Ash Borer treatment were very polite, professional, and did a nice job of explaining what they were doing.
Stan and Colleen S.

It was all great. Frank is very informative and responds quickly to our concerns.
Lisa R.

Always great service. You expect the best and you always get it, many thanks.
Jim B.

Frank was very knowledgeable and helpful.
Sherif M.

I had a nice conversation with the man who came to my house to treat my tree. He was polite and informative. Very positive.
Liz S.

I love you guys. You make my lot beautiful and make my Crabapples blossom. My husband and I really like and respect our arborist, Frank. He is very professional, knowledgeable, and approachable. Thanks Bartlett.
Janis J.

Pleased with the service. Crew were courteous.
Mary B.

I appreciated the staff removing bird feeders and turning bird baths over to protect the birds when I was not around to do it. Thank your staff.
Karen L.

Been a customer for more than fifteen years. Your advice has always been great. Good communication and always available to review any concerns I may have.
Chris S.

Skeet has been our arborist for twenty years. We trust his judgement when he makes suggestions about our tree care. He is always on site when the guys get here to start the work and goes over everything with us. Very happy with Bartlett Tree Service.
Janet S.

Good job spraying. The results and beauty of our six Crabapple trees is well worth it.
Paul and Kay A.

The two men working on the tree were very friendly and ready to discuss their work. They set up, did the work, cleaned-up the work area completely, and were gone.
David G.

Could not be happier, terrific folks. Will work with you again for care of my River Birch.
Ken R.

Professional all the way around. Top shelf.
Frank F.

Very professional and personal job well done.
Nick G.

A great experience all around.
Lindsay P.

Great job.
Brian N.

Very good service and all of our requests and concerns were quickly addressed. Thank you.
Mary B.

Ashley was very courteous, prompt, and explained the White Pine treatment to be done. We like dealing with Bartlett. Frank is a very knowledgeable and dependable arborist. We hope the tree recovers in future. Thank you.
Carol and Ray G.

You guys are great. You guys have always been friendly and knowledgeable which is why I keep coming back.
Cindy Y.

Great service.
Jim B.

Excellent and knowledgeable.
Tim and Jill K.

The crew was very courteous, showed up on time, and explained exactly what would take place. They took care to protect a fence that was very close to the tree that was removed.
Jim K.

Frank and the team do a good job caring for my trees.
Tom H.

Frank and Mitch are incredible to work with. Both are very professional and knowledgeable. Very glad to have them.
Jim A.

Outstanding in every way. We would definitely use you again next year.
Chuck and Judi B.

Everyone was great. Would definitely use again.
Doug L.

We were very happy with the tree trimming and removal.
Mary B.

Can not think of anything. Work was done professionally and in a timely manner. All crews were very professional and explained what they were doing. Highly recommended.
Hellevi M.

Frank was helpful, friendly, professional, and knowledgable. He got us the estimate quickly and got the work done before the expected time line. He paid attention to detail, correctly documenting what we wanted to have done and what we did not want. He communicated this to his crew. The crew finished the job with care, not disturbing the plantings under the trees and cleaning up after the job like they had never been there.
Karen E.

Skeet and his crew could not have been more professional and courteous during the entire process of evaluating, scheduling, and pruning.
Sue W.

Professionally hard working people. Great Service.
Sanjay P.

Great people, very helpful.
Gene and Harriet S.

I am very happy with the service and the results. Staff is always helpful and happy to discuss what they are doing.
Nancy O.

It was a great experience from start to finish. Our Arborist, cannot remember his name unfortunately, was thorough, honest, and very knowledgeable about the trees in question. We received a quote quickly. Everyone from your crew, on the day the work was being completed, was polite and professional. Our yard was left in pristine condition and much care was taken to not harm our pond and the perennials that surround it. The four large trees we had pruned look terrific. I would definitely recommend Bartlett to my friends and neighbors.
Janine H.

Efficient, knowledgeable, and professíonal.
Dale B.

Arborists have been great.
John and Mary K.

Mitch did a great job treating our shrubs, bushes, and Pine tree. We appreciate that he let us know he was on property and what service he completed. We appreciate Frank Kapple assessing how to keep our plants healthy.
Chuck and Sherry V.

I am very satisfied with the work and the results of the service.
Nancy O.

Everyone was courteous and thoughtful. Skeet is the absolute best.
Stephen and Liz V.

I feel like our tree can breathe now. Great job.
Elizabeth R.

Great service all around. Everyone was so helpful and informative.
Steve K.

Mr. Kapple is smart and is beyond courteous and helpful. I also love his newsletters, I even share tips from them with others. He always answers my emails promptly and in a way that is reassuring and helpful. The spraying of our two Crabapple trees caused them to blossom and look gorgeous, neighbors even commented. and the attendants who came out each time were understanding when I pointed out a robin's nest I wanted to protect. The crew that came out to cut our shrubs and trim a neighbor's tree in our backyard were amazing. They are professional, efficient, talented, and were friendly as well. My impressions of this company are so positive.
Janis J.

Friendly staff, very professional. I am happy with the look of my trees after pruning.
Donald B.

Good job spraying and the results and beauty of our six Crabapple trees is well worth it.
Paul and Kay A.

A job well done.
Nick G.

Great company top to bottom all good. Great company and service.
Jim B.

Everything was outstanding. Frank did a great job coming out to review my yard and give suggestions on what else I could do. The crew member that applied the treatment for Emerald Ash Bore did a great job. Been very happy with the work that Bartlett does since I first started working with Skeet many years ago.
Dirk B.

I love this company. There is a consistency of excellence demonstrated across all employees. I like and respect our new arborist, Frank Kapple. He has been a pleasure to deal with. I like our arborist, Frank. He genuinely cares about our lot, and also is a great resource to a homeowner. The representative that came out to spray our two fruit trees was polite, she introduced herself, and also asked me if I had any questions.
Janis J.

Frank and other team members have been great to work with. Satisfied with all aspects of service.
Steve H.

The tree expert who sprayed my trees was outstanding.
Tom H.

Very pleasant staff. Do a great job and do not constantly hound us about every little thing. Just let us know what is being done each year and sign new contract.
Vanessa L.

Polite, knowledgeable staff. The young man who comes to my house always knocks on my door, tells me what he will be doing, and does a great job. The results speak for themselves. My trees look great. The emails from Skeet about updates on issues affecting trees in our area are helpful.
Dave and Pat D.

Great knowledge and friendly staff.
Chris C.

Fantastic job. Very knowledgable and helpful answering all of my questions on how to keep our trees healthy this winter and ready for spring. Thanks.
Merrick M.

They were wonderful. Very professional and accommodating. Also, great communication which is something that is lacking in the industry. I really appreciated that. Also gave good advice. Very knowledgeable.
Mary R.

Great crew, arrived early, completed the project efficiently and cleaned up. Frank did a great job in meeting with us and explaining our options and then making sure we could complete the work for our planned landscaping. Your office team was great with scheduling and follow up. Great experience.
James H.

The Bartlett staff has always been helpful in explaining what needs to be done and why. I appreciate being informed every step of the way and feel that I understand the process. When the tree trimming was complete the yard looked great.
Susan D.

I wish our experiences with other companies should be as good as Bartlett. You have set the bar.
Stan and Rose C.

Scott was very helpful in analyzing the issues with our trees. Hector, who applied the necessary treatment materials, was respectful of our property and communicated what would be done.
Mike L.

I appreciate the expertise of our Arborist with regard to recommending the best way to care for our trees and shrubs. In addition, the crew members that perform the service visits are always friendly and polite.
Lauren P.

Very knowledge. Good communicator. Technicians were orderly and neat. I am happy with the work.
Steve M.

Skeet is the absolute best.
Steve and Liz V.

Scott was very knowledgeable and helpful whenever I had questions or needed him to come onsite to go over something. I am moving out of state but have given the Bartlett name as a reference to my buyers.
Howard B.

It was a very positive experience from start to finish. Scott met with my husband and made recommendations for some additional work which made sense. The crew was great, did not damage any property in the process of removing a lot of branches and two trees. Their cleanup was very good. Bartlett came highly recommended and lived up to expectations. I will use them again and have already recommended Bartlett.
Jack and Diane H.

Skeet is superb. One could not ask for a finer individual. We have often commented on how fine the team members are that Skeet sends to serve us, courteous, polite, and friendly. We are very, very pleased with Bartlett.
Stephen and Liz V.

I have been using services from Bartlett for the last eight years continuously and they have been a pleasure to work with. All of my large Ash trees on property in particular are surviving because of the care provided by Scott Stringer. I highly recommend them.
Piyush J.

Scott Stringer is very knowledgeable and professional. He has through the years been someone we know we can trust. Any crew members who have come to our property have done an excellent job as well.
Marilyn F.

Scott Stringer has come out several times over the years to assess my trees when needed and he gives very balanced advice and does an excellent job.
Thomas M.

I interrupted the person spraying my Crab Apple to ask about yet another dying branch on the tree that I need to remove. He stopped what he was doing and took the time to answer my question which I appreciated.
Karen S.

The young man that came out to treat my Oak tree was very professional. He explained what was done and that with the drought I needed to water.
Steve S.

The technician that services my property also services my next door neighbor. Hector is so kind and informative when I ask general and even more specific questions. I really appreciate that he is conscientious of our dogs needing to be inside before he sprays either my neighbor's or my property.
Laurie K.

Scott is professional and knowledgeable which is greatly appreciated. Kayli was very nice and explained what she would be treating. Keep up the good work.
Richard and Ann W.

Our Arborist Representative, Scott Stringer, was professional and knowledgeable, and answered all of our questions. We had concerns about the health of our mature Crabapple trees that had some dead branches. He went above and beyond our request by pointing out an insect infestation on other shrubs that we were not even aware of and made suggestions of how to address.
Nancy and Jim L.

Scott Stringer has been very responsive to my requests and has been very helpful with thoroughly explaining his advice and recommendations.
Jeff S.

Skeet and his crews are the best. I can not say how much I appreciate the attentive and excellent service. I have known Skeet for many years and his commitment and love of his work is equal to the first day I met him.
Mary S.

Very well pleased working with Bartlett Tree Experts. We have used four other tree service companies over the last 32 years and Barlett ranks at the top in all categories. That includes Scott Stringer, the Arborist, office staff, and field crew. Everything went very smoothly, starting with our first meeting with Scott to completing the work. There were no hiccups. Work was done timely, proficiently, exactly as agreed to, and reasonably priced. Everyone was professional, pleasant, courteous, and customer focused.
Jerry E.

Your crew member was friendly and explained the service he was providing. Everything is great.
Ann and Richard

Highest praise for professionalism and helpfulness all around.
Christian T.

All the staff members are knowledgeable, courteous, and prompt. The work performed was exactly per the plan. For large tree work, no one compares to Bartlett in all aspects of the job. Thank you for providing the right team for the job.
Carolyn T.

Kind, caring, and sensitive to our needs, and always wiling to take the time to answer any question. I feel our Arborist, Scott, has truly saved our trees. He is a very smart cookie and so are his staff. Can not say enough good things about his company.
Ray J.

Everyone was very courteous. Work was done efficiently, and the clean up afterwards was great. Thank you.
Marcia H.

It is great working with Scott, our Arborist. He is willing to share his knowledge. I always learn something from him, and I appreciate his recommendations.
D. L.

Everyone we dealt with from Bartlett was knowledgeable, courteous, and professional. We were very pleased with our Arborist, Scott Stringer, and his skill helping define our project. The onsite crew was excellent at what they do and the quality of their work. Overall, we were very pleased with our experience, the quality of work and the general care taken by the onsite crew. Thank you.
Bill G.

Knowledgeable, professional, friendly, and considerate. Skeet is the best in the business and his crew was great to work with. After getting rained out most of the way through cleaning out the deadwood and dangerous wood from my canopy they returned the next day and finished the job.
Matt M.

We have known Skeet for nearly twenty years. He is the most knowledgeable person we have met concerning our trees. We never hesitate to call him with any of our questions or concerns.
Steve and Jan S.

Skeet has been a trusted professional for many, many years. We have two Oaks in our back yard that are over 400 years old. Each of these giants need top care at all times. Bartlett supplies this service.
Bob B.

My arborist, Skeet is very professional and knowledgeable.
James D.

I have got Skeet working on multiple properties. I thoroughly enjoy working with Skeet. He takes care of my properties and I can always count on him.
Mary S.

The service man was very nice and accommodating.
Craig W.

Scott was very professional and did his best to fulfill our wishes.
Phillip S.

Skeet is the best. He is the main reason I came over to Bartlett from Care of Trees. He delivers much better knowledge and service.
Dirk B.

Skeet is our arborist. Very knowledgeable, dependable and professional. He loves my ancient 400 yr old oak trees as much as my wife and me.
Bob B

I am glad to have a reputable company to service the mature trees and shrubs on my property. I appreciate Scott Stringer's professional eye overseeing what is happening in my landscape; he brought the needlecast on my Spruces to my attention.
Karen E.

Recently switched to Barlett and have been extremely satisfied with their services.
Vanessa L.

Scott was very helpful and explained the service I would receive. The crew person was courteous. All in all, a good experience.
Carole M.

Skeet was awesome. He spent lots of time with me walking the property and answering all my questions.
Gary G.

Scott was very helpful and answered all of my questions. I appreciated his service.
Becky W.

I appreciate the courtesy extended to me when the crew stops to treat the trees. They clearly explain the purpose of the particular visit and are receptive to any cautions that I express about other plant materials. In addition, they have always responded to my questions about the health of a specific tree and engaged in a discussion about the tree.
Sharron K.

Both Scott Stringer the arborist, and Hector the fertilization technician who manage our trees are top notch. Knowledgeable, thorough, and friendly. Hector always knocks on the door prior to servicing the trees to let me know that he will be in the yard and what treatment he is providing. Keep up the good work.
Linda P.

Thank you for a job well done from beginning to end!
Kathy D.

We were very pleased. Crewmembers were patient, courteous, and informative about my trees. They took their time, especially the crew chief, to see that we were completely satisfied with the job.
Berni B.

Scott was excellent and a wealth of knowledge. Very helpful, thorough, and courteous.
Terry C.

Skeet is the best. He takes the time to walk the property with me and answer my questions. I always learn something from him.
Julie C.

Scott Stringer always answers my questions promptly. I am pleased that my Crab Apple is doing so well.
Marilyn K.

Everyone at Bartlett with whom I have interacted has been very professional, knowledgeable, informative, not pushy, and courteous.
Barbara S.

Everyone at Bartlett has been professional, prompt, and courteous. I have dealt with other companies, and I am happy to say I will always use Bartlett for my trees and shrubs.
Karen F.

Scott Stringer always answers my questions promptly. I am pleased that my Crab Apple is doing so well.
Marilyn K.

Scott was terrific. I would highly recommend Bartlett to my friends and neighbors.
Pete D.

Scott has been very helpful in reviewing the needs of the trees and shrubs on my property and how best to improve their performance. The men who applied the first feeding under the new program were very conscientious in completing their work and very responsive to the questions I had about some of the plants. Bartlett's employees have all been excellent representatives of the company.
Bill C.

I have used many different companies to take care of the trees on my property over the years, but I have been most satisfied with the people and quality of work I have received from Bartlett.
Bill C.

Always professional in all dealings with me. I appreciate Skeet’s depth of knowledge. I love the simple fact he is always ready to serve and assist. We never do anything with our trees until Skeet approves. The crew that was recently here were sharp and got the work done safely and correctly. It is neat how one can not tell from street level that the tree has had a structural trim. They really liked working together.
Bob B.

Everyone was very professional and pleasant to work with from office staff, crew members, and Scott Stringer. I felt they listened to what I wanted done and then followed through with it. I would not hesitate to use you again or recommend your company. Thank you for making this an easy experience.
Joanne A.

Skeet is always responsive and informative.
Rich C.

Excellent knowledge and prompt attention to needs and detail.
Bob S.

Very friendly receptionists and Scott Stringer is very knowledgeable. He always provides different options to solve our tree issues.
Samantha S.

Friendly, knowledgable, and easy to work with.
Libby S.

Did a great job on pruning all our trees. Crew was very professional. Very impressed.
Bob R.

The crew that did the work was courteous and professional.
Fred D.

Great conversation and follow up communication with Scott Stringer. Very courteous staff both on the phone and those who have applied treatments.
Linda P.

Skeet's willingness to explain, his follow up,and general interaction bring value to the relationship.
Dan I.

We have been using your company for years. Scott is always good about getting back promptly. The crew always meets the schedule and does a good job cleaning up. Scott is also great about following up. Thank you for years of great service.
Diane G.

Scott Stringer was extremely helpful and generous with his time about several items that Bartlett takes care of including the front entry to the subdivision. I have recommended the company for years and now many people here are using your service, certainly good service pays off. Many thanks to Scott and Bartlett for such good service.
Julie Mc.

Tom Tyler has always been a reliable source for accurate information about our trees with reasonable recommendations to optimize their growth and health. While we haven't always done everything he recommended, we appreciated his low key approach to keeping in touch without being too pushy. When we have used Bartlett, we have been totally impressed with the skill and artistry of their crew. Bartlett Tree really knows their stuff! You respect nature, trees, and the environment you also respect the properties you work on by leaving them better than when you arrived and you deal respectfully with your clients by communicating clearly and helpfully. We respect the individuals we have met who are employed by Bartlett Tree as well as the way you run your company.
Karen E.

The trees look great! I'm so please with the artistry of your pruning team. The canopy is open and the trees are well shaped. I couldn't be happier with the job that was done. I only wish I could have been here to watch the work progress.
Karen & Craig E.

Very knowledgeable and professional. I've already recommended them to another neighbor.
Mike B.

I just thought that I would let you know that the two gentleman you sent to work on our property did a fantastic job! They were very conscientious and diligent. They did a fantastic job, cleaned up after, and asked if there was anything else we wanted cut off. They knew what they were doing and I am excited to hear what my husband will think. Thanks so much!
Trish S.

The staff is very courteous, trustworthy, and responsive to all of my requests. A pleasure to work with!
Toni H.

I was very pleased and impressed talking with Scott in deciding what to do, working out the price, and watching/talking with the crew. My neighbor was watching and was also impressed. I've already given him your contact information for future work.
Diane Q.

Whenever someone in the neighborhood asks about the health of our ash tree, I tell them how great Bartlett is doing. Your prices are very competitive with knowledgeable, top-notch service. We are very happy.
Beth O.

We were really pleased with the work and everyone was very nice.
Terry P.

Scott Stringer is the best! Great liaison to all the Bartlett services! Thanks.
Todd H.

Tom Tyler was a pleasure to work with and was exceptionally knowledgeable. The working crew were very courteous and accommodating.
John S.

Hector is outstanding. He is very knowledgeable and friendly and offers advice where appropriate. He and Tom Tyler are why I am a client. I value my yard and Bartlett has made it even better. Looking forward to seeing the results of all the trimming when the plants come back to life. Thanks!
Julie M.

The crew did a superb job. The work was difficult as large branches needed to be trimmed over some power lines to a residence. They performed safely and without incident regarding the wires. Very professional and courteous. They also left the work site clean and neat. Good job!
Bill W.

Your company took down a pine tree for me in the front of my townhouse. I must tell you how pleased I was with the expertise of the crew, the speed of the job, and the very thorough clean-up afterward.
Linda S.

Exceptional in every way - knowledgeable and timely to respond. We trust Bartlett implicitly.
Sabrina I.

You have a fine team of courageous, hard working, and very skilled workers. The guys up in the trees obviously knew what they were doing and worked with forethought and concern for safety. They took out just the right amount of branches so the trees look great. The guys on the ground worked tirelessly hauling the branches in the cold. They even appeared to be happy doing it! I was impressed with the team work.
Karen & Craig E.

We are very busy people and everyone at Bartlett has been respectful of that...we generally set up a season's worth of work to be done and it all happens on schedule, without pomp and circumstance…thank you.
Michael P.

First of all, we were amazed at their ability to climb the trees and support themselves while trimming! They were friendly professional and our trees look fabulous!
Therese M.

Tom is great to work with, and goes the extra mile for customers. He and his staff also did a great job recently helping my elderly parents, who are also clients.
Carol G.

Very thorough. The tree trimming team was fantastic: Did the work, cleaned up everything they trimmed, and in general made the trees look better then they ever have.
Jon T.

Your crew was exceptional — they did a superb job, explained everything, and answered my (numerous) questions.
Mrs. H.

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