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Michael McGowan

Arborist Representative

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Michael McGowan, Arborist Representative at Bartlett Tree Experts, works out of our Elmsford, NY office.

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Mike has been a Certified Arborist for more than 20 years. As a college student, he attended Paul Smith College of Forestry where he earned an Associate Degree in Forestry. Mike then went on to graduate with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Environmental and Forest Biology from SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry. He has been involved with arboriculture ever since. Mike began his career as a Consulting Utility Arborist for Pacific Gas and Electric in the Bay area of California. He joined Bartlett Tree Experts in 1996 working in the San Rafael, California office until 2001 when Mike transferred to the Elmsford, NY office. Mike is very involved in town projects and enjoys speaking at local Garden Clubs and has served on panels conducted by the Bronx Botanical Gardens. Mike truly enjoys sharing his expertise and helping to educate his clients, while maintaining the health and beauty of their landscape.

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What Our Customers Are Saying About Michael McGowan

It is always a great experience working with Mike McGowan and his crew. He is extremely knowledgeable and answered all of my questions and concerns about the tress on our property. It is piece of mind to have a well established professional team of Arborists in Bartlett to call upon for my tree care.
Christopher B. , Scarsdale, NY

Mike McGowan's recommendations regarding treating the tree rust trelis on our Bradford Pears seem to be helping a lot. I like working with Mike.
Ken J. , White Plains, NY

Thorpe Village and Dowling Gardens have been customers of Bartlett for years and during that time Mike McGowan has been our arborist. Our grounds are beautifully kept and is one of the first things people mention whenever they visit us. Mike works with our arborist at Rosedale Nurseries in the care of the plantings they choose and is always available when we have an emergency. His team of workers are polite and hard working, unlike many other contractors they are attentive to their work and not spending their time on their cell phones. When they leave, the site is in neat and clean and there is no sign of the slightest debris. The office staff is also available and polite. An A+ operation and I commend them highly. Dominican Convent noticed the difference in their grounds and ours and are now Bartlett customers.
N/A, Sparkill, NY

Mike McGowan goes above and beyond.
Dolores S. , White Plains, NY

It is piece of mind, knowing that Mike McGowan and the rest of the Bartlett team are there to help my wife and I bring back and maintain our beautiful property.
Christopher B. , Scarsdale, NY

Many thanks to Mike McGowan. He did a great job representing our interests. He was responsive, professional, knowledgeable, and very helpful in achieving our goals.
William P. , Scarsdale, NY

We are a customer of yours in Nantucket, as well as Scarsdale and the staff and crew members are fantastic in both places.
John B. , Scarsdale, NY

Mike McGowan and his team were wonderful. They did a great job and addressed all of our questions and concerns. They did an excellent job. I would definitely call them in the future for any addition work.
Robert C. , Scarsdale, NY

Mike is very knowledgeable and took time to explain his recommendations. He answered all of our questions. His crew was efficient and polite, and kept us updated on the status of the job.
Motoko O. , Scarsdale, NY

Everyone was professional and a pleasure to work with. Great job all around.
Annette B. , Scarsdale, NY

Mike McGowan is the best. Knowledgeable, responsive, and polite.
Josh B. , Scarsdale, NY

I have been with Bartlett since I moved in here almost twenty seven years ago, ,and have had a wonderful and excellent relationship with everyone.
Heda S. , White Plains, NY

Mike McGowan and his staff are first rate. Courteous and very professional. The job they did was superb and I would highly recommend them.
Steve K. , Scarsdale, NY

Mike is Very knowledgeable, patient, and friendly. Impressed with his familiarity expertise, promptness, and efficiency. Would certainly recommend him and his staff to friends and family.
Stan L. , Scarsdale, NY

Mike is the best.
Luciano B. , Scarsdale, NY

The staff was courteous and professional. Also the Arborist Representative explained in detail what the job would require including the cost estimate.
Ernestine D., White Plains, NY

Mike, Rafael, and crew, were great to work with. Total professionals. I had a lot of work for them to do, given the property had been neglected by the previous owner for several years. The work they did produced excellent results, which is what I had hoped for. I will definitely use Bartlett again for any and all of my tree service needs going forward. Thank you.
Christopher B., Scarsdale, NY

Very helpful, and informative. I never felt pressured to do anything I was not comfortable doing.
David I., White Plains, NY

Very knowledgeable about tree health.
Hoosna H., Scarsdale, NY

Mike was very attentive in supervising the work. Rafael and crew did a fine job. We were totally pleased with our Bartlett experience.
James B., West Harrison, NY

Mike is the best.
Richard M., Scarsdale, NY

Mike is a consummate professional, very reliable and kind. Best arborist we have ever had.
Josh B., Scarsdale, NY

Always courteous, responsive, and open to suggestions. Very professional.
Ann D., White Plains, NY

Mike McGowan and his crew members are excellent. They were courteous, knowledgeable, and hard working. We have been working with them for years. Excellent company.
Frances S., White Plains, NY

Always great service from Mike McGowen and the team at Bartlett.
Elizabeth S., Scarsdale, NY

We have been using the services of Bartlett for nearly thirty years. Our arborist representative, Mike McGowan, is incredibly knowledgeable, professional, and great to work with as are the crew members who come out to do the work regularly. In these busy and unpredictable times it is hard to find companies that are reliable, consistent, and professional. Bartlett has always been there for us and we consider ourselves fortunate.
Frances S., White Plains, NY

Very professional and easy to discuss my needs.
Lou V., White Plains, NY

Mike McGowan is the reason I use your service. He is prompt, courteous, responsive, knowledgeable, and professional.
Delores D., White Plains, NY

Mike McGowen is always a pleasure to deal with.
Phyllis H., White Plains, NY

Mike is very knowledgeable, honest, and a trained and licensed arborist. He does not try to talk you into anything that is not necessary. You might pay a little more than other tree companies, however, you are paying for the service and for the arborist certification and expert advice. Mike would not steer you wrong and your trees will be in good hands. I recommend Mike and Bartlett for your trees and property.
David A., Scarsdale, NY

Mike McGowan has been our representative for at least twenty years and we have always found him to be reliable and understanding of the condition of our trees. We have found him to be extremely knowledgeable and have great confidence in his recommendations. He recommends the best solutions that fit our situations. He is definitely an asset to Bartlett.
Catherine S. , Scarsdale, NY

The office staff and crew members are consistently helpful and courteous. Mike McGowan is terrific. He is always there to answer questions and make suggestions. We have worked with him for many years. Great company, extremely well trained arborists and crew members. We have used Bartlett for many years and always trust that they know exactly what they are doing.
Frances S., White Plains, NY

I enjoyed working with Mike. I am very new to all things trees, but he was very patient and seemed to genuinely care about the health of our trees. Thank you for your service. I plan to keep your services in mind for the future.
Elvis A. , White Plains, NY

We greatly appreciate Mike McGowan and count on his expertise and understanding year after year.
Thomas M., Nyack, NY

Entire experience with Bartlett was exceptional. Mr. McGowan was polite and knowledgeable and he was invaluable providing prompt service for a potentially dangerous situation. His attention throughout the process was notable. The crew was fantastic and efficient. I will recommend Bartlett to others.
Trudy G. , White Plains, NY

I have used Bartlett for many years and respect their expertise.
Susan S. , Scarsdale, NY

Mike McGowan is honest with his recommendations, if something does not need trimming, he says so. This allows me to trust his recommendations.
Llisa B. , Scarsdale, NY

Very responsive and explanations were very good.
Michele B. , Scarsdale, NY

I have complete confidence in Mike McGowan, as he understands and knows our property very well.
Catherine S. , Scarsdale, NY

Always very responsive and professional. Mike McGowan is absolutely terrific, Incredibly helpful, and a pleasure to deal with.
Steve K., Scarsdale, NY

Mike is prompt, courteous, and knowledgeable. Thank you, Mike.
Dolores D., White Plains, NY

Mike McGowan is always very helpful and responsive.
Bob K., White Plains, NY

I thoroughly enjoy working with Mike McGowan. He answers my phone calls promptly, makes timely inspections of my property, and he and his crew do an excellent job when needed.
Ellen U., White Plains, NY

Staff and especially Mike McGowan are professional and responsive.
Dolores D., White Plains, NY

Mike understood everything I wanted to do and executed the plan perfectly.
Caroline Y., Scarsdale, NY

Mike did a great evaluation of a major problem. It is not over yet and will require repeated attention. Thank you, Mike for helping my very sick trees. The crew was actually early. They did a good tree trimming. No one else is better than Bartlett. The clean up was also perfect.
Nina V., White Plains, NY

Mike McGowan has served us well for many years. Our property looks great and we can always count on him to respond promptly to any questions or inquiries. We are very happy with Mike and Bartlett.
Thomas and Joan B., White Plains, NY

Michael was very professional. He advised us about problem areas with our Copper Beech tree.
Bob S., Scarsdale, NY

Mike McGowan has always been available to answer any questions, and give advise. It is great for us to know that your company is always there for us.
Mary Ellen R., Scarsdale, NY

Everyone that we have dealt with has been very attentive and professional. When Mike McGowan comes to discuss our needs we know that we can trust his advice. He is patient and very thorough in every way.
Mary Ellen R., Scarsdale, NY

We are not ones to go overboard with comments, and often avoid surveys, but we were so very impressed with Mike and his crew this time that we wanted to respond. Mike, as always, is not only extremely professional, but knowledgeable, thorough, and trustworthy. He's great! We have come to rely on his advice and always go with his recommendations. Additionally, the crew of three men who carried out the work were simply amazing. They not only clearly knew what they were doing, but did the work with great courtesy and care. Because of Mike, and his crew, we intend to stay with Bartlett as long as we have trees and we thank you for providing such a great service.
Thomas M., Nyack, NY

Mike is always a pleasure, he's professional, and responsive to all our tree work.
Alicia B., West Harrison, NY

Mike McGowan is always professional and a pleasure to work with.
David K., White Plains, NY

All work was done in a highly professional manner. A pleasure to do business Bartlett Tree Service.
Gerard S., Scarsdale, NY

The staff was very easy to work with. Mike McGowan was easy to reach for scheduling and consulting. Some work wasn't finished by the end of the day, and the completion was scheduled smoothly.
Toby C., Scarsdale, NY

The receptionist was very helpful when I first called. I also appreciated that the first inspection of the ailing tree was not charged. It was helpful to have the arborist look at all the trees in the yard and make recommendations. The contract was quite detailed and, when approved, the work was done efficiently and expertly. I have only praise for the employees and the operation of Bartlett.
Syliva R., Scarsdale, NY

I was very pleased with Mike McGowan, the arborist representative that helped us. He explained everything to me in detail which I appreciated.
Laurie T., White Plains, NY

Our Bartlett Arborist Representative, Mike McGowan, is top notch  he is always professional and informative, as well as responsive to our inquiries.
Howard K., West Harrison, NY

Mike McGowan is extremely knowledgeable about trees, diseases, and ways to troubleshoot. The staff has always been very courteous and helpful.
Joelen D., Valhalla, NY

Mike is very professional. The crew is always on time and my trees look very healthy. Thank you!
Margaret T., Scarsdale, NY

Mike McGowan is always knowledgeable about what needs to be done and explains it so that we can understand the importance of providing the necessary work needed to keep the trees healthy. Especially when we had incredible deer damage this year, he was able to explain what Bartlett would do and how we can facilitate their re-growth.
Joelen D., Valhalla, NY

Courteous, well informed staff - always available to help with questions and/or projects. Mike McGowan has been wonderful to us. My husband and I have used Bartlett for well over 20 years now.
Frances S., White Plains, NY

Mike is so caring and responsive. His team has always been client focused and treated my family and home and property with respect.
Anoop D., Scarsdale, NY

Both Mike McGowan and the technicians who worked were very helpful and courteous. They listened to and addressed all my concerns. Very professional. Thank you.
Carolyn B., Hawthorne, NY

We recently switched to Bartlett from another major tree care company and have been extremely pleased so far. Each and every individual we have had contact with has been courteous and professional. We have found our arborist, Mike McGowan, to be all of the preceding, as well as extremely knowledgeable and attentive. Thus far, we are very happy with our switch.
Cheryl N., Scarsdale, NY

Mike McGowan and Bartlett staff are expert in the world of arbor care. Equally important, in terms of getting the job done, the Bartlett staff communicate their interest in meeting the customers' concerns. Therefore, we have total confidence in the service provided by Bartlett.
Marjory S., White Plains, NY

I am a customer of only two to three seasons, but have been very satisfied as to the service your company has given me: you call back, you are receptive to my needs, seem very knowledgeable as to my trees, and have been honest with your opinion. So far, so good!
Beverly P., Scarsdale, NY

Mike McGowan was very knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. Many thanks.
Tad F., Scarsdale, NY

Always great advice and a job well done. Thank you.
Linda J., White Plains, NY

Mike McGowan is phenomenal. Always responsive, prompt, and super professional. Very impressed with the workmen as well: they clearly seem to know what they are doing, and very courteous.
David K., White Plains, NY

Mike McGowan has been looking after our small "plant-packed" property for several years. This care shows. I trust his expertise and appreciate his courtesy.
Marjory S., White Plains, NY

Mike was great!
Ralph S., West Harrison, NY

Mike is always a pleasure to work with and very responsive.
Christa M., Tappan, NY

We are very happy with the excellent service provided by Mike McGowan and his crew.
Howard B., Scarsdale, NY

All very courteous and pleasant. My trees are in good shape. Thank you.
Jean B., Scarsdale, NY

Mike McGowan has always provided expeditious and truthful service for me, two traits that are hard to come by in other tree companies.
Dolores D., White Plains, NY

The Bartlett staff was courteous, professional, and efficient. We appreciated their efforts and thought they did a fine job. Overall service was excellent.
Karen S., White Plains, NY

Staff and crew are always very professional and are highly knowledgeable in giving advice and guidance.
Linda J., White Plains, NY

Mike McGowan was terrific and we will certainly turn to him the next time we need help with our trees.
Donna H., White Plains, NY

Mike McGowan is the best. He always gives me good advice.
Jane G., White Plains, NY

Mike was very friendly and returned our phone calls. The staff did a wonderful job. They even raked up the leaves.
Bindu M., Hawthorne, NY

Mike McGowan was the finest representative of your company. Not only was he courteous and prompt, but one of the finest professionals that your company can credit having as an exemplar employee.
Regina H., White Plains, NY

My arborist Mike McGowan is very responsive, comes over to the property promptly whenever I see a problem with my trees or shrubs, and devises an appropriate plan to treat issues as they arise. Mike and Celso, who treats my property, are pleasant, accommodating, and knowledgeable. If I feel something was not done properly, they respond quickly and redo or fix the problem. I would highly recommend them to others.
Eric T., Scarsdale, NY

Mike McGowan is amazing to work with. Really appreciate his knowledge and excellent service.
Daniel P., Scarsdale, NY

Have been a customer for many years and have always been satisfied. Mike McGowan has always been right there for both big and small jobs. Thank!
Jean B., Scarsdale, NY

My arborist Mike McGowan is very responsive and helpful whenever we have a problem or concern. He and Celso, the person who does our treatments, are very professional. The pruning crew (we do not know them and were not at home to guide them) initially did not complete the job we needed done, and Mike saw to it that it was taken care of promptly and properly the following week. I would and do recommend Bartlett to others.
Eric T., Scarsdale, NY

Mike McGowan is a knowledgeable man who always teaches me something about my plants and trees when we talk. But beyond that he is a kind person, a human being, and he cares about his work. It is so often that you find nowadays that people are rushed, they don't take the time to talk to customers in their business and there is very little to praise "out there". Also, the crew who worked on my property were so nice, easy to talk to, generous, offering to cut up a few stray branches that I was going to cut for firewood myself. Outstanding staff, all around.
Melissa C., Scarsdale, NY

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