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Riley Smith

Arborist Representative

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Riley Smith, Arborist Representative at Bartlett Tree Experts, works out of our Gaithersburg, MD office.

More about Riley Smith

Riley Smith was born in Washington, D.C. and was raised in the surrounding suburbs. His love for the outdoors was stoked at an early age during numerous outings with his family camping, back country hiking, and during adventurous canoe trips navigating many of Maryland's waterways. He spent three years of his childhood living overseas in Japan. His adventures didn't stop there. His family continued their exploration and climbed Mt. Fuji. This collection of life experiences led him to attend the University of TN where he obtained a BS in Forestry Wildlife and Fisheries Science. There, he gained a deeper understanding of the natural world around him. Upon graduation, he took a position with Maryland Dept. of Natural Resources as a watershed forester and rose to the ranks of Forestry Coordinator for the Chesapeake Bay. To broaden his knowledge of trees in the urban environment, he decided to branch out into the arboricultural world. Today, Riley is a Certified Arborist Representative. He is a licensed tree expert, ISA Certified Arborist, Qualified Tree Risk Assessor, and Plant Health Care Specialist. He and his wife of 19 years enjoy spending quality time with the two kids broadening their curiosity and wonders of the natural world around them.

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What Our Customers Are Saying About Riley Smith

Riley Smith is the best. Riley worked within our budget.
Frank G., Kensington, MD

Riley Smith is the best. Riley worked within our budget.
Frank G., Kensington, MD

Professional staff, nothing to improve on from what I have experienced from staff. Riley is an excellent arborist and is easy to get in touch with. Our Dogwood has never looked better.
Jeanine K., Rockville, MD

Riley is excellent, professional, and knowledgeable. I love my trees and he helps me tremendously. The crew is great as well. Thank you.
Lorna S., Rockville, MD

Everything was great. Really appreciate how responsive Riley was with all my changes to the plan. Also, Hector and his crew were very professional, courteous, and kind. Felt like everyone really valued my big old Maple.
Marie K., Kensington, MD

Riley Smith continues to provide excellent care for our trees and shrubs. We are particularly pleased with his care of a Willow Oak in our front yard, which appears to have responded well to his treatment plan. Similarly, his tech, Miguel, is very polite and responds to all our questions about the treatments he applies to our trees and shrubs.
William B., Kensington, MD

The crew arrived and were in and out. Our designated arborist, Riley, is incredibly knowledgeable, and helpful. Will definitely contact Bartlett again for services in the future.
Theresa C., Rockville, MD

I have been a client of Riley Smith’s since 1990 His depth of knowledge and personal integrity are worthy of special recognition from the company.
Carol M., Kensington, MD

Riley has always been extremely helpful. Staff is always courteous, professional, and explains what they will be doing.
Kathy S., Kensington, MD

Riley and the crew are wonderful, professional, on time, and boy are they good at what they do. Amazing to watch the care that is taken with these trees. Thank you.
Diane S., Derwood, MD

We were appreciative that mats were used to protect our lawn from the lift tracks on the day the trees were cut down. Very professional, and explained everything fully. Emails were answered promptly. Crew was on time and cleaned debris from yard. They were safety conscious and efficient. We will definitely utilize Bartlett tree service if we have any additional work.
Peggy M., Rockville, MD

You all were great. Riley was really helpful in explaining things to me, and the guys were very accommodating in cutting wood for me.
Jim Z., Rockville, MD

Hector, Sergio, and Miguel did fantastic work. We appreciated how conscientious they are about the work and how respectful they were with our property and that of our neighbors. Riley was great to work with as usual, and handled scheduling with ease.
Sean F., Derwood, MD

Riley is excellent. We trust him completely with our tree care. He is always responsive to our next questions, knowledgeable in his answers, and thoughtful in all of our interactions.
Terri W., Kensington, MD

Riley is great to work with and the crew does a great job.
Brett J., Kensington, MD

We have been concerned about the health of a large Willow Oak that was planted in our front yard last year, and Riley Smith has been extremely helpful in treating the tree to ensure that it survives. We are very appreciative of the help he as provided to us.
William B., Kensington, MD

Everyone I encountered was knowledgeable and helpful.
Michelle M., Rockville, MD

I was under the impression that the tree treatment would happen sooner than it did, but satisfied when technician did come.
Sidney H., Rockville, MD

Questions: Was the job done to your satisfaction? Yes. Was the job site left neat and clean? Yes. Was your experience with our Administrative Staff friendly, efficient, and helpful? Yes. Were you treated courteously by our crew? Yes.
Monica C., Rockville, MD

Questions: Was the job done to your satisfaction? Yes. Was the job site left neat and clean? Yes. Was your experience with our Administrative Staff friendly, efficient, and helpful? Yes. Were you treated courteously by our crew? Yes.
Steven K., Rockville, MD

Very professional.
Sidney H., Rockville, MD

Riley is very helpful.
Mary S., Kensington, MD

Very nice staff. Team lead spoke English very well. Quick work, safely done.
Tom B., Rockville, MD

Riley was super communicative, helpful, and accommodating. We were an hour away when we heard from Riley that our car, in the driveway, was in the way of work, and could we move it. While it was tricky for us to make it back, Riley was super helpful communicating with the crew about whether they could work around it or even come back another day to finish the work. We were able to come back, and the crew was already doing an awesome job working around the tree. Great, highly professional service. Our yard feels so much more open, and the trees look clean and healthy.
Daniel L., Kensington, MD

A pleasure to see an expert crew at work.
Robert H., Rockville, MD

Riley has always been very helpful, and quick to respond to calls and emails.
William S., Rockville, MD

This was the first time I had worked with Bartlett Tree Service and I am very pleased with the work that was done so timely. The Arborist and the staff were very professional, courteous, knowledgeable, and did an outstanding job. I am very grateful and will definitely use them in the future as well as recommend. Thank you.
Joyce F., Kensington, MD

Thanks for the good service and making our yard look great.
Michael M., Kensington, MD

Work is done in a timely fashion as per the proposal. Crews that have worked our property have been courteous, respectful of the property, and do a good job.
Michael B., Kensington, MD

All very professional and did a good job, trimming back some branches and applying supplements to roots.
Arlene T., Kensington, MD

Riley has been great to work with. The crews were courteous and professional. They left the site cleaner that it was when they arrived.
Michael B., Kensington, MD

Riley is great. Knowledgeable, courteous, and honest.
Leslie W., Kensington, MD

I have told others that I use Bartlett. I have opportunity to do that when they comment on the state of my trees and shrubs. I have always found Riley to be responsive, courteous, and interested in the health of my property.
Susan N., Kensington, MD

Excellent service by Riley Smith and the Bartlett Crew.
Patricia B., Rockville, MD

Riley Smith was very courteous and spent time discussing our concerns and providing helpful advice on going management of several of our plantings. Staff doing the work were very accommodating and easy to work with.
John H., Derwood, MD

Riley Smith is very competent and nice.
Sharon M., Kensington, MD

Very satisfied with service received from Barltett, Arborist Representative, Mr. Riley Smith, very knowledgeble, friendly, and professional. If needed in future I will certainly consider the Bartlett service again.
Igor A., Derwood, MD

I was extremely satisfied with my Bartlett Tree experience from beginning to end. I would happily and enthusiastically recommend them to others.
Jennifer F., Rockville, MD

Very professional, willing to answer all questions regarding treatments and service.
Chris M., Rockville, MD

Riley was terrific and the job was done to perfection. Thank you.
Diane S., Derwood, MD

Mike came out to survey our property and provide and estimate; he was extremely knowledgeable, with recommendation and provided a complete estimate with my requested breakdowns the next day. I was very pleased. Bartlett was able to schedule the work on my time line. Ashley and your crew showed up on time and was extremely courteous and respectful to us and our property. The work was completed very well and your crew worked with me and accomplished the contracted work in compliance with my on site requests. Overall a great experience. The trees around the house look great.
James E., Rockville, MD

They did an outstanding job unlike other companies, the arborist pointed out potential issues, and the crew trimming the branches exercised great care and skill. They explained what they intended to do and made sure that the area was marked so that passers by were alerted to the work.
Margaret C., Rockville, MD

Our arborist, Riley Smith, is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. You are fortunate to have him on your staff. Bartlett does superb work, has a thoroughly professional team, including a great arborist, and always cleans up after every visit.
David S., Rockville, MD

Bartlett Tree Experts administrative staff and arborist representative were super responsive to phone calls and emails. We appreciate their expertise as well as their prompt and friendly service. Great service.
May P., Rockville, MD

I really appreciate Riley getting a crew out the same day to take care of a fallen tree in our yard. Helped to minimize damage to neighbor's fence.
Lawrence K., Rockville, MD

Riley Smith has been my best consultant for tree and bush health. Hector and his crew have taken care of several challenging jobs over the years.
Carol M., Kensington, MD

Riley was great, and so was the technician who sprayed the tree. Thank you for the great service.
Alicia K., Kensington, MD

Riley Smith was a down to earth and factual guy. He told me what was going to happen and did, which is what a customer wants. The guys doing the tree work were great, a pleasure to watch. I loved watching them figure out how to do the cut, which was pretty difficult, close-fitting one. I told them that they were real artists.
Jerry S., Kensington, MD

Riley was very responsive, helpful, and friendly. Your crew was friendly and polite. The work was completed as promised, with short notice.
Eugene M., North Potomac, MD

Riley is a highly professional, knowledgeable, and courteous arborist. His expertise together with his responsiveness and customer care were outstanding. The crew he assigned to our job was meticulous, with Hector as my point of contact, who, as well, was a pleasure to work with. Friendly, attentive, very knowledgeable, and 100% focused on every detail of the job. The result was a fantastic job and a one of a kind customer care.
anonymous, Rockville, MD

Excellent, professional staff. The work was done on my personal residence, but I would also recommend them for the overall HOA work in the neighborhood as long as their prices are competitive.
Martha T., Rockville, MD

The Bartlett staff were very professional and experienced. My Arborist Representative was able to answer my questions and set up a plan for the trimming. I was especially impressed with the skill with which the crew members were able to use the bucket to access the branches that needed trimming. And I was impressed with the crew chief who was able to climb to reach a branch beyond the reach of the bucket. I was pleased with Bartlett's use of the mobile bucket lift mechanism to reach branches without any damage to the tree and without exposing their personnel to the danger involved in climbing, especially with the need to reach branches in one of my trees.
Nancy M., Rockville, MD

The crew was great. Riley is always responsive. I trust him to tell or explain to me what is needed.
Michelle F., Kensington, MD

During all three visits arborist, tree spray technician, tree trim crew, were on-time, courteous, and did a great job. Also, they wore masks and other appropriate PPE.
Chris C., Rockville, MD

Very Friendly, knowledgeable, and professional.
Edmond S., Kensington, MD

We were very satisfied with your tree services and if asked we would be available to so state our satisfaction to others.
Julian J., Garret Park, MD

The staff and arborist are unfailingly helpful, respond whenever my trees need help, and make useful suggestions about next steps. I always recommend Bartlett to friends who have tree issues and have used their services myself many times for many trees.
Ann S., Kensington, MD

Thanks to Mr. R.Smith for expertise about our trees and Mr. M.Estrada for practical treatment of the trees.
Vaclav M., Rockville, MD

Working with Bartlett is a pleasure. Not only has the company taken excellent care of my trees but I completely trust them to do the best job and to give me the best advice on things that I need to do in the future to keep my several trees happy and safe. Riley Smith provides me with excellent information and is always available if something goes wrong -- like a bad storm and damage -- to provide help.
Ann S., Kensington, MD

We have enjoyed working with Riley for a number of years now, and we appreciate very much the personal attention and interest he has shown in caring for the cherished trees at our home.
Greg K., Rockville, MD

Riley Smith has provided excellent service. He is knowledgeable, reliable, very accessible, and responsive to queries and requests. It was a pleasure dealing with him. The crew did their job very well, and left the yard completely free of debris. Overall, I am very satisfied with the work done by Bartlett Tree Company. An outstanding tree service company.
Parmeshwar R., Kensington, MD

Every representative I met was helpful, thoughtful, knowledgeable, and friendly. We trust their recommendations and have always been happy with the results. We always recommend Bartlett to our friends and neighbors. There are many old large trees in our neighborhood. Bartlett has always been reliable and responsive in a timely manner relative to the help we needed whether it was a tree losing many large limbs in a snowstorm or a random limb falling onto our roof. Thank you for being there to help.
Margaret G., Gaithersburg, MD

Riley promptly came out to evaluate the tree in question, He was able to have a crew out in just a few days. The crew did an excellent job removing the dead tree without any damage to either my or my neighbor’s property. Bartlett always exemplifies professionalism and quality and they have got me as a loyal customer.
Samuel R., Derwood, MD

Thanks to Riley Smith, once again, for the excellent recommendations regarding the work I had in mind and for responding so quickly to my request. Thank you to the crew for the careful work , the trees look great.
Deborah O., Kensington, MD

Exceptional- on every level.
Risa L., Rockville, MD

Our entire experience was handled professionally and expeditiously. Riley, provide great insight into our existing trees and through in extras on our quote such as trimming dead branches on several trees for free. The crew that came out were extremely hard-working diligent and made great effort to protect the surrounding landscape that include flower beds, fences, and raised garden beds. I was extremely impressed with their work.I was extremely impressed with their work and would recommend Bartlett tree service to anyone who needs such a service.
Noah S., Kensington, MD

Riley Smith has been my best consultant for tree and bush health. Hector and his crew have taken care of several challenging jobs over the years.
Carol M., Kensington, MD

I was very pleased with the service from the expert guidance of Riley in outlining the job to the care and professionalism of the crew. They were very impressive.
Irene E., Rockville, MD

Riley was accommodating and helped solve a problem that came up after assessment. I appreciate the professionalism he showed us. The crew was friendly and worked hard to get the job done. The site was cleaned properly after.
Rhea S., Kensington, MD

Thanks to Riley for his recommendations about tree work for our property. The crew was very professional and careful about the work, especially since both trees were close to property lines. Clean up after the work was excellent.
Jim V., Kensington, MD

The team did a wonderful job as always. It is great that Bartlett values great people. I hope they continue to do so and continue to invest in those people to ensure they stay around. Quality people are a companies best asset.
Pat S., Rockville, MD

Riley Smith was very responsive to our needs and the crew was great.
Claude R., Rockville, MD

Crew was efficient and professional as always.
Sean F., Derwood, MD

The workers who cleared the downed Pine tree and removed damaged branches from a standing tree worked hard and efficiently. They did a great job and should be commended for their professionalism. They represent an exacting standard that is valued in any line of work, reflect extremely well on the company, and provide quality service that should be recognized by management.
Kenneth D., Derwood, MD

Very professional specialist, crew, and office worker. The crew worked so efficiently and carefully. They left the work site so neat.
Sandra F., Kensington, MD

Riley Smith was very nice, professional, and the crew did a good job.
Sharon M., Kensington, MD

Riley Smith, as well as Hector, and his crew has been great.
Steven F., Kensington, MD

Riley Smith was very nice and professional. The Crew did a good job.
Sharon M., Kensington, MD

Riley Smith was very nice and explained the job to me. The crew did a good job. I would recommend Bartlett to anyone.
Sharon M., Kensington, MD

Very professional staff.
Tom D., Rockville, MD

Riley is very personable, knowledgeable, full of options, and helpful information. He helps us understand what we need to do and why. We have full confidence in his recommendations as well as the men who come to do the work. We love and trust Bartlett.
Margaret G., Kensington, MD

We so appreciate the care and attention you have given to my trees and shrubs. We feel so fortunate to have your expertise available to us. I want to send a special thanks to Marcus, who came to take care of the compacted soil and to add bio-char to the Stewartia tree in our back yard. He was friendly, courteous, and highly competent. He was careful in getting the electrical supply to the back yard. He left the site in excellent shape. I was so impressed with him and want the managers of Bartlett to know how well he represented the company.
Thomas M., Kensington, MD

Riley is always helpful and very knowledgeable. We have been very happy with our Bartlett service.
Terri W., Kensington, MD

Riley was extremely knowledgeable and professional. He developed a cost effective plan for ridding my invasive Wisteria. Hector and his crew arrived Several days later and got the job done. They did a remarkable job trimming trees and cleaning up the Wisteria. I highly recommend Bartlett. They are reasonably priced, efficient, and very knowledge.
Diana C., Rockville, MD

We have been enjoying great support from Riley Smith and the rest of the Bartlett team.
Samuel R., Derwood, MD

We would definitely work with Bartlett and with Riley again in the future.
David G., Kensington, MD

Riley Smith has been a 'find' for us. He has treated us with total courtesy and respect in every single encounter. His advise and educational commentary is spot on.
Thomas M., Kensington, MD

Riley Smith could not have been more cooperative and helpful. Because it was a drizzly day he was able to divert a team to handle my small job since their larger job was not possible, and I got my trees taken down the same day. When they were done you could not tell they had been there, everything was neat and clean. I would definitely recommend Bartlett.
Caroline R., Derwood, MD

Riley Smith and Hector were knowledgeable, professional, friendly, good communicators, responsive, and a pleasure to work with. I did not talk with the crew member who ground the stump, although he was punctual and left the site clean and tidy.
Linda D., Kensington, MD

Riley has worked hard to repair my complete disappointment with the trimming job from last winter. Riley is a concerned and honorable representative. I wish he had been in charge the last two years.
Alvin G., Kensington, MD

Riley is great.
Leslie W., Kensington, MD

Riley is super helpful, answers all the questions, and gives you quality time.
Margarita B., Silver Spring, MD

Special thanks to Riley Smith for his kindness and continuous attention to my property and the landscape. We were served by Riley Smith and staff for a number of years and were always pleased with their attention and professionalism.
Kathryn L., Rockville, MD

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