To provide the basis for maintenance and management of trees (either a single specimen, a group, or whole woodland), a survey is usually required to determine condition, quantity, and the needs of trees and their owners. Our surveys are tailored to suit you and your property. Click on a tab below for more information.

  • Stock Assessments and Tree Management
  • Tree Condition and Risk
  • Woodlands and Hedgerows
  • Orchards
  • Carbon Sequestration

One of our prime services to clients, big and small, are tree surveys covering location, condition, safety, and maintenance programs for groups of trees. We can devise a survey schedule that deals with all our customers’ needs for management of their trees and woodlands in a safe, efficient, and financially sound way. By putting tree and woodland management on a structured basis, long-term management costs are frequently reduced. Budgets can be provided or even established anew, avoiding expensive ‘fire brigade works’ and heading off most problems before they occur.

We are able to undertake tree safety and hazard assessments based on industry standards of the Arboricultural Association, International Society of Arboriculture, D.C.L.G (Department of Communities and Local Government) and Bartlett’s own formalized methodologies, stringently tested and found to be internationally the best. Our reports will provide a clear, concise evaluation of risks with recommendations for mitigation of any hazard. Full visual inspections are aggregated by soil and leaf tests for pathogens and vitality.

Woodland areas play an important part in the rural and sometimes urban landscape. Frequently, owners need to find ways to enhance the benefit of the site, perhaps to increase the level of access, improve wildlife or habitat diversity, or find new uses for woodland products. The Bartlett Consulting team includes experts on:

  • Lowland and Upland Forestry
  • Broadleaf Woodland Management
  • Ancient Hedgerows
  • Orchard Management
  • Restoration of Former Industrial Sites

We can advise on sustainable woodland management, hedgerow or orchard structure, opportunities for improvements, timber production, and improved bio-diversity, as well as possible grant aid funding. We can also assist with development of saleable products and when maintenance operations might compromise protected habitats. With a range of backgrounds in commercial forestry, amenity woodlands, and local authority green space management, we can match our expertise to most client needs. We have experience of woodland and hedgerow planting and re-stocking, charcoal production, game copse management, ecological enhancement, long-term management plans, surveys of sites of specific scientific interest, and old orchard restoration.

There is much interest in growing fruit on a domestic scale or creating garden areas out of former orchards. With most orchards there is a need to identify what is there, its condition, and how best the stock can be conserved or improved. Surveys and management plans can be provided to assist fruit tree owners preserve and derive enjoyment and, indeed, fruit from their trees and orchards. With close links with the Brogdale Trust, we can provide a bespoke service to help. Even seemingly worthless trees can be brought back to cropping with careful management.

Our clients’ awareness of environmental issues increasingly urges them to ask about the impact of tree works on carbon emissions and the positive effect their trees, both existing and those to be planted, will have on the environment. Making use of latest research, Bartlett Consulting can provide information on the impact of tree works, tree loss, the age of trees, and soil works on CO2 sequestration. Clients will then have good information to aid the process of managing their trees in an environmentally responsible way. Research having shown that soils are able to absorb far greater amounts of carbon dioxide than vegetation, and that those with higher levels of calcium are the best carbon sinks, we can assist with measures to increase the rate of CO2 absorption into the soil.

Tree Vitality

For several years, we have been assessing a simple test that is able to measure tree vitality (its internal health and life expectancy) that has proved extremely accurate. We are now able to offer this assessment as an addition to our Tree Surveys, which enable us to show clearly whether a tree can be reliably and successfully retained on a site in a precise and quantifiable manner. The process is simple and uses either a portable field test of tree leaves or a laboratory test for larger quantities of leaf samples. These measurements greatly enhance the accuracy of the tree report. This can be valuable in cases where tree loss or retention proves costly to those wishing to design, build, and act responsibly toward our environment.

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