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Rod Mann

Arborist Representative

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Rod Mann, Arborist Representative at Bartlett Tree Experts, works out of our Pasadena, CA office.

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Employed by Finch Tree since 1974, Rod Mann literally started on the ground level. His experience working from the ground up have served him well in understanding the safety and health of trees and plants. He has been a certified arborist since 1997 and has a vast wealth of field experience. His enthusiasm for the care of trees remains undiminished and in fact, has only increased since Finch Tree because a division of Bartlett Tree Experts in October 2013. Rod says, "I am honored to be entrusted with the care of your trees."

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What Our Customers Are Saying About Rod Mann

I always appreciate Rod Mann's assessment of my lone tree in my small patio. I have worked with Rod for over twenty years, starting at my previous property that presented the challenge of a number of trees, some property-line issues, steep hillside etc. The huge corporate structure brought with Bartlett when it "took over" Finch changed details of office interaction, etc., but I am glad still to be able to talk with Rod and set up appointments with the Bartlett workers.
Brenda R, Pasadena,CA

Appreciated the staff's professionalism.
Boualem B., Pasadena, CA

Rod is the best.
Terry L., Pasadena, CA

Rod Mann walked us around our property and knew every tree, what needed trimming, and explained everything to us. Rod's expertise made us feel comfortable hiring Bartlett.
Patty L., Pasadena, CA

Ryan is always helpful and friendly. Rod Mann seems to stay up to date on the scheduling, trimming, and treatment of all trees and vegetation on the property. Camellia treatment seems to be helping and the roses have been excellent.
Annie S., Pasadena, CA

Ryan is always helpful and friendly. Rod Mann our consultant, seems to stay up to date on the scheduling of trimming and treatment of all trees and vegetation on the property. Camellia treatment seems to be helping and the roses, this season, have been excellent.
Annie S., Pasadena, CA

Bartlett and Rod Mann are always reliable and very knowledgeable.
Bill S., Pasadena, CA

Having worked with other providers between 2009 and 2016, I can say with 100% certainty that Rod and Danny are the best in the business. These gentlemen are the real deal. They are personally invested in providing excellent client service from start to finish. Since our HOA started working with Rod and Danny in 2016, our trees have not only survived but flourished at a time when many communities have lost countless trees due to drought and disease. In fact, the City of South Pasadena, also known as "Tree City USA", recently cut down four mature California Sycamores that were affected by the Polyphagous Shot Hole Borer. We have thirty one trees that were similarly affected, but Rod Mann knew of an experimental treatment and the only treatment that might save the trees. He recommended we try it, and he was right. These trees are doing very well, as are our other trees thanks to Rod and Danny.
Donna D., Pasadena, CA

Rod Mann and his crew did a fantastic job properly trimming several of the Oaks around our house, as well as a small grove of Acacias and a very tall hedge of Podocarpus. During the three day job the crew was very professional and cleaned up debris at the end of each day. I recommend Rod Mann very highly and will plan to use his services in the future.
Richard P., Los Angeles, CA

Superb job. Artistic work. Thank you.
Sandra K. , Pasadena, CA

Rod was efficient, flexible, and helped us to navigate the city rules regarding tree removal. The work was done as promised with a minimum of disruption to our Association. I would highly recommend Bartlett for any kind of tree work.
Queenie T., South Pasadena, CA

Rod is the best. We would not have anyone else touch our OakTree.
Douglas C. , La Cañada Flintridge, CA

Rod was terrific.
Rocco V., Los Angeles, CA

In 2016 we began a search for a certified arborist to help us manage the trees on our homeowners association property. Our townhome complex was constructed in 1975 and we have 130 mature trees on the property, including pine, oak, sycamore, liquid amber, and eucalyptus trees. Many of these trees are protected by law and require permits to trim or remove. I received a referral to Bartlett and when I met with Rod Mann it was immediately clear that he was the best choice. He was patient, responsive, and able to work within our budget constraints at that time. Rod established a trimming schedule for us that spans all four seasons, something we desperately needed. Prior to working with Rod and Bartlett, the trees were trimmed annually or semi-annually, and selection was determined by whatever trees looked like they should be trimmed according to the tree trimming service available at that time. It was not an optimal process for the trees or the HOA budget. Rod Mann and his crews are so much more, true tree experts. I have watched the crews trimming 60 foot trees and I am in awe of their skill and the care they display for the trees and the surrounding property. I have also witnessed their superior safety practices and realize our prior vendors were not sufficiently knowledgeable on safety or proper trimming techniques. Danny and Emilio are excellent crew supervisors, the crew dives in and they do not waste time. Each person knows his role for the day, and they watch out for each other and work very well together, a true team. Rod Mann and his crews have also responded to several emergency situations on our property (broken, dangling tree limbs) with a shared sense of urgency. I recently discovered that Rod has stopped by a few times to check on our trees when he was in the area, and we are impressed and grateful for his superior level of service and commitment to our HOA and our trees.
Donna D., South Pasadena, CA

Rod is great, the trees look beautiful, and his crew did a wonderful job!
J.S., Los Angeles, CA

Rod is fantastic and his team is the best!
Cathy M., Los Angeles, CA

I appreciate Rod Mann's informed but practical answers to my tree questions.
Steve R., South Pasadena, CA

The crew did a terrific job! I watched from poolside at their artistry, their teamwork, and their quick and efficient job of taking off some really heavy stuff. I think the tree is quite happy, and so are we!
Julie R., Alhambra, CA

Rod Mann was great as usual. Wouldn't think of working with anyone but him!
Cynthia K., Pasadena, CA

Rod and the crew did a fantastic job on the Bamboo clean up, It was a lot of hard work.
Denise T., South Pasadena, CA

We appreciate Rod Mann's honesty, integrity, and knowledge. He tells us when we should trim and when we should not, which we respect.
Alan L., La Cañada Flintridge, CA

Rod Mann is always helpful and explains the work that needs to be done thoroughly. The crew is professional, kind, and cleans up well. It's always a pleasure to have Rod and his crew work on the trees!
Terry V., Long Beach, CA

I couldn't be happier with the work done at my home. The crew was very professional, cleaned up after themselves beautifully, and the wildflowers under the tree were undamaged (despite all the pruning done over and around them). I loved working with you guys.
Chris B., South Pasadena, CA

Rod was particularly helpful in going over the possible tasks with me and explaining my options.
Kenneth G., Pasadena, CA

Rod Mann and the crews that come with him are top notch. I have a difficult situation with a neighbor, and Rod has come to my aid countless times over the years in protecting my trees. He seems like part of my family. Thank you for helping me protect my trees and peace of mind.
Cathy T., Eagle Rock, CA

We love the outcome of the pruned tree. Thank you so very much for always wonderful work. Rod and his crew are very good to work with. Exceptionally good.
Barbara M., Glendale, CA

These guys are great! Rod is always informative and patient with our questions. His guys are efficient and professional. They actually left the work site cleaner than when they got here! We will use them again.
Terry L., Pasadena, CA

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