Bartlett provides expert tree service in Austin, TX and this is what our Austin customers are saying about us. We are proud to offer a wide range of tree services to our customers!

As a Austin tree service company, Bartlett provides the full spectrum of tree and property services offered, including Cabling and Bracing, Fertilization and Soil Care, Insect and Disease Management, Plant Analysis and Diagnostics, Pruning, and Tree Removal.

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What Our Austin, TX Customers Are Saying

We have been Bartlett customers for thirty years. Service is always outstanding. Nick Crowther and his team are the best and the tree care teams also. I regularly recommend Nick and Bartlett to neighbors.
Walter R.

Joel always provides such wise advise and great customer service. The crew members are so good and nice to work with.
Elizabeth D.

Very friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable.
Pat S.

The experience was excellent. No need for any improvement. Joe Harris is the best, always responsive to our needs and questions. Such an expert and always willing and able to share helpful information and provide proposals in writing for what needs to be done. Shea in the office is very courteous, helpful, and communicates perfectly about appointments and services. Daniel and his crew did a great job on their recent visit. He did a walk around first and discussed everything they would do. He is clearly a professional and we were glad to have this info before the work began. The crew was quite skilled, quick yet thorough. Bartlett Tree Experts consistently live up to their name. They are experts indeed, and we are so happy to have Bartlett caring for our beautiful trees.
Ruth A.

Nick Crowther and crew are reliable, dependable, and courteous. They do an excellent job.
John O.

The technician thoroughly treated our Pecan tree to prevent web worms. Bartlett provides the staff with good training and expertise that I rely on.
Glenn S.

Nick Crowther has been our representative at Bartlett for years and he is top notch. We are super happy with every touch point at Bartlett. Nick, Felicia, in the office and the crew, everyone does a great job.
Betsy D.

Joel Andrews is excellent, he really cares about our trees and provides over the top service. Joel Andrews is the only reason we are a Bartlett customer.
Daniel Q.

Joe and Shea have always been pleasant, knowledgeable, and patient getting our services scheduled. When we were able to get on the schedule, Pauly, Seth, and Mike did an outstanding job clearing up the storm damage. It was worth waiting until the craziness and the crews were freed up after serving those most or more in need. The February ice storm stretched all of them pretty thin. I know they worked crazy long hours and days.
Martha C.

Joe as well as the crew that worked on the trees were all great. Very professional and very impressive. The trees look a lot better than I thought they would based on the damage and I am very pleased with the results. The tree crew was fantastic and I can not say enough good things about them.
Casey C.

Staff is always friendly and helpful. We especially love our arborist, Nick Crowther. He is always quick to attend to our needs with good advise and expertise. We have been with Bartlett for thirty years and we are very pleased with the work done on our tree.
Walter R.

Felicia is very friendly and efficient.
Ana M.

Joel is very knowledgeable and came by several times while the crew was working. The crew was great.
Anna M.

Not sure anything more or different could have been done. The crew explained what limbs would be cut and answered all questions I had. Responsive and helpful, all staff and arborist was very friendly and knowledgeable. Completely satisfied.
Craig W.

Mark was great. He exceeded my expectations, was thorough, knowledgeable, and listened before he answered.
Ranadall M.

Very knowledgeable, friendly, with helpful suggestions. Would look forward to working with Mark again. A much better experience by far than our previous longtime contractor.
Jerry B.

The installation crew was polite, the lead was also a certified arborist which speaks highly of Bartlett for their crew to be certified and knowledgeable. More importantly, their job was done well, so the tree can stay with us longer. Thank you.
Gloria D.

Jo and Shea are Super nice and professional. They are very knowledgeable and always easy to get ahold of and work with. We are very happy with the service.
Lisa A.

You all are awesome and the trees look amazing. Always super professional. Nick and all of the team are just awesome.
Jeanette C.

Jo Harris did a great job coming out to my home quickly, talking in length about my options, and being supportive and communicative throughout the process. When it comes to trees, there is a lot I do not know and it was nice to have a professional and expert that told me exactly what needed to be done without trying to pressure me to upsell, or do extra treatments that were not necessary.
Aaron S.

What could Bartlett have done to make the experience better?Nothing, you were prompt and responsive. You bring so much expertise to the job. Mark was terrific to work with. On time, courteous, and responsive. Clemente was polite, courteous, and answered all of my questions. I appreciate the entire team.
Jennifer S.

What could Bartlett have done to make the experience better? Can not think of anymore. Kevin and Juan and their crew did their usual good work. With so many so-called "arborists" and "tree-trimmers" roaming Austin streets and yards, it is nice to know that there are also some select true tree experts with Bartlett leading the pack. You get what you pay for, and the value of trees to a property make you the logical choice to protect that asset. Thank you.
Susan D.

I depend on Kevin Bulla and his knowledge of this area and of my trees particularly. Always look forward to service by Kelly and crew. Courteous, thoughtful, helpful in explaining their procedures, and answering my questions. They do excellent work, and their safety protocols are exemplary. Thanks to Kevin and the staff for keeping my trees in good condition.
Charles C.

Very satisfied.
Deby B.

Kevin Bulla is excellent. He is knowledgeable, responsive, and friendly. We could not ask for more.
Martita L.

All was great , Very professional , Appreciate someone I can trust. Recommended by our lawn service.
Janice H.

Your guys showed up bright and early yesterday morning as scheduled and did a perfect job. They did exactly what we discussed and what you wrote on the proposal. No mistakes. And they left everything neat and in excellent condition.
Ruth A.

Truly enjoy the service, professionalism, and knowledge provided by this company. We no longer worry about our trees because we know they are in kind, well-educated hands with the staff at Bartlett.
Vicki O.

We had a very good experience with Bartlett. This was our first time using your company. Our arborist, Mark Tanner, did a great job in satisfying our requests for tree trimming around our property. Mark did fantastic in communications between what could have been a challenging situation between neighbors. As well he communicated our needs and wants his Bartlett team so the job met our expectations. He also provided suggestions and a forecast for tree care that we appreciate. We are extremely comfortable working with our arborists and this being the main reason we look forward to using Bartlett again in the future. I understand that Bartlett will be returning to our property very soon to complete the job in treating the Crepe Myrtle in our front yard.
Sherri N.

What could Bartlett have done to make the experience better? They arrived earlier than I expected, but that was good. The crew leader was effective and courteous.
Stephen H.

Bartlett did a great job on every level. Shea Rhames in the office scheduled the job for the date we asked for. The crew arrived bright and early, let us know they were here, pruned our Live Oaks beautifully exactly as needed to look good, clear the house/driveway/sidewalk, and satisfy the demands of our HOA. They were careful of the trees, did not over-prune, and painted all the cuts. They did not damage the big and small planters and pots or anything else. They cleaned up all the fallen branches and took them away. They did not leave any tools or equipment behind. They worked quickly but were careful and showed attention to detail. The proposal for the job was specific and and well written, and the crew did just what it said they would do. We grade Bartlett A-plus for this job. In many years of caring for our trees, we have worked with several arborists. Jo Harris is by far the best. Office staffer Shea Rhames is always a terrific help and a great member of the team. We have worked with Bartlett for several years now and are so glad we found them. Bartlett is the best in the business, and we are glad to have them in our corner.
Ruth A.

What could Bartlett have done to make the experience better? I was very impressed with the service and have no suggestions for improvement. This job was completed professionally and met all my expectations. The pool was even clean. I will continue to use Bartlett for my tree trimming needs on all of my homes.
Rod G.

I always feel confident about Kevin's advice. I appreciate that he is willing to tell me that we could wait with a particular project or that one is of immediate concern. We have learned by comparing Bartlett's work with that done by other tree companies and independent contractors that no one else does as good a job as Bartlett We have decided that for the health and beauty of our trees only Bartlett will touch them from now on.
Eli. C.

Kevin has been easy to interact with. He is professional and a good communicator and listener. I have been very happy with our service.
Lesley C.

Just wanted to shoot you all a quick note and tell you job well done this week. The crane operator was a great person and great operator. Any job that is done safely, and on time, is a success in my books. The crew climbing the trees and doing logistics on the ground were also very professional and good at what they do. That was a huge tree, and they got it down safely, on time, and cleaned up the mess when they left. So thank you both again, very much.
Walt Ferguson

We value your services and expertise very highly. Special thanks to Shea and Jo.
Ruth A.

I always find it to be a great experience working with Kevin and his crews.
Michael McCluskey

Bartlett's staff and the arborist representative have been very helpful and provided excellent service and recommendations. I appreciated their answering my questions thoroughly and taking the time to explain things. Kevin and the people who provided other services have all been outstanding.
Jane M.

The crew was very skillful. They protected the grass with large sheet of heavy not sure of composition. The large limbs and trunks dropped precisely on that sheet. After they had left , there was no way to tell such a massive tree had been removed except for the stump at grass level. They were real experts.
Eli C.

Arborist and staff were all very professional. I was very pleased with the service. Lead time from contract signing to service day was rather long, but that was well communicated in advance and understandable given current conditions.
John K.

Everyone at Bartlett has been super. Very courteous and always willing to answer my questions. In this service, I did not know that they were coming. It was not a big deal, but I would like to know ahead of time.
Marc E.

Jo Harris is wonderful to work with. He is very knowledgeable, takes his time to answer questions, and he is kind. I appreciate that the staff was receptive to our concerns and returned to do some more trimming. The crew was efficient and did an awesome cleaning up after.
Kasey S.

Jo Harris is awesome. Very knowledgeable and helpful in determining problem, remedy, and getting the service scheduled.
Lee Rector

Friendly and warm. Kindly conversed while working.
Carol W.

Michael is class A all the way. He is knowledgeable in all issues surrounding tree health and ownership. He could also be a great psychologist or lawyer. Michael and Bartlett Experts are my first choice or recommendation.
Shelly M.

Sam Dilettoso, my arborist, is very professional and knowledgeable. He is very responsive with the estimates and work schedule. I enjoy working with him and will continue to use Bartlett for my tree needs. The crew was very efficient, motivated, and did a great job.
Ana M.

Excellent service from Felicia, the office contact. She was very responsive and enjoyed working with her.
Ana M.

We had such a positive experience with Jo and the Bartlett staff. Extremely knowledgeable, friendly, and took the utmost care when cutting down our huge Fig tree that unfortunately did not survive the winter storm. The gentlemen cutting and trimming the tree checked before every cut to ensure they were not cutting any live part of the tree. They worked to save the new growth at the base of the tree and did an amazing job with clean up. We were really impressed all the way around and highly recommend Bartlett.
Shayne W.

I have been working with Shea for many years. She is always very friendly, helpful, and courteous. Jo is also always accommodating and knowledgeable giving me most helpful info and recommendations.
Penny S.

Sam is a great representative of Bartlett. The business was highly recommended to me by Moon Valley Nurseries and I was fortunate to get Sam. The crew was wonderful and fun to have here.
Deidre B.

Very glad to have received Bartlett's referral to tend to our trees. Sam has been the nicest person and takes his time to visit with the trees and talk about them and their care. It has been such a pleasure to have someone so calm and engaged in their trade.
Danielle A.

Vert professional crew members. Nick, our arborist is very knowledgeable and is always there to answer our questions, provide input and educate us well. Best in Austin.
Kathy P.

Nick Crowther is very knowledgeable and very professional. He has provided me with excellent customer service. Even when he is extremely busy, he finds time to answer my sometimes insignificant questions and shows patience and courtesy. The crew is always courteous and professional and takes time to explain any concerns I may have.
Jaynee L.

We love our tree guy, Sam. He is responsive and thoughtful. You all do a great job. Thank you.
Leslie M.

I have been very impressed with the level of service provided by all Bartlett crew members, starting with Nick Crowther, the office personnel as well as the courteous young man who serviced my property. Thank you.
Alieen K.

Just getting to know Sam, but really like him. He is very responsive and seems to know his stuff. Look forward to working with him.
Steve S.

Clarence always takes the time to explain himself clearly and answers any questions I may have.
Fred. H.

An overall pleasant experience and a job well done.
Jeanette C.

Jo is so knowledgeable and friendly. I can trust my trees will be well taken care of by him and his crew.
Loiusa T.

I am always impressed with Kevin Bulla, his knowledge of this particular area, and his desire to work with me. He is unfailingly helpful, and I particularly appreciate his suggestions on keeping my trees healthy and safe. This last visit I met Kelly and his crew, all professional, courteous, and safety minded. As always Bartlett did a thorough, professional job, and I remain grateful for their work.
Charles C.

Joe was very helpful evaluating my situation and making recommendations. Very personable and easy to work with. Tree removal crew was amazing. Very professional and efficient in getting the work done. Amazed at what they were able to do without damage to any of my other landscaping. Treat to watch them do the work.
Randy F.

Since joining Bartlett Tree Experts, Jo Harris has been a great representative. He pro-actively follows up and provides expert guidance on the most effective care of my trees. As a repeat customer, I have had some of the same crew members come on multiple occasions, it is consistent and they know the history and status of my trees.
Marinell B.

They were always very patient with my requests. It was truly a pleasure doing business with the company.
Carol P.

Kevin Bulla was incredibly informative, responsive, and just very pleasant to interact with both in person and online. Moreover, I appreciate not only his expertise, but also his passion for his craft, which has been clearly evident in his willingness to educate me on the many questions I had. I highly recommend Kevin and his team. They performed multiple services for my property. Top notch.
Tyler D.

The crew that came out and did our trees did an amazingly great job. The trees look great and all debris was removed. It was all done in a very timely manner.
Perry, D.

Thank you for great work and attention to detail as well as great communications. You are top notch.
Mike, P.

All very helpful, professional, courteous, and efficient. I appreciate the measures the crew took regarding safety to my property but more importantly to themselves. Very professional. Thank you.
Deborah P.

Nate, Kyle,and Justin are great ambassadors for your company.
Ken D.

Each Bartlett staff member performed professionally. The work on the trees was done well. It's a treat to watch people who know their craft.
John N.

First class arborist representative and crews. Excellent work.
Mike and Patti M.

Kevin was most helpful and courteous. It was a pleasure meeting such a knowledgeable arborist.
Sydney Y.

I am very pleased that your company was referred to me. You and the staff were polite and did not use foul language. That is important to me.
Sharon B.

Everyone I dealt with at Bartlett was very professional and courteous. It was very easy to work with Bartlett to schedule service and get the service performed in a timely manner.
Bryan S.

Everyone was friendly and helpful. I was impressed with everyone all around.
Eric D.

Joe and Sam were incredible. They were communicative, helpful, and informative. I have given your information to many of my neighbors for prophylactic treatment of their trees. It is obvious that Bartlett is not only an upstanding company but also cares greatly for the trees you work with.
Pail S.

Jo Harris is great to work with. I have had multiple opportunities to have him come for something related to my trees and he provides sound advise, an estimate, and prompt scheduling. I may not be a big customer but have been loyal to Bartlett for over twenty years. I would not consider having any one else work on my trees.
Marinell B.

Representatives were helpful and interested in the project. They did what they said they would do with care given to our home. Thank you for continued excellent service.
Peggy B.

Bartlett was courteous, efficient, and friendly.
Chris M.

When it comes to maintaining our trees and keeping them healthy and looking good my go to is Nicholas at Bartlett. He has helped out family with trees since 2008. I so appreciate his tremendous knowledge and patience in making recommendations and helping to maintain a tree's health. I have also found the team of technicians who work with him to be very professional, patient, and proactive in cleaning up after work is completed. I highly recommend this company.
Jill W.

Nolan and crew are very professional and the work performed was excellent.
Beverly C.

Stephen Kinslow is delightful to work with. The crew always does a great job and are very courteous. I recommend Bartlett Tree Experts as often as I have the opportunity.
Lucy R.

Kevin Bulla is a pleasure to work with. He has been great every time we have interacted and is very knowledgeable and helpful.
Martita L.

I wanted to let you know how impressed I was with Roy. Professional, knowledgeable, and personable. Such a nice young man.
Nick N.

I have worked with Nick Crowther for years and he is the best. The whole staff is always helpful, courteous, and very responsive.
Steve S.

Jo was really helpful, super nice, and very responsive. I appreciated it.
Chelsea H.

It was a pleasure to have a great professional come by and review the work that needed to be done. The work was promised for a specific day and it happened just like that. We will contact Bartlett again as needed. We appreciate the work that was done and was very pleased with the outcome.
Hagman R.

Excellent and courteous service always.
Maya C.

Joe gave good information about treatment of three trees in front yard which was done to our satisfaction. Will recommend Bartlett to our friends and relatives.
Richard S.

I enjoyed spending the day with the Bartlett crew. I appreciate the education and free tree sponsorship that Bartlett does for the care of our urban forest. This was the deciding factor when I chose Bartlett for the job over an equivalent bid from another local arborist.
Stephanie S.

Thank you for the work that Bartlett recently performed at Beckett Place. Your crew on site, Justin, Nate, and Sam, not only successfully completed the required scope of work, they were also very courteous and professional and are excellent representatives for Bartlett Tree Experts.
Russ F.

Care was taken and the trees look great.
Monica P.

Shea is always helpful, personable, and friendly. She is a great asset to your company.
Penny S.

Stephen Kinslow was very helpful and courteous. The crew that did the work on our trees was fantastic. We feel like we now have "cathedral ceilings" after removing some of the lower branches. We are much safer after trimming some branches that were brushing against our house.
Jane R.

I was extremely impressed with the promptness of my representative, responding to my needs, and the fact of only dealing with that one person.
Larry F.

Anybody can take a saw to a branch and top it off. I appreciate the fact that Bartlett hires trained arborists who know hot to care for trees. I appreciate the fact that their crews are all friendly, polite, and do a great job of trimming the trees and cleaning up afterwards. I am not sure how Bartlett's fees compare to their competitors since I have only used Bartlett. The reason for that is simply because I have always been very pleased with their work and see no reason to try anybody else.
Neil, N.

Excellent first time contact with staff. Estimate was detailed and explained each part of the task separately.
Les R.

Your guys did a great job.
Jim M.

We were so impressed with the professionalism of the Bartlett team. Thank you for a fabulous job.
Lionel G.

We are please with the work that Bartlett has done for us. Steve is outstanding and the crews are very nice, professional, and provide excellent explanations of the service and recommendations. We look forward to a long term relationship with Bartlett.
Curtis P.

Enjoyed the professionalism of all staff starting from scheduling through administering the service.
Sandy M.

Arborist promptly assessed the work to be done. Work was scheduled and performed efficiently. Crew was courteous and clean up was exemplary.
Dawn R.

Nick Crowther is very knowledgeable about trees in Central Texas. He is a terrific resource.
David M.

Your guys are great, the tree trimming looks wonderful. Our trees are the sharpest looking bunch on the block.
Phil, P.

I appreciate the speed with which Steve Kinslow was able to look at my ailing tree, assess the situation, develop a plan of action, and implement it.
Tere O.

Professional and well informed advice. Decision to proceed based upon client focused conversation rather than pressure. Andrew is a real professional and a great asset to the company.
Alan G.

Thanks so much for helping me out today, you have no idea what a positive impact you and your team made for me.
M. B.

I have used Bartlett for twenty years. I trust them completely with my trees.
Newsom L.

Matthew Tobola was helpful in his advice about a large fruitless mulberry tree that had split in the main trunk. With his advice, the crew of Tim, Will, and James came out to do the tree trimming, including trimming dead wood, and a few large branches from two trees in the front yard. The crew was on time, friendly, efficient, and cleaned up our yard. Bartlett's service was well worth the money and it was especially nice to work with such knowledgeable people.
Robert B.

We were very happy with the services Andrew recommended, and his knowledge, which was an important factor in our hiring Bartlett. We anticipate further work with you in the spring and summer seasons.
Diane S.

Mr. Anstrom was knowledgable and helpful in re-interpreting what I wanted done into a real, understandable project. He worked well with neighbors who were concerned about what was happening and then wanted me to extend the work to things they wanted done on adjoining property. The neighbors were complimentary of the work as well. Mr. Anstrom was very patient throughout.
William, R.

I have used Bartlett for years and always rely on your expert knowledge and professional staff. I tell everyone I know to call Matt. He always finds a solution for my trees and does so at a really reasonable price. Both make it easy for me to love and care for my landscape.
Rhonda Y.

Very pleased with Matthew, my Arborist, and all service crews that have helped with my tree need. They were knowledgeable, courteous, patient, prompt, thorough, and safe.
Russell, H.

Many thanks for the tree pruning. Jose, Marco, and Alfredo did a really good job. These arborists are a credit to Bartlett's well-deserved reputation for great tree care.
Rob B.

Everyone I have worked with has been professional, courteous, and dedicated to providing an excellent customer experience.
Larry & Kim G.

Andrew is terrific and our tree trimming crew was the best we've ever had. The site was left cleaner than when the trimming crew arrived.
Kathryn H.

Andrew Anstrom is knowledgeable and prompt, responds if I call with a concern, carefully explains what I need to understand. Crews are always hardworking, careful, and neat in their cleanup. Very happy with Bartlett!
Janie C.

Matt Tobola is a highly professional representative of your company and has taken care of our trees for more than a decade.

Everyone that I have worked with over the past 8 years has been more than knowledgeable and very courteous! That is why we keep calling them back!
Janie C.

Feel like Nick is part of our family. Never hesitate to call him. His crews have always been polite and accomodating. Have recommended Bartlett to many friends.
Susan N.

Andrew took a lot of time to look over our property and provide us with some great tips on maintaining our trees. His quote was reasonable and specific. The work that he and his crew did on our trees was extraordinary.
Derek C.

Very professional crew. From the arborist to the technicians, they are thorough and they give top-notch service. Our magnolia has never looked this healthy. I would not hesitate to recommend them - in fact, I have!
Ron and Pam H.

We highly recommend Bartlett to everyone that we know. They continue to give us excellent service and are very prompt about coming out when we need them. We are very satisfied!
Janice H.

The guys that have been out here three times now are fantastic. They do a great job, they are friendly, and very neat/clean. They are also very fun to watch climbing up the trees.
Meri H.

Steve Kinslow is wonderful. He is always on time or even early and knows so much about the trees on my property. It is refreshing to do business with someone who makes me feel like a special customer.
Meri H.

We've used Bartlett for more than a decade and have never been disappointed. The one time we used another service, we regretted it immediately. Always professional and customer focused. Always knowledgeable on the smart way to solving problems.
Pam B.

Bartlett Tree Experts does fantastic work. My arborist, Stephen Kinslow, possessed a wealth of tree knowledge and was a consummate professional. The team that did the work on my property was professional and seasoned. They completed the work in a timely fashion, stacked the wood neatly, and there was no trace of work having been done except for the beautiful front yard they left us with. I would recommend them to anybody that needs their trees maintained.
Jason D.

Thanks to all of you for helping make our property one of the nicest in the area for the past 15 years! We are so grateful for Nick and all of the crews that spend time with us.
John M.

I've used Bartlett for 20 years. Their service and expertise is why we have stayed with them. All staff members are of the highest quality and standards.
W. Richardson

Thanks to Nicholas Crowther, from the moment our phone call is answered to the time the trucks leave our property, we have always been treated with outstanding service and respect.
John M.

This was Mark's third trip to my home. I found him knowledgeable, friendly, and trustworthy. I was not home most of the day while they were here, but they were professional in their greeting and cleaned up well.
David C.

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