Bartlett provides expert tree service in Philadelphia, PA and this is what our Philadelphia customers are saying about us. We are proud to offer a wide range of tree services to our customers!

As a Philadelphia tree service company, Bartlett provides the full spectrum of tree and property services offered, including Fertilization and Soil Care, Insect and Disease Management, Plant Analysis and Diagnostics, Pruning, and Tree Structure Evaluation.

If you are looking for a Philadelphia tree service company, schedule an appointment for a Bartlett Arborist Representative to visit your property and you will not be disappointed.

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What Our Philadelphia, PA Customers Are Saying

Guys on site were great.
Linda S.

Everyone was friendly, efficient, and professional.
Robert C.

Fantastic work, our vine looks very neat now. The crew was extremely professional, had excellent communication, and left without a trace. We are looking forward to using Bartlett again.
Linh V.

All went very well. Excellent service. I contacted David on Tuesday about a broken tree limb. He came out that day and scheduled his crew for Thursday. The work was done quickly and efficiently.
Kate H.

Truly an honor to be served by one of our region's finest board-certified master arborists.
Gavin D.

Lovely staff. Very professional and friendly. Keep up the great work.
Carolyn M.

So great. We really appreciate their professionalism and excellent work. Thank you.
Diana H.

Always reliable, offering good advice.
Neil I.

They are the best in every way thanks and appreciation.
Maryellen D.

The experience was great and professional.
Donna L.

I have never climbed a tree in my life. Everyone I have met at Bartlett, collectively, makes me want to work with trees. I do not know about the cherry pickers though.
Reginald D.

Stay as you are.
Lawrence T.

Gavin is friendly and knowledgeable. We are very happy with the service.
Dawn M.

Everyone was great. Focused, safe, and courteous.
Kati G.

David did a wonderful job communicating with me about my trees. He was very knowledgeable about the city regulations concerning my street tree, and gave me a range of treatment options for my backyard Catalpa. He was prompt in his proposal to me, and then in getting the work done. It was an excellent , professional , experience.
Sharon S.

Excellent all around.
Linda J.

Gavin is great. Very responsive.
V. C.

Responsive, good communication, clear explanation setting.
Fabio V.

Friendly and explained what they were doing.
Mary D.

Great experience. Would recommend.
Kevin C.

All staff was polite and professional.
Theresa S.

First time using Bartlett, have used other tree people. It was a good experience, all very nice and informative.
Olga M.

The staff worked very hard. They explained what they were going to do, asked if we had any preferences and accommodated requests.
Adrienne M.

John was friendly and explained everything clearly. He gave detailed answers to my questions.
Edward E.

The tree looks great.
Megan C.

Mark and crew did a fabulous job.
Joanna H.

Very good.
Daood N.

All around great experience. Everyone was so nice, and helpful, and the timeline was marvelously fast.
Diana H.

Friendly, professional,and respectful of our property.
Noel E.

Gavin is always informative. I appreciate learning his thinking on what is wrong, what needs to be done, and why it is done then it is.
Nancy S.

Everyone is always incredibly professional and knowledgeable.
Jason B.

Great job. Thank you again.
Pierre C.

Pleased that crew member knocked at door as I had concern about my Birch tree. He was able to answer, and it turns out that treatment he was doing for lantern fly also treated the leaf miner. My tree, small yard only room for one looks especially healthy this year, thanks to Bartlett.
Joanne Z.

Pleasant and professional.
Richard W.

All the Texting communication was perfect.
Scott K.

I am so happy that Bartlett texts me the day they are nearby and asks if I am around. This always seems to work pretty well for scheduling.
Stephanie V.

They performed the services exactly as promised to eradicate Spotted Lantern Flies and Aphids from our Box Elder tree, and the treatments seem to have worked as promised. Everyone I dealt with was courteous and professional.
Geoff S.

Service perfect. Great staff. Jason the best.
Marijka W.

Amazing and thoughtful crew.
Alex D.

The crew is respectful and professional. I really appreciate the team which takes care of our property. An excellent company. Thoughtful and respectful. Bartlett takes great care of our property and never tries to sell us services we do not need. I highly recommend Bartlett.
Renee H.

Everything was good. Would recommend you to others.
Joy A.

The work is always excellent. The crew head is wonderful, he knows what he is doing and is very personable.
Carolyn C.

They were awesome.
Bill F.

Keep up the good work. Please consider giving David Miller a raise in pay. He does a first-rate job in representing the Bartlett organization. I am impressed by the skill of your crew members, skilled craftsmen who take great pride in their work.
Ann D.

Crew member prompt and courteous. Bartlett representative stays on top of my tree situation and is truly helpful. He is also a force for good in my community. John is a super guy.
Gail H.

Great job. No suggestions for improvement. Doing work in the middle of the city is logistically challenging. The crew did a great job navigating through all issues.
Aaron W.

Everything was taken care of exactly as promised. Everyone was courteous, professional, and did a great job.
Geoff S.

Knowledgeable and timely service. A+.
Paul M.

Really appreciate my ability to be in touch with John Study when I need any tree work. He is knowledgeable, efficient, and responsive. Always a delight to work with. Crew members are always fantastic.
Marissa P.

Gavin is a great representative. He is very responsive whenever I have a question, answering promptly and pleasantly. He also anticipates concerns. For example, just this week, he called to let me know that my next door neighbor wanted to cut back some branches of one of my trees because they were hanging over our fence onto their property. Gavin identified two specific cuts that would address their issue but would not harm my tree. He realized that I might be worried about the tree and called in advance to explain the plan and to answer any concerns. That kind of service is very professional and very appreciated.
Catherine M.

Has been very responsive which I appreciate.
John M.

Your staff comes in takes care of the tree then leaves a notice on the front doorknob. I rarely see them, which is very convenient. When I do see him, they are friendly and courteous.
Joanne Z.

Perfect execution.
Kevin P.

Wonderful. Scheduling the appointment for the estimate, the tree was removed in a timely manner, and the worksite was perfectly cleaned-up.
Peggy K.

This is a rental property and David helped to schedule the trimming with the neighbors and tenants. I have never met him personally, but he has been helping me for the last few years. Thank you.
Eliane C.

My backyard was cleaner after the tree service was performed. Bartlett has been my "go to" company for all of my tree and shrub work.
Jim S.

The experience was great. I look forward to continuing working with the company. The staff were great. Very knowledgeable and easy to talk to about my concerns. They took their time and cleaned up after they were finished. Great experience overall.
Rhonda B.

They were very efficient and quiet. I barely noticed them there and suddenly the tree was pruned, and the space cleaned. They are the people I trust with the care of my trees.
Mathilde P.

We are so pleased with the work you did on our trees.
Julie O.

Friendly, efficient and professional. Beautiful job on my Magnolia.
Rosemarie C.

Gavin Thomas came back after the pruning to explain what they did and why it was different than my expectations. He was clear and convincing. Thank you. Our small property has four trees, and all are doing well with Bartlett care.
Nancy S.

Everything was handled beautifully. Now.... my tree should just be happier and thrive.
Barbara R.

Great job done. Very courteous crew. Will use you again for sure.
Kathi C.

The entire crew were professional, friendly, and courteous. Well done.
Marty K.

The crew was very polite, answered all of my questions, and did a nice job with the tree. You have a wonderful service and team.
Kat H.

Great job. Very professional. Explained the process, where they would prune trees and how and why.
Tom H.

Everyone was great. Thank you.
Robin Gross

We were impressed with Bartlett’s professional, courteous service.
Kate H.

Can not do much better than being the best. Wish they could tweak my yard every month, they are the best.
Maryellen D.

David was very responsive. The crew did a nice job on the tree and clean up. Nothing else needed to be done in my opinion. David was great to work with.
Dave F.

All went well through the process of planning and implementation. No need to change anything.
Nancy C.

It was excellent all the way around. Everyone was helpful, friendly, and did an impressive job. Thank you.
Kathy L.

David was very responsive. The crew did a nice job on the tree and clean up. Nothing else needed to be done in my opinion. I only was in contact with David and he was great to work with.
Dave F.

All went well through the process of planning and implementation. No need to change anything.
Nancy C.

It was excellent all the way around. Everyone was helpful, friendly, and did an impressive job. Thank you.
Kathy L.

Your crew did an amazing job today and they were all so friendly. It is so nice when you are having work done to deal with capable, persistent and engaging people. Kudos to Bartlett.Thank you, again.
Kathy L.

Bartlett Arborist were extremely friendly and very knowledgeable with our trees. They were prompt and very considerate of our property and neighbors while trimming our trees.
Dierdre G.

Edward N.

John Studdy and the crew were great. No suggestions. John is terrific, he responds promptly to any requests, keeps me updated, personally supervises jobs. The work crew was polite, efficient, and responsive. They asked if I were satisfied before finishing the job. They cleaned up the yard, and removed all debris. I am very, very happy with the service. I have been using Bartlett for years now.
Ellen S.

John and his team did a great job, as always. Thanks.
Marisa P.

John and his team did a great job, as always. thanks.
Marisa P.

Great work, but the price was a little higher than we expected.
Mir E.

Crew members were very educated about trees. I learned a lot.
Nina P.

Outstanding. knowledgeable, and personable.
Nick Van Bruggen

John Studdy is helping getting my Ash tree back to better health. Tess has been out for treatment and fertilizer. I hope for an even more healthier tree next season.
Peter D.

John Studdy is an excellent rep and a well-liked and respected professional in our Logan Square neighborhood.
Mark H.

Gavin has been extremely helpful and responsive. A pleasure to deal with.
Pam C.

The appointment went very well. Very good service from crew members.
Yvonne D.

Everything was perfect. Whenever I called, I received polite, caring responses. Everyone was professional, kind, and skilled. Mark and Noah did a great job. And David was terrific. He answered all of our questions and concerns.
Alan K.

Unlike Ward and The Tree People, Dave responded immediately and I had an estimate within a week. The price was in line with what I expected. Crew members Mark and Chris arrived promptly on the appointed day and went right to work. All safety measures were taken. They worked efficiently without any breaks and accommodated all my last minute requests. Was very pleased with the job.
Joseph O.

Crew was very professional and did everything to make sure we were happy with the final result. At one point, we came out into the garden and asked for specific tree limbs to be trimmed and they took the time to do everything we asked. Another resident of the building also asked for additional branches to be cut and the experts completed those tasks also. Considering we live in Center City, it was amazing how efficient this job was. All of the tree limbs were taken care of and cleaned up immediately. It was very impressive. Thank you for treating our home so respectfully.
Susan K.

Informative, professional, and did a really good job.
Robert E.

John is terrific. I was not able to be home when the pruning was scheduled. He called to review the process and confirm it was ok to proceed. Afterwards, he called to be sure I was happy with the service and answer any questions.
Dina Z.

Everything that was done was perfect. The staff and crew members are true professionals. Always very courteous and extremely polite.
Joyce M.

John Studdy is knowledgeable and gives us personal attention. He is the best!
Karl K.

Both Mitch Oswald and, now, Gavin Thomas have been very responsive and helpful. I trust their advice. I have had several tree issues over the past year or so, and Bartlett has acted promptly to take care of them, especially the falling of a huge Beech branch over most of our front yard. All of my tree removals have been done by Aaron and his team, and they are very professional and hard-working. I have seen neighbors use other companies and the difference in skill, care, and professionalism is stunning. I always recommend Bartlett.
Catherine M.

Both Mitch Oswald and, now, Gavin Thomas have been very responsive and helpful. I trust their advice. I have had several tree issues over the past year or so, and Bartlett has acted promptly to take care of them, especially the falling of a huge Beech branch over most of our front yard. All of my tree removals have been done by Aaron and his team, and they are very professional and hard-working. I have seen neighbors use other companies and the difference in skill, care and professionalism is stunning. I always recommend Bartlett.
Catherine M.

Both Mitch Oswald and, now, Gavin Thomas have been very responsive and helpful. I trust their advice. I have had several tree issues over the past year or so, and Bartlett has acted promptly to take care of them, especially the falling of a huge Beech branch over most of our front yard. All of my tree removals have been done by Aaron and his team, and they are very professional and hard working. I have seen neighbors use other companies and the difference in skill, care, and professionalism is stunning. I always recommend Bartlett.
Catherine M.

Gavin was awesome. Very knowledgeable, patient, and friendly.
Wendy H.

Being a homeowner I have had several regrettable experiences when trying to improve, maintain, or repair my home. No return calls, not showing up to give an estimate, poor quality of work. Working with John Studdy was a pleasure. He maintained a line of communication with me every step of the way. Arriving on time to give me an estimate, setting up a day and time, putting up street signs several days in advance letting neighbors know tree work was going to be done and following through on my requests for documentation of insurance for my neighbors. Thank you Amanda for your help as well. John arrived at my house with his crew. They moved objects and protected plants near and below the giant Zelcova they came to prune. When they were all done the area was cleared and John followed up with me to make sure I was satisfied. My tree looks so much better now. I plan to have this beautiful Zelcova treated for spotted lantern fly with Batrlett in the spring, Thanks to John and Rubio's observations. I did not even realize it was infected. I hope the treatment works well. Working with Bartlett has overall been a very good experience. Thank you.
Deborah B.

John Studdy was our representative. Very professional answered all questions and concerns about what was to do. It was a very nice experience and I will inform anyone that needs your service to contact John. The crew was very knowledgeable they answered any question or concerns I had. When the job was completed they did a great job of cleaning up. I thought your quote for the tree removal and stump was reasonable. Thank you all for a very pleasant experience.
Frank R.

I have recommended Bartlett to dozens of friends, neighbors, and to my community garden on Christian. One of the reasons is the trust I and the Powel House garden committee developed with John Studdy, and everyone who has used Bartlett at my recommendation has praised him and the company. I know he would not suggest we do more than we need to do, and he regularly checks in to see if he can spot issues with the Powel House's hundred year-old Oak or other shrubs and trees. We think of him as our consulting arborist. If he says do it, we will do it. If he says not yet, we will wait until he checks in again. That also goes for my homeowners association and for several neighbors who are Bartlett customers because of the Powel House referral. Before we hired Bartlett a decade or more ago, the Powel House got bids from several other companies who regularly are in the Society Hill and Queen Village. Just one of the bids was for less, but the representative did not seem as knowledgeable. Neighbors have also commented on how pleasant the crews have been.
Linda W.

We rely on John Studdy's professional competence.
Pat D.

The crew took care to minimize damage to the garden as they removed a large amount of ivy. They did an outstanding job in cleaning up.
Cecilie B.

The crew took care to minimize damage to the garden as they removed a large amount of ivy. They did an outstanding job in cleaning up.
Cecilie B.

David was wonderful. He answered all of our questions and concerns professionally and confidently. He was a pleasure to deal with. Also, the crew he sent, Jose and Jose, were terrific. They were careful, polite, very competent, and made the whole experience easy and comfortable. Again, a pleasure to work with. We also had a very pleasant experiences dealing with the office. Questions were answered with warmth and kindness. We very much appreciated that. We highly praise Bartlett and would never hesitate to recommend them and will use them again, when needed.
Alan K.

Mitch and the Technicians were prompt, caring, and professional. Their simplistic business approach made the whole process easy. Their simplistic business approach eliminates the stress from losing a tree.
Joanne D.

John was referred to me by our neighbor. He was very thorough in his walk thru and the price seemed fair. The crew was excellent and they did a terrific job. We are very pleased.
Sarona F.

The gentleman who did the work was exceptionally knowledgeable and caring in his work.
Steve Z.

The gentleman who did the work was exceptionally knowledgeable and caring in his work.
Steve Z.

Super service and work see you next year many thanks to your team.
Nicholas T.

I am very satisfied by the services and professionalism I received.
Myron B

One of the most important things in working with any service contractor is communication about the goals for the project and how the work will be done. Bartlett gets high marks for this. From the Arborist Representative to the crew we had meaningful exchanges and follow-up which included five neighbors and properties, five street trees, and five garden trees turned out great. Thank you.
Janet L.

John Studdy has been our arborist in Fitler Square for years. so naturally, when my neighbor hit my tree with his car I called John. Knowing I planted the tree myself and how upset I was he came out that day. By the next day he had the tree supported by metal poles and promised me he will check back in the spring.
Judy Z.

Thank you for checking in. I think that Chip and the rest of the crew did a great job.

Everyone I interacted with was informative, friendly, and professional. I learned a lot about the tree that was the focus of the job. The crew who came out each time was friendly.
Darlene S.

The arborist John Study has been excellent in helping us maintain our trees in a city environment. The staff answering phone calls are always helpful.
Kay W.

The arborist John Study has been excellent in helping us maintain our trees in a city environment. The staff answering phone calls are always helpful.
Kay W.

Great interactions with all staff from Megan, the arborist who came and gave us feedback about the trees on our property and planned the job to the entire crew that took down our tree and addressed our other concerns. The crew was efficient, courteous, obviously highly skilled, and did a great job. A challenging removal was done quickly and without any concern. We felt safe throughout and the clean up afterward was amazing. Thanks for a great job. We will be sure to contact you when we need more work done.
James C.

I am very impressed by the efficiency of all Bartlett representative.
Suzanne K.

I had a very positive interaction or experience with all. I found that everyone who I dealt with was professional and courteous.
Mavis H.

fast and easy service.
Chris T.

Dave Miller is always responsive to our emails, calls, and questions. He is very helpful.
Edward N.

David Miller answered all my questions and was always available when I called. He is very knowledgeable and addressed my concerns thoroughly. I felt very confident that he would make sure everything I wanted was completed. He picked out a beautiful tree for me and I am very happy with the results.
Ann L.

John Studdy was knowledgeable and professional. He did an excellent job at each stage, and his crew was also terrific. The same can be said for the administrative staff in the Bala Cynwyd, PA office. We do not have specific referrals at this moment, but we will send friends your way in the future, and there will be future work at our site.
Greg C.

Just wanted to write and let you know how happy I am with the work your team did yesterday. The Cherry looks fantastic, and the Styrax is gone without a visible trace. The brick walkway was left spotless. Will you be sending an invoice. Or should I send a check for the agreed amount to the address on the estimate.

Everyone was very nice and knowledgeable, I am very pleased. Thank you!
Terry M.

Very efficient and courteous. Great clean up.
Elsa C.

The tree removal crew could not have been more professional, friendly, and skillful. We were very pleased with their work. The arborist representative for us changed mid project, so there were some communication snafus that would be expected, but Megan has been exceptionally responsive, helpful, and she has been going the extra mile to help us get the stump grinding part of the project underway as well.
Marisa G.

John Studdy did an outstanding job advising me of the best approach to manage a large, urban Japanese Maple tree. Both in terms of managing SLF infestation and a significant trim and pruning. The crew that arrived did wonderful work, were professional and secured the area. I have often recommended your services and John Studdy in particular. thanks for the consistently great work over the years.
Marissa P.

Outstanding. Very satisfied, great job, highly recommend.
Mary K.

The representative and crew members were very nice.
Doreen E.

David Miller was very responsive and knowledgeable, the crew that performed the work were fast, efficient,and friendly. We were very happy with the overall experience.
Julie A.

Really outstanding service and customer care follow through on commitments was spot on.
Bryn O.

As always, David was quick, helpful, and professional. Thank you.
Tresa G.

John Studdy goes beyond just taking care of our trees. He has become an active member of the community, working with the civic association, and contributing his expertise to local causes. He is a nice guy who is always willing to stop and do a favor. Bartlett could not have a better representative than John. I have used Bartlett for a number of years to trim and treat my Magnolia tree. It is a vigorous tree in a hard-to-access backyard in the city, so not the easiest job. They give me a fair price, tell me up front, come on time, and leave everything tidy. They take extra time to protect other vegetation. The workers are always courteous and clearly enthusiastic about their work.
Gail H.

Everyone I encountered on the staff were professional and courteous.
Henry P.

All members are excellent. They are very honest and knowledgeable.
Mary Ann W.

Excellent service, quick response to an emergency and everyone was polite and helpful.
Sofiya M.

Before meeting John, we were interviewing arborists to remove the Japanese Paulownia tree from our backyard. John was the only person we interviewed who encouraged us to keep the tree by helping us to envision the backyard if the tree were pruned rather than removed. The Bartlett crew was polite, friendly, and clean. They had to remove all of the debris through our house, which was a huge chore. They protected the house, removed the tree debris extremely carefully, and cleaned up after themselves in a way that made the backyard look better than ever. We are so grateful for the help of John and the Bartlett crew, which made our backyard usable and enjoyable. I had a great experience overall and truly appreciated the service provided by Bartlett.
Stephanie V.

Totally satisfied with the tree trimming work that they did. Did not leave any mess whatsoever despite being a pretty complex job. Will definitely use again.
Fabian L.

They were so nice and left my backyard beautiful. We would absolutely use your services again and recommend to any friends.
Michelle and Michael G.

Dave was very friendly and informative.
Robert L.

The office staff was responsive and followed through on everything they said they would do. David Miller was pleasant, knowledgeable, and professional. He was responsive to questions that I sent by email. The young man that came out to spray the tree also were professional and pleasant.
Edward N.

John was great, very professional and honored my time. I immediately trusted his expertise and suggestions. Crew members were great to work with. Anne was great, made sure this worked for everyone.
Julie V.

John Studdy is consistently knowledgeable, thorough, and thoughtful in helping me maintain the trees on my property. He knows what trees are in my yard and keeps me posted on threats to their welfare. The young man who came to treat my Magnolia tree for a rapidly developing case of scale was very well trained and knew a lot about trees. He also was proud to be working for Bartlett, and articulate in explaining the company's high standards for safety.
Gail H.

Wonderful service. Easy and informative.
Mike V.

Everyone was professional, courteous, friendly, and most of all knowledgeable. I felt very comfortable with your recommendations and I am pleased to have this professional relationship for our future property needs.
Mary S.

The whole Barlett staff were just great. So glad that we chose you.
Carol W.

I called to schedule a treatment and the crew had already planned around me. It was great.
Caroline H.

They did a very nice job, were knowledgeable, and offered good advice.
Nancy S.

David is a great person to talk to for someone that knows almost nothing about the green world. Patient, informative, and never condescending. Mark and Gavin are amazing surgeons, and great with people. Bartlett is the best, informative, not pushy, friendly, not phony. The contract was clear and comprehensive, and the fine print was in plain english. David was nimble with changes and working around my other move in projects. While keeping everything looking as natural as possible they somehow made ways for more light to reach indoors while still maintaining our privacy. It is only when you walk through and really look deep that you realize they went through the entire overgrown lot with Bonsai level precision. It is a satisfaction to see their work. Price per tree they were a little more than the other bidders.
Reginald D.

I have always been pleased with the service I have received from Bartlett, and I appreciate the expertise of the arborist I have worked with.
Jennifer W.

Always professional, extremely knowledgeable, very practical, consistently responsive and timely, all around excellent.
Andrea W.

I had a tangled group of overgrown evergreen trees, some with conjoint trunks in a small city yard. Cabling was recommended to keep some of them from splitting apart. I am pleased to report that tree trimming was done so skillfully that the view to the trees is more balanced but the trees still screen the view of the back of houses. Cabling job also seems great so I can be less worried during the next big ice storm. All this was done in about a half a day and the crew was helpful in restoring some of the large planters that had to be moved.
Maria D.

I had meant to get back to Bartlett to let them know how pleased I was. Both Kevin and Andre, worked very efficiently in removing branches from the tree and the clean up. They were professional, knowledgeable, and efficient.
Barbara S.

We are very appreciative of John Studdy's expertise and thoughtful attention to our property.
Nancy S.

Each of my interactions with Bartlett was a very positive experience. The office staff was very pleasant and helpful. The crew members were skilled and acted in a professional, yet friendly, manner. John Studdy was extremely knowledgeable. After speaking with him, I was confident that I was making the right decision having Bartlett take on my pruning job. Several of my neighbors mentioned his name when I told them that I had contracted with Bartlett and they told me how pleased they were with the work that he and his crew did for them.
Anne T.

David Miller was knowledgeable and informative, He clearly presented what needed to be done, why it needed to be done, and explained how it would be done. Mark and the crew were on time, worked the entire day, and executed what had been decided with precision and accuracy. Loved the outcome of my tree pruning, trimming, thinning, and shaping as well as the cabling and treatment.
Janet T.

Great job and great service. Thanks John.
Karen B.

The crew was was efficient, and the job was well done. My representative, David Miller, is very helpful and informative.
Cynthia K.

Highest compliments to the crew that was here this morning. Jeff, Kevin, and Andre did a great job and they were very nice, careful, and thoughtful. I am very please with the way it looks.
Don K.

Cecelia was super nice and helpful!.
Roberta C.

Did an excellent job pruning. Final result was natural, subtle, and with an understanding of the design of our garden.
David S.

Service from everyone was excellent.
David S.

I was really impressed with how professional, timely, and responsive everyone I interacted with was.
Laura K.

The Bartlett crew did a great job working with other city contractors digging up our street that day. They worked quickly and the site was left extremely clean.
Allison M.

Everyone I encountered was professional, courteous, and knowledgeable.
Michael J.

Your crew did a superb job and were nice to have on the property. The two tree climbers were amazing and thorough.
Bettina H.

We have used Bartlett for many years with satisfaction. I have recommended John Studdy to my friends and neighbors.
Martha L.

Aaron and the crew came out this morning and did a terrific job. Thank you so much for working with me to get these trees removed safely, and for your patience with Septa regarding the wires overhead.
Wyck Historic House and Garden

Thank you, John, for the work and great clean up.
Sandra W.

Thanks for a very nice job. John Studdy is a pleasure to work with.
Jeanne T.

Konstanze was highly informative and patient when answering questions. The man who treated the maple was pleasant and efficient.
Pat G.

John Studdy is a terrific representative of your company, knowledgeable, helpful, clearly acts in the customer's best interests.
Pat D.

John is absolutely wonderful. He made suggestions as to what he would like to see accomplished, what I wanted, and kept checking to see that all was done perfectly. He is a gem.
Judith F.

Pleasant, knowledgeable, and efficient.
Cynthia K.

Barrett was very courteous and helpful. They arrived on time, worked thoroughly, and completed the job to my satisfaction and I would recommend them to others.
Susan S.

Thanks for taking time to listen to the neighbors and including their wishes. Our neighbors who were uneasy about the planned tree work are now thanking us for the completed job.
Lois K.

We have now had a chance to review the evaluations from our 61 new Tree Tenders, and they all agreed with us that your presentations and your guidance for the outdoor awareness, planting, and pruning sessions were top notch. Every page listed tree planting and care as concepts that they feel will be the most useful in future tree activities. We so appreciated that you were willing to spend your Saturday with us and share your expertise!
Barley and Mindy P.H.S.

I was not here for the actual day of service, but my husband related that the crew was very efficient and friendly. My interactions with John have been terrific. When he realized that his crew did not leave the mulch as was discussed in the proposal, he dropped off two bags of wood chips for me the next week. I would absolutely hire Bartlett again, and I'm hoping maybe to get some help figuring out what to plant in my yard moving forward.
Kristy S.

Thank you for your attention to the environment that our trees grow in. I appreciate very much that Bartlett is embracing this approach. When you’re in the neighborhood, you might want to post something at Weaver’s Way Coop, which has a large membership I think people would like to know about your biological approach. Just for a historical note: I grew up in Massachusetts, and there were several big old oaks on the property, cared for by Bartlett for years.
Susan B.

Excellent and professional staff.
Bonnie P.

After meeting with many Arborist and feeling confuse and frustrated, I met Konstanze. She was professional, knowledgeable, and pleasant. Konstanze thoroughly inspected my trees and landscape making suggestions and alternatives for safe care. She patiently explained in detail her recommendations for treatment and was open to questions and concerns. I want to commend Konstanze for a great job she is a wonderful ambassador of Bartlett.
Teresa M.

This was the second time we contacted our arborist and both times his professionalism and courtesy were unparalleled.
Paola C.

The Barlett Staff (Steve Goin) were superb. Definitely an asset to Bartlett. They were professional, methodical, courteous, helpful, informative, and truly knowledgeable about the industry. Customer Satisfaction indeed!
Cyd R.

John handled the neighbors whose property the tree to be trimmed was on. Crew seemed to really like their job and each other. So they worked well together. Safely.
Ellen W.

Extremely pleased with all contacts with staff. Arborist Paul Schmeltzer took time to answer all questions and took detailed notes of required work. Crew that came arrived when they said they would, quickly went over plans, worked efficiently, and cleaned up afterwards. Extremely pleased with all aspects of work. Price seemed very fair. Would recommend to friends and neighbors.
Edda K.

John Studdy is a super tree guy!
Kevin P.

The workers (Steve Goin and crew) were punctual, professional, and very courteous. I am very happy with the tree that was pruned (and so is my neighbor)! I would use Bartlett again if needed!
Marsia C.

The job was done to my satisfaction and was left neat and clean. The crew treated me courteously and I would recommend Bartlett to my friends/family. ,
Andrea W.

Always attentive, accommodating, efficient, and expert!
Andrea W.

The folks were all pleasant and worked steadily and carefully. We look forward to your next visit!
Fern C.

The staff were excellent. Bartlett services are and have been and this opinion has not changed over the years I have been using the service. John Studdy has been wonderful to work with and I will miss being in contact with him. Taking down this one huge tree from my small city yard posed a challenge which was well met. You can be sure that if I had a large property, Bartlett would still be on my phone list for services.
Shirlee S.

I found everyone from Steve to the whole crew that pruned my trees to be very helpful and answered all the questions I had. They were very professional and I would recommend them.
Joanne T.

The young man who served our home was professional and friendly. He informed us about the services which he would provide. He was very competent. As always we were very happy with the service provided! ,
Betty W.

Very impressive job!
Linda R.

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