Ryan A. Bose

Ryan A. Bose

Assistant Local Manager & Arborist Representative

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Ryan A. Bose, Assistant Local Manager & Arborist Representative at Bartlett Tree Experts, works out of the following offices:

More about Ryan A. Bose

  • Bachelor degree from Michigan State University
  • International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) Certified Arborist # MI-3851A
  • MI Certified Commercial Pesticide Applicator
  • Caring for West Michigan Trees for over 10 years
  • Past President of West Michigan Nursery and Landscape Association

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What Our Customers Are Saying About Ryan A. Bose

You are amazing.
Edward K., Saugatuck, MI

Representative and crew members were great.
Gloria T., Holland, MI

My experience was a happy one. I appreciate the staff, arborist, and crew members. I am a Bartlett customer and will continue to be.
Joyce N., Holland, MI

Crew was very respectful. One crew member called me at work with questions which I appreciated. They were extremely neat and respectful of keeping the property clean.
Tom and Stacy, Holland, MI

First class people.
Rich, Holland, MI

Great folks. Friendly and professional. Outstanding work.
Mike and Jackie, Holland, MI

The two people that came to do the work were professional and did the work well.
Gary and Judy, Holland, MI

The crew members were very friendly and did a great job. They were careful to not get equipment on the recently poured sidewalk and driveway. They did however need to position their equipment on the newly seeded grass. However with use of many plywood boards, they were able to get their equipment on the grass with no damage. The tree had a couple large branches which needed removal and many smaller branches. Great care and attention to detail was obvious. Hopefully the previous treatment and now the trimming will help to return this tree to good health.
Glenn, Holland, MI

Always great.
Elizabeth, Holland, MI

You have exceeded our expectations. We have been very impressed with everyone we have met or talked to.
Rob and Cindy, Holland, MI

Ryan is always very helpful.
Barbara, Holland, MI

All staff were very nice to talk with. They did a fine job.
Dennis, Holland, MI

On site crew - George, Kyle, and Phoenix were great, professional, polite, did a great job, avoided damage to power lines and other trees. Ryan was very helpful suggesting solutions.
Jim, Holland, MI

Smart, friendly team. Liked working with them a lot.
Vaughn and Jan, Holland, MI

They went above and beyond to help us remove two very dangerous trees, with one being added very last minute. The entire team were extremely courteous, responsive, and helpful. They went above and beyond to make sure everything we needed removed was and were extremely adaptable and worked hard to ensure both trees were removed. Ryan was also extremely knowledgeable and helpful and we felt very supported and will use this company many many more times. Thank you.
Kerry, Macatawa, MI

One of the trees in front of our home looked like it was struggling after a major renovation of our house in 2020. It now looks like it is recovering nicely. Thanks for that.
Steve and Angeline, Holland, MI

Ryan and everyone on staff at Bartlett is knowledgeable, professional, and courteous, and explained things thoroughly.
John G., Holland, MI

Very happy with the service and performance of our Bartlett crew. The trees on our property are an asset. They are thriving under your care.
Philip and Lil, Holland, MI

Ryan is great. He saved our Hemlock trees and has pointed out other issues in our yard that we were not even aware of.
Mark H., Holland, MI

Arborist is very helpful and responds to inquiries in a timely manner. The Crew are all very courteous as well as knowledgeable. I highly recommend Bartlett for all tree care from newly planted trees to mature trees.
Jim, Saugatuck, MI

Gary B., Holland, MI

They are helpful with any questions we have.
Bob M., Holland, MI

Ryan Bose is always responsive to my concerns. The services provided are always done in a professional manner. All of my interactions with the technicians are positive. I especially appreciated Ryan's quick response to the broken branch of our large Red Oak that occurred this week. I received particularly good service from Nick yesterday. Also, Kevin was very helpful this past Monday.
Nancy, Saugatuck, MI

Lenore and Ryan are awesome. They answer my correspondence and calls so quickly, even doing so during this huge wind storm the week of Christmas in which trees were down all over West Michigan. They help me take care of my trees year-round, but I especially appreciated their help after that storm because the tree fell on my neighbor's property. I always feel like I am their only customer, though I know they are busy with many. Someone else in the office helped me during that storm too, I think her name was Alison. She was so kind, helpful, and pleasant to talk with. The team that came to take care of the tree was really efficient and when they left it looked like a tree had never been there at all. I was extremely pleased.
C. G., Holland, MI

Team showed a depth of skill. First while taking down a dead Ash tree and then while shaping and trimming several other bushes. Everything looks great. My original conversation with Ryan was good. He listened to my goals and concerns and also made some helpful suggestions for the work.
Dave, Holland, MI

Ryan Bose and his team are outstanding. So far everything we needed to be done, has been completed. We have a lot more work to do, but I am thrilled to have such a competent team working on our trees.
Robert V., Saugatuck, MI

Very knowledgeable and explained things well. Offered recommendations for future.
Don B., Grand Rapids, MI

This service has really been beneficial to our Crab Apple tree. Thank you.
William L., Saugatuck, MI

Ryan has been very helpful and knowledgeable.
Rich M., Douglas, MI

Very professional. Explained everything perfectly. Nice people. Most impressive was the fact they showed up when they said they would. Would give them five stars. Top shelf people.
Sherry N., Holland, MI

I could not have asked more of the crew who cared for the Silver Maple in the front of our home. They were expert, efficient, careful, attentive, and worked together proficiently. I was convinced throughout that they cared about the tree as well as the grounds, one another and us. I found Ryan Bose was excellent at assessing the difficulty the tree was experiencing and recommending a solution. He gave me confidence to save the tree, and I am grateful. Thank you.
Susanne D., Saugatuck, MI

Thank you for excellent work and service. I will use your services again.
Terry M., Holland, MI

My questions were answered while the crew worked at my home. I am a repeat customer. Bartlett does a lot of work in my community and people are happy with the results.
Joyce N., Holland, MI

From what I can tell so far, this company exhibits professionalism, well mannered, and informed staff, precise and well-informed quoting with the ability to kind of pick the services you would want to perform at a particular time while other projects could wait depending upon your circumstances even though my project was small they still appreciated my business and understood my concerns. I did not really compare cost to other tree services but was more interested in finding a company knowledgeable in the science of tree surgery and correct types of maintenance in order to save the existing plants. Hopefully time will tell that you pay for what you get.
Kathy W., Zeeland, MI

The men who were here were very informative and helpful. I have appreciated all my interactions with the work crews this season.
Kelly D., Zeeland, MI

Ryan Boes was knowledgeable and helpful. The proposal for work was clear and understandable. The team that did the tree trimming, led by Ethan, was wonderful. They were courteous and responsive throughout. Truly professional. Fully satisfied.
Ken E., Holland, MI

Ryan was very knowledgeable and took all the time needed to answer my questions about the trees on our property. Emma was friendly and happy to explain the boost liquid treatment she was going to apply to our Red Maple. We are very happy with the service Bartlett has provided this far.
Dave G., Holland, MI

From beginning to end, everything was perfect.
Jack and Roberts D., Saugatuck, MI

The men who were here were very informative and helpful. I have appreciated all my interactions with the work crews this season.
Kelly D., Zeeland, MI

My property has never looked better and I am not as worried about a huge limb falling on the house.
Marilyn S., Holland, MI

Outstanding service.
Steven L., Saugatuck, MI

Ryan was professional, informative, and answered my questions. Calls that I made to the office were friendly and helpful.
Susan O., Holland, MI

Ryan, Tyler and the whole crew were wonderful to work with. The results were absolutely beautiful. A nice White Pine became a gorgeous, majestic tree, and a tall Sassafras became a lovely sculpture. I am glad I listened to Ryan's suggestions.
Marsha S., Fennville, MI

They where polite, and concerned about the plants in the pots that they did not get damaged.
Gary B., Zeeland, MI

They were helpful, friendly, and made sure we were satisfied.
Jack B., Holland, MI

A tough tree removal. Bartlett crew was excellent, well trained,and very safety conscience. Thumbs Up.
Scott W., Holland, MI

Our Holly shrubs have never looked better. We thought we were going to lose two of them, but now they are back and growing. Thank you.
Paul Z., Holland, MI

Everyone from Bartlett has been friendly and knowledgeable. The tree removal crew did an expert job and the result looks great. Emma did research on the pesticides used for the Arborvitae trees to inform my wife that the small stinging ants will be gone. This made our pool season better than ever. We were impressed by the professional service received by Bartlett and plan to refer friends and neighbors as they need your services.
Rob L., Zeeland, MI

Awesome crew. Wonderful job.
Del W., Holland, MI

We appreciate the great communication between our household, Lenore, and Ryan, especially, given the always changing difficulties around COVID. Crossing our fingers that the treatment saves our line of trees.
Ronna A., Douglas, MI

Great Service and we appreciated the steps taken to exercise safety during the work procedure.
Mike K., Douglas, MI

Great company, very impressed. Provides a level of comfort that they really know what they are doing.
Marilyn S., Holland, MI

The neighbors were impressed with the good job your workers did.
Gayle R., Holland, MI

Very pleased with the service we received. Would highly recommend Bartlett to anyone.
Nathan W., Zeeland, MI

Everyone from Lenore to Ryan to the crews has been courteous, friendly, and knowledgeable. We have been extremely pleased with Bartlett.
Bill G., Holland, MI

Ryan is a great guy to work with. Everyone was courteous, mindful of the property, and efficient.
Nancy R., Holland, MI

I am completely satisfied and would not consider obtaining my tree service from any other source.
Jerry R., Holland, MI

Your staff was amazing. Thorough, efficient, and neat. They all used their protective gear the whole time and communicated to each other throughout. It would be our pleasure to hire Bartlett again.
Shannon S., Holland, MI

Courteous and professional crew. Nice young men.
Robert D., Holland, MI

I have a lot of confidence in Ryan Bose and appreciate his knowledge and advice. The crew members were professional, friendly, and did a great job. They checked with me before, during, and afterwards making sure all was going as planned.
Marlene V., Holland, MI

Our Arborist was very professional and the crew that did our work was also very professional and great to work with. Will call again when I have a need and would recommend Bartlett to friends and neighbors.
Glenn H., Holland, MI

So very professional, yet take their time to give personal service. Very happy with your company. Have told many others about your services and excellent work. They really are experts in tree care. I appreciate the philosophy of protecting and preserving rather than just removing ailing trees.
Marilyn S., Holland, MI

Ryan was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. We were overwhelmed with the depth of services provided, but were pleased to see them broken down into separate options from which we could choose. When I called to find out what time the members would be here, the person on the phone helped me understand approximately when they would arrive. She was very nice. The service members who arrived at our home were very friendly and courteous. We are extremely happy with the service provided and are looking forward to having you back in the near future.
Jackie S., Holland, MI

Bartlett did a fantastic job on tree removal and stump grinding. We had a small tree and bush next to our house removed. We were on vacation while the service was performed. When we returned, you never would have known the tree and bush had ever been there. Very nicely done. No mess was left. The work had been done in a mulch area. Even the mulch had been raked back into place. We had a dead sapling in our back yard removed also. The crew took the time placing the sod back in place. I had a difficult time finding where it was. I would definitely recommend Bartlett for your tree removal needs.
Jay P., Zeeland, MI

Everyone has been professional and courteous . Wanda is a credit to Bartlett, along with Ryan. Dan came out to grind a few stumps, again professional and courteous.
Claudette F., Grand Rapids, MI

Ryan was great. Very professional and knowledgeable.
Jill W., Holland, MI

Ryan is a great help to us regarding tree maintenance and fertilizer.
Jim M., Saugatuck, MI

We receive many positive comments from co- owners about the positive effect of your service. Your staff is kind and present well.
Don, Holland, MI

Excellent information regarding tree problems. Technician was courteous and explained the treatment well.
Jeanne M., Saugatuck, MI

Ryan and the whole crew were very professional and thorough. They clearly know a lot about trees and have great customer service. Both of which is exactly what I appreciate.
Jill W., Fennville, MI

Ryan Bose has done a great job putting a plan together for our trees and is always responsive when we have questions.
Tim R., Grand Rapids, MI

I was impressed by the depth of knowledge of Ryan Bose. I really appreciated him taking the time to answer all my questions and explain things to me in terms I could understand. I was very impressed by how neat the crew left my yard. I had zero clean up afterward, which has not been the case with tree services I have used in the past.
Cheyenne G., Holland, MI

I used Bartlett on all of my homes for service, I am now in a condo, but I recommend them for all of my clients. They successfully protected trees when clearing a site for new builds and most recently removed trees, trimmed, and treated for insects for a client in Lake Michigan.
William S., West Olive, MI

Ryan Bose is very knowledgeable and helpful in advising proper removal for thinning, trimming, and general care of trees and bushes. Office staff is very efficient in handling billing and payment over the phone. No tree deaths since using Bartlett, problems caught at an early stage and resolved.
Pat D., Saugatuck, MI

I was impressed by the professional manner in which Ryan did the initial assessment of our problems. I only interfaced with one of the teams doing work at our house and they were very friendly and willing to stop and explain what they were doing. And their pace of work was impressive.
Jeff P., Holland, MI

Ryan does a great job answering questions and responding in a timely fashion. He appreciates the concerns I have over the health of our trees. It gives me more peace of mind to get an expert opinion.
Angelo M., West Olive, MI

Ryan Bose was very professional and educational in his approach which was appreciated. Crew did exactly what was expected and my home is in much better shape.
Terry S., Holland, MI

The crew who did the trimming on my trees this summer were absolutely awesome. Professional, courteous, careful, and most of all seemed to love doing the work, and they were working on some pretty gnarly trees.
B. H., Bloomingdale, MI

Bartlett has made three visits and each time they are on time and very through. While removing the designated trees they worked safely and very efficiently. We recommended Bartlett to our neighbor and she to has been very pleased. Bartlett is the best.
Rich F., Fennville, MI

Ryan is always responsive and helpful. When we've talked to crew members they have always been very professional and inspire confidence.
Linda C., Holland, MI

Always prompt, professional, and great to work with. Keep up the good work!
Melissa M., Grand Haven, MI

I was impressed by the tree crew that did the work at my house. When they were done it was like they were never there! They were very courteous and swift.
Linda D., Grand Rapids, MI

The Arborist that came to estimate the work, Ryan Bose, was clearly very knowledgeable. I very much appreciated his assessment of the health of our tree. The crewmember that did the field work was very careful, professional; and thorough. The fellow (Andrew) that did the liquid fertilizer application this morning (10/17) was also very careful, professional, and thorough. In general I was very pleased with all aspects of the work performed at our residence.
Bruce, Grand Rapids, MI

Your company did a fantastic job removing all of our trees even though the harsh weather made the job brutal. It is definitely worth the higher price to get a professional company to do the work. Mike (along with Ryan) and his team were very professional in their work, communication with us, and protecting the neighbors yard from damage! If you ever need a recommendation about your company, please let me know.
Robert R., Grand Rapids, MI

Ryan Bose is our Arborist Rep and he is excellent! I always got prompt return calls and he was very patient and knowledgeable answering all of my questions. After my last appointment was made, I was able to e-mail Ryan another concern I had and received a confirmation from him during his time off. All of the staff were very courteous and kept me up to date on when service was to be performed. I marked N/A for the crew as we were not there when they came, but they cleaned everything up nicely.
Laura M., Fennville, MI

Ryan and the trimmers who came to our home were knowledgeable, thoughtful, and patient. Also, they were willing to help us know more about our trees and how to keep trees healthy. A very useful and satisfactory experience.
Jim H., Norton Shores, MI

Ryan is very good at keeping the customer informed and answering emails quickly. Staff did wonderful work and very courteous.
Nancy H., West Olive, MI

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