Scott Moncrieff

Scott Moncrieff

Arborist Representative

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Scott Moncrieff, Arborist Representative at Bartlett Tree Experts, works out of our San Jose, CA office.

More about Scott Moncrieff

Scott Moncrieff has over ten years of experience in the tree industry.

He is a Plant Health Care Specialist and an I.S.A. Board Certified (I.S.A. # WE-10627A). He is also certified in Tree Risk Assessment.

Growing up in the Sierra's, trees have always been a love for Scott. Scott has dedicated his career to helping and healing trees.

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What Our Customers Are Saying About Scott Moncrieff

Great customer service. Job was well done and as scheduled.
Betty S., San Jose, CA

The best. I spread the word about your skill and kindness whenever I can. My beautiful and enormously Liquid Amber is gorgeous thanks to you and all your staff.
Susan F., Santa Clara, CA

The whole team did a fantastic job. The crew were top notch and the best I have seen In many years of having tree work. Thanks for the incredible work, customer service, and professionalism.
Mike F., Campbell, CA

The work is the best I have ever had. The team was first rate, friendly, and helpful. I will no longer use my other company I have used in the past and will use your guys exclusively from now on.
Mike F., Campbell, CA

The work was really awesome. Overall the team was fantastic and we really appreciate Bartlett coming out and doing a wonderful job with our trees.
Center for S. E., San Jose, CA

Scott was incredibly thorough, thoughtful, and careful about planning the pruning. In addition, he consulted with me and provided great information about the trees and what he planned. He even came out early to make sure no car would park under the tree. Lou and his crew were friendly, efficient, careful, and very neat. They consulted with me about several of the cuts that were made. They went the extra mile to make sure the job was done well. This was the best job that has been done on my tree for the past forty years.
Jo H., San Jose, CA

Very knowledgeable and accommodating arborist. The field crew was very proficient and knew what they were doing.
Richard G., San Jose, CA

Very knowledgeable and accommodating arborist. The field crew was very proficient and knew what they were doing.
Richard G., Campbell, CA

Everyone is always friendly and courteous. We have a difficult neighbor and the crew is always extra careful when working near her property. Scott is very knowledgeable about issues with our trees and always takes the time to inform us if trimming or a treatment is needed.
Pat M., Los Altos, CA

The consultation, tree removal, and disposal were all done professionally.
Roxanne R., Cupertino, CA

Extremely happy with the job the crew did, they were very polite and my trees look great.
Tim J., San Jose, CA

We are very happy with the new look of our trees. A great job was done.
Cupertino Villas HOA, Cupertino, CA

Work was great.
Barbara J., Sunnyvale, CA

We had a mysterious tree that was huge, covered with flower pods and literally rained flowers and sap all over our driveway and cars nonstop every summer. I am pro-tree so I did not want to cut it down, but something had to be done. I had several quotes from other companies that were not only more expensive, but did not seem to have any idea of what kind of tree. Scott came out and thoroughly examined the tree, diagnosed the problem, researched the species and emailed later with a quote. They ended up coming out twice to get the service just right and charged a very fair price. I am thrilled with the quality of the job as well as the service. I will have them back for the other trees in the fall.
Robin H., Cupertino, CA

Quick, courteous, and expert. Very happy.
Martin R., Campbell, CA

Friendly crew and was willing to work with me on gaining better understanding of what is best for our lifestyle and property. We want to make our property more lively and bright while keeping the trees healthy.
Jae Y., San Jose, CA

Good job, well done.
Alice K., Campbell, CA

Good work. Professional crew. Scott was great to deal with. Our trees now look great.
Auli P., Los Altos, CA

Scott was great at assessing our needs and providing clear recommendations. The work was done by a great staff leader by Conner, who answered all our questions and walked us through what they would do and asked for input as they pruned our trees. They were careful about surrounding plants and landscape lights to ensure that nothing was broken. Truly appreciated.
Gary D., Sunnyvale, CA

The service was excellent. Scott is amazing to work with.
Bob H., San Jose, CA

Excellent as always.
Susan F., Santa Clara, CA

The guys did a great job.
Tracy G., Los Altos, CA

The team arrived timely, were professional, did the job, and cleaned up better than i expected. Highly recommended.
Mike M., Cupertino, CA

Scott and the crew did an excellent job!
Janet G., San Jose, CA

Absolutely superb service. Scott is very knowledgeable, professional, punctual.
Maria S., Los Altos, CA

Office staff and Scott are always a pleasure to work with and coordinate easily. We have had Warren and a crew member to our place twice. Warren is very knowledgeable and helpful, listens to our ideas but in the end has best interest of the tree. We really wanted to save the tree in our front yard and Warren also gave us great fixes and landscaping suggestions to help the tree prosper. Our place always looks cleaner in the end than when they began. So glad to have found your company.
Kim C., Sunnyvale, CA

From the estimate, to the completion of the job, every employee we came in contact with were professional, courteous, and did what they promised to do. We are very pleased with the outcome.
Charles S., Sunnyvale, CA

We hired Bartlett to perform a service, because we had a very good experience three years earlier. This time was no different and perhaps even better.
David B., San Jose, CA

Absolutely no complaints, you all do a very good job and I am very satisfied.
Tracey B., Los Altos, CA

Happy with the service.
Seetha S., Los Altos, CA

Very pleased with the work on the Avocado Tree.
Mary W., Cupertino, CA

Am a happy customer.
Don and Kathy H., Campbell, CA

George did two root invigorations in October. Among the things that impressed me was the technique he used to manage what could have been a very messy process. He used a portable vertical barrier to contain the spray of debris from the air spade. Also his cleanup was very thorough. The work area looks great. You probably already know this but George always does an excellent job.
Morgan H., Cupertino, CA

I though the crew did beautiful work.
Marge A., Cupertino, CA

We are very pleased with the appearance of the trees.
Burton H., San Jose, CA

Trimming was great.
Moshe P., Los Altos, CA

Crew worked phenomenally.
Stephen P., Los Altos, CA

Very happy with the work. Very polite with a great attitude.
Iris C., San Jose, CA

Great job, very pleased.
Bob M., San Jose, CA

Scott is an excellent arborist and his crew members Josh and Arturo are excellent workers. I am totally happy with their tree work. When I hear a friend or relative who needs tree work, I will definitely recommend Bartlett.
Chi-Hai L., San Jose, CA

It was fantastic.
Brian P., Campbell, CA

We are very happy with the service and have no issues.
Peter P., San Jose, CA

Definitely happy.
Kara K., Santa Clara, CA

I could not be more pleased with the work your team did.
Tammy B., San Jose, CA

Everything was done professionally and to my pleasure.
Tim B., San Jose, CA

Mike and Cynthia S., San Jose, CA

The service was very good.
Roberta H., San Jose, CA

Scott and entire crew was awesome!
John S., Los Gatos, CA

Team did a really great job!
Hather S., Los Altos, CA

Scott was great, very curtious, worked professionally. Really worked hard. Extremely happy.
Tony I., Cupertino, CA

Everything was superb, very impressed!
David S., San Jose, CA

I was so impressed with your company. Start to finish has been amazing. Everything so professional.
Sally D., Cupertino, CA

Scott was terrific and I thoroughly enjoyed working with him.
Sharon S., San Jose, CA

Job was prefect!
Erica G., Los Altos, CA

Everything looks great and the crew was very friendly and professional in completing the work as requested.
Cynthia H., San Jose, CA

Was delighted with workers. They really worked hard, very cooperative, and helpful.
Mardelle M., Milpitas, CA

The service provided was very satisfactory.
Bonnie K., Campbell, CA

Dead and broken branches were removed, the crown was thinned, and the crown spread was reduced. The tree looks great. The crew were very professional and the area was very clean when they left.
Renata B., Fremont, CA

Bartlett was great, you did a good job.
Will & Georgia K., Los Altos, CA

Wanted to let you know that Bartlett is outstanding.
Jeannine H., San Jose, CA

Staff and personal were very easy to work with, quote had good details and notes.
Minh H., San Jose, CA

Scott was extremely knowledgeable and took the time to explain what was going to be done to each tree/shrub that needed attention. George was very courteous and did a thorough job. Good teamwork!
Amy O., San Jose, CA

Your crew preformed a much needed pruning on our 60 Y/O Chinese Elms. Uriel Lopes and his crew were incredible. The trees never looked better, Scott Moncrieff gave us a competitive quote after a though on-site inspection. We wanted to thank your personnel for their professionalism, knowledge, and friendly manner. We will be a Bartlett customer from now on.
Gary P., Los Altos, CA

We are impressed with both Scott and George for their knowledge and thoroughness as the arborist and service technician, respectively. Thank you for assigning George again to the job as he was familiar with our yard from a previous visit. I want to recognize Scott for his initiative in returning to examine and prune the roots after George opened up the area. We have recommended your company, and Scott by name, to neighbors and to our gardener, who specializes in specimen trees.
Bob S., San Jose, CA

Good job, cleaned up very well. Will use Bartlett every time!
Pepper Tree Terrace HOA, Campbell, CA

I stopped by our Chasewood project today to take pictures for our grant reports and the owners happened to be home. They are very happy with the quality of the wood chips. They were originally opposed to having chips left on the property but their back yard now is positively gorgeous and bright. They gave a glowing review of their experience with Bartlett Tree Experts and said it was the best they'd ever had with a tree company. The wife said the first thing was that they came to the door and knocked, and were informed that these were the people that would be working on their property that day. She said during the day that she made lemonade for the workers. She then noted that the tree work appeared to be very professional with the workers roping in and taking down the pines a piece at a time. They were impressed with the way the fence boards were carefully removed at the start of the project and then screwed back into the posts at the end. They were also impressed with the skill of the drivers in backing the chipper down and across the slope in the back yard, without having to prune the branches of her cherished acacia tree.
SCCFC, San Jose, CA

Good interaction with the working crew during latest tree removal on our property. They were polite and considerate. Scott Moncrieff has been very professional, knowledgeable, and friendly.
Iris C., San Jose, CA

Scott is amazing for his knowledge and customer service. The crew who came out to do the work was very professional and knowledgeable as well.
Sanjana Patel, San Jose, CA

The crew was skilled, knowledgeable, very efficient as well as most considerate and respectful. The fact that each of them thanked me one or more times for giving Bartlett the opportunity to do the work speaks well for your company. They are good representatives of Bartlett Tree Company.

I feel I was treated very fairly by my Bartlett Arborist representative who offered me a price reduction to reflect that the work took one day less than was originally estimated. This is something I will remember when needing future tree work and in recommending Bartlett to my neighbors and friends.
Ted F., San Jose, CA

The entire service experience was very good. From the phone call to ask questions and schedule the appointment to the arborist coming in the pouring rain to look at our school garden. I really appreciated the advice on a program that will work with our resources and help our fruit trees.
Kim M., San Jose, CA

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