Robert L. Longe

Robert L. Longe

Board Certified Master Arborist

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Robert L. Longe, Board Certified Master Arborist at Bartlett Tree Experts, works out of our Charleston, SC office.

More about Robert L. Longe

Bob Longe is a graduate of the Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources at the University of Georgia. He is also an ISA Board Certified Master Arborist and TCIA Certified Treecare Safety Professional, the highest professional certifications in the industry. He began his career in arboriculture with Bartlett Tree Experts in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia in 2002. Now in the Charleston office, Bob develops and manages tree and shrub health care programs for his clients in the SC Lowcountry. He specializes in developing soil management plans, diagnosing pests of woody plants, and prescribing insect and disease treatments.

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What Our Customers Are Saying About Robert L. Longe

Bob Longe is the absolute tree expert in this town. We are fortunate that he looks after our trees. He has covered our account for almost ten years.
Diane H., Charleston, SC

This is our first experience with Bartlett and we are very pleased. The process was easy and the results are great.
William A., Charleston, SC

Your company seems to treat your staff well because year after year I see the same folks which is nice because as I drive through the city during the year and see your trucks, I wave to your drivers because I recognize them. That is a nice familiar feeling, something that is not experienced much these days in business. Our Arborist feels like an old friend. Wonderful team of people.
Stephanie S., Charleston, SC

As usual, I am very pleased with the service and care provided by Bartlett.
Kevin V., Daniel Island, SC

The staff and crew are always eager to explain what needs to be done and why. Very courteous and knowledgeable.
Kevin V., Daniel Island, SC

Bob Longe and team did a great job as usual.
Tom M., Charleston, SC

Bob Longe has been exceptionally caring and helpful with several projects that I have had done in the past couple years. He combines concern and expertise that gives me full confidence in BTS workers. The various teams that have worked here have shown exceptional readiness to perform the tasks and have left the property fully cleared of debris. Excellent work. I have found each team member to be exemplary and personable as well as efficient and effective.
David B., Charleston, SC

They are always so kind, professional,and do a great job.
Jill H., Daniel Island, SC

Robert Longe always remembers to ask if we need help. So Appreciated.
Cynthia C., Charleston, SC

Am a big fan of Bob. He listens well and translates the work into action. The crew that shows up is incredibly courteous, efficient, and does a tremendous job in their work.
Margaret S., Daniel Island, SC

Bob Longe has been A+ in every respect. We appreciate your services.
Carl R., Daniel Island, SC

Everyone was very responsive and professional. They absolutely knew their business and what was best for the trees. Easy to work with and definitely worth the money. Great experience.
Matt G., Daniel Island, SC

Very professional service, from evaluating our tree to scheduling, trimming and cleanup. Staff was great at communicating and very courteous on site.
Kathleen F., Charleston, SC

Very professional company. They are genuinely interested in doing their best for you. It is nice to also see the same faces year after year which suggests that their associates are happy working for this company. This translates to good service.
Stephanie S., Charleston, SC

Benji Varner does a nice job. He also calls ahead so I know when to expect him. Bob Longe is good also. Thank you.
Debbie R., Daniel Island, SC

Always very much appreciate and trust Bob Longe’s professional opinions and guidance. We have been using Bartlett for years and always highly recommend to friends and neighbors.
Sophie R., Daniel Island, SC

Bob Longe is fantastic,knowledgeable, thorough, and friendly. I am completely satisfied.
Franklin M , Charleston, SC

Great Experience. Crew was great, price was fair, job was well-done, and they left the area nicely cleaned up.
Tom P., Daniel Island, SC

I appreciate that you returned to trim the palm to my satisfaction. Bartlett is very professional.
Jack W., Daniel Island, SC

Not only was the pruning of my Winged Elm and removal of my Ligustrum done respectfully and professionally, but all Bartlett employees were polite.
Normandie U., Charleston, SC

I will certainly call Bartlett next time I need help with my trees. I appreciated Bob Longe’s help and advice. He is friendly and knowledgeable.
Sara B., Daniel Island, SC

Bob is great.
Doug S., Daniel Island, SC

Crew was prompt and courteous. They did a great job removing a tree and protecting the existing structures.
Rich F., Daniel Island, SC

Bob Longe is very service oriented, goes above and beyond, and responds quickly.
Vickie H., Daniel Island, SC

We have been very happy with the service Bob Longe and his crew have provided.
Debbie O., Daniel Island, SC

Bob Longe is very well informed about diseases and pests that infect my yard.
A. B. L., Daniel Island, SC

We have dealt with supposed tree experts in the past only to be left wanting. Dealing with Bartlett has been stress free, trees have been removed, others have been pruned, all with minimal or no impact to the surrounding gardens. Everything discussed with Bob Longe has been achieved and at a very fair price.
Marie S., Daniel Island, SC

Your guys did a really good job. They were professional, friendly, and very diligent. We appreciate the work they did.
Virginia S, Charleston, SC

Bob Longe is knowledgeable, courteous, kind, and patient. We appreciate him very much.
Linda O., Daniel Island, SC

There was an issue during the tree removal that was out of the control of the crew. Bob Longe communicated about it and followed up. We highly recommend Bartlett.
Vickie H., Daniel Island, SC

Dealing with Bob and Bartlett was a true pleasure. They were responsive, professional, and competitively priced. I would highly recommend Bartlett for future work.
Bob D., Daniel Island, SC

Your crew is wonderful to work with. They did a great job from Bob Longe to the guys who do the sweeping up. Thanks.
Rhetta M., Charleston, SC

The guy trimming the big yew was most patient as we kept asking him to trim branches that we thought might drop berries on our property.
Gay C., Charleston, SC

The Charleston office staff are all really good people. They know their stuff, are friendly, and take time to explain what is going on with my property. I am very happy with my service.
Kevin V., Daniel Island, SC

The crew was awesome. Very informed and truly seemed to enjoy their work. I look forward to working with them again next year.
Stephanie S., Charleston, SC

Bartlett always does a very professional job on our yard.
Jennifer R., Daniel Island, SC

The trees look great. I appreciate the attention to detail and this kind follow up call. Great doing business with you.
Troy H., Daniel Island, SC

I am very happy with the work that your team did as well as their professionalism. They exceeded my expectations and removed the debris making my yard cleaner than before they arrived. I have been a customer for a few years now and continue to recommend your services to friends and colleagues that ask. Thanks again for another job well done.
Michael G., Daniel Island, SC

I could not be more pleased. Everyone did exactly what they said they would do when they said they would do it. Everyone was very nice, polite, and professional. I really appreciate it.
Sue S., Charleston, SC

 I just wanted to tell you how professional and efficient your crew is. You are lucky to have such a good group of men working for you.
Susan J., Huger, SC

Thank you to Robert Longe for his advice and excellent service. My Grand Oak and Crepe Myrtles have never looked better. I know I am in good hands for all of my tree care needs.
Jim T., Charleston, SC

I am completely satisfied with the work performed on my Grand Oak tree. The tree looks great. Bob Longe kept me informed of what was needed. I appreciate his recommendations and his professionalism.
Jim T., Charleston, SC

We are very satisfied with every Bartlett touchpoint. The crews are always highly professional. Our representative is a good guy, someone we trust unequivocally. Bartlett is proof-positive that you get what you pay for.
Bill B., Daniel Island, SC

Bob Longe was very friendly, knowledgeable, and the price was reasonable. I have already recommended Bob to others.
Terry J., Daniel Island, SC

I am very happy. The workmen were very polite and respectful. I appreciate all their hard work.
Susan P., Charleston, SC

I met Bob Longe when I first called Bartlett in 2005. Since our first meeting, Bob has gone above and beyond to take care of my nearly sixty trees and one hundred shrubs. All companies wish they had folks like Bob working for them and I am extremely happy he works for Bartlett.
Greg Y., Daniel Island, SC

We are very pleased with the tree removal. The crew was polite and did a a great job.
Bass H., Mount Pleasant, SC

The crew and Bob were amazing. Bob surpasses my expectations in delivering the best service for this property. He is a tremendous asset to your team. His crew was on time and polite during the entire project. Thank you for everything.
Caroline P., Charleston, SC

The crew did a great job. They were very nice to work with and cleaned up so well that you would never know that they were here.
Erika H., Charleston, SC

Bob Longe is knowledgeable about tree and shrub health, the go-to guy in this neighborhood for plant problems.
Diane H., Charleston, SC

Bob Longe is a highly professional guy who is a very nice person. My wife and I have great confidence in him and his staff.
Stuart D., Charleston, SC

Bob Longe is our Bartlett Arborist and has done a great job. He is always knowledgeable, courteous, on time, and is truly concerned for our trees. After the hurricane he had a crew at our house the next day to deal with the damage. I know you were very busy.
Jim I., Daniel Island, SC

Bob and his crew are the very best. Response time was amazing. Easy to work with and a pleasure. Thank you for helping us after hurricane Matthew. I will continue to recommend Bartlett to my community of friends and coworkers.
Martin M., Goose Creek, SC

We were very happy with your crew, who were on time, friendly, and professional. And we are also very happy with the work. We will certainly refer others to you.
Susan K., Daniel Island, SC

They did a wonderful job! We so appreciate it.
Janelle O., Charleston, SC

Highly professional, they do what they say, they will do it when they say they will do it.
Bill B., Daniel Island, SC

Highly professional, good equipment, worth the money.
Bill B., Charleston, SC

Your team is great. Bob Longe is professional and always helpful. And your crews are exceptional. Unfailingly polite and efficient&also professional. It may not be the least expensive choice, but it's by far the best.
Bill B., Daniel Island, SC

Bob, your crew was absolutely fantastic today! They did a beautiful job with the trees and cleaned up perfectly after themselves. They even moved my ceramic "yard art" and my pink flamingo out from under their work area and replaced it. I just don't think anybody in town could've possibly done a better job. You all certainly have earned a restful, cooling weekend! Many thanks!
Chris C., Charleston, SC

Mr. Longe has been great, our landscaping is already looking better just a month or two after starting with treatments. We appreciate all he and his team have done.
Eric J., Charleston, SC

I am so impressed! Everyone did exactly what they said they would - and more! From sales through service, it was an unexpected pleasant experience&The trees were pruned to allow more light through, safety during storms (no overhangs), and freed a beautiful holly tree that was being strangled, as well as maintaining the integrity of the tree/health. Everyone has been exceptional, even fun to work with. Can't say that about ANY [other] tree service I've known!
Leslie L., North Charleston, SC

We are always very impressed with the service, responsiveness, and professionalism of Bob Longe and his crew. He is a pleasure to do business with!
Sue S., Charleston, SC

Bob Longe was very professional and courteous. He gave excellent advice and supervised tree trimming and cleanup while I was at work. Great job! Thank you!
Karen S., Mount Pleasant, SC

Great job. My trees look great and the fertilization was sorely needed.
E. Golden, Charleston, SC

Always so polite on phone or email. Crew was wonderful! You always take care of your customers. Love the advice for the garden and it is flourishing now with needed sun light! Thanks.
S. Bridwell, Charleston, SC

Bob Longe has been invaluable to us. His professionalism instills confidence, and his commitment to customer service and satisfaction keeps us calling Bartlett.
Danny M., Mount Pleasant, SC

I was completely satisfied with Bob Longe and the crew member who serviced our crape myrtle. On a scale of 1 to 10 (with 10 being the highest rating) they both get an 11!!! They both took the time to answer my many questions. I definitely want to get on a year round program with them.
Peggy L., Hanahan, SC

Bob has done an outstanding job getting our trees and shrubs healthy. They all look happy. We went through through two other companies that were unable to control our pests or fungi/disease before Bartlett solved our problems. As for tree trimming, I'm always happier when a service goes above-and-beyond and not just to-bid.
James P., Daniel Island, SC

Robert Longe has been working with me for years and has helped tremendously in the development of my gardens. He is interested and always courteous and professional. His tree crew members are awesome and never leave any mess for me to clear away.
Lydia D., Daniel Island, SC

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