Shannon Baughman

Shannon Baughman

Local Manager/Arborist Representative

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Shannon Baughman, Local Manager/Arborist Representative at Bartlett Tree Experts, works out of the following offices:

More about Shannon Baughman

Shannon has been the local manager of the Savannah office for the past 9 years and has been active in the tree care industry for over 26 years. In 1990, he received his Bachelor of Science degree in Forestry from Iowa State University, and became and ISA Certified Arborist in 1992. He is also a Certified Tree Care Safety Professional through the Tree Care Industry Association. Shannon is a board member of the Coastal Bryan Tree Foundation, as well as a board member for the Richmond Hill Architectural Review Committee. He is also a Community Advisor for the Savannah Tree Foundation.

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What Our Customers Are Saying About Shannon Baughman

You are all wonderful.
Judy W., Savannah, GA

Great work, pleasant, and knowledgeable crew. This is why we call you.
Norman J., Savannah, GA

Guys were very accommodating on positioning the new tree in the front area. They were very pleasant to work with.
Bob M., Savannah, GA

We received the nicest thank you card from Shannon and Tonya. Our trees seem to be doing very well after the expert trimming they received from Bartlett.
William M., Savannah, GA

We are definitely pleased. It is always such a pleasure doing business with you. We are thankful for you.
Jackie R., Savannah, GA

Your Foreman, Seth Jackson, was so well educated and he gave me several ideas for the property. This is why I always go with Bartlett. I could go with any guy with a chainsaw, but you are bonded and insured and so knowledgeable. They did, and always do, such a great job. I could not be happier.
Marsha W., Savannah, GA

Your guys are so wonderful. Thank you so much.
Judy W., Savannah, GA

Alex, Liam, and Colby were here this morning and did a terrific job. We are delighted. It appears that the two Live Oaks in front required less pruning than we had expected, all good news. They are in good health. Your crew is excellent.
Ted M., Savannah, GA

We are so pleased. Such nice guys. They were such a pleasure to have on my property.
Cathy W., Savannah, GA

I am so pleased. The crew was the nicest, most polite young men I have ever dealt with. They worked so hard and did such a nice job.
Donna H., Savannah, GA

They did an excellent job. They got the rakes and blower out and everything looks beautiful. We are very pleased.
Richard S., Savannah, GA

We are always pleased with Bartlett. You always do a wonderful job.
Susan W., Savannah, GA

Bartlett did a great job.
Lori O., Savannah, GA

We are so pleased with the work that was done. They did a very nice job.
Jessica W., Savannah, GA

Congratulations on removing the fallen limb for me so quickly today. The crew was so nice and efficient. They cleaned up all the debris to the point you can not even tell the prior damage. I very much appreciated the work they did.
S.L., Savannah, GA

They are fascinating to watch. I am very pleased. They did a great job.
Jessica N., Savannah, GA

They did such a good job.
Anna G., Savannah, GA

I am so grateful for the staff and Shannon showing up on Thursday before Hurricane Irma visited Savannah. It gave me a lot of peace when I left town. When I returned there was very little debris from the Oaks in the front yard. Very professional experience.
Becky C., Savannah, GA

We are very pleased. Everything looks wonderful.
Aimee B., Savannah, GA

We keep coming back because you always do a good job.
Chris V., Richmond Hill, GA

We are so pleased. They did a wonderful job.
John N., Savannah, GA

Our shrubs and trees are looking so much healthier. Thank you, Bartlett.
Linda C., Savannah, GA

I am so pleased. Dan Allen did a very good job, he was very professional. He asked me to walk around with him to ensure we were both on the same page. Everything looks great.
Al D., Savannah, GA

Shannon always listens and makes a good assessment of our trees. The Bartlett team has always been on time and completes the job to satisfaction. I am so pleased.
Gary W., Savannah, GA

We are so very pleased. They did a great job on that huge tree. They actually saved the plants around it so that made us very happy. They could not have done a better job.
Eric H., Savannah, GA

Just a brief note to thank you for the work which was accomplished today at our home. The three young men arrived on time, introduced themselves, reviewed the information, and set about to do a terrific job. Their professionalism was evident in the workmanship, the clean up, and caring for the property.
Roger M., Savannah, GA

Two wonderful guys showed up this morning and have just left. Both were friendly, knowledgeable, and hard working. Could not have been nicer and did a marvelous job getting rid of all the dead limbs and trimming the Palm trees. As always, your troops are the best and it is greatly appreciated.
John R., Savannah, GA

Everything looks beautiful. I am very pleased.
Bill H., Savannah, GA

I am so pleased. The young men worked so hard. They did a great job.
Patti Y., Savannah, GA

Everyone I dealt with was very prompt and knowledgeable.
Linda K., Savannah, GA

Always wonderful doing business with you.
Kathleen H., Savannah, GA

I was so surprised that they could get the work done in one day. It looks beautiful.
Chuck A., Savannah, GA

Your crew did a great job and are very professional. They are the nicest gentlemen I have ever had work around my place.
Karla M., Savannah, GA

Thank you very much for your kind gesture to help with the Wymberly Garden Oak. We are proud to do business with you and your company.
Seth S., Savannah, GA

After the work was done I called my best friend, she called Bartlett and you are doing work for her now. Just fantastic working with you.
Catherine M., Savannah, GA

Your crew did a great job. They went above and beyond. They did a great job and everything looks excellent.
Jack C., Savannah, GA

Your guys did an excellent job.
Benjamin P., Savannah, GA

You need to drive by my house to see how good it looks. They did a great job.
Joe W., Savannah, GA

The crew was very professional. We have used other services in the past and they were no good. I was very pleased with Bartlett.
Dave N., Savannah, GA

I give them an A+. The crew was great and so polite. Everything looks beautiful.
Ruth Q., Savannah, GA

The staff was very efficient.
Chuck A., Savannah, GA

Everything looks beautiful.
Teresa G., Savannah, GA

We are just so pleased with the crew. That is why we keep coming back year after year. It does not matter which crew arrives, they are always polite and courteous and so good at what they do. Everything looks so beautiful.
David P., Savannah, GA

The crew members were very professional and efficient.
Chuck A., Savannah, GA

My yard looks beautiful. I really liked the young men, they were so sweet and they did a great job. Thank you for taking such good care of us.
Kim M., Savannah, GA

I can see the pond now and am so happy. They trimmed the Hickory tree, the Magnolia tree, and the Holly. It looks lovely.
Bill D., Savannah, GA

Shannon Baughman was very knowledgeable and courteous.
David H., Savannah, GA

Oh goodness, everything looks great.
Jon P., Savannah, GA

We were very pleased with the work the crew did. I told the fellow in the tree, whatever he makes, it is not enough.They were pleasant, efficient, and cleaned up nicely.
John S., Savannah, GA

I enjoyed meeting Michael and Nicolas, they were very professional and they did a great job! You always deliver as promised.
Michelle H., Savannah, GA

I can not even begin to tell you how pleased we are. The guys were amazing.
Richard B., Savannah, GA

Your crew did first class work.
Charles O., Savannah, GA

Your crew did an excellent job. We are very pleased and we appreciate you driving as far as you did to help us.
Daniel G., Sea Island, GA

We are very pleased, that is why we keep coming back to Bartlett.
Wayne C., Savannah, GA

Thank you for your follow up call yesterday. Your crew did first class work that I really appreciate.
Gary O., Savannah, GA

The guys did a great job and cleaned up very nicely around the area.
Pat P., Savannah, GA

We are very pleased. The crew did a fine job.
Edward S., Savannah, GA

Excellent job and speedy follow up. Very professional.
Nancy M., Savannah, GA

Dan and Alex were very nice. The Wax Myrtles look great. You always do such a great job.
Anthony H., Savannah, GA

We are very pleased. Everything looks great.
Susanne M., Savannah, GA

I am so pleased. They did a great job. Especially the crew that came back the second time. They were so very sweet.
Marion M., Savannah, GA

Shannon, my Arborist, is knowledgeable and courteous. I trust his advice.
Deb S., Savannah, GA

Shannon Baughman does a great job.
Debra S., Savannah, GA

Nice team of people.
Paul H., Savannah, GA

Very professional and courteous. Bartlett not only knows about trees, they know how to deal with people.
Steven A., Savannah, GA

The cables are very well disguised. All staff is very courteous.
Max H., Savannah

Bartlett's staff and crew were very professional, showed up on time, did an excellent job, and cleaned up everything. They were very courteous and respectful. I could not be more pleased and would highly recommend them. My experience was very pleasant and will use them in the future.
Chris S., Savannah, GA

Shannon is the best. The crew came while we were away from our home but they did a fantastic job.
Eric H., Savannah, GA

Your guys worked like Trojans. Please be sure tell Shannon. I worked in customer service for years and the best thing you can give people is good customer service and you did deliver! Nick and Mike were patient, fun, and very sweet.
Kristine S., Savannah, GA

Absolutely the best of the best! The crew was first rate and the arborist knows his stuff. I will never use another tree service as long as Shannon Baughman and his crew are available.
John O., Savannah, GA

Very impressed by the good attitude of your employees.
Bruce P., Savannah, GA

The crew did a wonderful job!
Mary N., Savannah, GA

Every member of the Bartlett team was pleasant, professional, and efficient. Bartlett had their hands full in helping to resolve all the downed trees, we were treated as if we were the most important customer Bartlett had.
Robert D., Savannah, GA

We would like to thank Bartlett Tree Experts and Shannon Baughman for the great service! You have all been such a great help.
Richard O., Savannah, GA

Your team did amazing work with a very difficult job. Sad to see the tree and shade go, but glad it went without damage.
Patrick S., Savannah, GA

Shannon was a great help identifying the various plants on our property and assessing issues with insects and diseases. He was always courteous and responsive. The staff that did the treatments were friendly and thorough. We feel we received great service.
Richard D., Savannah, GA

Outstanding in all respects. Always courteous and extremely knowledgeable.
Benjamin P., Savannah, GA

Shannon Baughman is the hardest working guy in town but never fails to personally visit each site and never rushed this frazzled homeowner! I am a repeat customer and will continue my use of Bartlett services.
Claire M., Savannah, GA

The two men that were here were so professional, friendly, and gentlemanly. They did an excellent job and I can't compliment them enough.
Howard L., Savannah, GA

We are very pleased, you got here right away and cleared our driveway for us! We really appreciated that. They did a very nice job.
Kay W., Savannah, GA

We are so pleased, Shannon is the best! Make sure he knows that. The guys did an excellent job.
Richard D., Savannah, GA

Everything looks great! They did a great job and cleaned up very well.
Kristem M., Savannah, GA

The crew did such a good job! My AC guy cut our water line and it was a big mess here that day, I didn't get a chance to tell them they did a great job.
Alpa W., Savannah, GA

I am so pleased, the crew did a great job, they were wonderful, and fascinating to watch! They were kind, courteous, and very efficient! I look forward to working with Bartlett again!
Rena P., Savannah, GA

Thank you so much for doing a super job. You are the best!
Ellen S., Savannah, GA

They did a fantastic job, and they were so quick! We are both very pleased. We love giving you our business!
Jack O., Savannah, GA

They were wonderful, perfect, so careful, so nice, and very professional! Just a good group of people! They always do such a great job. Please tell Shannon how pleased we are and thank you. We are yard people and love to be outside and we tell everyone how wonderful you are!
Mrs. M., Savannah, GA

Your crew was so kind and very attentive. I couldn't be happier with the work!
Pete P., Savannah, GA

You're crew did a great job! That's why we always use Bartlett Tree Experts. We'll be back again!
Dobie G., Savannah, GA

We are so happy! They were such nice guys and they did a great job! Michael was very kind and really knows what he is doing. It looks excellent! We will call you the next time we need anything.
Walter N., Savannah, GA

The tree work looks really nice! Those boys are the sweetest things! They are so polite, they were asking me questions to make sure everything was alright. They did an excellent job!
Evelyn B., Savannah, GA

You just couldn't find a nicer group of young men! I am very pleased! They couldn't have done a better job! I just love that grinder It really got the job done! I think I pestered those sweet boys a little too much!
Martha R., Savannah, GA

Shannon Baughman is a credit to your organization. He follows up on requests and executes our desires in a very timely fashion. Keep up the good work.
Paul B., Savannah, GA

Absolutely great service from start to finish!
Sharon G., Savannah, Georgia

Always the best, from arborist, to staff, to work done!
Eric H., Savannah, GA

I always get prompt and great service from Bartlett Tree Experts. I will continue to suggest your company to my friends.
Kathleen H., Savannah, GA

"Knowledgeable, courteous, and reasonably priced. We'll never use anyone else!
Claire B., Savannah, GA

Your young men did a splendid job! They were attentive and responsive to our wishes. A friend of mine will be in touch with you soon.
Edwin C., Savannah, GA

Shannon Baughman is such a fine arborist for Bartlett Tree. He knows his business backward and forward and in addition is courteous, kind, does his job thoroughly, and completely. He communicates with his workmen so well that when they arrive to do the job, they know exactly what to do. The actual workmen who cut and prune the trees are fabulous as well. They know exactly what they are supposed to do and go about doing it quickly and efficiently. They are also willing to go the extra mile to do "add-on" jobs if requested.
Eric H., Richmond Hill, GA

Very courteous and professional!
Danny S., Savannah, GA

Shannon was extremely professional and very knowledgeable about trees. His follow through on the estimate and the contract was timely and perfect. The crew showed up when expected and did their work artfully and efficiently, and they had wonderful attitudes as well. We couldn't have been happier with the service Bartlett delivered!
Jack M., Savannah, GA

Great work from all involved! Shannon and his crew were prompt, knowledgeable, courteous, and respectful to our property. A very professional group who I will certainly use again!
Terri P., Savannah, GA

Shannon Baughman is a great wealth of information regarding the care of our property. The crew is well spoken and well mannered - which says a lot about Bartlett!
Stephanie C., Burnside Island, GA

All of the people I have dealt with at Bartlett Tree Experts have been just great! Knowledgeable, courteous, and very professional!
Tam A., Savannah, GA

OMG! Never would I have thought tree pruning could look so good! The two guys who came out this morning are the best: Friendly, courteous, hard workers, good judgment. Wow, the view is now spectacular with preserving the privacy and the natural look. Couldn't be happier! Please tell the guys for us. I'm so happy we have Bartlett taking care of us. Kudos!
John R., Tybee Island, GA

Your crew did a great job yesterday! Getting that tree cut up in three hours was pretty impressive! And they were kind enough to cut sections off of the grass so I can do turf repairs today!
Ed P., Savannah, GA

Our local representatives are so reassuring, not to mention smart and reliable. I truly appreciate them!
Helen S., Savannah, GA

We just received the 2015 Suzie Williams Award from the Savannah Tree Foundation and wanted to take a moment to thank the people behind the hard work! Bartlett Tree Experts has always provided professional service and we appreciate all that you have done. Thank you!
Mrs. G., Savannah, GA

Just wanted to let you know that your crew came yesterday and did an awesome job! They worked from about 8:00 till after 3:00 in this HOT Georgia heat (the heat index was over 100). Of course, we added on several things while they were here and they were so friendly and professional, never letting on they probably dreaded seeing one of us come out the door (I know they must have). Anyway, we would like to request, if possible, that they be "our" crew. I know they probably go to much bigger and more important jobs than ours, but if they are available, we would love to have them. They did such a great job on the trees and shrubs, and an awesome job on the cleanup. Anyway, thanks so much for taking care of our trees!
Deanna H., Richmond Hill, GA

Your team did a great job! The vines are dying off the oak in the rear just as planned! Thanks.
Neal H., Savannah, GA

Shannon Baughman and his crews are always courteous and helpful. K. Oakley, Savannah, GA

We have been using Bartlett for the three years we have been in Savannah. We appreciate Shannon Baughman's knowledge and good service. Gail S., Savannah, GA

They did a great job. Shannon came out and gave me a fair quote on removing the very high, long limbs, and cleaning up the brush that grew up and over the house. The guys who did the job were professional and efficient, did a great job safely cutting the limbs. They chipped all the brush and cleaned up the leaves and sawdust. The climber should be recognized for an amazing job. It takes guts to do that job. He was quite high up, took his time to get the largest limb cut, and worked hard at removing limbs properly so the tree would not be harmed. The guys on the ground got the heavy wood down slowly and safely. I was more than pleased at all the steps they took to ensure safety and do the job right. When they were done I was asked to walk around to be sure it was done as I wanted. I appreciated their professionalism. S. Penney, Savannah, GA

Another firm recommended removing three trees. Shannon helped me feel comfortable that he could save the two trees that had not died from the pine beetles. That meant the world to me! Thank you Shannon and Jon!! Tammie B., Savannah, GA

Another firm recommended removing three trees. Shannon helped me feel comfortable that he could save the two trees that had not died from the Pine Beetles. That meant the world to me! Thank you Shannon and John!! Tammie B., Savannah, GA

Shannon is a pleasure to deal with and all the folks are experts and keep you informed. A nice change in today's market. Roger M., Savannah, GA

Professional, quiet, neat, and clean looking. Not afraid to be alone when they come. Mr. Baughman always tells me who is coming and tries to send the same people. When I ask those who are doing the work a question, they seem to know what they are talking about and take the time to answer. Mr. Baughman represents Bartlett well and is such a gentleman. Patty P., Savannah, GA

Shannon and the crew arrived on time and were very thorough. This example, we find, is rare in this area. We thoroughly enjoyed the experience and will continue our business with this firm. I will gladly refer any friends to them. D'Lee R., Savannah, GA

Very professional from the estimate to the follow-up and the actual work. I have utilized other tree services but Bartlett is the best. Shannon and the crew were courteous and were careful in the actual work. Marcia H., Savannah, GA

Shannon was terrific, taking a lot of time on his initial visit to share information and advice on many trees and shrubs in our property, beyond the ones Bartlett was to work on. Hank B., Savannah, GA

After several years of watching our 30' high Tulip Poplar struggling (it was losing leaves starting in August, nearly bare by early October and it looked weak year round), we contacted Shannon Baughman for suggestions and help. It is now 18 months later and this year the leaves started shedding in early November, it is November 17th and the tree is in nice fall colors looking extremely healthy. Thanks to Bartlett Tree Experts we now have a healthy, vibrant tree – for a few hundred dollars it was an excellent investment! Hunter K., Savannah, GA

We continue to use Bartlett at both our home and for the entire Home Owner's Association. Excellent service and coordination. Our thanks to Shannon Baughman. Marvin B., Savannah, GA

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