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Tom Lillo

Arborist Representative

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Tom Lillo, Arborist Representative at Bartlett Tree Experts, works out of the following offices:

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What Our Customers Are Saying About Tom Lillo

Very friendly and knowledgeable staff.
Kevin K., Fort Mill, SC

Everything Bartlett did turned out so well. I was shocked with the service that was provided. I called on Sunday and Tom was here Monday morning. We are very happy.
Allison K., Rock Hill, SC

Bartlett did an outstanding job. Everything was cleaned up nicely. They trimmed all of the trees just like we had discussed.
Amy D., Fort Mill, SC

The guys did such a good job. The crew exceeded all of my expectations. We were very pleased with Tom.
Carol K., Fort Mill, SC

Everything turned out perfect. There was not one problem.
Ryan H., Rock Hill, SC

Everything was fabulous. The crew did a great job. We could not be happier.
Steven H., Rock Hill, SC

Exceptional service from start to finish. Very happy with the overall experience.
Michelle C., Rock Hill, SC

Tom explained how the tree should be trimmed. His crew trimmed exactly the way he stated. The crew came on time and were very safety conscious with putting out traffic cones. We only have two trees in our yard, but if we had more I would definitely call. I also like the fact that this is a large company that has insurance which is important to us. Proposal was done by email which saved time.
Paula B., Rock Hill, SC

My arborist, Tom, has always been helpful in answering questions. My trees are all thriving now.
Jeannette M., Rock Hill, SC

Everything went really well. We were really excited about how clean and quick the guys were. I have already started spreading your name around.
Thomas L., Rock Hill, SC

The guys did an awesome job. We could not believe they could remove the tree given where it was located on the property. But they did, and it looks great.
Marshall R., Rock Hill, SC

After the very cold winter we lost a few small plants and after being replaced my entire home landscape never looked better and the reason is all due to Bartlett. My Japanese Maple has never been as bright and deep red. A special thanks to Tom Lillo and staff for making our home a place we are proud of.
Richard O., Charlotte, NC

They did a great job, and were very professional. We are glad we went with Bartlett.
Dave T., Lake Wylie, SC

Staff was friendly and knowledgeable.
Tonya W., Fort Mill, SC

Everything went really well, can not tell they were ever there.
Nanette A., Fort Mill, SC

Very pleased with the work and the crew was great, professional, and friendly.
John R. , Rock Hill, SC

They did a really good job, on time, professional, and quick. We will defiantly use you again.
Tiffany S., Charlotte, NC

The crew did a great job, please let Tom and the crew know.
Jim S., Rock Hill, SC

Tom Lillo is a very thoughtful and helpful advisor. We find him to be trustworthy and sometimes he recommends not to have certain work performed. Over the past four years Bartlette has performed each task with the highest professionalism. Top notch.
Bill L., Charlotte, NC

They had a lot to do, stayed on task, and got everything done. Awesome work from start to finish, will use Bartlett again.
Ann S., Charlotte, NC

Great crew and great job. Thank you all very much. We will definitely recommend Bartlett to neighbors and friends.
Norm S., Charlotte, NC

I am pleased with the work and the crew. They did a professional job and removed all of the debris. The tree climber has more courage than me.
Jeff B., Charlotte, NC

The crew did a great job, they worked through the rain. All the work Tom and I discussed was completed. I was very pleased.
Bill K., Rock Hill, SC

I am pleased with the work and the crew. They did a professional job and removed all of the debris. The climber has more courage than me.
Jeff B., Charlotte, NC

Crew was polite, helpful, and explained what I needed to know.
Alan T., Rock Hill, SC

Great crew and great job. Thank you all very much. We will definitely recommend Bartlett to neighbors and friends.
Sydney S., Charlotte, NC

What a great bunch of guys, I will always recommend Bartlett.
Ann B., Rock Hill, SC

Tom and Vince were professional, worked efficiently, and both were on the same page when making their recommendations. Very much appreciate the help.
Lance W., Charlotte, NC

Has been about eight years since we used Bartlett's services but were delighted to see the service level was as good if not better the second time around. Appreciate some timely follow-up and thank you note for our business. The latter may seem like a small thing in these times of business but as a customer we appreciate it. Bartlett will be our first choice should we ever need more tree service. The crew was professional, quick, and left the site clean.
Kimberly K., Charlotte, NC

I think everything looks great. My workers were great as well.
Sandra M., Fort Mill, SC

The guys did an excellent job today on the tree. They worked in such a professional manner and worked very safely. Everything was taken care of and the yard was raked and cleaned when they finished. The crew also took care of the other trimming that was needed. Will call you back for tree work in the future.
Larry W., York, SC

The work was great and the crew were extremely professional and courteous.
Doleen B., Rock Hill, SC

I am very pleased with the trimming and clean up was outstanding.
Ray H., Rock Hill, SC

Your crew performed great yesterday. Very knowledgeable, did a good trimming job, and left the site clean. I am very satisfied.
Peter H., Fort Mill, SC

I had no idea you guys trimmed our trees. There was absolutely no sign that anything was disturbed, and they left it cleaner than it was when you started. Thanks a bunch, I will definitely use you in the future.
Phillip K., Catawba, SC

They did great with everything and cleaned up well which was much appreciated.
Allison B., Fort Mill, SC

The crew and their work was excellent.
Steve D., Fort MIll, SC

Thanks for your quick response and great service.
Sherry L., Charlotte, NC

The crew did a great job as always.
Cindy K., Fort MIll, SC

I am very pleased with the work performed by Bartlett.
Dick M., Fort Mill, SC

Tom was the third arborist that I had in to look at some trees that were dying. He is the only one who answered all of my questions honestly, and without trying to push unwarranted services or create solutions to problems that I did not have. He was also willing to answer numerous questions after the work was done in terms of how to take care of the trees moving forward. I will absolutely use Bartlett in the future and would recommend them to anybody looking for your services. I was not there when the actual work was done, but the crew did work beyond my expectations, and left the area very clean after what I can only assume is a messy procedure.
Eric G., Charlotte, NC

The crew certainly has been working hard the last two days on the larger trees that needed attention. The work done was very neat, tidy, and professional.
John S., York, SC

Crew did a fantastic job. Tom Lillo's quick response to my downed limbs got the job done without further damage to my property. Happy and loyal Bartlett customer.
Sherry L., Charlotte, NC

Everything looks good to me.
Brian U., Rock Hill, SC

The guys did a great job for the most part. They cleaned up well which was much appreciated.
Allison B., Tega Cay, SC

Work was just fine, I appreciate you reaching out to me to make sure work was done satisfactorily. I will definitely recommend your company to anyone in need of tree service.
Mark L., Rock Hill, SC

I am very satisfied. Tom and the crew did an excellent job.
Charles L., Rock Hill, SC

Everything looks good.
Susan V., Rock Hill, SC

They did a great job as usual.
Shawn B., Fort MIll, SC

They did a good job.
Lee D., Charlotte, NC

Everything looks good.
Mike S., Rock Hill, SC

Everything was great, looks really good.
Josh H., Fort Mill, SC

I wanted to tell you emphatically that we are please with our work.
Chuck F., Rock Hill, SC

Crew was awesome, they were friendly and worked so fast.
Cara C., Charlotte, NC

Everything went very well.
Brian F., Charlotte, NC

The work is all good. Thank you.
Mark Y., Cramerton, NC

The work your crew did was great. I was in the yard working as well and they all were very good at what they do. The place looks much better.
Tom S., Fort Mill, SC

I enjoyed talking to your crew. They were helpful and good representatives for your company.
James T., Fort Mill, SC

Everything went well, the crew was very nice.
Ann G., Charlotte, NC

The crew was great, very knowledgeable, and communicated well.
Scott M., Fort Mill, SC

The guys did a good job today removing my dead tree.
Mike R., Rock Hill, SC

Thanks so much, it was great.
Alex D., Fort Mill, SC

Everything looks great.
Carrie B., Charlotte, NC

Clean up was great, no complaints.
Jean N., Fort Mill, SC

Excellent job was done by the crew. The cost to trim the tree was more than I wanted to spend, but I trusted Tom and his confidence in saving my tree. Would recommend to friends and neighbors.
Danny C., Fort Mill, SC

Tom does a great job explaining the work to be done and is extremely knowledgeable.
Tom M., Tega Cay, SC

The crew did a fabulous job.
Erika M., Tega Cay, SC

Bartlett did a great job.
Kay T., Charlotte, NC

Fletcher and Xan did an excellent job.
Tom C., Clover, SC

They left my property in tip top shape.
Gayle H., Fort Mill, SC

All work is fine.
Mary J., Rock Hill, SC

Great job your crew did in trimming out the dead on our riverbirch tree. We are now keeping our fingers crossed that the tree makes it.
Dan C., Fort Mill, SC

Your crew did a great job.
Tom M., Tega Cay, SC

Very impressed with the team and work performed.
Larry P., Tega Cay, SC

They came while we were away and I am quite sure the job they did was excellent. I will have to check when we get home.
Priscilla D., Charlotte, NC

I am pleased with the work and the wonderful job they did cleaning up afterward My back patio and driveway were cleaner than before they arrived. I am also pleased they were able to work around the fence sections I was not able to remove.
Shellie J., Fort Mill, SC

Everything looks great!
John E., Charlotte, NC

Everything looks wonderful.
Gene L., Rock Hill, SC

They did a good job. I am satisfied.
Judson D., Fort Mill, SC

Your team did an excellent job. On time, listened good, left the area better than they found it.
Gene D., Charlotte, NC

The crew was here and did a terrific job.
Nance P., Tega Cay, SC

I am so very pleased with the work your crew did.
Priscilla D., Charlotte, NC

Tom has been a pleasure to work with! He is very knowledgeable and explained our situation completely, answering all the questions that we had. We feel confident in his assessment and will move forward with his plan.
Cathy A., Fort Mill, SC

You guys were great!
Judy S., Tega Cay, SC

The Bartlett team was very professional and courteous.
Bill L., Charlotte,NC

All went well, thank you.
Brenda K., Charlotte, NC

Very good job and very professional associates.
Brad E., Rock Hill, SC

Everything was done and the men were all very nice. I would rather Tom had been there early on to instruct the men as to what to do but Jim and I did the best we could. I was quite surprised that the extreme pruning does not look as bad as I had anticipated. Can not wait for spring growth as well as getting back to warmer weather.
Sylvia T., Rock Hill, SC

We were very pleased with the crew that came and trimmed the trees and cut down the large oak.   They were very professional. The man from Barry’s Stump company did a wonderful job. The stump was surrounded by several small shrubs, he only had to remove one. We will definitely be contacting you in a year for the annual pruning and also if we need additional tree/shrub removal and pruning.
Terrie T., Fort Mill, SC

Work was well done, I am very pleased.
Jack R., Tega Cay, SC

Two gentlemen were here this morning and they did a professional job.
George F., Tega Cay, SC

We are very satisfied with the work.
Russ C., Rock Hill, SC

The crew did an excellent job. I will be more than happy to recommend Bartlett to everyone.
Chase J., Charlotte, NC

Tom was great, not just because he found nothing wrong with our trees, he is knowledgeable, personable, and a person I would definitely call again. He also phoned to say he was running early and asked whether he could come at 1:40, that was even better for us than the original 2:30 time.
Houston C., Rock Hill, SC

The workers were great and courteous.
Dennis T., Belmont, NC

We are very pleased with the tree work, your crew did an excellent job.
Robert H., Charlotte, NC

The crew did a wonderful job, left the site clean and cut and stacked the wood exactly like we requested. Very happy!
Gretchen P., York, SC

The work was completed to my satisfaction.
Mark C., York, SC

It all went well. Thanks again!
Todd T., York, SC

I am so happy with the work the guys did. It was beyond good, it was great! I was so concerned that they were going to chop the trees that I had nightmares the night before the work was done. So glad the trimming was done right.
Beverly G., Gastonia, NC

The men did an outstanding job on our tree!
Gretchen W., Rock Hill, SC

The crew did a great job. I think my neighbor is going to be calling you soon.
Brad L., Charlotte, NC

The team who took down my trees did an excellent job. My husband and I are very pleased with the service. Please pass this along to Tom Lillo and the crew.
Cindy K., Fort Mill, SC

Everything was great. The crew was very professional and did a great job.
Alan W., Rock Hill, SC

The three men on the crew that worked at our house were very thorough and professional. They did an excellent job!
Sharon P., York, SC

The job was great.
Marcia S., Rock Hill, SC

The work was great. Thanks.
Janet C., Charlotte, NC

Very professional, great job, thanks for cleaning up so well. No issues, but we had thought more of the trees along the driveway would have been trimmed to avoid any future branches hitting our cars as we had discussed, your team may have checked the trees and trimmed as necessary, so no problem. Very happy customer.
Scott B., Tega Cay, sc

From the initial interaction with Tom Lillo to the men who climbed, limbed, trimmed, and pulverized our trees, we have been so impressed with everyone’s professionalism and knowledge of our needs and how to remedy our problems. We had a dead white oak very near the Lake that required skill and dexterity to take down without damaging the surrounding area below. We are very, very pleased!
Bonnie A., Charlotte, NC

Thank you, we are extremely happy with the work, and we think they did an amazing job!
Jessica A., Rock Hill

Work was done in a professional manner and everything was cleaned up.
Wil K., Rock Hill, SC

The crew sent to cut down my trees and trim my maple were great! It was amazing to watch what they do.
Lynn H., Charlotte, NC

Tech who sprayed trees was great, explained process, offered to return if needed.
Ross K., Clover, SC

We were very pleased with the services that Bartlett provided with the trimming of the River Birch on our property. The workers did the job with expertise, and knocked on our door to see if we were satisfied before leaving. They also cleaned up very well. Thank you! We are pleased with Tom Lilo, our new arborist.
Walter W., Charlotte, NC

Everything was great. The guys that were here were "the best" and did a great job on a difficult and dangerous job. We've got more to do in the fall and we ALWAYS USE BARTLETT.
Sid & Lynn S., Charlotte, NC

They did a great job!
Linda C., Charlotte, NC

The guys did a good job and cleaned up well after themselves.
Chris C., Rock Hill

Great job here, I'm impressed, quality work.
Stephen N., Gastonia, NC

Your crew did a wonderful job. Thanks so much.
Ken L., Clover, SC

Your crew did a great job!
Holly H., Mount Holly, NC

We are extremely happy with the service of Bartlett Tree Experts. The crew was very professional and helpful. You have my full recommendation for future services.
Randall B., Lowell, NC

As always your work is perfect. Bartlett is the only tree company we use.
Cheryl R., Gastonia, NC

We had an excellent experience working with Bartlett Tree! Your folks were prompt and handled our very large dying pine tree looming over the neighbors' fence and pool with expertise. Your company also sent a thank you note for the business, which was a nice personal touch. Your prices were reasonable and in line with the other estimates we received. We chose Bartlett due to the professionalism of your staff exhibited throughout the estimation and work order process. Tom Lillo was knowledgeable and created a great first impression for your company. Your tree removal technicians arrived at our address and strode into the backyard with purpose and focus. They had a job to do and there was no dilly-dallying around. Now the opossum that popped out the adjacent tree caused a stir, but your guys didn't let that stop them. We'll definitely call your company again when we need additional tree pruning or removal.
Mary M., Fort Mill, SC

Very knowledgeable and always available to answer any questions. Bartlett is my choice for tree care.
Beverly G., Gastonia, NC

Wonderful service, just wonderful, so pleased. Thank you to Tom and his crew for getting the job done, top notch.
Robin K., York, SC

I was extremely pleased with the work, and the crew definitely surpassed my expectations. They were courteous and professional, taking particular care not to damage any of my flowers. They left the area in very good condition. We have already recommended your company to others for tree work.
Debra H., Fort Mill, SC

Just wanted to let you know the crew did a good job taking down the two poplar trees that had died. They were professional and courteous, and were careful to minimize disruption to existing trees and damage to property.
Jane G., Clover, SC

We have now had three interactions with Bartlett folks working on the trees and bushes in the yard. Jared was out today and a couple weeks ago to treat the bushes he also cleaned up around the maple tree root system and last week two fellows were out to take down some trees and clean up the walnut tree. I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you how pleased we are with the professionalism of your workers and the courteous interactions we've experienced with your administrative lady who always calls to alert us when some activity will take place. Please share my comments with your management and express our satisfaction with our experience using Bartlett Tree Experts.
Russ C., Rock Hill, SC

Staff was very professional, knowledgeable, and respectful of my property. Very impressed by them, I used landscaping companies in the past and could not get the results I wanted for my trees so I decided to call a tree service company. My trees look wonderful!
Ellen L., Fort Mill, SC

Wonderful job, wonderful workers. Thanks so much.
Robin K., York, SC

Very thorough and professional.
John E., Charlotte, NC

My wife and I were very pleased with the work your team did at our house.
Doug M., York, SC

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