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Shane Wagoner has been involved in tree care since attending and graduating from West Virginia University. After earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Forest Resources Management he began his career in arboriculture with Bartlett Tree Experts.

Shane specializes in delivering to clients the best possible solution for tree care and insect and disease programs that help trees thrive. Shane is a Certified Arborist with the International Society of Arboriculture. As an Eagle Scout, Shane spends a great deal of time enjoying the outdoors with his wife and young daughter.

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What Our Customers Are Saying About Shane Wagoner

Shane is smart and very helpful. Grady does our spraying and is always very careful. Two very good employees.
Pete Hensley, Middleburg, VA  View all testimonials for Middleburg, VA

Everyone I have met was knowledgable and courteous, All is good.
Dorothy C., Winchester, VA  View all testimonials for Winchester, VA

All staff and crew members have been knowledgeable and professional.
Joe S., Stephens City, VA  View all testimonials for Stephens City, VA

Shane is a fantastic arborist and always answers any and all of my questions. Thank you Shane.
Corrado R., Stephens Cit, VA  View all testimonials for Stephens Cit, VA

What could Bartlett have done to make the experience better?Nothing more that I can think of. Shane is wonderful to work with. He is a good communicator, keeps us informed, and arrives as promised.
J. Woods H., Upperville, VA  View all testimonials for Upperville, VA

What could Bartlett have done to make the experience better?Nothing. Very polite and professional.
Faith H., Middletown, VA  View all testimonials for Middletown, VA

What could Bartlett have done to make the experience better?: Nothing, everything was great. Comments about Arborist Representative: I met on-site with Shane Wagner. He was prompt, courteous and accomadating. He gave an overall assessment of the trees on the property and submitted a proposal that evening. I was not on hand when the work was done but more than pleased with the quality of work and condition of the property. The bulk of the wood was delivered to a non-profit that processes and delivers firewood as part of a local heating assistance program. All aspects of the project were handled in a professional and timely manner. Tremendous !!! Thanks very much.
Jim L, Winchester VA  View all testimonials for Winchester VA

What could Bartlett have done to make the experience better? Can not think of anything. My arborist was very responsive and knowledgeable. Shane explained the timeline and what the treatment will be. I could not have been more impressed.
Pam C., Uppervillle, VA  View all testimonials for Uppervillle, VA

The arborist was very knowledgeable and helpful. Even the crew member who applied the systemic chemicals was willing to discuss the application and recommendations for watering the trees following the application. Great service. I would have provided more comments, however it is going to take some time before I know that the application was successful. Service was excellent.
Dan O, Stephens, VA  View all testimonials for Stephens, VA

Very professional, friendly, and courteous team. Also vey hard working! Highly recommend Bartlett to help folks manage the health of the trees on their property!
Teri S., Clear Brook, VA  View all testimonials for Clear Brook, VA

We were actually away when the service was applied but we did notice holes around the trees where we assumed the chemicals were applied . This was our second treatment, I was here for the first one and the girl applying the chemicals was very pleasant and appeared to know exactly what she was doing.
John S., Cross Junction, VA  View all testimonials for Cross Junction, VA

I am assuming that the job was done to my satisfaction. We need to wait and see if the treatments work so time will truly tell but I have no reason to believe it would not work.
Jeff C., Lake Fredrick ,VA  View all testimonials for Lake Fredrick ,VA

Everyone was polite and did their job well. We are glad we went with Bartlett. Our son who is a certified arborist recommended Bartlett Tree Experts and we are glad we called. Job well done and their recommendations are beneficial to us. Thanks Bartlett.
Nancy F., White Post, VA  View all testimonials for White Post, VA

The Arborist was prompt and provided useful information during the visit .The tree crew did a great job and asked for my feedback before leaving the job site.
Lin W., Middleburg ,VA  View all testimonials for Middleburg ,VA

Shane is excellent. He is responsive, courteous, and competent. Thank you.
John D., Winchester,VA  View all testimonials for Winchester,VA

Shane Wagoner was very professional and responsive. All staff were efficient, extremely respectful, and courteous throughout the job.
Joy L., Boyce, VA  View all testimonials for Boyce, VA

Shane was prompt and pleasant. He seems well informed and set up a good plan for my recently planted trees. Looking forward to a good relationship.
Guy P., Lake Fredrick, VA  View all testimonials for Lake Fredrick, VA

Enjoyed working with Shane. Always very helpful.
Norris B., Middleburg VA  View all testimonials for Middleburg VA

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