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Peter Kingshill is a Commercial Arborist Representative serving the Mid-Atlantic. Take a closer look at our tree services and inventory solutions across commercial sectors from corporate to education to civic and more.

Peter Kingshill works out of our Wilmington, DE office.

More about Peter Kingshill

Pete Kingshill is an I.S.A. Certified Arborist Representative and local manager with the F.A. Bartlett Tree Expert Company. Bartlett's local office is located in Wilmington, DE. Bartlett services the entire state of Delaware, southeastern Chester County in Pennsylvania and Cecil County, Maryland. Pete holds an A.S. Degree from San Diego Mesa College. He has over 18 years of experience with Bartlett. Pete holds an accreditation of Certified Tree Care Safety Professional, awarded by the Tree Care Industry of America. Pete was born and raised in northern Delaware. He currently resides in Bear, DE with his wife and son.

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What Our Customers Are Saying About Peter Kingshill

Pete is a great resource and always responds quickly.
Richard L., Wilmington, DE

Pete Kingshill and his team are top-notch. Knowledgeable, accommodating, courteous, and patient.
Holly W. , Wilmington, DE

Peter has always been very responsive whenever I have had a concern about the property. I value his opinion and him coming over to inspect things. I also appreciated the phone call from office staff ahead of my treatment appointment to let me know that I was being put on the schedule.
Kenneth G., Wilmington, DE

Great service. Pete has always done a fine job.
David S., Wilmington, DE

They saved the life of one of my beautiful trees and brought it back to health.
Maureen M. , Wilmington, DE

Excellent service. Pete Kingshill provides excellent service. Gary, Dave, Todd, and Israel all do a superb job when they come by to work.
David S., Wilmington, DE

Pete Kingshill is just fantastic. Knowledgeable, patient, kind, and helpful. He is certain the reason we stay with Bartlett. Shout-out to Todd as well, who was helpful and communicative on the day of our job. I wish more people in the community would understand the value of trees and tree maintenance versus complete removal.
Holly W., Wilmington, DE

Pete is the best. He has always been courteous, informative, and honest with us. We appreciate all of these attributes in the service providers we hire.
Holly W., Wilmington, DE

Pete is always responsive.
Richard L., Wilmington, DE

Joe M., Wilmington, DE

Excellent advice and service from Pete Kingshill.
David S., Wilmington, DE

Peter Kingshill has been, as always, very helpful in responding to my e-mail inquiries, in following up on site and in providing his diagnosis and advice. Due to Corona, I did not interact with the person treating the trees on site, but he announced himself via phone upon arrival and we communicated that way. All well done.
Ulrike D., Newark,DE

Very knowledgeable and patient about explaining everything to me.
Maureen M., Wilmington, DE

Very knowledgeable and patient about explaining everything to me. Very happy with your work.
Maureen M., Wilmington, DE

Peter B., Wilmington, DE

Thank you for quickly addressing the storm damage we experienced. It was a huge relief during a stressful time. The crew was great.
Erin S., Wilmington, DE

The team really exceeded my expectations. They were neat, ensured no additional damage to my roof when removing the tree, they wore masks, and overall a very nice group. They even took a few pictures of our roof for me which allowed me to better understand some of the damage caused by the fallen tree.
Victor D., Wilmington, DE

Peter is such a nice man and it was a pleasure reviewing with him my tree service needs. I can't remember his name, but the man who came to apply the Spotted Lantern Fly treatment was very friendly and I appreciated the information he gave me. I re-learned from him the name of a tree I have and he gave me some insight into its popularity. This is my first experience with Bartlett and I am very pleased and thank you very much.
Cheryl C., Wilmington, De

Bartlett’s staff and Peter responded promptly to our concern about the spotted lantern flies on our property. Peter inspected our numerous trees and shrubs, outlined a treatment plan and greatly relieved our concerns about this destructive insect. We have worked with Bartlett for the 12 years we have owned this property which has every tree and flowering shrub imaginable. They are extremely knowledgeable. When you want your tree and shrub issues handled right, Bartlett is the best.
Ken F., Wilmington, De

Peter, my arborist, and Gary Mullins, my field crew, both did great jobs. Peter’s expertise is evident. He identified and recommended the necessary service and Gary executed it perfectly. I am a very satisfied customer and would recommend Bartlett to anyone that is in need.
Vivian H., Wilmington, DE

We have been working with Pete Kingshill for decades. He has always been very responsive and helpful. When we have seen issues that concerned us, Pete is always been willing to stop by and share his expertise, which we really appreciate.
Irene M., Wilmington, DE

Pete and all the staff at Bartlett was courteous, knowledgeable, and hard working. We have used them at least three times and all the different crews that came maintained the same level of professionalism. Estimates were prompt and were submitted in detail. These estimates were referred to and agreed upon in person before all work began. We have used other companies in the past, but I feel that Bartlett are real tree experts with regard to cutting, pruning, and the prevention of disease. We would highly recommend your services.
Barbara W., Wilmington, DE

I am appreciative of Peter Kingshill's knowledge and recommendations which help me maintain a beautiful and healthy landscape.
Ann B., Wilmington, DE

I am very pleased with Peter Kingshill's stewardship of our property. When he does a survey, he takes whatever time is necessary to fully explain what he has found and what needs to be done. The Bartlett crew members are courteous and hard working. They contact you when they arrive and explain what they will be doing. That is definitely needed when spraying is being done.
Jerald H., Wilmington, DE

Superb performance of our pruning needs in every respect, including Pete and the crew. We are very pleased with their work. Our property appearance is excellent.
David S., Wilmington, DE

Very courteous, professional, excellent service accompanied by wonderful results.
C. B., Wilmington, DE

Excellent service accompanied by excellent results.
Claude B., Wilmington, DE

Claude B., Wilmington, DE

I was treated courteously by the crew. The job site was left neat and clean. I would recommend Bartlett to my friends, relatives, and colleagues.
Linda H., Wilmington, DE

I was treated courteously by the crew. My experience with the Administrative staff was friendly, efficient, and helpful.
Tammy H., Wilmington, DE

Everyone I came in contact with was extremely courteous and helpful and did top quality work. I am very pleased with the work done.
John P., Wilmington, DE

Peter Kingshill was outstanding.
Linda S., Wilmington, DE

We have been so impressed working with Peter and the team at Bartlett. Really appreciated Peter taking the time to answer all of our questions. You all go above and beyond and really appreciate your expertise and providing detailed guidance as to what we need to do to keep our trees healthy. Very highly recommend Peter.
Catherine W., Wilmington, DE

My experience with the staff was friendly, efficient, and helpful.
Helen G., Wilmington, DE

Everything was scheduled as we requested. The crew was very business like. They came and did their job and left.
Chuck M., Wilmington, DE

We have been working with Bartlett for over twenty years. Staff and crew have always been professional, helpful, and polite. I am sure we will continue using Bartlett for our future needs.
Don P., Newark, DE

The job was done to my satisfaction. My experience with the Administrative staff was friendly and efficient. The crew treated me very courteously.
Ludwig M., Newark, DE

Crew is very knowledgeable and always happy to answer questions. Before spraying trees,they take care to protect wildlife by temporarily covering or moving garden water fountains which are frequented by birds. I am very pleased with total professional attitude and practices of Bartlett crew and staff.
Gilbert N., Newark, DE

I was treated courteously by the crew. The job site was left neat and clean. I would recommend Bartlett to my family and friends.
George B., Newark, DE

The job site was left neat and clean. I would recommend Bartlett to my friends and relatives.
Ken G., Wilmington, DE

All crew members were very courteous, helpful, friendly, and always willing to talk if I had questions. Peter Kingsley spent a lot of time explaining my tree treatment options during our first visit. Once my tree fell unexpectly Bartlett was right on it and came to my house within a few hours of my e-mail.
Sonja A., Wilmington, DE

I wanted to tell you that the guys who did the trimming and cleanup, plus the trimming at the front of the house did an outstanding job. I got to see and talk to them briefly. They were very interactive and knowledgeable. Eric and I are very happy with finished work. The three large evergreens in the back have never looked better.
Nancy T., Newark, DE

Pete has been very responsive and helpful. The reception staff has been friendly and reliable in transmitting messages.
Neil C., Wilmington, DE

I found the staff courteous, attentive, patient, and helpful!
Mark S., Wilmington, DE

The recent tree work by your guys was completed very much to our satisfaction. Dave and Matt are very professional and did an excellent job. They communicate very well and clean up everything. Thanks for the good work. The trees look very nice - amazing to me how good the white birch and red maple look after a serious haircut.
Bob B., Newark, DE

Your Bartlett team was superb! Peter Kingshill, who heads the Wilmington, Delaware office, was excellent in responding to our request to have our two Magnolia Grand De Flores pruned. He then walked through the woods and found several other things that required attention from exposing two root crowns, other major punning for the health of the trees, and trussing one tree near Dolphins Run with a fork in the trunk for the sake of safety.

The Bartlett crew of Dave Kowalski, Dave Cain, and Mark Ware were most professional and expert in what they did. The Magnolias now each look elegant with Dave's master pruning. With all the work I have done with DuPont, I was really impressed with their safety measures. For example, every time a truck was re-positioned, the wheels were chocked.

The equipment they used was first rate. And I was fascinated by the slingshot and climbing motor which took Dave up into a tree to reach what needed to be pruned so that it could be done in a way that the lawn was not hurt by having to bring a large bucket truck onto it.
Cal and Anne W., Wilmington, DE

All of your staff are very courteous and a pleasure to deal with. We are happy to be one of your customers.
Merritt H., Newark, DE

Pete Kingshill is wonderful to work with. The guys who did the work were courteous and efficient.
Peggy S., Wilmington, DE

The crew were super in their thoroughness in the tree and on the ground. No dead pieces have fallen from the tree in subsequent wind events. I was impressed by their safety measures and with the efficiency with which they went about setting up for the work.The crew chief and ground guy responded cordially and informatively to all of my questions. I didn't have occasion to speak with the third member.
Roland R., Wilmington, DE

Three cheers and a standing ovation to you! On behalf of the Ag Day Team, thank you so much for returning to Ag Day and sharing your knowledge and skills of tree care and proper climbing. It's always great to have you as a part of Ag Day, and we really appreciate your preparation, commitment, and excitement that you bring to the event. It was a pleasure working with you, and I sincerely hope that you enjoyed your time with us and will come back again next year. Again, a hearty thank you again for making Ag Day an incredible experience for everyone.

Pete Kingshill is a wonderful partner of ours, both for the Alapocas Maintenance Association in our Wilmington neighborhood as well as for my personal tree needs. Someone who is very responsive, consistently follows through, and is just down right a very nice individual. His customer service skills are outstanding.
Susan F., Wilmington, DE

Your men did an absolutely perfect pruning of my trees and bushes yesterday. They never looked better. By the way, I think the headgear the men had on was impressive. Excellent protection all around.
Ina C., Newark, DE

Pete and his crew, Andrew and Edward, did an outstanding job! I could not be more pleased. I'm very impressed with your company and will recommend you highly to everyone I know.
Amy D., Wilmington, DE

Bartlett has always provided good service and is why we have been a customer for 30 years. Pete Kingshill is very knowledgeable and in planning what we need to do to keep our trees looking great.
Robert W., Wilmington, DE

Pete, Just wanted to let you know that Dave and Todd did an excellent job on trimming and thinning out the four trees you and I discussed and looked at. The holly looks very nice with a more uniform shape and the side cut back from the road doesn't look bad and will fill out in time. The cleaning up of the dead branches in the cryptomeria really improves the looks of that tree. Dave and Todd were very professional and communicated what was needed very well. I appreciate the job Bartlett did.
Robert B., Newark, DE

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