Vinny Rozette, Division Manager, works at Bartlett Tree Experts.

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Vinny's career in the tree care industry began with Bartlett Tree Experts in 2012. With a strong interest in trees and a love for the outdoors, Vinny was attracted to Bartlett's scientific and holistic approach to arboriculture. He takes great pride in offering unique solutions to enhance and care for clients' trees and landscapes.

Vinny is an ISA Board Certified Master Arborist, TCIA Certified Tree Care Safety Professional, and West Virginia University graduate. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Horticulture. His strong background in arboriculture, thirst for knowledge, and love of plants makes him a perfect fit for addressing the myriad of landscape issues in Virginia.

Vinny resides in Roanoke with his wife, Nicki, their two daughters, and two labs. He is proud to have served in the U.S. Marine Corps and enjoys spending time with his family in the outdoors.

He services Smith Mountain Lake, Roanoke and the New River Valley.

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What Our Customers Are Saying About Vinny Rozette

Our Arborist Representative, was very courteous and immediately knew what action to take, hopefully these Bagworms will not have a place to stay.
B. R., Moneta, VA

The Arborist arrived as scheduled, answered all my questions, and provided additional tips not in scope for this visit. He provided a clear proposal, approximately when the follow-up services would be completed and how invoicing would be completed. He also provided his contact information should there be additional questions or services needed.
R. H., Wirtz, VA

Already uploaded my comments to google. They exceeded all my expectations. I was thrilled with the job. Vinny and crew were awesome.
T. A., Roanoke, VA

Vinny is a smart, fine young man. He really seems to know his stuff.
S. K., Penhook, VA

We are very pleased with Vinny and his advice regarding our property.
L. M., Roanoke, VA

Vinny Rozette and the tree removal crew were always polite, patient, and professional. Our tree removal project took over a year to plan and Vinny was always willing to work with us on revisions without complaint. We would definitely work with Bartlett again, and will call for future projects.
G. G., Union Hall, VA

Vine was very nice and respectful. He was were very helpful and great in answering questions.
J. M., Union Hall, VA

I had three other tree services come in and all of them said the tree needed to come down. Vinny is the only person who was willing to give my tree a chance. He was honest and upfront and definitely knew what he was talking about. Thank you Vinny, see you next summer.
K. N., Vinton, VA

Vinny Rozette is exceptionally personable, professional, and knowledgeable. He is always very responsive and helpful. He is a pleasure to work with and a credit to Bartlett.
J. M., Wirta, VA

My experience with Bartlett was a positive one. Vinny is a great representative for Bartlett and it was wonderful working with him. Crewmembers were top notch and they worked very hard. I will certainly use Bartlett again, as I have in the past.
B. D., Roanoke, VA

Vinny Rozette was very responsive, inspecting trees about which our neighbor had expressed concerns. The crew who came out did an excellent, very thorough job of trimming the trees to allow shoreline work crews better access. They ensured I was satisfied prior to leaving our property. Highly recommend Bartlett Tree Experts.
L.B., Huddleston, VA

Vincent Rozette is a pleasant and great person to consult and work with on my tree projects. The office staff and crew are also friendly, helpful, and nice to work with.
C. G., Roanoke, VA

When one considers the large equipment that was required to remove the bulk of our trees, one can only be stunned by the overall minimum damage to the yard. I only note that because we had a torrential rainstorm a few days after the work was completed and without that rain, there would have been essentially nothing to mention. Very pleased with the condition of the property. The Bartlett staff was professional, courteous, and knowledgeable. I would ask questions and all of the guys were willing to answer them and explain what was happening to the trees in question. All dressed for the job including no plumbers cleavage and no visible tattoos. I was impressed with the care taken with their equipment, which showed respect for Bartlett's property and liability. A great group of guys that earned their paychecks. Vincent Rozette clearly knew his business, as he explained exactly what to expect when removing large, dead trees on the lake. All of the dead trees were a surprise, but the process of how they would be removed was not. Several trips were required to finalize all of our trees and the neighbors trees. Vincent, like all of the Bartlett employees, was professional and represented Bartlett well. His reputation preceded him, as Seven Oaks Landscaping spoke highly of him and he met my high expectations.
J. O., Moneta, VA

Vinny has always been responsive to our calls. We greatly appreciate his services.
W. D., Union Hall, VA

I trust Vinny's knowledge and experience.
B. S., Vinton, VA

Vincent is very professional and quick to respond when I have a question. The crew members have been out twice in the past few months to work on two different projects and have been very hard working.
M. F., Blacksburg, VA

Vincent Rozette is exceptionally thorough, professional and accommodating. A pleasure to work with, who does an excellent job keeping an eye on our property and taking good care of it.
J. M., Wirtz, VA

We were not present when the work was done. However, everything seems to be left in great condition. Vinny was very helpful in determining which trees to remove.
J.K., Moneta, VA

Vincent was very knowledgeable and helpful. The entire crew was on task and friendly.
M. C., Moneta, VA

Vinny Rozette is extremely professional and friendly. I own a landscaping and mowing business and plan on using your services from here on out. I will be recommending your company through Vinny exclusively.
B.R., Moneta, VA

Vinny is very knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with.
M. N., Moneta, VA

I have been very happy doing business with Bartlett. I have been pleased with the results, and every crew that I have come in touch with has been friendly, willing to answer questions, and have made the experience of doing business with Bartlett a real pleasure. I could not say enough good things and I would like Bartlett to know how much I appreciate Vince and all he does to take care of my problems.
J.K., Vinton, VA

Vinny is extremely well qualified for his services, very knowledgeable, professional, and courteous. Thank you to Vinny and Bartlett Tree Experts.
R. B., Roanoke, VA

Vinny Rozette has been excellent to work with. He is always easy to reach, very responsive, and explains things very well. When I have called the office, Kara has been great. She is bubbly and always follows through on any request I make. The crew members are very professional. They know what they are doing and it inspires a good feeling about the work.
J. H., Moneta, VA

Vinny Rozette has been terrific to work with, very thorough and knowledgeable in identifying issues around our property, suggesting remedies, and communicating what work will be done and when. In addition to the tree fertilization, we had a large number of downed trees and broken limbs removed. The entire crew worked diligently all day to complete the work and answered all of my questions. I feel they went above and beyond. I highly recommend Bartlett Tree Experts.
L. B., Huddleston, VA

Vinny was very prompt, courteous, and helpful.
P. M., Hardy, VA

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