Bartlett provides expert tree service in Bala Cynwyd, PA and this is what our Bala Cynwyd customers are saying about us. We are proud to offer a wide range of tree services to our customers!

As a Bala Cynwyd tree service company, Bartlett provides the full spectrum of tree and property services offered, including Fertilization and Soil Care, Insect and Disease Management, Plant Analysis and Diagnostics, Pruning, and Tree Structure Evaluation.

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What Our Bala Cynwyd, PA Customers Are Saying

Excellent staff. We are very pleased with the work Bartlett does.
Laurel C.

The Bartlett team is wonderful, and we have been so happy with the service provided. Sabatino is so responsive, and we really trust and value his opinions.
Clare P.

Sabatino was so helpful and came back a couple of times to ensure he understood my hopes for the yard.
Lauren P.

Sabatino is always helpful and courteous. The staff was also courteous and explained the work to be done. We have used Bartlett for about Twenty two years and will continue to do so because the staff does good work.
Martha B.

Sabatino was great. He is a delight to work with, and watched over closely to make sure the work was done to his highest standards, which it was. Thanks.
Jeffrey D.

Our representative and the crew members were knowledgeable of the task. They did a thorough job and I learned more about our own shrubbery. Thank you for job well done.
Bob and Pat F.

My experience with Bartlett has been excellent. I can identify no way to improve on this. Bartlett is fortunate that it has Sabatino on its staff. He has an incredible amount of horticultural information which he readily has shared. With me and my wife. This knowledge underpins his recommendations to us. He is a great captain of his team leading by example.
David R.

Everything was exemplary. We appreciate the excellent communication with our Bartlett representative.
Laurel C.

We have always had great experiences with Bartlett. Our arborist representative and all crew members have always been nothing short of fantastic.
Dan F.

I have had a lot of pruning done on my property over the last thirty years of living here. This Holly experience was, by far, the best, and I suspect that I am an unusual client. Here is what I liked, The four of us discussed what would be done at the beginning. Your use of the laser pointer helped me better understand the work to be done and the ultimate shape of the tree canopy. Some extra pruning work was done on the nearby Leatherleaf Viburnum, meaning that I now have the possibility of decent grass growing in the area. If I had a question, the crew answered it in a way that I could understand the answer and rationale. I had very few. Towards the middle of the tree, there was a good-sized branch with extensions well above the roof where a decision needed to be made about what to eliminate. I was asked to go inside and look at what happened when the questionable branches were shaken. The opportunity to make such a decision was huge and much appreciated. When I looked at that area today, I am confident in the decision made. I was able to pick a nearby but not-in-the-way spot to weed while the work was underway. I got a lot of weeding done, instead of standing by, just in case. The clean up went remarkably well, and there was very little left for me to spruce up. I told the crew that there was another very large tarp they could use to move the pruning debris to the street instead of the sleds. They did use that tarp, and I think it helped. The crew even folded the main tarp without being asked. it seems that anytime you interact with a business, even for such a routine task as cashing a check the customer gets a request to “rate” the service. It has probably been five years, at least, since I have provided feedback to any business. The experience with the Holly tree project was positive enough that I decided to break my rule.
Jan W.

Your services are very good as we receive them. Sabatino Campellone has been very helpful to us. He is an asset for Bartlett. As a long standing customer of Bartlett, I can readily say that I have been pleased with all the services rendered.
Martha B.

Exceptional service, knowledgeable, remarkable expertise.
Michael B.

Very pleased.
Lewis H.

Our experience with Bartlett has been wonderful so far. Sabatino has been great. He took the time to explain everything to us, answer all our questions, and understood what was most important to us. We look forward to having him help us continue to care for our trees.
Clare P.

Sabatino is the consummate professional. He is clearly a subject expert, communicates with incredible clarity, is an outstanding educator for us, is personable, and kind. Exceptional quality and service. We are most grateful.
Michael B.

Bartlett does a wonderful job. The Bartlett staff, the Arborist representative, and crew members are all very professional.
Debrorah B.

Sabatino is great to work with.
Beverly A.

The whole Bartlett team has been great so far. We were really happy to be working with them.
Clare P.

Everything went well, and I adore Jess. He was such a great teacher to a curious person who loves to learn. I met another crew member who came later to treat the Azaleas, and he was great, too. I have to say that I am just so grateful for having such a strong and qualified arborist team that enjoys and cares about what they do and are super nice people to boot. Everyone from Megan at the start, to all the people on her team and yours, and you.
Grace L.

Sabatino and Jeff make Bartlett a pleasure to work with.
Lewis H.

It was well done from start to finish. All were polite, friendly, and professional.
John H.

Sabatino was very helpful, and the crew was easy to work with.
Lauren P.

Very quick and prompt service.
Tammy P.

Everyone was great. Sabatino is a wonderful, knowledgeable professional, who provided excellent advice and also listened and followed through. crew was friendly, helpful, and skillful. I appreciate that they asked me to look at pruning to make sure it was ok. excellent all the way around. Very pleased and will definitely recommend.
Wayne W.

Everyone I have ever worked with at Bartlett including the arborist representative and all crew have been fantastic.
Dan F.

It was a professional job as well as Sabatino . Thanks.
Miho A.

I always learn something new about my trees from each visit by Sabatino and other tree care members. A great group of professionals.
Jane H.

John Studdy has always gone above and beyond.
Lisa G.

Megan is great.

Everyone was great to work with.
Charlotte B.

Everyone was great to work with.
Charlotte B.

Megan very responsible.
Alan T.

Professional, well informed, and helpful.
Steve C.

Professional, well informed, and helpful.
Steve G.

Very friendly and approachable. Team and office staff were very responsive to my messages. I appreciate John accepting brief txt messages to keep me updated on his team's plans for doing the work we have in our proposal.
Barry G.

John is always great to work with and the crew was respectful of my family and our property. The tree looks beautiful.
Steve E.

Very friendly and approachable. Team and office staff were very responsive to my messages. I appreciate John accepting brief txt messages to keep me updated on his team's plan for doing the work we have in our proposal.
Barry G.

I have relied on John Studdy for his expertise and advice with all the trees on my property for many years. The crews who have worked on my property have been excellent. Thank you, Bartlett Tree Experts.
Jane H.

Bartlett is very knowledgeable and gives us great advice about our trees. The people who have come out to cut trees or do treatments are very friendly and professional.
Julia W.

John was very helpful.
Eli D.

John Studdy is knowledgeable and easy to work with. It did take some back and forth to get the job completed as we had initially discussed, but there was never any question that it would be done to my satisfaction.
Steve E.

The workmen did an incredible job. They took down massive trees in between two properties, and the trees came down with expert precision.
Anne G.

John Studdy is fabulous, very knowledgeable, and responsive. I am very happy to have him as a resource.
Susan G.

Everyone we spoke with was professional, knowledgeable, and polite. Very happy with the whole experience.
Ellen R.

I have confidence in John Studdy. I appreciate his professionalism and explanation of services needed. in the last two years when neighbors all around me had downed large limbs and trees from storms, I told John that I did not suffer a single loss.
Gary C.

John Studdy gave great advice and recommendations. Crew was neat and did wonderful work.
Erica R.

My arborist is very knowledgeable and helpful, and the crew always works to my satisfaction.
Hedy C.

As always, very courteous and willing to address my concerns.
Gwen L.

John Studdy has been wonderful. I was out of town during the ice storm and large tree limbs were down on my property. I sent John an e-mail and he took care of getting the limbs cleaned up within 24 hours. It gave me great peace of mind while I was away.
Susan G.

John Studdy was patient and sensitive to the challenges posed by neighbors who disagreed with what to do about the trees that straddles property lines. With his help we reached a solution that satisfied everyone. His efforts preserved a wonderful tree, as well as, a measure of neighborly accord. MANY thanks.
Mary S.

John Studdy did a fabulous job! The job was clean, and he was knowledgeable and professional. Thank you.
Rebecca S.

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