Tyler Balderson, Local Manager at Bartlett Tree Experts, works out of our Annapolis, MD office.

More about Tyler Balderson

Tyler Balderson has been involved with trees and landscapes his entire life. He grew up in Montgomery County Maryland where he worked on his family tree nursery farm. His father, Andy Balderson, has been practicing landscape architecture in Maryland for over 35 years. Tyler's passion for trees continued through college where he received his B.S. in Forestry from Virginia Polytechnic and State University in 1998. He brought his knowledge back to Maryland and began his career in arboriculture working at Treemasters, a local firm in Howard County, MD. In 2000, Bartlett Tree Experts acquired the company and Tyler began his 13 year career with the company here in Anne Arundel County, where he is currently the local manager. Tyler is a Board Certified Master Arborist, Maryland Licensed Tree Expert, Maryland Licensed Pesticide Applicator, and Certified Tree Care Safety Professional. Tyler volunteers on the Mid-Atlantic chapter of Arboriculture Board of Directors as well as volunteering at the local elementary school, where his three children attend, teaching students the importance of trees.

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What Our Customers Are Saying About Tyler Balderson

What could Bartlett have done to make the experience better? Your crew was super friendly and did exactly what was discussed with Arborist. Quick, efficient, and succinct service. Arborist always great, helpful, and plenty of suggestions as to what is needed.
Bill T., Annapolis, MD

Very knowledgeable, helpful, and professional. We have used Bartlett Tree service continuously since living in our current house. Periodic maintenance and proactive pruning has proved to keeping our key trees and shrubs healthy and problem free.
Jerry P., Annapolis, MD

We appreciate the great service we have been given over the years by our Tyler. He has been extremely helpful and has given us invaluable advice not only on maintaining the health of our trees but on issues we have had with neighbors. Kenny did this recent job which was applying a treatment. We were called out of town and were not able to water the trees afterwards. Kenny came back the next day and watered them. I was so relieved. I have told my friends about the wonderful service we have received and how your team goes above and beyond our expectations. Thank you.
Diane B., Annapolis, MD

Tyler is terrific. The men who cut down trees and limbed them were amazing. Also I appreciated getting free wood chips in the past. Bartlett did a terrific job identifying what needed to be done with our trees. They were professional and made a huge positive improvement for our yard and view.
Jennifer M., Annapolis, MD

Great all around experience. They were polite and hard working. Happy to have them on the property. They took the extra effort to protect my neighbor's property. Thanks.
Denis P., Annapolis, MD

The crew was absolutely fantastic. Tyler is great to work with. Informed, pleasant, and kept us informed of progress.
Lisa M., Annapolis, MD

We appreciate your professional service and dedicated care of our property.
David W., Annapolis, MD

Billy and his crew were great. They were very concerned about the height and shape of the hornbeam tree and so they asked several times for my opinion.
Catherine F., Annapolis, MD

Thorough, informative, helpful, expert, professional, and caring. We appreciate your expertise, service, and passion for our property.
David Watt, Annapolis, MD

Kenny was knowledgeable, helpful, and very personable. He walked the property with us, explained the treatment. Made recommendations for plant health and care. A very enjoyable experience.
Rick D., Annapolis, MD

I have never worked with a contractor whose staff was as courteous as this. The onsite crew went above and beyond to make sure everything was safe and protected as they proceeded through the job.
Billy K., Annapolis, MD

Brand met with us before starting the work. He introduced us to August. We discussed our goals. He described what he and August would do. We appreciated being brought in before the work was started and being asked to view the results. Once again, a great job.
Steven P., Annapolis, MD

I was happy with the rep, Tyler, who performed the estimate and the team. They did not just chop away at branches but were very specific in the pruning. They left lower branches on the Maple Tree and said they did this to block the view of the condo building. I'm so glad they thought of it. The trimmed the Bradford Pear and really opened it up to see the light. It looks great.
Deborah W., Annapolis, MD

I appreciate the excellent service and my trees are looking fabulous, much healthier.
Kristin P., Annapolis, MD

We have worked with Bartlett for years and we are super happy with the work in our garden. Tyler Balderson is expert, kind, and very responsive when we reach out. Thank you.
Tom S., Annapolis, MD

Mr. Tyler Balderson is a real asset to your business. He is very attentive and patient to our needs. Great person.
Suzette C., Annapolis, MD

I appreciate Tyler Balderson’s informed advice. His crew did a very good job clearing trees.
Sheldon P., Annapolis, MD

Bartlett's staff are all very knowledgeable and advise scope of work based on what is best for the trees and working within your budget. Overall a very good experience. Skilled and courteous work crews gave our many trees some needed pruning. It was a pleasure doing business with Bartlett Tree Experts.
Bonnie Z., Annapolis, MD

Tyler and his crew offer a valuable service to our community. They have helped us maintain the health of the trees and shrubs on our property for many years. They are knowledgeable and reliable and they deliver on what they promise.
Clifford W., Annapolis, MD

Everyone has been very knowledgeable. Willing and able to answer questions about tree concerns. Your newsletters are very much appreciated.
Denise A., Annapolis, MD

Tyler is extremely knowledgeable. I was impressed with his ability to quickly assess our plant health and make recommendations based on preservation rather than removal. Brad is also extremely knowledgeable, conscientious, and kind. In addition to the pruning work he did, he took the time to discuss our future landscape goals and made recommendations for sustainable foundation trees and shrubs to meet the conditions of our changing climate.
Sara H., Annapolis, MD

They arrived on time and we walked the property to make sure we agreed on what was to be done. Then, they checked with me periodically to make sure I agreed with action to take on a couple of unexpected findings. They finished the trimming and other work right before a storm was about to sweep through. I am not certain they applied the treatment to the trees or if that should have been done at that time. While I do not know of anyone right now who needs tree service, I will not hesitate to recommend you in the future.
Susan G., Annapolis, MD

Always have very responsive staff when dealing with Bartlett. My Arborist is great and I have dealt with him for many years. All crew members that I have dealt with have been fantastic and I appreciate their level of knowledge of plants and trees. I feel totally confident in all of Bartlett’s crews, analysts, and staff. I have also recommended several of my neighbors and friends to Bartlett and they have all been pleased.
Penelope M., Annapolis, MD

Even with Bartlett being a large company, I always have access to Tyler . That makes it personal. Office staff is always friendly and helpful.
Bayinnah S., Annapolis, MD

Some comments from one of our valued customers, Very professional, and Very competent.
Susan T., Annapolis, MD

Professional, polite, and efficient. I would use your service again. Thanks.
Jill L., Annapolis, MD

The team is always friendly and helpful. Tyler visits a couple times a year and outlines the plan, makes recommendations as things age. The team that executes the plan keeps me informed of issues, steps they are taking to address them.
Aidan M., Annapolis, MD

Absolutely excellent service. The team were efficient, knowledgeable, and responsive. They did everything that we asked of them and was on the specification. They worked hard for a full day and cleaned up extremely well at the end and left the areas they worked spotless. Thank you for a job really well done. It was a pleasure dealing with Bartlett. I would be pleased to give a verbal or written recommendation of Bartlett to any of your potential customers, if that would help.
Bryan B., Annapolis, MD

Every member of the crew demonstrated care, enthusiasm, and skill throughout the job. I have photos of all crew members working together to skillfully remove the large precarious tree by hand to avoid damaging the neighbors’ or my property. This required knowledgeable, coordinated strategy and left to take the tree up a steep hill to protect the slope and lawn from the damage of machinery, efficiently, and enthusiastically. After many years of service from Bartlett, I have come to expect excellence.
Judy P., Annapolis, MD

Totally satisfied with your services.
Richard B., Annapolis, MD

Our technician, Kenny does a great job. He is open to my concerns and always willing to look at problem plants.
Durant B., Annapolis, MD

I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with Brad and the pickup crew. They did a great job. Brad really made a huge difference, and my trees look great. I am looking forward to having you out again next year. Thanks again.
Ginger A., Annapolis, MD

Tyler Balderson was very knowledgeable and great at explaining the problem and how to fix it .He also could not be nicer I could not ask for more.
Denise A., Annapolis, MD

Thank you so much for the quick action on our Magnolia tree. Your guys did a great job trimming and shaping the tree, and it looks fabulous. Now we can proceed with the aeration and seeding of our lawn on Thursday. Gratefully,
Ardis and Arnie H., Annapolis, MD

Thank you for the great care of our Oak tree that was struck by lightning several years ago.
Noel P., Annapolis, MD

Tyler is a responsive and knowledgeable person. I trust his expertise and judgment.
Julien H., Annapolis, MD

I really appreciated my crewmen’s knowledge with the various disease and insect questions I had.
Coleen M., Annapolis, MD

The tree looks fantastic - the crew did an amazing job - thank you for Raul and company - it's clear they are talented and take great pride in their work.
Holly B., Annapolis, MD

Tyler Balderson is always very helpful and knowledgeable.
David G., Annapolis, MD

I appreciated that you got it done in the time period you put in the original proposal given how extra busy things have been recently. And, the overall explanation about what was causing the problem with the Oaks, and the overall plan for solution was very helpful. Thanks.
Julie C., Annapolis, MD

Good crew member, understood about how I wanted my specimen tree pruned and checked-in with me during the pruning and after to make sure I liked it. Great service, thank you.
Leila M., Annapolis, MD

I have always found all member's of BTE to be kind and courteous.
Kim G., Annapolis, MD

Very impressed with the knowledge and suggestions of Tyler Balderson and the crew leader, Mario. Would recommend Bartlett favorable to any neighbors and family members.
Richard J., Annapolis, MD

Everyone I dealt with was courteous and helpful. I was pleased that the job was done before the middle of August. I was impressed by how the technicians worked efficiently. Mr. Balderson had told me that the job could be done in twenty minutes, The men cut the tree and put it in the truck in 20 minutes, then checked with me to tell me that they were finished.
Martin B., Annapolis, MD

Unfortunately I did not ask the technician his name but he was informative and courteous.
Lynn B., Annapolis, MD

Mario, the lead crew member, was very attentive and responsive. He listened to the end goal and worked to achieve it. Tyler was and has always been very customer-service oriented. He is very knowledgeable and a good partner to accomplish your goals. I used Bartlett in State College, PA for 6 years and was pleased with the service there.
Judy G., Annapolis, MD

My trees are happier now that you have been taking care of them.
Kristin P., Annapolis, MD

Crew did an excellent job.
Judy G., Annapolis, MD

Everyone at Bartlett was great to work with. My trees and yard look 100% improved.
Janet H., Annapolis, MD

Fine job by all that I talked with.
Harry C., Annapolis, MD

The working crew were polite, efficient, and helpful.
Christopher D., Annapolis, MD

The service was professional and timely. All involved were a pleasure to deal with.
David M., Annapolis, MD

Awesome crew, awesome process. Thank you.
Donna T., Annapolis, MD

I think the thing that sets Bartlett apart from the average tree service is that they are experienced arborists and therefore really know the best way to keep trees and shrubs in there healthiest condition. We work with Tyler who is always incredibly responsive to any service needs we may have. He and his team are always very professional and provide excellent service. Although Bartlett is more expensive then some other tree companies but because you are working with professionals in the field, you get what you pay for.
Kerrie S., Annapolis, MD

I am very pleased with the information that I received by the representative. I am looking forward to the next portion of the service.
Joyce F., Annapolis, MD

Tyler Balderson has impressed us with his knowledge of trees and shrubs, and their problems and diseases. He has given us explicit and clear directions on what should be done to save and improve our particular trees. We have contracted to have Bartlett act on those recommendations. Mario led the three man crew for the pruning and cabling evolution and they were very efficient and thorough. Mario also had a specific suggestion on covering the bare Magnolia roots with a thick bed of wood chips, which we would like to have done. Bartlett shows that they are indeed professional tree experts.
A. H., Annapolis, MD

Tyler was incredibly knowledgeable and professional, heads and shoulders above any other arborist I interviewed. I will no doubt be a repeat customer. Should I encounter anyone in need of an arborist, I would not hesitate to recommend him. Thanks Tyler for a job well done. Though I did not work as closely with our foreman, Aaron, in our short interactions I found him very professional. He performed the work exactly to specifications, taking as much care with our property as we would have ourselves. Thanks Aaron for all of your hard work.
Heather W., Annapolis, MD

Did what you promised and timely.
Bill T., Annapolis, MD

I was very impressed with Mr. Balderson when he came out to speak with me and address my concerns.
Beverly, P., Annapolis, MD

They are all around great.
Barbara W., Annapolis, MD

Bartlett was professional from start to finish. I would recommend them to all in need of tree services.
Lilah A., Annapolis, MD

Tyler is extremely professional and knowledgeable, and the technicians who came to the home were hard-working and courteous.
Barbara J., Annapolis, MD

Tyler Balderson was very knowledgeable and helpful. I attended his presentation before the Severn River Association and was impressed with what he had to say. I thereafter contacted him regarding needed tree work on our property. He made excellent suggestions for work to be done and obtained the necessary county permit. I would absolutely use Bartlett for any future work I need. The office staff was excellent in scheduling, billing, and follow up.
Paul W., Annapolis, MD

Thanks for your flexibility. Appreciate a job well done at a great price.
Peter J., Annapolis, MD

Tyler Balderson and Mario Escobar were both great to work with. Tyler listened to our needs and worked with us and the County, as needed, to guide us through out tree trimming and maintenance projects. Mario kept us informed as he and the crew worked on our property.
Kim T., Annapolis, MD

Brad and his team were great, friendly, and professional. We found a dead tree in the yard that was not apparent during the original job quote done by the arborist Tyler. The team changed their job priorities to remove the dead tree as a safety hazard and did as much of the other contracted work as possible. Overall we were very pleased with the work done.
Mark P., Annapolis, MD

We have been dealing with Tyler Balderson for several years now and he and his firm are the best in Annapolis. Tyler is knowledgeable, easy to deal with, and does excellent work.
Tom M., Annapolis, MD

I am so happy with Tyler and the amazing knowledge he has. Finally I have comfort about how to manage the disaster in front of my house. I can hardly wait to get started.
Susan T., Annapolis, MD

Thank you for setting this appointment. Tyler was on time, professional, extremely nice, knowledgeable, efficient, and made great use of time. Looking forward to receiving the estimates and scheduling.
John H., Annapolis, MD

Tyler and crew are awesome.
Bill B., Annapolis, MD

Team worked like a well oiled machine. Very professional workers. Will use Bartlett again if needed.
William L., Annapolis, MD

Tyler was helpful, courteous, and informative, he really put us at ease. The trimming of our large Cherry tree was beautifully done by the crew. We appreciate there friendly attitude, professional knowledge, and prompt attention to our tree and shrubs.
Darlene W., Annapolis, MD

Tyler is a true professional.
Pete M., Annapolis, MD

Tyler is very professional and gave good advice regarding the work to be performed. the staff was professional and conducted the work in a safe manner.
Pamela G., Annapolis, MD

The whole experience of working with Bartlett, from initial consultation with Tyler to the guys that came out to do the work has been excellent. The reason I keep coming back to Bartlett is the quality of the work and the excellent customer service.
Stephanie S., Annapolis, MD

As a twenty year customer I know Bartlett is the Best. Particulary Tyler Balderson.
Andrew O., Shady Side, MD

Tyler has been open and direct with his recommendations for removal of a dead tree and care of remaining hardwoods. The tree removal was performed with efficiency and safety and the crew was attentive to questions. The site was left clean and pruning was performed as per request. Given the opportunity I would highly recommend your company and services. Your pricing is fair and your crews are professional, courteous, and knowledgeable.
Nancy D., Annapolis, MD

Everyone at Bartlett was extremely courteous and helpful, especially the crew that came to do major work on two large trees. They communicated with me every step of the process and asked for my approval before it was performed.
Neil T., Annapolis, MD

Everything went very well today. I cannot begin to tell you what great ambassadors this crew was for Bartlett. Their knowledge of the job, treatment of me, and respect for the trees themselves was obvious from the beginning. From the moment they arrived to the time they left, the crew was completely professional in all respects. Their first concern was the safety of nearby vehicles and my property. They went over exactly what they were going to do and answered my questions as they went. As you know, one of the larger limbs on the oak tree was damaged, and they asked me to look at it before suggesting the removal of it, an action with which I agreed. Throughout the job they were pleasant, efficient, and patient. They cleaned up thoroughly and showed me what they had done. Even with another job in the afternoon, the crew chief took the time to talk with me about trees in general and mine specifically. I felt as though they were concerned with my trees rather than just completing another job. It would be nice if every experience was this rewarding. The results of their work was outstanding, the trees look better and are undoubtedly healthier. But equally as important to me was their personable approach to their work and to me. That was not something they learned, it was a part of their character. I would recommend this crew to anyone who needs any work done on their trees.
David H., Annapolis, MD

Have always been satisfied with the work that Tyler Balderson and his Bartlett Tree Experts do on our property. That's why I have repeatedly retained their services for many years now.
William C., Edgewater, MD / Anne Arundel County

Many thanks from both of us for a fine job completed by your crew, very competent guys on our property Monday. We so appreciated that you were able to schedule the job quickly for us. Everything is sprouting where they were working and they left no damage whatever to surrounding plants. What would we do without Bartlett.
Bower, Annapolis, MD

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