Todd Nedorostek

Todd Nedorostek

Local Manager & Arborist Representative

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Todd Nedorostek, Local Manager & Arborist Representative at Bartlett Tree Experts, works out of our Charleston, SC office.

More about Todd Nedorostek

Todd Nedorostek is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts with a Bachelor of Science in Urban Forestry and The Stockbridge School of Agriculture with an Associates of Science in Arboriculture. He is an ISA Certified Arborist, tree worker and TCIA Certified Tree Care Safety Professional.

For the first 12 years of his career, Todd worked in production, focusing on climbing and PHC operations. Over the past 15 years, he has taken on different roles in safety, field training, recruiting, and the management of several operations throughout the northern Virginia area.

Now, as the Local Manager here in Charleston, Todd develops proactive management plans for his client's properties, focusing on comprehensive recommendations encompassing all components of trees and shrubs. He has a passion for specializing in management plans focusing on soil and plant health care techniques that allow for the necessary recommendations to overcome an ever-changing environment.

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What Our Customers Are Saying About Todd Nedorostek

Great company and great people. Generally the highest price but I have found it to be worth it due to the service and professionalism.
Len Hutchison, Mt. Pleasant, SC

Nick has done a great job when he has provided service.
Sonny C., Mt. Pleasant, SC

I like the way Bartlett responded quickly. Also, Todd was great to explain, and confirm for me, the role that my HOA and contracted tree company play in trimming Mount Pleasant trees on the berm.
Suzanne S., Mount Pleasant, SC

Everyone has been courteous, knowledgeable, conscientious and efficient. We are very pleased with the results.
Craig E., Isle of Palms, SC

Crew was excellent and went above expectations and cut camellia flowers for me. Very pleased with service.
Elizabeth L., Mount Pleasant, SC

The job was done in a very professional manner. The service was excellent, and done quickly, and on time.
Jimmy B., Mount Pleasant, SC

We are long time Bartlett customers, and we have always gotten professional, courteous service.
Carolyn T., Sullivans Island, SC

Todd, The tree that your crew trimmed today looks just perfect - exactly what I wanted. Your crew could not have been nicer. They were professional and cleaned up the yard better than ever. See you again in a couple of years! Thank you!
Elise S., Mount Pleasant, SC

Excellent experience. I can think of nothing that needs improvement. Everyone I spoke with was helpful. Absolutely no complaints. Would definitely recommend. Excellent service, Excellent employees, Highly recommend.
Louisa D., Mount Pleasant, SC

We are return Bartlett customers. The team always goes above and beyond to do the best job possible and the professionalism shows. Thank you for another great experience.
Scott S., Mount Pleasant, SC

The staff is always professional and knowledgeable. We would not trust any other company to keep our Crepe Myrtles healthy and beautiful.
Tim B., Mount Pleasant, SC

Todd Nedorostek is a great arborist representative. He was very responsive, knowledgeable, and easy to work with.
Tim S., Mount Pleasant, SC

The arborist did a great job of communicating to the crew how I wanted our 300+ year old Live Oak pruned. The crew was knowledgeable, followed the directions of the lead member very well, and completed the job in the time frame estimated, leaving the job site clean. The team clearly used the best practices for pruning and caring for our tree. We will definitely use Bartlett again for our tree health needs. Thank you.
Lisa E., Mount Pleasant, SC

As always, your team is highly professional in what they do, pleasant to us when we speak with them and they do great work. Each time we have tree work done we are always impressed with their care of their tools and the systems Bartlett has in place to assure everyone’s safety. We remain amazed at their nimbleness.Thank you.
Molly L., Mount Pleasant, SC

Todd did a thorough job of diagnosing my Italian Cypress problem.
Dorothy D., Mount Pleasant, SC

Very professional.
Ron Z., Isle of Palm, SC

So appreciate the commitment to service and the professional delivery offered us. We can really tell your work has made a difference.
Jan B., Mount Pleasant, SC

Todd did a thorough job of diagnosing my Italian Cypress problem. At first, it seemed rather an expensive process over twelve months, but the results have been worth it. The on sight staff have always listened and been courteous to my needs.
Dorothy D., Mount Pleasant, SC

Todd Nedorostek is very pleasant and appears eager to assist and satisfy.
Robert C., Mount Pleasant, SC

So appreciate the commitment to service and the professional delivery offered us. We can really tell your work has made a difference.
Jan B., Mount Pleasant, SC

Todd was extremely charismatic when discussing the insect problem with our trees. He went into great detail and provided very useful feedback.
Ben W., Mount Pleasant, SC

I have been using Bartlett for a number of years and will continue to do so. Bartlett has been treating, fertilizing, and trimming my yard with efficiency and care to my satisfaction each time. The health and longevity of the trees and bushes in my yard are very important to me, and this is the reason I will always choose the experts at Bartlett.
Karyla G., Mount Pleasant, SC

Friendly and responsive team, providing expert service.
Ed C., Mount Pleasant, SC

Very happy with everybody involved – and very happy with the work, we love our trees.
Donald M., Isle of Palms, SC

Todd Nedorostek has been wonderful to work with in our efforts to evaluate a hazardous tree on our property. He was very quick to respond, complete the testing and provide the evaluation report. Would definitely want to work with Todd again on future projects for myself and my real estate clients, Thank you.
Ben J., Mount Pleasant, SC

Thank you for answering your phone with an up-beat courteous tone, thank you for setting an appointment and keeping it, thank you for a fast turn around. It is very much appreciated.
Maria E., Isle of Palms, SC

We chose Bartlett because we trust your representative, Todd Nedorostek. He is an obviously knowledgeable arborist and has been a great neighbor besides. Thank you.
Bob B., Mount Pleasant, SC

It is most comforting to know that the maintenance of our landscape is being regularly addressed by a professional team who share our same goals and outcomes, thank you for working with us.
John B., Mount Pleasant, SC

Very pleased with the people and the service. Recent tree removal went well and I was very pleased with the work done.
Don H., Mount Pleasant, SC

Prompt. Courteous. Knowledgeable. Interested in my situation: issues and concerns.
Robert C, Mount Pleasant, SC

This job is the best work that has ever been done on the Palms. The entire yard opened up and I could not be more pleased. Thank you.
Barbara L., Isle of Palms, SC

Todd Nedorostek is very professional and knowledgeable.
Faye C., Mount Pleasant, SC

Todd Nedorostek has always been great, super helpful, and knowledgeable. Our tree and shrubs now look great. The crew who came to do the work was awesome. Thank you for your great work.
Sandy G., Mount Pleasant, SC

Always pleasant crew who do a great job.
Sharon N., Mount Pleasant, SC

Excellent service and very responsive.
Steve R., Mount Pleasant, SC

Steven Lane and his crew did a great job. The shrubs and trees look so much better, especially those unruly Wax Myrtles.
Lisa C., Mount Pleasant, SC

The crew did a perfect job today.
Bruce A., Mount Pleasant, SC

The folks that worked here were exceptional. I cannot thank you enough.
Gayle C., Isle of Palms, SC

Todd Nedorostek has gone above and beyond my expectations. He and his team were met with obstacles they did not anticipate with the Pecan tree in my yard but it never appeared as such. The work was done professionally, clean, and in positive spirits. I am very grateful for this service and I will recommend Bartlett with no hesitation.
Caroline P., Mount Pleasant, SC

The crew did a fantastic job on the Live Oak. Very thorough, great attention to detail, polite, and thoroughly cleaned up afterwards. I was impressed with their work.
Bryan A., Mount Pleasant, SC

Todd is absolutely the best! Very Knowledgeable, responsive and nice to work with. He is always there when I need him and I totally trust his opinions and recommendations. Wouldn’t even think about using someone else!
Loretta S., Mount Pleasant, SC

Your crew was very quick, professional, and friendly. They were by far the best.
Brooke C., Mount Pleasant, SC

Todd Nedorostek has always been very professional and easy to work with.
Kristi S., Mount Pleasant, SC

Todd, thank you for coordinating with your applicator to ensure the use of organic materials as much as possible. We will be interested to see the results.
Mike T., Mount Pleasant, SC

We just wanted to say thank you to you and your team for the trimming work at our house. Great job in the trimming and the clean up as well.
Mike M., Mount Pleasant, SC

Your crew did a terrific job at our house and my wife was thrilled.
Rod M., Mount Pleasant, SC

We are happy with the work. The crew was very helpful often checking with us during the work to see if we were satisfied. They were also very pleasant to deal with. Thank you.
Lane M., Mount Pleasant, SC

Job was done quickly and satisfactorily. I would use Bartlett again.
Douglas P., Mount Pleasant, SC

Everything looks great. The cleanup too!
Matt B, Mount Pleasant, SC

Todd and his staff are courteous, efficient, and very effective. Thank you.
Tristi L., Mount Pleasant, SC

What a great service your guys did yesterday. Really professional and fun to watch. Thanks for showing up on the day scheduled and doing it right.
Jeff R., Mount Pleasant, SC

The crew did a great job. They were efficient and polite. Please relay to them that everything looks great.
Rennie M., Mount Pleasant, SC

What a wonderful experience with the whole Bartlett team. The young men cutting the trees could not have been nicer or more professional. I have used Bartlett twice in the past couple of months and both times were fantastic. Should I need additional work in the future Bartlett would be my only choice. Thank you.
Sheila D., Mount Pleasant, SC

Everything was professional and perfect from start to finish. I felt it was expensive, but as I have learned in life, you usually get what you pay for. I live in a very special home and wanted to make sure the job was done right. Bartlett was the right choice from the beginning to the end.
Tim B,, Mount Pleasant, SC

The crew did a super job pruning my trees. I will be calling you back for more work.
Anne F., Isle of Palms, SC

Your crew did very nice work and also appreciated them taking the time to replace the Spanish Moss back on the tree for me.
Carolyn C., Mount Pleasant, SC

We are quite pleased with the work, and the professionalism of the workers.
John D., Mount Pleasant, SC

The three young men did an excellent job today. Getting all that pruning done really made a big difference and greatly improved the appearance of the yard.
Lisa C., Mount Pleasant, SC

Todd and the crews have always been very responsive, from quotation to performance of the work, a very professional experience.
Jeff J., Isle of Palms, SC

I was thrilled with my tree work and will only use Bartlett moving forward.The team was super professional, neat, and tidy. They spent the time needed to do the job right. I thank you again for helping to schedule my work in a timely fashion.
Jennifer P., Mount Pleasant, SC

I was so impressed with the skill in removing this difficult limb. Your crew was very efficient and nice, they did not even mind the dog supervising. Will definitely call you again and have already recommended Bartlett to a friend.
Theresa S., Mount Pleasant, SC

Your crew did a great job, pruning and clean up. Thank you very much.
S. N., Mount Pleasant, SC

Todd wrote detailed scope of work and job quote. On the day scheduled for the work, the crew was very courteous about the trimming. They asked if we were satisfied with the amount of trimming along the way. Also thoroughly cleaned up all debris. I have already recommended to my friends.
Fritz G., Mount Pleasant, SC

Great job the crew did on the palms and pines. Want to be on the list for next year.
Noelle M., Isle of Palms, SC

The trimmed tree looks great. Your men were very nice and worked well together.
Lenora W., Isle of Palms, SC

Todd is spectacular, true scholar, and gentlemen.
M. W., Mount Pleasant, SC

We are really pleased with the tree work your team did and the great clean up before they left. Seth is a good leader and more agile up in the trees than anybody I have seen. The crew was careful with the patio furniture and our many bushes.
Bill R., Mount Pleasant, SC

The Bartlett Crew did a great job, let them know how much we appreciate their assistance.
Meggett L., Mount Pleasant, SC

I was very pleased with the work Dennis and his two men performed. The results look excellent. Thank you for a job well done!
Bob M., Mount Pleasant, SC

The crew came last week and did a great job taking down our tree, and left the yard nice and clean.
Daniel G., Mount Pleasant, SC

Excellent, professional, and always do quality work!
John F., Mount Pleasant, SC

Todd Nedorostek handles our account very professionally. We are very satisfied with Todd and Bartlett.
Don S., Sullivans Island, SC

Arborist Todd expertly researched and diagnosed our Live Oak ailment and provided a treatment plan which we have followed for about two years. The oak is responding and the blight is not getting any worse which is a huge relief.
Cathy M., Mount Pleasant, SC

Thank you for the follow up. I am very pleased with the results of the tree trimming. The team performing the work was outstanding. They were very professional and respectful!
Peggy H., Mount Pleasant, SC

Todd has provided us with exceptional service, education, and collaboration with our landscaper and landscape architect.
Larry M., Sullivans Island, SC

Todd and his crew do an excellent job! My trees and shrubs look fantastic.
Jane A., Mount Pleasant, SC

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