Bartlett provides expert tree service in Aiken, SC and this is what our Aiken, SC customers are saying about us! We are proud to offer a wide range of tree services to our customers!

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What Our Aiken, SC Customers Are Saying

A pleasure to work with Bartlett.
Ann H.

Just wanted to say how pleased I was with the tree project. The gentlemen worked very hard all day. Thank you again for your service.
Barbara G.

Jamarsa, Matt, and MIller did a beautiful jib pruning my trees and were polite and professional.
Dan R.

I have been using the services of Bartlett Tree Experts for several years now and am very satisfied with their work. The large Camellia in my side yard looked like it was dying a few years ago but has made a remarkable comeback since then, adding new growth to fill in the dead spots that existed prior to treatment.
Jan R.

My Maple tree looks great. Thank you for coming out so quickly.
Rob J.

Justin and his team were a pleasure to work with.
Manfred W.

I am very pleased with the work. My Carolina Sapphires look amazing. Great pruning.
William K.

The crew did a beautiful job and were very sweet. I really appreciate the call.
Robert G.

The crew did an outstanding job pruning my trees. I am very pleased.
Jocelyn C.

Carson did a great job. Polite and professional.
George A.

The crew did an excellent job pruning my Crepe Myrtles.
Barry S.

My trees look amazing after the pruning. The crew was extremely polite. Very professional.
George A.

The Oaks and Maples look great. The team pruned them with great detail. I was very impressed.
Michelle H.

Thanks for coming out so quickly to take care of our storm damage at multiple properties. We really appreciate you.
Ron B.

I am very pleased. Great work and very polite.
Richard W.

The crew did a great job, they were very nice, and clean up was superb.
Barbara M.

I can always count on Justin and his team to do a great job.
Janet K.

The guys were very sweet. I will use Bartlett again.
Doris C.

The crew did a great job. They have amazing team work.
Shelly O.

The crew did a fantastic pruning job. My trees have never looked better.
Barry S.

Great job. You can not tell a tree was ever there.
Brian B.

The Maples looked really good. The guys did a great job pruning them.
Jaymie T.

My Oak Trees looked really good after the crew finished pruning. They were extremely careful not to drop anything in my fish pond. Thanks for a job well done.
Joel R.

My wife and I are extremely pleased with the pruning of our trees. It was a large job and the crew was very detailed with what they were doing.
Richard A.

Thank you for cleaning up our storm damaged trees so quickly. We can always count on you.
Nika C.

My trees and shrubs look so healthy .I am sold, Bartlett Boost Fertilizer really works.
Robert G.

Bartlett has taken care of my property since 2014 and it has never looked better. Thanks for doing such a great job.
Pat B.

The guys did a fantastic job pruning our Leyland Cypress. They were extremely polite and professional.
Shirley D.

Carson did a great job fertilizing my trees and shrubs. They all are healthy and happy.
Sheryl P.

I was shocked when I came home yesterday. My Oak Tree looked so good it belongs to a yard in Hollywood. Thanks for a job well done.
CIndy P.

Carson did a really good job today on my root invigorations. My landscaper and I watched the entire process. Very cool.
Bob H.

We can not believe how wonderful our experience with Bartlett has been. The crew was so polite and professional. The pruning looks amazing and they were extremely careful while working. I would highly recommend Bartlett to anyone.
Gale H.

The guys did a great job pruning my Japanese Maple and Bradford Pear. Thank you for the follow up call.
Nancy T.

Jamarsa and Matt did a great job pruning my Crepe Myrtles, I am always pleased with Bartlett.
Wayne D.

The team did a great job pruning our trees. They are always so professional and polite.
Robert G.

Carson always does a great job and my lawn looks amazing.
Leonard S.

Your team did a great job pruning my oak. It looks really good.
Martha L.

The crew did a great job. Very nice and professional.
George S.

The crew did a great job pruning my trees and were very nice.
John T.

The crew did a great job pruning my trees! I was so impressed I gave my Mom your phone number for work she wants done.
Brian B.

I had a significant amount of storm damage on my property. Justin and his team responded quickly and did a really good job. I will continue to use Bartlett because they truly care about their clients.
Donna L.

I want to thank Carson for being so thoughtful to move my birdbath and refill it when he was here treating my tree. Great customer service.
Marjorie M.

The crew did a great job cleaning the storm damage at my property. Justin's response time was exceptional. I can count on Bartlett when I need them.
Carol M.

Our neighborhood was hit hard by storms last week. Justin responded to our call quickly and the crew arrived the next day for clean up. Thank you for answering our call for help.
Thomas M.

Carson does an excellent job when he visits my property. He is always very polite and informative. My trees and shrubs are looking great.
Sheryl P.

John and Andrew did an outstanding job pruning my Maple. I would recommend Bartlett to anyone.
Richard M.

Your guys did an outstanding job, I appreciate the work they did.
Barbara G.

I was home when the work started but not when they finished, it was nice to come back and have it done. They did a great.
Tim M.

The crew was extremely polite and did a great job pruning our Oak! Thank you very much for the follow up call.
Anna L.

Your team was terrific and clearly well-trained experts. They were polite and very friendly. The clean up after the job was complete was outstanding! Our Arborist Representaive, Paul Sisk, listened to all of our ideas and added a few very good ones of his own. He was a pleasure to work with. We will recommend Bartlett Tree Experts to all of our friends, family, and neighbors.
Martha F.

Field crew is always professional and responsive.
Sheryl P.

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