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Ryan Wilkins

Arborist Representative

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Ryan Wilkins, Arborist Representative at Bartlett Tree Experts, works out of our Charlottesville, VA office.

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Ryan is an ISA Certified Arborist and Tree Worker/Climber Specialist. He has over 16 years of experience in all aspects of arboriculture and is an Integrated Pest Management Technician. He has been at Bartlett since 2003, working as Lead Foreman of Production Crews and Safety & Training.

He is currently a member of PLA.

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What Our Customers Are Saying About Ryan Wilkins

Ryan has been working with me now for ten years and has helped me maintain healthy beautiful trees. I would never call another arborist. His knowledge has helped me make good decision on what should and should not be done on my trees. Most of the crew have been working on my trees for almost a decade and have always been great. The foreman and trainer were spot on in managing the team. Their constant attention to the guys up in the trees and guiding them thru the job. Their attention to safety is constant. Everyone works extremely well together and it is a pleasure to have them working on my yard year after year.
Drew Y., Keswick, VA

Professional and knowledgeable.
Vince P., Palmyra, VA

Ryan and his crew are fabulous. Bartlett always continues to be very professional and informative. Their work is crucial to keeping my farm looking lovely and healthy. Thank you.
Kristina A., Gordonsville, VA

So glad to have Ryan, Jake, and everyone else, too many to mention by helping me get this property back in shape. From storm damage to basic neglect by prior owners work is being done and a plan is being implemented to strengthen the health of the magnificent trees on my property.
Aubrey P., Keswick, VA

What could Bartlett have done to make the experience better?Nothing. Professional, personal, and responsible members of the Bartlett team have always done a great job for us. And if something is not as I might have expected, they are right there to take care of it. Accountability like this is almost a thing of the past in the service business. Ryan Wilkins has been a fabulous collaborator for us. He responds to our requests immediately and offers advice that is logical and focused on our needs. Bartlett is only as good as those that represent them. And from Ryan Wilkins to the incredible service personnel that take care of our trees and shrubs, we could not be happier. They have taken their business to the next level and we sincerely appreciate the care and dedication they have shown.
Trish M., Keswick, VA

Very pleased with the professionalism and courtesy of the crew as well as the expert assessment and advice from the arborist representative, who provided a clear, written cost estimate in advance and at a good price. Fast and efficient work.
Clarke C., Troy, VA

Your folks are always prompt, efficient, courteous, and a pleasure to deal with.
Duncan C., Keswick, VA

Ryan Wilkins is a trusted advisor in helping us maintain the health and appearance of the trees and plants on our property. Every person we deal with at Bartlett is professional and courteous. From the office to the people on the truck doing the fertilizer application everyone is top notch. This is the first year we have used the high pressure fertilizer process on all plants on our property. The results on our trees in only one year are very noticeable and we are excited to see how the balance of our plants respond. I am sure we will not be disappointed.
Mike S., Zion Crossroads, VA

All of the crew and Ryan the arborist are so professional and highly skilled in all the tasks that were performed. We recommend them highly as top notch taking care of any tree services required.
Terry L., Zion Crossroads, VA

Crew members were great in all respect hard working, informative, and polite.
Jack W., Scottsville, VA

Everyone involved has always been friendly and courteous. Ryan has been helpful in keeping us apprised of when the work will be done. Ryan also has presented us with reasonable estimates and opinions on what we’re trying to accomplish in our yard. The crew has always introduced themselves before starting and they listen to what I have to say. I would not hesitate to use your services again.
Jeff A., Charlottesville, VA

The office staff was nice and friendly and made a timely appointment with the Arobrist. The Arborist was prompt and knowledgeable and got back with me with a price quickly. The crew that took down the trees was excellent. They worked from the time they arrived until they left without stopping. It was amazing to see how the treeman in the bucket was able to cut down the tree with such ease.
Helen Jean Burnette, Charlottesville, VA

Great experience with Ryan, the Arborist, as well as the person who came back to do the pruning. Very impressed with their knowledge and expertise. The job was executed with care and the Bartlett team obviously takes pride in their work. We are hopeful our large Maple will recover from a girdling root that was removed. The mulch was all replaced and the site left neat and tidy. Thanks.
Laura W., Charlottesville, VA

We were Bartlett customers prior to our relocation to Zion Crossroads. We contacted Bartlett Charlottesville and were very pleased with the suggestions of Ryan Wilkins for trees on our property. I am always impressed with the knowledge and common sense Bartlett employees have.
Mike S., Zions Crossroads, VA

Always punctual, always courteous, and very nice to work with.
Duncan C., Keswick, VA

Ryan has been wonderful to work with. In fact, we are having more work planned. The workers were equally competent and commutative.
Bob M., Charlottesville, VA

5 star rating in all categories.
Joanne C., Charlottesville, VA

Ryan Wilkins was very friendly, accommodating, and professional. After a full examination of our tree, Ryan gave us a complete explanation of the problems that were evident. Ryan explained complex Arborist issues in terms we could understand. This gave us tremendous confidence in his evaluation and the professionalism of Bartlett. Per Bartlett standards Ryan was very assuring in the fact that our tree would be removed safely, completely, with the sections being stacked neatly where I requested and there would be no trace of the rest of the tree left. There was no indications on our property of anyone even being there and this was all true.
Tony D., Charlottesville, VA

Pleasant and accommodating staff, knowledgeable Arborist, tree trimmers courteous and experienced. Very satisfied with their service.
Joann M., Charlottesville, VA

Ryan was friendly and knowledgeable. He provided clear and good advice. His team carried out the job exactly as agreed and cleared up completely after themselves.
Guy B., Charlottesville, VA

Crew was great, informative, courteous, and neat.
Paul M., Charlottesville, VA

Keith and Hunter did a great job. They are really nice guys and work well together. Clean and professional.
Drew Y., Keswick, VA

Excellent, courteous, friendly, professional, extremely knowledgeable, thoughtful, and they point out places of concern. We enjoy having Bartlett to call on and depend on for spot on work.
Christine R., Charlottesville, VA

I always recommend Ryan and Bartlett Tree Experts to my friends and neighbors.
C. M., Charlottesville, VA

Great staff. I had been with an individual tree man, thinking that Bartlett would be more expensive. Boy, was I ever wrong. Thanks for great work at a reasonable price, done quickly and efficiently.
F. W., Charlottesville, VA

Great staff. I had been with an individual tree man, thinking that Bartlett would be more expensive. Boy, was I ever wrong, wrong, wrong. Thanks for great work at a reasonable price, done quickly and efficiently.
F.W., Charlottesville, VA

They were all terrific! The work crew was highly skilled, courteous and did a great job. Having Ryan come out to "check up" on things was an added bonus. We continue to be VERY impressed with the work Bartlett does. Thanks.
Ron B., Charlottesville, VA

As always, we were VERY impressed with the work done on Dec. 14th. The crew that did the work was friendly, polite, and very professional. Appreciated Ryan coming out to "check up" on things as well. On a scale of 1 - 10, the work done was a 18!! Many thanks!
R.B., Charlottesville, VA

I am a maintenance gardener and use Bartlett on all my properties. I LOOOOOVE the Bartlett crew. They have responded to emergencies promptly, even on a Sunday (that was Ryan Wilkins); the work done has been very professional and they always do a nice job leaving everything neat and tidy; they are polite and courteous and very responsive to the clients' needs; they always remember to be careful when spraying so as to not endanger my clients' children and pets; and they take very good care of the plants. I feel very comfortable recommending them to my clients. At first I always made sure I was onsite when they worked but have come to realize that I don't need to be there because they are so professional, careful, and considerate.

Thank you for creating such a good company and for having reasonable rates. It is such a comfort to me to have Bartlett do the IPM and tree work at my properties. Also, I just love your NC staff and always enjoy seeing them at the fall workshop you provide for us for FREE. Thank you for being so generous.
V.C., Charlottesville, VA

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