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Richard Vrboncic

Arborist Representative

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Richard Vrboncic is a Commercial Arborist Representative serving the Pittsburgh metro area. Take a closer look at our tree services and inventory solutions across commercial sectors from corporate to education to civic and more.

Richard Vrboncic works out of our McDonald, PA office.

More about Richard Vrboncic

Rich is a Certified Arborist who loves trees and the great outdoors. He earned a Bachelor of Science Degree from Penn State and has been working to save trees since 1980. He joined the Bartlett Tree Experts team in the late 1990s.
It is Rich's goal to help raise the standards of professional tree care in Pennsylvania. He has been active in the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) and served a term as President of the Penn Del Chapter.
Rich is married and lives in South Fayette Township. He says, "Pittsburgh is my home! I love this town!" He enjoys gardening, outdoor activities and sports. Rich is an avid runner who helps promote healthy lifestyles among his peers.

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What Our Customers Are Saying About Richard Vrboncic

It is all about the person that handles our account. Rich Vrboncic is a consummate professional with years of experience who always finds the right solution. His treatment plan for our yard, over a period of years, has included treatments for two rare Ash trees and an old Hawthorne that provide a beautiful and essential canopy for our elevated backyard deck. These trees have thrived under Rich’s care. He has also provided successful care for two of our rental properties. What a gem.
James and Carolyn K., Pittsburgh, PA

Rich always had good advice for caring for my trees and also takes time to listen to my concerns. The trees on my property were one of the reasons I purchased it. Rich and his crew have helped my old big Maple survive and have also removed trees that were no longer viable. Getting reliable information from a knowledgeable source is important at a time when so much misinformation is easily available. I do recommend Bartlett and Rich when people ask about someone to do tree work. Last week when I recommended them to another Bridgeville resident she said that is who she always uses. As a retired librarian my education trained me to search out and use reliable sources for information and the Bartlett organization not only supplies that on site, but also through newsletters with seasonal information on maintaining our trees and shrubs.
Patricia, Bridgeville, PA

Rich Vrboncic is especially pleasant to deal with. Professionally he knows his information and imparts it well. Those who worked on the job were pleasant too and spent all their time doing the job and did it well and safely.
Nancy P., Pittsburgh, PA

Rich is tops. His staff is always courteous, friendly, and efficient. We were called ahead of time by the crew member on his arrival to notify us what he was doing, which was a good idea.
Al G., Bridgeville, PA

Rich and his crew were thorough in completing the removal of trees on my property but they were also very good when the circumstances changed regarding a large Elm tree on my property. I appreciate their courtesy in not doing unnecessary work and being up front with the issues with the Elm.
Bradley L., Upper St. Clair, PA

I have always found the staff and Rich to be very knowledgeable and informative to my landscaping needs. I appreciate what they do.
Karen B., Bethel Park, PA

Rich is always on top of things and eager to discuss all our questions.
Al G., Bridgeville, PA

Rich has always been dependable, considerate, knowledgeable, and most helpful. I am sorry I did not call him sooner than later.
Virginia P., Bridgeville, PA

I find Rich Vrboncic to be very personable and informative, and I like working with him. The two men who came to my home to spray my White Birch for leaf spot have always done a good job.
Nancy C., Bridgeville, PA

Rich is very knowledgeable and explains things in a clear manner. I trust his judgment.
Theresa N., Pittsburgh, PA

I give Mr. Vrboncic an A+ as well as all the office administration and crew members. Everyone has always been courteous and knowledgeable in answering questions. Mr. Vrboncic has always explained everything thoroughly. I will continue to be a customer of Bartlett Trees.
Karen P., Bethel Park, PA

Rich is always friendly and informative. I look forward to his annual visit to inspect my trees. His recommendations are spot on. The crew is wonderful at their jobs as well. They are great at proper pruning even if it means climbing the tree. Definitely a quality company.
Judy B., Oakdale, PA

Rich Vrboncic is knowledgeable, professional, and quick to respond to questions and emails. Great work ethic.
Mary Lou P., Pittsburgh, PA

Rich has always been very knowledgeable and helpful.
Jon L., Upper Saint Clair, PA

Just wanted to let you know that our crabapples are in bloom and they are gorgeous. The pruning work your team did shows them off beautifully. The redbud is so pretty.
Tom S., Pittsburgh, PA

I could not be more pleased. This week with Mae and Chris as well as my previous interactions with Bartlett employees have been so satisfying. Bartlett folks have always been friendly, listen well, professional, technically skilled, and service oriented. I told her that I think they must have a great employee training program or the management has a great eye for talent.
Vince S., Bridgeville, PA

Rich Vrboncic is awesome!, super knowledgeable, professional, and friendly. Any time I email him with a problem, issue, or worry he responds quickly by email or to our home to determine next steps. All other Bartlett staff has been great as well.
Tony and Mary Lou P., Pittsburgh, PA

Very helpful, offered other suggestions for tree and shrub maintenance. Will schedule back next season for other tree services.
Ronald U., Pittsburgh, PA

Rich Vrboncic has done a wonderful job for us for many, many, years.
Frances J., Pittsburgh, PA

Rich Vrboncic is always informative and pleasant to deal with. The two crew members on this job were on time, organized, set up a safety zone, performed work to specifications, and were extremely pleasant even when they had to reposition the bucket truck and go back up for a missed section. Good work at a fair price. Good company reputation.
Janine G., Pittsburgh, PA

Rich is top of the line.
Al G., Bridgeville, PA

Rich is A-1 with us!
Al G., Bridgeville, PA

My Bartlett Arborist is the best. The crew members who I met recently were polite, helpful, and seemed to complete the job correctly and cleaned up after all was completed.
Joan M., Pittsburgh, PA

Always pleasant, courteous, and doing a good job. You help me manage a small woodlot and assist me in doing things there I cannot do myself. Good job!
Nancy P., Pittsburgh, PA

Rich Vrboncic and the crew were patient with my interruptions to their duties with questions of how? and why? Very happy with their work.
Kevin R., Pittsburgh, PA

I'm very impressed with Rich, the crew who performs the tree cutting and the follow-up from Dolly. I'm sure that we will do business again.
Jerry O., Pittsburgh

I am totally satisfied with the work done by Bartlett Tree Experts.
Patricia P., Pittsburgh

Rich Vrboncic was professional, courteous, and very knowledgeable....he's the reason we're a Bartlett client.
Dayl J., Bethel Park

Rich is great, very professional. We are always pleased with the service that he and his crew provide.
Mike and Mary R., Pittsburgh, PA

Rich is always very responsive and helpful.
Pace M., Mount Lebanon, PA

Rich Vrboncic has been taking care of our trees and bushes for many years now and we greatly appreciate both his service and kindness.
Howard R., Pittsburgh, PA

Rich Vrboncic is a very conscientious and knowledgeable arborist. Hope all of your Bartlett staff are as he is. Thanks!
Al G., Bridgeville, PA

All are very knowledgeable and helpful. I'm in good hands with Bartlett.
Patricia P., Pittsburgh, PA

Every person I have ever been in contact with has been very professional in every aspect of their jobs. This includes Rich Vrboncic, all members of his crew, and office staff.
Gary P., Pittsburgh, PA

We have worked with Mr. Vrboncic and your technicians for years. They are a great team. I have tried to get more of my neighbors to use them. They are always welcome on our property at any time on any schedule.
John F., Pittsburgh, PA

I feel confident that my trees and shrubs are in very capable hands with Rich Vrboncic. For years, he has patiently and clearly answered any questions I have had. Rich has been very helpful with evaluating hazardous tree situations in my immediate neighborhood, too.
Patricia P., Pittsburgh, PA

I am always impressed by the professionalism of the entire Bartlett team - Rich Vrboncic does a great job and is always responsive. When the crew arrives, they do the job well and leave my yard cleaner than when they came. And, I always trust that the work will be done well and in the safest manner possible.
Dave C., Upper Saint Clair, PA

Rich Vrboncic and his crew members are always very pleasant and knowledgeable.
Patricia P., Pittsburgh, PA

Rich Vrboncic is tops!
Al G., Bridgeville, PA

Very knowledgeable. Prompt. Great communicator.
Jim & Donna R., Pittsburgh, PA

Rich is the best&knowledgeable and willing to share his education and experience with his customers. He is totally responsive and customer-focused. The technicians have also been hardworking, considerate, and willing to explain their work and more with me.
Robert S., Pittsburgh, PA

Rich and the crew were thoroughly professional. All were knowledgeable, informative, and friendly. I was very impressed and have already recommended them to my neighbors.
Lisa G., Mount Lebanon, PA

All of the work was done efficiently and neatly. Rich Vrboncic was very pleasant, easy to work with, and prompt in communicating with me regarding scheduling and any questions I had about this tree work. I would definitely use your services again, and will refer anyone who needs tree work to you.
Terry D., Pittsburgh, PA

Rich Vrboncic is great to work with; he's very knowledgeable, professional, friendly, follows-through on what he says he will, and communicates with us at every step. Top notch!
Katie S., Pittsburgh, PA

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