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Raul Mederos

Arborist Representative

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Raul Mederos, Arborist Representative at Bartlett Tree Experts, works out of the following offices:

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Raul has been in the landscape industry since 2001 and has been trained in arboriculture, horticulture, landscape design, and landscape construction. Before joining Bartlett, Raul worked extensively as a consulting arborist and landscape construction manager in South Florida. Raul has been an International Society of Arboriculture Certified Arborist since 2007 and a Certified Horticulture Professional since 2016. In his free time, Raul enjoys spending time with his family, plant propagation, and spending time outdoors.

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What Our Customers Are Saying About Raul Mederos

Raul is always super professional and knowledgeable. Love working with him. We are repeat customers because of him and your crews. The crew was great. They did a great job, were respectful of our property, cleaned up great, and did a great job taking down our one tree and trimming the others. We will definitely use Bartlett in the future. I am a tree hugger and love using a company that uses arborists.
Dionne O., Alpharetta, GA

Raul Is the best Arborist. He not only answers all my questions or concerns when he visits, but he always responds immediately to phone calls or emails. Every employee in the office that I have dealt with has been very helpful and courteous.
Doris I., Roswell, GA

Everyone I dealt with at Bartlett - Raul Mederos, his crew, and the office staff, was delightful. Thank you.
Nancy T., Atlanta, GA

The service was performed professionally with excellent results.
Fredrick W., Alpharetta, GA

Raul Mederos is our Arborist from Bartlett and he is very knowledgeable. We trust his recommendations. The crew that came to trim big branches from some of our old growth trees were great. They were friendly, efficient, and cleaned up the site well before they left. We would recommend Bartlett to friends and neighbors.
Stephanie G., Alpharetta, GA

I wish to thank you for the great care and service you have provided. I have referred you to our HOA for some work and hope you will be able to help us out also.
Jill C., Alpharetta, GA

I appreciate the on going relationship with our Arborist, Raul Mederos. Bartlett Tree Experts always does a nice job.
Marion B., Alpharetta, GA

Raul Mederos has been faithfully servicing our needs for several years. His knowledge, insight, and professionalism are key reasons we remain loyal to Bartlett. While the crew members will vary from service to service, they all seem well trained in their work and in their interface with the customer. Our neighborhood is small and the streets are somewhat compact, nonetheless, Bartlett arrives with all the top flight equipment to do the job and professionally marks their presence on the street with safety cones.
Keith M., Alpharetta, GA

Raul Mederos is excellent.
Jerry B., Johns Creek, GA

We really appreciated the thoroughness and pleasant manner in which Raul handled our requests. I cannot say enough good things about your company. I would not hesitate for a second to refer anyone to Bartlett Tree Experts.
Susan W., Marietta, GA

Raul Mederos was very knowledgeable on how to treat the fungi on my Leland Cypress. He was professional. He saved the tree from having to be cut down.
Wendy G., Canton, GA

Luke, Andrew ,and Valdimere were excellent. A great team.
Judy O., Atlanta, GA

I can not think of any suggestions to make the service any better. I am very pleased with all interactions. Great service and always informative.
Roger B., Alpharetta, GA

Your team did a great job.
Robert B., Atlanta, GA

Raul is knowledgeable, courteous, and professional, besides being an ardent advocate for trees.
Deirdre J., Marietta, GA

"Raul is terrific, honest, sincere, and very complete in his detailed explanations of what our options are for our trees and what his recommendations are. Very good, dependable company with very polite and very efficient Staff.
Bill and Susan Z., Marietta, GA

Raul provides excellent communication regarding work to be done and reminding me of Bartlett visits. The crews are always professional and courteous during visits.
Reggie P., Marietta, GA

Crew leader introduced himself, all three members of the crew were pleasant and professional. Work was done quickly and efficiently. Crew leader dealt with neighbor's request to cut more of the tree than it needed. We appreciate that he refused and handled it politely and brought it to our attention. Have used Bartletts' service for fiften years. No complaints. Great service and attention to detail much appreciated.
Erin P., Alpharetta, GA

Everyone we dealt with from Bartlett Tree Experts was friendly, professional, and courteous. Well done.
Craig L., Alpharetta, GA

You have a very professional staff. They were on time, very neat, and conscientious. No recommendations at this time. Very professional, knowledgeable, and courteous.
Dan G., Alpharetta, GA

This morning Taylor and Andrew completed a tree cleanup job at our home. Getting in our driveway can be difficult with a large vehicle as the street is very busy and it is a sharp turn. I was very concerned about my grass getting run over. I notified Raul about my concerns, and he made the crew aware. Taylor was super careful and showed a lot of expertise in handling the big bucket truck. Andrew showed great skill in that bucket which was very high. The work was completed in short order, the driveway and yard were cleaned, and you would have never known work had been done. Taylor and Andrew were personable, professional, and great representatives of your company. I have used your company for several years and have been pleased with every job. I will have Raul check again in the summer for any other work needed. I have learned that as great as old, large hardwoods are, they need work to stay healthy. Thanks again.
Kathy C., Marietta, GA

Taylor and Andrew left a little while ago. They did a great job. Did not run over grass, cleaned up, and you can not even tell they were here. Looking forward to seeing you in July for regular tree check. Thanks again.
Cathy C., Atlanta, GA

Always a great job. Raul is helpful and thoughtful with his advice.
David S., Alpharetta, GA

We are very pleased with every aspect of our interaction with Bartlett Tree Experts. Everyone we have dealt with has been courteous, competent, and very professional.
Robert S., Alpharetta, GA

All Bartlett staff are knowledgeable, professional, and helpful. From the office personnel, too arborist and crew I have been nothing but pleased.
Kathy C., Marietta, GA

Both the arborist and the crew were very professional and courteous.
Stephen V., Smyrna, GA

The tree trimming crew was terrific, efficient, and cleaned everything up very neatly. Raul is just so polite and so helpful and gives us options to consider. He has done a wonderful job maintaining and helping all of our trees to grow healthy and eliminate falling branches. We have recommended him to several of our neighbors.
Bill Z., Marietta, GA

Raul Mederos has been a consistent adviser to us regarding the enhancement of our various trees and plants. He is prompt, professional, and generous with his observations as to courses of action relating to both disease prevention and current problems. The Bartlett crews are always professional and come with the appropriate equipment and staff. They always ask if we are pleased and want to make sure the work was performed as expected. Excellent service.
Keith M., Alpharetta, GA

The team came last week and pruned our three front trees. I wanted to let you know that they did a great job. They were all polite, professional, and efficient. I can confirm that they all wore their helmets, safety glasses, and gloves for the entire process. Additionally, when they ran the chipper, I noticed that they were very careful, the two who were not managing the chipper stood at the front of the truck while the chipper manager safely fed the limbs and debris, stopping the chipper each time he needed to push the pile further in. The end result is that my trees look great. They have a much nicer shape and size. Bartlett has set us up for pretty trees and beautiful landscaping for many years to come. Thank you so much for the service you provide.
Wyly O., Alpharetta, GA

Always prompt in responding and meeting to discuss a job. Appreciate the time taken to answer questions and educate on what is happening with a tree or shrub and options for dealing with it. Professional and friendly service is very much appreciated.
Erin P., Alpharetta, GA

This is a very talented crew, and they did great work.
Diana S., Marietta, GA

Having watched your crew do their work, I shall rescind my comment about the price structure. Those guys earned every bit of the cost, they worked steadily and checked with each other continually to make sure the work was completed and done as requested. Thank you, Raul, job well done.
Terry M., Atlanta, GA

Their crews are always knowledgeable and courteous. Bartlett may not always be the cheapest, but their prices are fair. The quality of their work makes any price premium if indeed there is a premium worth it. I respect that they would rather save a tree if possible. Raul Mederos and other staff are responsive and make sure the job is done to the customer's satisfaction. We also watched them take down our neighbor's large White Oak. We were amazed at the amount of work and coordination required.
Jim M., Dunwoody, GA

Raul is great. He has been working with us to get everything done in order to sell this particular property. The property looks amazing and I am so pleased with Bartlett Tree Experts and Raul.
Robert S., Marietta, GA

The three gentlemen from Bartlett Tree did a wonderful job of cutting down the two trees in the back of our home, as well as cutting the tree limbs reaching over our home. Thank you for your services.
Robert S., Atlanta, GA

Raul is always such a pleasure to work with.
Paul M., Milton, GA

Thanks for the outstanding service you provide.
Robert S.., Marietta, GA

I have learned so much from Raul. He is a fountain of information and made me feel so good about everything.
Ellen S., Marietta, GA

Bartlett Tree Experts brings a highly professional team to care for your landscaping needs with utmost efficiency customer satisfaction is maintained as the number one goal. Raul Mederos is the Arborist that has managed the landscaping requirements for my property. Raul is professional in his approach to evaluate landscaping needs and sets up a management plan that he designs while on site to gain customer maximum approval. I also appreciate his follow-up to assure the plan is executed properly.
Robert S., Marietta, GA

They were fantastic. So clean. It was like they were never here. Amazing.
Bridget Z., Alpharetta, GA

Great service, friendly people and Raul was great.
Maureen N., Alpharetta, GA

We are so pleased with the way our trees look. They could not look better.
Julie L., Atlanta, GA

Goodness gracious, we are so pleased. Bartlett did a great job pruning our trees.
Carol C., Atlanta, GA

Always pleased with Raul, McKenzie, and other staff.
Kathy C., Marietta, GA

I am completely satisfied with the performance of the Bartlett crew that did the pruning work at my home. The crew explained what their instructions were and they went about their work in an efficient manner. They did a great job. My contact and experience with Mr. Mederos, the Arborist, was completely satisfactory, as well. He was courteous, professional, and took time to understand what needed to be done. After completion of the work, Mr. Mederos followed up to insure that the work was done properly. I would rate his overall performance as excellent.
Fredrick W., Alpharetta, GA

Raul has been a great source of knowledge. He recommended several actions we could take to save my trees. All the work that all the staff have done has been very professional. Hoping we can save two of my problem trees.
Daniela T., Duluth, GA

Thank you for your expertise and the quality service in the tree pruning job.
Linda M., Atlanta, GA

Everyone from Raul, our Arborist, to the crew member trimming our tree, they have been very professional.
Ed S., Roswell, GA

Raul was professional and did a good job of communicating regarding scheduling.
Jay S., Atlanta, GA

On time, very polite, and very informative about the actual work they will be doing that day on our trees and our shrubs.
Susan Z., Marietta, GA

Raul is always very helpful and very sincere and honest in answering our questions and our needs. Your tree trimming crew was very polite and discussed with us before they proceeded with the work we wanted done. Truly a very customer service focused company. Have recommended to some of our neighbors and friends who are now using Bartlett Tree Service.
Bill and Susan Z., Marietta, GA

Over the years, we have had several arborists and technicians work on our trees. We have always been pleased and appreciate their fine work and dedication.
Elizabeth R., Atlanta, GA

Always a great job and really wonderful to interact with.
Melanie S., Sandy Springs, GA

We are also a Bartlett customer with the Gaithersburg, MD office. Our experience is excellent with Raul Mederos and Matt Carpenter who personally recognized our property, the history and the yard future. We are not only tree service, but plant service as well. We trust Bartlett. We have had trees removed by damage skimming our house. We have had trees needing to be removed by cranes carefully between our property boundaries. Each removal is engineered precisely. Having plant and tree health care for our entire property has insured robust life in our landscape.
Carol H., Marietta, GA

Both the arborist and the work crew leader were experienced, knowledgeable, and easy to work with. We appreciate the expert service.
Bruce S., Atlanta, GA

Appreciate knowledge, timeliness.
Carol Ann B., Suwanee, GA

I see how you earned high marks.
Duane C., Marietta, GA

Professional and helpful, on time.
Carol B., Suwanee, GA

Raul has been very supportive and attentive in helping us get our fruit trees under control from pests. He is also set us up for our fall pruning to get all our trees shaped as well as fertilized. We are excited for next spring and seeing our trees flourish.
Leah P., Alpharetta, GA

Thank you to Raul, Matt, Oso for providing great service to me. They exemplify true expertise and professionalism. I am grateful for the honesty and will to provide excellent service. I will only use and recommend Bartlett Tree Experts to complete future projects. Their staff has been very kind, patient, and knowledgeable, throughout the entire process. They truly care about making the best decision for their customers and have the expertise to properly care for trees. I was kept in constant communication throughout the process the Arborist Raul and the crew Matt and Oso, made sure I was satisfied and informed before moving forward. Bartlett Tree Experts has exceeded my expectations. Thank you for a great experience.
Ashley S., Duluth, GA

Raul and the tree removal team were flexible with our schedule, competent ,and efficient in performing the removal. Crew leader was engaging and pleasant and gave us a nice summary of what was going to be done and then, after the removal, what had been done. Bartlett has always been responsive and professional when we have needed their services--even in the midst of storm damage.
Marc P., Smyrna, GA

Working with Raul Mederos has been great. Raul has communicated well with us on appointments, follow-up and overall care of the trees on our property. We look forward to working with Raul in the ongoing care of our trees.
Mary H., Alpharetta, GA

This was my first time meeting Mr. Mederos, and I appreciated his assistance and professionalism. The crews have always been courteous and considerate, and the phone staff was exceptional.
Pat B., Atlanta, GA

Raul was very professional and a great asset to your company. Very friendly.
Richardand Sharon O., Marietta, GA

Raul is always very knowledgeable, courteous, and a good communicator. He remembers my yard and issues even if it has been a while since we have communicated. He Is kind enough to tell me small problem areas that need to be addressed as well. We have depended on your honest assessments of our common areas in the neighborhood for several years now.
Paige V., Marietta, GA

We were extremely pleased with all Bartlett staff and with the service we received. We were so pleased to find an Arborist who was well educated and informed about trees. Mr. Mederos was a pleasure and very professional. We were just totally pleased, appreciated your staff who are very professional, your clean machinery and the work ethic of all staff.
Anne J., Marietta, GA

I just wanted to let you know that Eli and Justin, the plant health care technicians, came by and serviced our yard. Both were very nice and professional. Eli was very knowledgeable and answered a number of questions my wife and I had. Overall, it was a very nice experience.
John P., Marietta, GA

All of your employees, especially Raul, were very polite, kind, knowledgeable, and very thorough in each matter. Great attitudes and good training.
Bill and Susan Z., Marietta, GA

Great job doing what I wanted done and making sure I was pleased with the process. Stayed until the job was complete.
Jennifer S., Marietta, GA

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