Bartlett provides expert tree service in Edgewater, MD and this is what our Edgewater customers are saying about us. We are proud to offer a wide range of tree services to our customers!

As a Edgewater tree service company, Bartlett provides the full spectrum of tree and property services offered, including Fertilization and Soil Care, Insect and Disease Management, Plant Analysis and Diagnostics, Pruning, and Tree Structure Evaluation.

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What Our Edgewater, MD Customers Are Saying

What could Bartlett have done to make the experience better? No improvement needed. The Arborist, Brock, understood our concerns about the trees on our property and gave us very appropriate recommendations. The crew on the first day was incredibly competent. They expertly removed a Maple tree that was rotting at the base from a very confined space using a cherry picker. The crew on the second day likewise operated in a confined space to remove a Sweet Gum that was crowding a Southern Red Oak that we wanted to preserve. We were very pleased with the service provided by all of Bartlett's trained professionals.
Karen E.

With such a fine reputation, I would have expected your work to have been more expensive than it was. I do not see how the work could have been done with more attention to detail, on time arrival, and courteous staff.
Howard F.

Brock was extremely timely, friendly, and professional. This is the type of individual you want as the boots on the ground for your company. I will be using Bartlett again without any hesitation.
Todd R.

Brock was extremely timely, friendly, and professional. This is the type of individual you want as the boots on the ground for your company. I will be using Bartlett again without any hesitation.
Todd R.

Of all the trees and shrubs treated by Bartlett, clearly a large Beech tree, a Southern Magnolia, two Crepe Myrtles, a Japanese Maple, and all of the Boxwoods are looking healthier.
Pam K.

Thanks again for an excellent experience.
Carole W.

Billy, Hector, and Alex were the greatest crew ever. What skill, can-do approach, and professionalism. With the tornadoes, frequent storms on our windy point, there were all sorts of challenges. They made and discussed all sorts of situations and options, and with astounding gymnast skill achieved each one as a great team. So pull out the Superman capes for these heroes. Much appreciated.
Fred H.

From the Arborist to the Field Crew, all staff are knowledgeable, courteous, and responsive. Office administrative staff are also polite and responsive. Curb appeal means a lot. They keep me posted on diseases and proper treatments to mitigate damage. The cost for services can be higher than others, but reliability comes at a price. That is why we have relied upon Bartlett to help us manage our property, trees and shrubs, for the past twenty years.
Paul H.

Brock and crew are very responsive, competent, and courteous. They know about the plants on our property and make the right recommendations in a conservative way to preserve as much as possible. That is why we have patronized Bartlett for the past twenty years.
Paul H.

We have been a client in Edgewater, MD for about twenty years with lots of HUGE trees, routine 40-50 mph winds a direct hit by a tornado in 2020 and trees that seem to be on hyper growth and needing get significant trimming a couple of times per year. The Bartlett team has been incredibly prompt and efficient every time. It is much appreciated to me, and has been impressive to several of my neighbors who are now customers. We also added our house in Bethesda as a regular client. Your team leaders such as Brock Messinger have been superb organizers in every way. Having been a longtime CEO of businesses that seemed to always need to juggle multiple things under pressure, I recognize that super skill. The line staff are also superb, and many have been long experience, so they have been to my Edgewater home several times and are walking memory banks of the idiosyncracies of our terrain, wind pattern, past history and each tree. to show that memory bank, the person who took on our Bethesda house for Bartlett perked up when I mentioned our largest ever Oak tree in Edgewater. He smiled, whipped out his cell, and came up with a picture of our big tree. He used to be at our house team in Edgewater. I think these examples show the breadth and depth of professionalism of the Bartlett team.
Fred H.

Brock is great to work with. He is a thorough and effective communicator and has kept me informed every step of the way, starting from the initial consult he did at my property. He made sure everything was carried out exactly as we discussed. Billy and the crew that did the work were super friendly and accommodating. Billy also kept me informed throughout the day, checking in with me periodically. I appreciated that so much. I am very pleased with the job that the Bartlett team did on my property. Their work exceeded my expectations. I would definitely work with them again and would not hesitate recommending them to others.
Michele N.

Super superb. And based on twenty five yard and some very tricky situations such as a direct hit tornado and routine 40-50 mph winds with our very old tall trees. Whole staff very knowledgeable, and listened to customer’s goal and concerns about the job. We have a second home and, again, pro. Please give special pat on the back to the job specialists such as Brock Messinger. very prompt.
Fred H.

It is very helpful to be educated by your technicians. Brock is very knowledgable and pleasant to deal with. Bartlett has managed to keep small issues from turning to large ones.
Angelika F.

Very professional and efficient crew. Brock is so knowledgeable and he is advising us well on how to get and keep our natural landscape at its best. We expect to be using Bartlett in the years to come.
Bob and Melinda S.

Many thanks and best wishes. Also, mega thanks for the prompt response and Superman teams after the tornado and throughout the nearly quarter century with my trees, and you and I are so avant garde that we are looking towards the early months of the new year. Seriously, you and your expert teams were calm, reliable & results-oriented in such a high-tense circumstances. Please share my thanks with "upstairs" & each team member.
Fred H.

Great team, great communication, and great delivery of service. Perfect experience. Thank you
William G.

Lots of very big & old trees. Have been a customer about 25 years......happy every time, and have referred Bartlett many times who are now customers. We got a direct tornado hit this year. Brock Messinger and the 2 crews were FANTASTIC in this very long hard job!
Fred H.

Everyone who have come to do the job were highly professional, courteous, accommodated our requests and did a fantastic job. Thank you. Highly recommend.
Sridhar N.

Only a portion of the contract work is complete at this point but I am very pleased with the experience so far.
Ann M.

Have been customers (with LOTS of VERY OLD oaks & such and winds of 40-50 mph at least weekly). Any of the big branches could smash the house, so I pay close attention. The advice, response time, sage professional advice, and VERY expert hands-on staff are superb.
Fred H.

I thought the crew was great and very capable.
David W.

I have been a customer for over twenty years for a property with several very old and ultra large Oak trees and winds of 40-50 mph facing those trees every week. Bartlett has been superb in my paranoid avoidance of having the house flattened or steep cliff to the water tearing out a chunk of lawn. Their upkeep ideas are incredibly skilled and the tree crews are excellent.
Fred H.

Brock was very helpful in obtaining the information I needed for the job. He was able to get the crew there quickly to take down the tree much sooner than I expected. I thought everyone was polite, very knowledgeable, and professional concerning the job. I would use Bartlett again if I had other work to be done.
Gary H.

Everyone was very professional. Brock was especially helpful and cheerful making the experience less stressful for me.
Rebecca W.

Billy and crew were excellent. Brock was pleasant to work with when he came by to give an estimate.
Al A.

Brock Messinger is always knowledgeable and informative. We always rely on him to decide how to proceed.
Bob and Melinda S.

Thank you Brock. Bartlett was one of my last resorts due to many people telling me that the price would be outrageous. I was pleasantly surprised by the fair price. Thank you for your time and energy. The guys were great and we are very happy with the service received.
Ashley D.

Both Brock Messinger and Geoffrey were very accommodating, conscientious, and knowledgeable. We have always counted on Bartlett for help with any tree problems we have.
Georgia R.

Tyler Balderson, Brock Messenger, and crew members including Mario and Aaron have given us top notch service at our previous property and our current property. The service requested was promptly scheduled, the crew always shows up on time, and the site is always left clean and tidy, which we greatly appreciate. We will continue to use Bartlett in the future, and will recommend Bartlett to others as well.
John and Colleen J.

Great job, very courteous, very knowledgable.
Lori P.

Brock Messinger was very professional and careful of the property. I was happy to see their attention to safety.
D. C.

I am writing to express our gratitude for the outstanding service provided to us by Bartlett on Sunday. Specifically and gratefully, we salute Geoffrey Thill and his team. In addition to removing a large, awkwardly-situated fallen tree from our roof and property, they securely covered the holes in our roof with a tarp and raked the lawn to remove debris. The team arrived on time and worked steadily for six hours. Their work ethic and attention to safety for both persons and property was impressive. So was the collaborative problem solving involved in hoisting the heavy trunk of the tree and its massive branches into position to be cut up and removed. At one point, with masterly precision, they guided the massive trunk into alignment with the gate in our fence. They inspired us, as I am sure they inspire other customers, with their professionalism, skill, and efficiency.
Theodore A.

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