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Tim Zastrow

Arborist Representative

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Tim Zastrow, Arborist Representative at Bartlett Tree Experts, works out of our Frederick, MD office.

More about Tim Zastrow

Growing up in suburban Maryland, Tim first learned to appreciate trees and the world around him from his maternal grandfather. When Tim was seven, he gave Tim’s family a Butternut seedling from a tree that he had started from a seedling in the 1930s. Tim loved watching the tree grow to maturity. In 1985, while earning his degree in Entomology at the University of Maryland, Tim started in arboriculture working for TreeMasters. He joined Bartlett Tree Experts as an Arborist Representative in 2001, when Bartlett acquired that company. Tim welcomed the chance to combine his skill and experience with Bartlett's advanced technical resources and robust safety and training programs. Since that time, he has held positions in residential sales, full-time commercial sales, and served as Assistant Local Manager in the DC Market. Tim now leads our Frederick, Maryland office and serves a mix of residential tree owners and commercial tree managers.

A Registered Consulting Arborist and an ISA Board-Certified Master Arborist, Tim is also a Maryland Licensed Tree Expert, a Certified Tree Risk Assessor, and a member of the American Society of Consulting Arborists. Tim gets great pleasure every day helping people enjoy and care for their trees and shrubs.

In his free time, Tim loves to hike, enjoys birding & gardening, and takes particular delight in working with wood and metal in his home shop.

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What Our Customers Are Saying About Tim Zastrow

Your guys were terrific on all fronts. I have been using Bartlett for some time now and will continue to do so.
Jim M., Frederick, MD

We may be a contractors nightmare having changed our minds a time or two in the middle of the operation. We have the champion Osage Orange for Frederick County, so you may understand it is huge and a treasure. We love the old tree for many other reasons. When it began dropping limbs we decided to take it down, a process that requires a different approach than preservation. Midway of cutting off the limbs we could not stand killing it so asked instead how we might keep it. That required judicious bracing and limb removal and the radical mental change of intention from the crew. They did a terrific job, the closer trimmed area is sprouting new growth and the tree seems vigorous. But, there was one great long limb over the house that was making me uneasy. They have successfully, really one could call it artfully, trimmed that limb back while preserving a graceful appearance. Their work was outstanding. Safely done with expert guidance from their horticulturist. Many thanks.
Mary C., Jefferson, MD

Very happy with your company and personnel.
Beth S., Frederick, MD

Great job.
Mickey P., Frederick, MD

They were knowledgeable and wonderful to work with.
Matt W., Thurmont, MD

Totally happy with the service. All crew members were very nice.
Patricia S., Frederick, MD

Your crew were great. They explained everything they did in detail. Thank you. We are very happy with your whole staff.
Ann M., Frederick, MD

Very pleased with every technician who has provided services. Each has done a very good job in a friendly and engaging manner. Very impressive, knowledgeable, and takes the issues I have seriously. I am very pleased. Overall, Bartlett is the best company I have ever had, taking care of the considerable number of trees on my property. I can not imagine working with another company. Keep up the great work, and thank you for what you do so well.
Joyce J., Woodsboro, MD

It was reassuring to have people I could call profession artists working to preserve our treasured old tree. They trimmed back a massive, heavy limb threatening our vulnerable and brand new metal roof. These young men were clearly well trained putting safety first and demonstrating a thoughtful approach guided by a seasoned, knowledgeable arborist. The tree should look great and thrive for a couple hundred more years. We will let you know.
Mary C., Jefferson, MD

Everyone I spoke with from Tim, to the lady answering the phones, and the young men who came to prune the trees were very courteous and helpful. Any questions I had were answered. All were very professional. It was nice to have the pruning done in such a timely manner.
Kathy K., Frederick, MD

What could Bartlett have done to make the experience better? All good. They were responsive and skilled. I appreciated Tim's explanations and information about the condition of our Dogwood and shrubs.
Susan K., Frederick, MD

Tim was very knowledgeable in helping us to make our decision on treatment vs not. Thank you Tim.
John M., Frederick, MD

Everything was great. All were very knowledgeable and professional.
Matt W., Thurmont, MD

All staff members were helpful, courteous, and knowledgeable.
Barbara K., Frederick, MD

We have two very large 100-year old sycamore trees behind our house, both with deadwood which had started to break off and fall on our patio area. We were concerned that this was a dangerous situation, so we contacted several tree companies in the area to get estimates. Tim Zastrow, the arborist sent by Bartlett Tree Experts, did a really nice job explaining to us the type of maintenance sycamores need, we were confident that the solution he proposed was the right one. He also recommended putting in a lightning protection system in both sycamores, which we thought was a pretty good idea. Bartlett's wasn't the least expensive of the companies we contacted, but it also wasn't the most expensive (by far). Tim offered a discount if we wanted to wait until November to get the work done, but since the deadwood was falling now, we decided to go ahead and schedule the work. The team that came out was excellent -- they arrived exactly when they said they would and did exactly what we contracted them to do. The tree climbers are highly skilled. We were worried that falling branches might hit our new metal roof, but the climbers were careful. They did a great job, and our new lightning protection system will be a conversation piece for sure. The job took most of the day, and Tim came out to check on the work himself. It was an all-around nice experience. We have a dying pine tree that needs to be removed and we will schedule this work with Bartlett's in November to get their winter discount. We are really happy with the work they did for us, and we will be repeat customers for sure.
Shawn T., Chevy Chase, MD

Tim is, of course the tree guru of Montgomery County, and he was exceptionally helpful as we decided the future of a sycamore on our property -- actually two sycamores. He was also patient as he taught me about how a tree feeds sustains itself and grows -- and where to look for the weak spots and the signs of decay/trouble. We decided to have one large sycamore trimmed and re-cabled. His crew was prompt, professional, skilled, and considerate of us and the neighbors. They left the work site spotless, and left everyone involved happy.
Debra R., Bethesda, MD

I cannot pay enough in praise of their professionalism and personal efforts. Their relationship with each other was seamless. Each knew what he had to do, alone or with the others, without "to do", did it. What's more after all of the cutting, sawing, chipping, stacking, etc., they cleaned up my garden, front and back, and finished by sweeping the area in front of the houseā€¦I'm still impressed.
June S., Chevy Chase, MD

Arborist is exceptional (Tim Zastrow)- high competent, and truly interested in his work. Crew members are incredible - they sure know what they are doing.
Monroe N., Chevy Chase, MD

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