Shane Wagoner, Arborist Representative at Bartlett Tree Experts, works out of the following offices:

More about Shane Wagoner

Shane Wagoner has been involved in tree care since attending and graduating from West Virginia University. After earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Forest Resources Management he began his career in arboriculture with Bartlett Tree Experts.

Shane specializes in delivering to clients the best possible solution for tree care and insect and disease programs that help trees thrive. Shane is a Certified Arborist with the International Society of Arboriculture. As an Eagle Scout, Shane spends a great deal of time enjoying the outdoors with his wife and young daughter.

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What Our Customers Are Saying About Shane Wagoner

Always good service and quick response when necessary. Friendly, thorough, and professional staff.
Bill W., Middleburg, VA

What could Bartlett have done to make the experience better?Nothing. Very polite and professional.
Faith H., Middletown, VA

Have always had good results with Bartlett and Shane W.
Jill M., Winchester, VA

What could Bartlett have done to make the experience better?: Nothing, everything was great. Comments about Arborist Representative: I met on-site with Shane Wagner. He was prompt, courteous and accomadating. He gave an overall assessment of the trees on the property and submitted a proposal that evening. I was not on hand when the work was done but more than pleased with the quality of work and condition of the property. The bulk of the wood was delivered to a non-profit that processes and delivers firewood as part of a local heating assistance program. All aspects of the project were handled in a professional and timely manner. Tremendous !!! Thanks very much.
Jim L, Winchester VA

What could Bartlett have done to make the experience better? No improvements are needed. Have been working with Bartlett for several years and have been very pleased with the prompt response and knowledgeable assessment of what is needed for the continuing care and health of my trees and shrubs. Shane has always provided information on which I can depend. Crew members have always shown up on time and equipped to get the job done. They are courteous and respective. Grounds are always left clean of all trimmings. It is a pleasure to continue working with Bartlett. I would strongly recommend their services to anyone who wants the job done and done right.
Kay F., Middletown, VA

What could Bartlett have done to make the experience better?Nothing. Perfect service. Shane Wagoner is wonderful to work with. So prompt and courteous. He is very friendly professional, and knowledgeable. All the others that have been to our property are polite friendly good workers. General Comments: Wonderful company.
Carol T., Middletown, VA

Shane Wagoner consistently demonstrated prompt correspondence with regard to inquires, scheduling, and follow ups. The entire tree removal team was polite, safe, and efficient with their tasks. They even saved three baby squirrels when their home, dead tree, had to be removed. When Bobby came back to grind stumps, he was punctual, professional, and polite. This company is doing things right. Each Bartlett employee has been professional and pleasant, brings back fond memories of when business was conducted with your word, sealed with a hand shake, when mutual respect and consideration was established from the first interaction. When they said they are going to be there, they showed up, good to their word. They have earned my loyalty and respect, they will be my only call for future service requests.
Barbara W., Winchester, VA

Shane is always responsive to my requests and the field techs are professional and courteous.
Kim S., Winchester, VA

What could Bartlett have done to make the experience better? Nothing. Professional and courteous.
Cathy P., Winchester, VA

Really appreciate that Shane takes the time to help us understand what is going on with our trees and shrubs to help them grow better.
Danielle E., Stephens City, VA

Shane is always very helpful when you talk to him. The tree crew at the end did a little more trimming that we thought would be good, so it was nice that they asked us for our comments and acted on them. Crew was very friendly and helpful.
Julius O., Winchester, VA

Shane Wagoner is always very helpful and willing to work with me. Crew members for this job were great. Very friendly, helpful, and always answers my questions. They left my place very clean.
Norris B., Middleburg, VA

What could Bartlett have done to make the experience better?Nothing. Everyone I have had interaction with has been respectful, kind, and courteous. No matter how often I call with concerns Shane has responded immediately. He will make suggestions to help our trees and shrubs and if procedures are needed how important issues should be addressed or just simply calm my worries. He listens, explains, and follows up on all work that has been completed. Never use any other company because they are the best tree experts I have ever worked with.
John C., Stephens City, VA

What could Bartlett have done to make the experience better? Can not think of anything. The guy on the ground gave me good information about the tree they were pruning. This was very helpful. Job was done well.
John C., Winchester, VA

Everything was great, please let us now when you plan to come to grind up the stumps. Thanks.
Chuck G., Winchester, VA

The Bartlett staff was knowledgeable, friendly, thorough, and efficient. I will definitely reach out to Bartlett for all of my tree care needs in the future.
Alli D., Winchester, VA

Very friendly and answers all my questions.
Jennifer M., Stephens City, VA

Everything was great. Using you guys for more services.
Shane S., Middleburg, VA

Shane and all team members we have worked with have been professional, pleasant, and helpful, no exceptions. We are enjoying healthier, fuller trees, and shrubs thanks to the Bartlett team.
Andrea K., Winchester, VA

What could Bartlett have done to make the experience better? Can not think of anything. My arborist was very responsive and knowledgeable. Shane explained the timeline and what the treatment will be. I could not have been more impressed.
Pam C., Uppervillle, VA

Bartlett Representative was friendly and very helpful in recommending work that should be done. Crew members were also friendly and very efficient in completing the task per the work order. They made the work of roping down limbs and taking down a huge tree look easy. They did not waste any time while they were at our property as had been our experience with other firms we had worked with.
James B., Winchester, VA

What could Bartlett have done to make the experience better? Nothing. Shane is always available and very professional.
Mickey C., Winchester, VA

Always very helpful and answers my questions. Thank you.
Norris B., Middleburg, VA

Shane and his associates are knowledgeable, courteous, and responsive to our needs.
Kim S., Winchester, VA

What could Bartlett have done to make the experience better? Nothing. Excellent and very professional.
Ned M., Middleburg, VA

Dogwoods look healthy now. Thank you.
Andrea M., Stephens City, VA

The arborist was very knowledgeable and helpful. Even the crew member who applied the systemic chemicals was willing to discuss the application and recommendations for watering the trees following the application. Great service. I would have provided more comments, however it is going to take some time before I know that the application was successful. Service was excellent.
Dan O, Stephens, VA

Dogwoods look healthy now. Thank you.
Andrea M., Stephens City, VA

Shane Wagoner, our Bartlett Arborist Representative, continues to provide knowledgeable, dependable information, and services for our needs. The crews who have actually done the work are always courteous, professional, and prompt. Have, and will continue to use and recommend Bartlett to others.
Kay F., Middletown, VA

Very knowledgeable, professional, and extremely nice. Happy with this company and their service.
Carol T., Middletown, VA

What could Bartlett have done to make the experience better? Very happy with it all. We have consistently had positive, pleasant, and professional interaction with Shane and the team. We received clear, concise explanations prior to each project they have done for us, three so far, I believe. Our trees are now appropriately trimmed and look dramatically better. The treatment of our Dogwood already seems to be helping it, more leaves, larger leaves. Best decision ever to call Bartlett.
Andrea K., Winchester, VA

What could Bartlett have done to make the experience better? No improvement is necessary. Everyone at Bartlett is professional and very knowledgeable. We always get great advice and great service.
Dave M., Stephens City, VA

What could Bartlett have done to make the experience better? It was great experience. Very knowledgeable and helpful.
Adam C., Winchester, VA

They did a fantastic job. Quick, clean, and hassle free.
Bryan B., Winchester, VA

What could Bartlett have done to make the experience better? Everything was fine. Always friendly, courteous, and willing to advise on best care.
Joe S., Stephens City, VA

Responsive, and knowledgeable. Good service.
Manuel J., Upperville, VA

Grady is a great crew chief, knowledgeable, and very skilled. I would trust him with future easily. Daniel trimmed our front Laurels by hand significantly by request, but somehow evened them up and made them look natural. Thank you very much.
Phyllis S., Winchester, VA

The workers, especially the foreman, were very friendly, and efficient. They let me know I can request more chips for my woods at another time, when Bartlett needs a dumping spot. They were very careful of my plantings, my bird bath, and yard ornaments.
Sallie G., Winchester, VA

What could Bartlett have done to make the experience better? They could have done the job for free, just kidding. The team arrived on time. Did the job, cleaned up and left. Everyone was knowledgeable and very professional. I am happy with the work the team did. I would definitely recommend them.
Jules B., Winchester, VA

Everything was great from first contact until completion of job.
Joan M., Winchester, VA

What could Bartlett have done to make the experience better?Perfect. We felt any questions we had were answered with great satisfaction. Very pleased.
Laura M., Stephens City, VA

I am pleased with the service. I cannot find a reason to make changes... Appreciated the patience of team in answering my questions and explaining what and how the work would be accomplished. Thank you. Very good work, I will use your services again.
Ceasar S., Winchester, VA

What could Bartlett have done to make the experience better?Nothing. Always pleased with the service Bartlett staff provides. They are very knowledgeable, efficient, and friendly. Thank you for a great job.
Barbara R., Winchester, VA

Extremely professional group of young men. Arborist was very knowledgeable. Ethan on the crew was knowledgeable and explained their process to me in detail. The day the work was performed was one of the coldest days we have had this season. These guys did a fantastic job in very cold and windy conditions. No complaints, what so ever.
Cecelia S., Winchester, VA

What could Bartlett have done to make the experience better? Great job thank you. Crew was very professional, neat and tidy. Highly recommend Bartlett Arborists to prospective clients.
Peter M., Middleburg, VA

What could Bartlett have done to make the experience better?Nothing. They saved some sick trees When I realized what I bought I called Bartlett. Served me well on the farm I moved from to go to Middleburg All efficient , professional, and nice.
Paul C., Middleburg, VA

Very professional, friendly, and courteous team. Also vey hard working! Highly recommend Bartlett to help folks manage the health of the trees on their property!
Teri S., Clear Brook, VA

Every person who has come to our home from Bartlett has been courteous and professional. They are knowledgeable about trees and shrubbery and are good to pass along tips on how we can care for our plants. I have passed their name on to friends of ours.
Phyllis M., Winchester, VA

Shane is very helpful and courteous.
Cathy P., Winchester, VA

What could Bartlett have done to make the experience better? I can not think of anything. We really appreciated their professionalism. Just that they were all very professional and really knew their business. It set them apart from other firms we have used in the past. I would always recommend your firm. Very well mannered and professional people who know what they are doing.
Gerry C., Winchester, VA

The arborist was very nice. The crew members were lovely and so polite, I was very impressed overall with everyone's professionalism.
Molly S., Middleburg, VA

What could Bartlett have done to make the experience better?Nothing, it was great. Thank you. Very polite, answered all of my questions.
Andrea M., Stephens City, VA

Thank you for the wonderful and efficient job and clean up – no evidence that you'd even been here. We will certainly recommend you.
Barbara W., Winchester, VA

What could Bartlett have done to make the experience better? Nothing. Professional, friendly, and very knowledgeable.
John C., Stephens City, VA

Shane kept us informed on the schedule. Shane was excellent in keeping us informed on our service. The crew was excellent on the day of service. When the neighbor advised of chips in his lawn the crew immediately cleaned it up. Very satisfied.
Nik T., Winchester, VA

Everything regarding our tree removal went perfectly. It was a huge old White Oak. The team is hard-working and respectful to people and our property. Shane is responsive, courteous, and honest and always willing to take a look at anything we have concerns over. What a great team you have. Thank you.
Lynn W., Winchester, VA

Everybody is very helpful and do a great job.
Norris B., Middleburg, VA

Great job all around.
Maureen D., Stephens City, VA

Great service, wonderful tree care specialists and admin staff.
Tom G., Winchester, VA

What could Bartlett have done to make the experience better?Nothing really. Grady is great.
Stephanie H., Winchester, VA

: Excellent.
Leigh M., Winchester, VA

Crew members were great to work with and worked hard all day.
Norris B., Middleburg, VA

Shane Wagoner is responsive, knowledgeable, and courteous. I am well pleased with the service he gives.
David N., Stephens City, VA

All were responsive and answered our questions in a timely manner. Responsive, professional, Respectful of our property, and in communication. Thank you so much. We appreciate the timeliness of response to our inquiries and the manner in which the work was completed. Site was left clean and care was taken not to damage structure from which tree was being removed.
Nan L., Upperville, VA

Shane is very responsive to our tree and shrub concerns and the field techs are polite and professional.
Kim S., Winchester, VA

We were actually away when the service was applied but we did notice holes around the trees where we assumed the chemicals were applied . This was our second treatment, I was here for the first one and the girl applying the chemicals was very pleasant and appeared to know exactly what she was doing.
John S., Cross Junction, VA

Our arborist, Shane Wagoner, continues to provide expert assistance to us. We value his expertise and follow his recommendations. When we call his office, his administrative assistant, Charlotte, is always helpful, courteous, and knowledgeable. It is a pleasure to work with them both. Likewise, The crew members are always professional, courteous, and always attentive to safety.. They know what they are doing and complete their work efficiently. They always leave the area clean. I trust Shane Wagoner, his administrative staff, and his crew members. They all are excellent representatives of Bartlett Tree Experts and should be recognized for their professional work. I can not imagine us using any other company.
Glenn W., Cross Junction, VA

Thank you so much to Shane and Rachael for their excellent job performance and world class customer service.
John D., Winchester, VA

Quality and professional service with Safety and affordability as number one priority.
Don B., Winchester, VA

From previous experience with Shane Wagoner, Arborist Representative, and crew members, we did not even consider having anyone else undertake this last job for us. We found everyone to be courteous and professional in completing their assignments. We were particularly impressed with the care that the crew member cutting down the Blue Spruce took in removing the tree.
Bill D., Winchester, VA

Excellent, thank you for the service.
Trevor M., Winchester, VA

Every interaction I have had with Bartlett crews and staff has actually amazed me. In today's world people whose job includes interacting with the public is most often than not rude, sloppy performance, service with an attitude a bad one, a very poor interaction. Bartlett's employees have been the exception. In every instance they have been friendly, knowledgeable, professional, and a joy to interact with.
Nancy M., Winchester, VA

Thorough. helpful. knowledgeable . Appreciate the follow up contacts and reminders of when it is time to check things or do service. Trees and bushes looking much better these days.
Marilyn H., Winchester, VA

Every crew member has always been polite and courteous. Explaining what they would do on visit. Taking time to answer questions or refer to Shane. Shane has always replied quickly and satisfactorily to problems or conditions. My trees and shrubs are responding to treatment nicely.
Sharon V., Winchester, VA

Thank you for your kind service, which I can always rely on to be expert, safe, and courteous.
Sandra B., Winchester, VA

Shane is always professional, efficient, and follows through well.
Paul C., Middleburg, VA

We are so happy with the outstanding service that is always provided by Shane Wagoner. He is always so responsive and knowledgeable. Because of his superior service, we never hesitate to recommend you to our friends and neighbors.
Craig D., Winchester, VA

About Andrew who cut and trimmed my trees. Pleasant, efficient, courteous, and helpful. Very nice man. And of course I say the exact same comments for Shane Wagoner.
Barbara G., Winchester, VA

All Bartlett staff were knowledgeable and professional in all matters relating to my tree care requirements.
Joe S., Stephens City, VA

Very professional and listen to my request with respect and completing an outstanding job. I highly recommend Bartlett.
Sue B., Winchester, VA

Shawn was great and knowledgeable.
Anabela S., Winchester, VA

Shane Wagner is very knowledgeable and helpful. I depend on him to help keep my mature trees looking their best.
Cathy P., Winchester, VA

Pleased and happy my trees are thriving.
Carol T., Middletown, VA

I appreciated the honesty of Shane and Jason in regards to the likelihood of my favorite tree, a Norway Maple, surviving. Keeping my fingers crossed the fertilization treatment may work and looking forward to working with Shane in the near future.
Donna T., Winchester, VA

Shane Wagoner is knowledgable and has always correctly identified and solved problems with our shrubs and trees. I suspect he has saved us thousands of dollars in removing and replacing diseased trees and bushes by his skills.
Richard N., Winchester, VA

Another great job using Bartlett. All the workers were friendly and answered any questions that I had. Thank you.
Norris B., Middleburg, VA

Another great job using Bartlett. All the workers were friendly and answered any questions that I had. Thank you.
Norris B., Middleburg, VA

Thank you very much, the work was done professionally and expertly. The Barlett crew are very skilled and efficient.
Sandra B., Winchester, VA

Thank you very much, the work was done professionally and expertly. As always, the Barlett crew are very skilled and efficient. With kind regards.
Sandra B., Winchester, VA

Very impressed so far with the professionalism and dedication.
Bill M., Winchester, VA

Shane and all the technicians that have done work at our property have always been very helpful and a pleasure to work with. We really appreciate the time they all take to answer questions. Thank you.
Christine I., Winchester, VA

The staff and crew were very polite and professional. It was a great experience to work with the Bartlett team.
Faith H., Middletown, VA

Very professional and always leave the job site clean. Shane is very professional and has the clients best interest in mind. Very satisfied with service and crews that perform those services.
Kent M., Winchester, VA

Great crew, friendly when the time was right, all business and safety minded all the time. No drama , could have been a difficult removal but with skill and sometimes muscle power removed a dangerous sixty five foot tree with a split in the middle up top. When they were finished it was like they never were there. The area was left clean and tidy. Worth every cent .
Ted Kobishyn, Winchester, VA

Timely responses, courteous, representatives, excellent work.
Thomas B., Stephens City, VA

Everyone I spoke with was very friendly, kind, and courteous. The Arborist, Shaun, was very helpful and knowledgeable. I have been very happy with the work so far. They cleaned up very nicely and where very professional. I am a bit surprised that the treatment for Lace Bugs was done in the winter. I will let you know if I am satisfied with the service this spring when I can tell if it helped.
Leigh M., Winchester, VA

Very professional, friendly, and reliable.
Peter G., Cross Junction, VA

Mr Wagoner was very helpful. Answered questions, was knowledgeable, polite and patient . I would recommend this company to anyone. Also the technician was also great. Can not wait till spring to see our trees in full bloom.
Fran S., Clear Brook, VA

The Bartlett crew and Arborist are very skilled perfessionals, which is much appreciated and admired. Thank you for your efficient and knowledgeable service.
Sandra B., Winchester, VA

So far, Shane has come out to see what needs to be done. He was totally professional, very helpful, and clear. We received a contract but the lion's share of the work has not been done yet. The survey required me to answer questions about whether the property was left in good condition, that I tried to leave blank, given where are the process. I would recommend changing that function on the survey. We have already recommended Bartlett and Shane a few times.
Ellen Z., Winchester, VA

Wonderful client experience. Staff was very professional and courteous. Shane did a remarkable job coordinating this effort.
Amy S., Middleburg, VA

Very conscientious young men came out to clean up our Amour Maple and Sweet Bay Magnolia. I would not hesitate to recommend Bartlett Tree Service. Shane and the crew sent were excellent.
Janet R., Winchester, VA

Shane is so very knowledgeable. Really enjoyed talking with him and learning all about the trees on our property. All of the crews were very nice and friendly. They did a great job and wasted no time.
Leigh M., Winchester, VA

I am assuming that the job was done to my satisfaction. We need to wait and see if the treatments work so time will truly tell but I have no reason to believe it would not work.
Jeff C., Lake Fredrick ,VA

Great service and crew.
Victor T., Winchester, VA

Another great job. Thank you.
Norris B., Middleburg, VA

Everyone was polite and did their job well. We are glad we went with Bartlett. Our son who is a certified arborist recommended Bartlett Tree Experts and we are glad we called. Job well done and their recommendations are beneficial to us. Thanks Bartlett.
Nancy F., White Post, VA

The Arborist was prompt and provided useful information during the visit .The tree crew did a great job and asked for my feedback before leaving the job site.
Lin W., Middleburg ,VA

The Bartlett crew is always professional and safe, which I admire and appreciate. Thanks to the well trained crew.
Sandra B., Stephens City, VA

Shane Wagoner my Bartlett Arborist Representative is always available when I call with any issues, which is very important to me. Whether it means a follow up from a past job I have questions on or about another issue, it gives me the reassurance I can get help when I have any concerns.
Vikki W., Middleburg, VA

Shane, Bobby, tree cutters, and phone personnel were all very professional.
Lee W., White Post, VA

Shane and the crew who came to do our tree work were among the most professional landscape professionals we have ever had at our property. We have a large tree in a small lot and it has needed a lot of care and maintenance over the years and the Bartlett crew were the best we have had out by far. They navigated the space in our small lot smoothly without causing damage to our or our neighbors property. They were courteous, friendly, and worked quickly, but carefully to prune and maintain our tree. I would recommend them to anyone looking to have some precision tree work done.
Jim M., Winchester, VA

Bartlett Tree Experts has always been very helpful and do a great job. Shane Wagoner is always willing to help me anytime I called him.
Norris B., Middleburg, VA

Shane is excellent. He is responsive, courteous, and competent. Thank you.
John D., Winchester,VA

Crew was very efficient. Bartlett took care of business with no problems. Shane was absolutely fantastic.
Mickey C., Winchester, VA

Shane Wagoner was very helpful and courteous. There was good communication throughout the process.
Sandy B., Stephens City, VA

Shane Wagoner has always been friendly, courteous, and helpful.
Jim H., Winchester, VA

Shane and Devon very professional and polite. Very pleased with service. Would definitely use again and I highly recommend.
Carol T., Middletown, VA

great staff and crew.
Bob T., White Post, VA

The crew was very efficient, safe, and very kind, which I much appreciate. Thank you.
Sandra B., Winchester, VA

Real nice guys. They were flexible during these difficult times. I would do business with them again.
Jesse C., Winchester, VA

Shane always responds to phone calls quickly. Thanks for looking at the Camellia and taking care of the treatment.
Melanie H., Winchester,VA

very professional and gave me a lot of helpful advice for my trees and bushes. I am very satisfied with your service.
Sharon B., Stephens City, VA

Shane has been an asset for years as we have planted over 120 trees. Incredibly responsive and professional. Thank you Shane.
Pete H., Middleburg, VA

They were great, took care of of our questions, and were respectful of our property. Will definitely use Bartlett again. Thanks for a great job.
Ken G., Stephens City, VA

All of the arborists have been very helpful, informative, and have very nice personalities. They answer all questions with an unlimited amount of knowledge. Shane has arranged for the work we agreed to have done, he answers calls right away, and responds to messages very quickly. We feel very confident that we chose Bartlett. We were able to feel comfortable with their knowledge and sense of humor.
Ron O., Winchester, VA

Everyone was courteous and knowledgeable. They communicate clearly and provide a detailed written proposal of all work and the cost so there are no misunderstandings. All work was done expertly and with precision.
Richard N., Winchester, VA

Shane Wagoner and his staff were a pleasure to work with. Shane is very knowledgeable. He provided guidance and helped us define a plan for our tree maintenance work in our yard. He coordinated efforts with the power company as well. The crew performed the work in a professional manner.
Dave S., Winchester, VA

Shane Wagoner was very professional and responsive. All staff were efficient, extremely respectful, and courteous throughout the job.
Joy L., Boyce, VA

Shane Wagoner is knowledgeable and a friendly expert arborist who is always willing to discuss how best to achieve the results we desire. Crew members respect his expertise and have done a fine job for us each time. Cleanup is an important part of each job and we are satisfied with that as well.
Richard W., Winchester, VA

Shane was excellent in reviewing our tree trimming needs. The crew that completed the work did a fine job. They were professional, knowledgeable, and courteous.
Thomas B., Winchester VA

Shane Wagoner is my Bartlett Arborist Representative and I very much appreciate his knowledge on all my tree concerns. He is attentive and responds quickly giving me the reassurance I have a tree company who will help me with any tree issue. It is comforting to know the crews that come out are educated and trained properly. The crews have been respectful and courteous. Charlotte in the office has always been quick to respond to any question I may have.
Vikki W., Middleburg, VA

I am extremely please with the work Bartlett did for me. Shane Wagoner knew just what my trees and shrubs needed and patiently waited until the weather and the season was right for working at my home. The crew pruned and trimmed a wide variety of trees and shrubs. Excellent job in cleaning up all material from the major haircut. Left my yard cleaner than when they arrived and finished by blowing small debris from sidewalk and driveway. I would definitely recommend Bartlett for tree service. So much better to deal with professionals who have the knowledge and consideration for the health of trees and shrubs and the right equipment to get the job done. I found the cost to be very reasonable.
Kay F., Middletown, VA

Shane responded quickly upon my initial inquiry for tree service. He offered a quote within a day and had the staff complete the work in timely manner. Staff services were conscientious of making sure they were leaving a satisfied customer. Left the yard in good shape.
George S., Winchester, VA

Very satisfied. Now l only use Bartlett for home, church, and cemetery.
Norris B., Middleburg, VA

Shane and his crew did an excellent job on pruning our trees. They are responsive, thorough, and courteous. Thank you.
John D., Winchester, VA

We always get great service. The crewmembers are polite, professional, experienced, and always do a great job.
Dave M., Winchester, VA

Greg and Shane have been great to deal with. Very professional, on time, and they do what they say they are going to do.
Boyer Landscape, Winchester, VA

Shane and his technicians are professional, knowledgeable, and quick to respond when I need them.
Kim S., Winchester, VA

Very polite and knowledgeable.
Mark R., Winchester, VA

Thorough, helpful, knowledgeable. Appreciate the follow up contacts and reminders of when it is time to check things or do service. Trees and bushes looking much better these days.
Marilyn H., Winchester, VA

Fine work to spray large Maple tree and trim trees in front and back of house. i am completely satisfied with the work and would surely recommend Shane and Bartlett to anyone needing tree work.
Dave S., Winchester, VA

Staff was helpful, professional, and informative.
Courtney K., Middleburg, VA

Shane is always very helpful and willing to meet when needed.
Norris B., Middleburg, VA

Shane has always been friendly and helpful. The person who treated our tree was courteous and efficient.
Jim H., Cross Junction, VA

We have a rare Elm tree and you folks did an excellent job pruning it. Sycamore trimming has increased our solar production significantly.
Steve C., Middleburg, VA

Shane was very knowledgeable and willing to answer my questions.
Tammy R., Winchester, VA

Shane Wagoner is a wonderful ambassador for Bartlett. Very responsive and fun to work with. Highly recommend calling him.
Mary H., Middleburg, VA

Shane was prompt and pleasant. He seems well informed and set up a good plan for my recently planted trees. Looking forward to a good relationship.
Guy P., Lake Fredrick, VA

All were very knowledgeable and helpful.
Cynthia P., Middleburg, VA

Shane Wagoner was very knowledgeable and did a great job on site.
Sven H., Boyce, VA

Bartlett came highly recommended and is a first class organization..
Dwight M., Winchester, VA

I appreciate Shane's advice and that he is looking out for our trees and shrubs.
John C., Winchester, VA

Good job, well done.
Audrey B., Winchester, VA

Many thanks to Shane and his crew for such prompt, reliable, expert advice, and care.
Kathleen A., Winchester, VA

Enjoyed working with Shane. Always very helpful.
Norris B., Middleburg VA

Shane Wagoner is a very smart tree scientist. The cutting crew was very skilled, impressive, and safe with their tree operations.
Sandra B., Upperville, VA

I can not thank Shane and his team enough for their excellent advice and service at my property in Upperville.
Kathleen A, Upperville, VA

I contacted Shane Wagoner early one afternoon after receiving a recommendation from my landscaper. Shane was at my home within a matter of hours. He was ready with recommendations as we discussed the problems I was having with my trees and shrubs. The next day I had a proposal in my hands for consideration. He was very knowledgeable and ready to help. He answered any questions I had concerning his services within a days time. I really appreciated is professionalism. I received my first service within the past month and I am looking forward to the results in the future for my investment. I was not at home when the treatment was completed but I received a detailed explanation of what was done by way of a "door knob" hanger. I appreciated receiving the information.
Joe S., Winchester, VA

Calmly explained delays experienced because of weather, equipment and personnel needs.
John W., Winchester, VA

Bartlett has always given me superior service. They are very knowledgeable and get the job done right the first time. I went through a period where I used another company for a better price, however you get what you pay for, they did a terrible job and the crew was a bunch of cowboys. I will always use Bartlett going forward.
K.H., Winchester, VA

We like Shane, he is knowledgeable, professional, and has provided us with excellent service. I know we can call him anytime, with questions or concerns. I know he will be honest in addressing any problems we have.
Dick D., Winchester, VA

All Bartlett personnel were professional, courteous, and efficient.
Shirley P., Winchester, VA

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